Torrejon de Ardoz, Huete, Ségobriga,and Belmonte!!!

These I bunch in together the first time passing by with the family on our road warrior trips. I have newer posts in my blog with plenty of more pictures. This is updating the post from August 2016. Hope you get to see these real Spain towns of mine. Enjoy it

For reference, Torrejon de Ardoz is in the Comunidad de Madrid region and Huete, Ségobriga, and Belmonte are in the Castilla La Mancha region.

To continue our story with our beloved Spain , we went by our own car on the roads of Castile=Castilla. We went to Torrejon de Ardoz to revisit some shopping center and then down to Huete to visit a cheese factory and further down to Ségobriga archeological site (Roman times)  and onwards to Belmonte to visit a castle. I am a road warrior, I am telling you ::)

We went straight to Torrejon de Ardoz on the A40/A3/M50/CM420 right into our old ave de la constitucion to see the old town where I used to come as a young teen ,and took my boys when very Young to shop at the Toys ‘R Us store in the shopping center parque Corredor. Well we came back with them much older and it was a nice memorable trip. Of course,this time we did not stop at Toys’R Us but it was a chance for them to now pay their own and buy us some drinks lol!!! The shopping center is loaded with stores (about 180 of them) and restaurants and a good stopping point out of Madrid as well to shop better prices. webpage:

And to go to Parque Corredor, you don’t need a car if coming from Madrid, as from Avenida America bus depot you can take bus 251/252 (we used to take the 224A)   to Torrejon de Ardoz and there take the bus to the shopping center Parque Corredor on bus 4 as we did once.

Going down to Huete and the manchego cheese factory we got in on time for the cucumber festival! There was a pepino de Huete festival on August 9th, and we had a blast with the cucumber tasting and local white wines, on a market ambiance festive. We had time to wandered the streets of Huete and see its arquitecture richness for a small town, very good. The Antiguo monasterio de Santo Domingo de Guzmán founded in 1620.


The Casa Palacio de los Condes de Garcinarro; built mid 15C, here stayed the King Felipe III in 1604. There is a nice Torre del reloj build on the old city hall and done in 1795 ,right alongside the wall encircling the old town of Huete.



In Ségobriga , (Salieces) they have found practically a city of Roman times fully excavated that is quite large, the information desk told us about 1H30 so in the scorching sun of about 35C we decided it was too much to do, we will come back in better walking weather but the site is a must.  It is known as the Parque Archeologico de Segobriga. We just stopped by to see the détails and gather information.We did came the following year ,see post.

We finally set route for Belmonte one of the best preserve castles in the region of Castilla La Mancha South of Madrid.  There is always something going on here even of medieval looks, and it is wonderful a must to visit. We did not have time to see it all but is on our agenda to come back for more here. And again we did , see post.

The Castle of Belmonte, built in the later part of the 15C by the Marquis of Villena who did a lot building around the region and has inprints in some of the town we visited in Castilla La Mancha region. The castle was abandoned and in ruins for many centuries and later served as a monastery ,the a prison, and finally restored again and open to the public in 2010. Interesting for me and maybe many here is that this castle came by heritage to a member of the house of Villena, Eugenia de Guzman, better known as the Empress  Eugenia de Montijo (imperatrice Eugénie of the French wife of emperor Napoleon III) she spent money restoring it until her end from power in 1870. The castle passed to her descendants the Casa Ducal de Peñaranda – Montijo, consisting of the Duque de Peñaranda (and Conde de Montijo), and his  3 brothers in direct line who are still the owners. History here some facts recall the many battles to conquer the Castilian crown, Royal Lodge to the Catholic Monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella,(Fernando y Isabel I) or the birth of the renaissance poet Fray Luis de Leon.  It has also been the setting of the film “El Cid“ with Charlton Heston and Sofia Loren as main characters. Wonderful indeed the photos of from the exterior and you can see the windmills written and spoken in so many works from the time of Don Quijote de la Mancha.!!!


After a long hot day on the road we headed back to our home base in the Serrania de Cuenca at 1400 meters cool mountain air. Ready to plan our next traiblazing outing in Spain.

The tourist office of Comunidad de Madrid on Torrejon de Ardoz:

The tourist office of Huete

The tourist office of Ségobriga

The City tourist office of Belmonte

Now you have a quick overlook of these wonderful towns and will invite you to see my newer posts on them for detail on things to see. Hope you have enjoy my memories of Spain.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I was in Belmonte in 2009 before the refurbished castle reopened.

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