Almodóvar del Pinar deep Cuenca!!

Again, finding gems hidden in bigger posts but deservently a post of their own for these wonderful quant towns of my road warrior trips in beautiful Castilla la Mancha! Let me tell you a bit more on Almodovar del Pinar!!

We were base in the mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca, especifically at Las Majadas, (see posts) a place of many memories of family visits and good friends. We all love so much that we repeated coming here, and my dear late wife Martine fell in love with the area even thinking of retirement here. Sad could not be, life goes on, memories to take along the roads.

Let me tell you about Almodóvar del Pinar a town passing on the road N320 and only 47 km from Cuenca capital and Valencia 154 km , Madrid 234 km. The name comes from the Moors/Arabs that means Redondo or round going back to the 11C . Went thru many battles between Moors and Christians until king Alfonso VIII conquered in 1177 and again coming back to retake in 1184. By 1452, king Juan II of Castile bequest the town to Don Rodrigo Manrique, Count of  Paredes ,and Nava, Constable of Castile ,  Commander of  Segura de la Sierra, knight of the Order of Santiago and father of the famous poet  Jorge Manrique. In 1467 Manrique sells all his assets of the town to  Don Martín de Alarcón, Commander of Mérida , and Lord of  Solera.

In the 18C, the town had its biggest economic impact been of the most important towns in Spain for carriage transport (carreteros sort of the truckers of today) delivering goods all over Spain . The Royal Association of carriages of Almodovar was founded in the 16C_17C; having the town the biggest number of carriages per inhabitant in Spain. The goods were mostly transported to Madrid  but also to  Valencia, Cuenca, Linares, and Sevilla.

Another interesting historical anecdote here is on the Inquisition. Here official members and collaborators called family of the inquisition, and they were townspeople with the shield of the Inquisition on their front doors that gave them prestige, and they were not subject to laws but only to the Inquisitors. Here over 100 processes on the inquisition took place, a rather large number for a very small town not reaching 500 inhabitants at the time. Very repressive town in those days.

Things to see here are Cerro de los Cubos at a height of 994 meters with the remains of an Arab/moor fortification.  Wonderful Church of Our Lady of the Assomption or Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de la Asunción; the nerf is from the 15C, the tower from the 17C, and the main gate is from the 18C.  Inside there is a major altar and retable in baroque style done in 1957-1959 at  Santiago de Compostela. The nice ornate City/town Hall , Pósito (goods depot) , and the Chapels of Ermita Nuestra Senora de las Nieves (15C) ,  Ermita de San Antonio Abad (17C-18C),  Ermita de San Miguel Arcángel (17C), and my favorite there (because Valencia monk came to my current area to preached circa 1410-19) the Ermita de San Vicente Ferrer (18C) renovated and now use for civil events ,and the house of the inquisition or Casa de la Inquisición.



We enjoyed Almodovar del Pinar; an old town since the inquisition who has a nice Church or Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion right in the Plaza Mayor. The nave or central hall is from the 15C, tower from the 17C and portal door from the 18C. Right here in the Plaza Mayor you have the nice building of the city/town hall.  Right by the entrance to the town you see the Ermita Vicente Ferrer dating from the 18C now use for civil events. It is with a baroque door and two columns on the sides with an image in stone of the Saint (the same that is in Vannes Brittany where I ,work and his body is in the Catedral of Vannes). The story of this Church is that as the local people were known as carreteros or wagon transport folks to and from Valencia ,one of the shipments arrived of great value and nobody claim it. Once no owner was found, the authorities open the shipment and found amongst the goods a manuscript saying that the money collected from the sale of the goods were to have build a Church dedicated to the Saint and a school to teach 12 poor girls from the town.  Three brother did just that and built the Church and the School. This is where the current school Virgen de las Nieves is located today;with the Church still remaining for social town events.



More on Almodovar del Pinar from the Castilla La Mancha tourist board in English:

The area of La Manchuela in province of Cuenca on Almodovar del Pinar with nice video of thet town in Spanish:

Hope you enjoy this quant Castilian town in wonderful Castilla La Mancha, land of dreamers and positive hopes deep in the province of Cuenca! My road warrior trips allowed me to visit nice memorable towns like Almodovar del Pinar, memories forever. Thanks for reading me!

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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