Vega del Codorno, Serrania de Cuenca!!!

Taken you back and me to a memorable spot in my life with plenty of good times and cheers. This is nature lover’s delight in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains where we rented home for several years at 1400 meters or about 4620 feet. Road warrior passing and visiting many wonderful towns; one memorable experience was at Vega del Codorno. Let me tell you a bit about it.

And here we go again to my beloved Spain and our favorite region Castilla La Mancha of Don Quijote fame! We have come here the last few years with the family and end up renting a full house up in the mountains at 1400 meters ! And we love it. From the house we zig zag the area looking for gems to see, and enjoy as a family.  This is way up in the mountains in beautiful Castilian country we can’t say enough we love it!!! Winding ourselves thru these huge peaks we come to enjoy its food but not as memorable as this one. We were going all over the mountains with the car and passed by the place; we were headed to a final destination in Cuenca so passed  by it. Later on the way back, we remembered it.

Needless to say, we made sure we stop here for lunch before continuing our journey back to France. It was a great stop and wonderful meal with very friendly folks and laughters away!! We will not forget the welcome and will sure be back. We stop at  Restaurante El Nacimiento   Castilla La Mancha road or CM-2106 ,Paraje Nacimieno Del Rio Cuervo, Vega del Codorno, Province of Cuenca.

In addition to the a la carte menu, they have menus of  12€ and 15€. They all carry two plates, drink, bread and dessert. The dishes are traditional food. Eat well and leave satisfied with the amount of food. We have eaten very well here in a natural environment with excellent food such as the local Morteruelo . We were driving around and walking in the slopes of the mountains and when hungry spotted this restaurant on a curve of the road so we stop by to our grand pleasure. The handling of the waiter, very attentive, friendly and with a close and pleasant conversation. Restaurant highly recommended, we will return!

This is their personal webpage on the Nacimiento resto or birthplace (as in cuervo river) :



Here is the birthplace of the Cueva del Nacimiento (birth cave) in one of my favorite mountain villages, Vega del Codorno. It is located at 1450 meters of altitude, in the Serrania de Cuenca, on the banks of the Cuervo River, making it the highest altitude town in the province.  The town of Vega del Codorno is a small town in the Serrania de Cuenca, very close to the well-known birth of the Cuervo River. The Cuervo River was born next to the town of Vega del Codorno, specifically on the western slope of the Muela (molar) de San Felipe, at an altitude of 1490 meters. In this place, water flows from a travertine spring and drains through huge stalactites of calcareous tufa rock  covered with moss, forming long and beautiful jets that freeze in winter, offering a beautiful picture photographed thousands of times each winter ( we come in Summer!). A very beautiful natural environment to be as close to nature as you can be.

The Castilla La Mancha tourist board on Vega del Codorno

Enjoy the post and sure try to be there at Restaurante El Nacimiento in picturesque Vega del Codorno in the Serrania de Cuenca mountains. We can’t wait to be back when possible.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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