Teatro Real Carlos III, Aranjuez!

So let me stay in royal Spain and tell you a bit more about the wonderful monuments of the princely city of Aranjuez, Comunidad de Madrid, and the wonderful  Teatro Real Carlos III. Of course, you can browse my previous posts on Aranjuez but I feel this theater was not mentioned enough in blog. This post will remedy that me think and I thank you for reading.

The Theater building was built in 1768 by King Carlos III. Therefore known as the Teatro Real Carlos III. The theater had a porticoes façade with five brick arches, and an engraving was placed on the frontispiece with the inscription translated as in Aranjuez the delights of the countryside are combined with the pleasures of the city, the king who built it and the year of its inauguration. The text comes from the official Theater webpage as below.


The interior vault featured frescoes by great artists. The theater was divided into four floors: the audience, the boxes, the amphitheater and the upper floor, and also had a stage and two meeting rooms. It had a capacity for about 500 persons and there, for years, operas, comedies and dramas were performed.  Its inauguration took place on May 14, 1769, attended by King Carlos III, Doña María Luisa de Borbón and the entire royal family, occupying the corresponding Royal box. Later in the years 1828 and 1847, various restorations were made.

Entered already in the 20C, this theater passed into private hands and was renamed Gran Teatro Maestro Guerrero. Theatrical works were exhibited in it, until in its last years it became a cinema, and even movies were shot. Its ended closing its door in 1989.

This Teatro Carlos III, an architectural jewel of the 18C, has already been recovered and is now call Teatro Real Carlos III de Aranjuez. The recovered theater has those original elements that had been preserved, such as the frescoes on the ceiling or the wooden beams on the roof of the theatre. The room has been made up of the original materials restored in the way also confirmed by the original foundations themselves. The halls and rooms between walls have been the subject of an “architectural paraphrase” that aims to outline the timelessness of the materials themselves and their union, in construction and systems, without any mimetic or stylistic adventure. Architecture in its purest form. It also has two levels of boxes on the ground floor and an intermediate level of continuous seats, and an underground floor where the cafeteria has been located. The Teatro Real Carlos III de Aranjuez reopens its doors on June 5, 2014.

The official webpage of the Teatro Real Carlos III of Aranjuez in Spanish: Teatro Real Carlos III of Aranjuez

The tourist office of Aranjuez on the Teatro Real Carlos III in Spanish: Tourist office of Aranjuez on the Teatro Real Carlos III

Another wonderful architectural and historical monument in princely Aranjuez. Hope you enjoy the tour and brief introduction on the Teatro Real Carlos III or Royal Theater Charles III in Aranjuez. Ah yes walking is better with the Palace on your back turn right into plaza San Antonio ,passing on your left the jardin de Isabel II, continue until turning left at Calle San Antonio to Theater on your righ hand side,about 10 minutes delightful walk!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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