Port Vell, Barcelona!

So lets go back to Barcelona, Spain shall we. This is a city actually my oldest son visited first, way back in elementary school and spent a month with a local family as a student exchange from France. Then, I came on a business conference and then well the family came aboard as usually it is with us. Pleasant experiences and again missed telling you about Port Vell or old port of Barcelona. This is my makeup post.

The Port Vell,is Catalan meaning old port, is the historic port of Barcelona. It separates the Gothic quarter from La Barceloneta. It is reached either by La Rambla or by Via Laietana.

Currently the facilities of the Port Vell are destined for sports boats such as the tank dock and the La Barceloneta dock. There is a part of the port also reserved for cruises. More info on cruises which not taken is here: Port Vell bcn cruising and ferries



Also in the central part you can find an area dedicated to commercial use, known as the Maremagnum a mall containing shops, a multiplex cinema, bars and restaurants, IMAX Port Vell and Europe’s largest aquarium. I really enjoy the shopping here and the walks in the area, nice. Webpage here : Maremagnum shopping and entertainment complex


You get there as we did on Metro Line 3 the “Drassanes” stop, it goes directly to the ferry terminal area, also, there are bus lines 59, 14, 91, 57, 157  allow access to the port. La Rambla in its vast sea communicates with the city’s port at Plaza del Portal de la Pau, where the Columbus Monument is located. It also has a shuttle bus service for cruises, and direct access to the coastal road (B-10) for access by car. You never know me but will mark this parking: World Trade Center parking

The Colon or Columbus Monument is a sculptural ensemble located in the Plaza del Portal de la Paz in the Ciutat Vella district. Built in homage to the discoverer Christopher Columbus, it is erected at the junction between the Ramblas and the Paseo de Colón, opposite the Port Vell. The monument was built on the occasion of the Universal Exposition of Barcelona in 1888. Opened on June 1, 1888, in full exhibition, it quickly became one of the most characteristic icons of the city. Inside the column there is an elevator that allows you to go up to the hemisphere located under the feet of the statue, from where you can see the city.


The monument measures a total of 57 meters in height, and is divided into three sections: a circular base, with four flights of stairs 6 meters wide, decorated with eight lion statues and eight bas-reliefs with the shields of the Spanish provinces and the main acts carried out by Colón; an eight-sided polygon, four of them arranged as buttresses, in the shape of a cross, with allegorical statues from Catalonia, Aragon, Castile and León, as well as figures of characters from different origins who helped Columbus, such as the Aragonese Bernat Boïl , the Catalans Pere de Margarit, Jaume Ferrer de Blanes and the Valencian Luis de Santángel; then stands the iron column, of the Corinthian order, with a base with several groups of caravels with two taps that hold the Barcelona shield, as well as winged Famas, the fluted shaft with a central relief alluding to the Navy and the inscription Barcelona to Columbus, the capital with representations of Europe, Africa, Asia and America, a county crown for the County of Barcelona   and a hemisphere for the newly discovered part of the globe; finally the statue of Columbus.

An attractive way to see the port as a whole and from above is the Barcelona Air Shuttle, which crosses the air from the San Sebastián Tower in La Barceloneta, passing by the Jaime I Tower next to the World Trade Center, communicating the port with the Montjuic mountain.

Finally, for the looks::)  Marina Port Vell is a world-class home port for superyachts. Originally built for the 1992 Olympic Games, the marina recently completed its transformation to a 151-berth luxury facility, creating the ultimate destination for yachts up to 190 metres. Webpage here: Marina Port Vell


The Port Vell webpage has a map you can magnify and tell all the points of interest nearby, it is here in English: Port Vell on points of interests or things to see

The tourist office of Barcelona on the maritime heritage in English: Tourist office of Barcelona on maritime heritage

And as customs and port goes hand in hand this is the customs (aduanas) building in Barcelona! Very near the Columbus monument for info.


This is a nice area for walks, shopping, eating ,and the beach ; there is very nice night activities there too with lots of clubbing. All in one spot or neighborhood. Enjoy Port Vell Barcelona.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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