A Coruña, La Coruña; it has been a love story!

Well another sentimental favorite of my beloved Spain. I have come here first on business trips, then to meet old friends followers of the Real Madrid, and then family. Lovely land of which many are now like family. Let me tell you my update on this post of A Coruña or La Coruña! The photos are from 2017, and the text revise in 2020..

And I was back to La Coruña (Spanish), or A Coruña (Galician) again. It has become a love affair with several visits all documented in my blog. Since birth , I have known people from here, and once living in Madrid and now in France, I have come to know them up close and personal with great gratitude of friendship and sharing of a similar love, football/soccer, and history.


I took Iberia from Nantes to A Coruña airport direct on an easy and on time flight. The airport is smallish and it seems like a countrytown home to me by now. The official webpage is here: http://www.aena.es/en/a-coruna-airport/airport-guide.html

This time, I took a taxi from airport to hotel for 15,50€ nice ride on the expressway coming down the bay into the Matogrande district where my usual hotel awaited ,the Attica21 Hotel; great room nice views, good service,and a wonderful all buffet breakfast. webpage: https://www.attica21hotels.com/en/hotel-attica21-coruna/


Once here had the same friendship welcome and went out to a resto bar I already knew not far from the hotel for dinner in good company; the place is Bogart Baar, and it is a modern resto with great service good food,good beer,and friendly chat; we had the 3 cuts of meats dish to share , the jarra or pints of beer,and dessert ,coffee all for 19€ per person. Best ambiance and best deal in town , still follow them up in FB! webpage: http://bogartbaar.es/


Just enough for a good night sleep on a great landing day.  I took a ride into the country going as far as Curtis and Ferrol towns and driving around A Coruña ,an easy thing to do.

Back in town ,on the evening of the 26 of April ,there was the game of Real Madrid vs Deportivo La Coruña and saw it live on a bar call O’Sampaio ,Calle  Bailén, 4 Bajo  in old town , and the place was loaded, not to mention I saw the game and we won 2X6! Hala Madrid!!!  webpage: https://osampaio.es/


Each night we went to a different place and another one was A Taberna de Cunqueiro; a nice bar in a lively night street of good ambiance and family oriented with good friends is a must, Calle de la Estrella, tops. More chorizos, squids!! (pulpo)  and beers lol! webpage: http://www.atabernadecunqueiro.com/es


We did stop by an old hangout and very popular at La Bombilla, we had our potato rolls with chorizos and more beer Estrella Galicia here, a must stop on any night in A Coruña. Sadly the owners died and the new owners daughter hire new personnel , it was closed for a while and now back open as the sons had an interest, and the employees stuck around.  Anyway no webpage and Facebook inactive, the old tel +34 981 90 30 64 to verify if indeed open. The resto was founded in 1953 by Spaniards coming back from living in Uruguay and open the bar, the name is said to means there was the only light post in town at the time. This is here for the memories.


After the above escapade ,we came back to Coruña but no rooms were available at the Attica21 hotel so needed to rent for one night one that I have also stayed in same area in A Coruña back in 2012 , the AC Hotel, and was ok, actually they are next to the Attica21 Hotel.  The AC are part of the Marriott group. webpage: https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/lcgco-ac-hotel-a-coruna/


All in all, it was a trip to come back to some repeated wonderful places and to seek new ones, all good ones. A Coruña can be a great experience coming in summer or warmer weather. The nightlife is vibrant and active, and the food is sublime! Hoping not to be the last time there; I am already looking forward to the next time and new places.  Enjoy your Sunday wherever you are; me back at home and ready for another trip by mid to end May ::)

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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