La Coruña, Galicia in Spain!

And coming back to a wonderful area of my beloved Spain updating/revising my older post from 2017. I have been here several times and many good friends still in touch; also several other posts in my blog. Hope you enjoy this update on La Coruña as I bringing back many nice memories.

As it goes, I did a round trip in reverse really due to airline pricing. La Coruña is a nice place, each time visited it makes you come back already, this time I venture into the city center and it was magical.  I went from Nantes to Porto , and then drove around in Portugal , finally doing the run by car from near Porto to La Coruña and leaving from it on Transavia to Nantes lol!

The airport at La Coruña is smallist and nice easy in and out. webpage:

I was driven there by friends so no public transports this time. And of course I stayed in my usual hotel, Attica21 in Matogrande neighborhood. A great hotel with friendly service, modern facilities, and good breakfast food all you eat as well as a super neighborhood! webpage:


By car crossing into Spain was marvelous with viaducs, mountains and old castles hanging on cliffs overlooking the road A1 into the A3 and then the A55, A52 to N120, and the corridor CG 2,2 ! great ride!

We came back to A Coruña to check into the hotel and then out to eat and walk the Plaza de Bombilla with the great obelisk or Obelisco de los Cantones. More on the story here at the association commercial zone Obelisk in Spanish here:


Nearby we parked on parking los Cantones , at Canton Grande street, very nice size ,secure and easy walking into the old town area. There is an area around it call Cantones Village, and here it is loaded with brand shops, restaurants, bars, and the biggest discothèque in the city.

We went by the famous La Bombilla restaurant at Rua Galera in old town, this was told is a classic all visitors to La Coruña should come (A Coruña in the local Galician language). We had some tapas with omelette and chorizo here and the local beer Estrella Galicia. Just great and good friendly service. As told in one of my previous posts this had a family feud and new members are trying to open it even at a different address. For now they are still there check before going.


We moved on to a more sturdy meal at Alma Negra restaurant, where we had a Racion full of cold cuts, cheeses, and cold meats all wash down with a great 2014 Juan Gil red wine from Jumilla.  Just wonderful indeed and friendly service, excellent food and good ambiance one is in Calle Barrera,13. Webpage:


We finish the night at Alquimia for some small tapas and red wine from the house, quick and easy nice the way things are done there, easy does it life is beautiful as we say La Vida es Chula!! As web not working need to check before going if still open as the virus change things all over. Here as part of the history of this visit.

And this time was the hour to head to the hotel for some minimum rest ::) before taking off for Lisbon where my flight on TAP by White Airways! was so late missed my flight and had to stay one night in Lisbon ! (see post) ,and come back on TAP next day early.

The La Coruña tourist office in English:

The Galicia tourist board on La Coruña in English:

And there you go another dandy gastronomic delight to wonderful La Coruña Galicia Spain ; looking forward to be back as soon as possible. Again, hope you enjoy the tour of the other green of Galicia!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. We stayed overnight in La Coruna while following the Vuelta one year.

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  2. A most fabulous region of Spain.

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