Aranjuez is more than a concerto !

So by now it has become a regular series of mine to look at my blog and go over old posts to update links, revise the text, and insert the pertinent pictures. It has been a wonderful route for me and I hope it has help my readers to get up to date information for a future travel plan.

I like to bring up to date my passage with my family to the city of Aranjuez in the comunidad de Madrid region last August 2016. Enjoy it!

And we came to the wonderful city of Aranjuez, a princely town made very famous by all Spaniards for the concerto created by Joaquin Rodrigo on an old story of love between a prince and princesse, hear it, sublime music of Aranjuez. My dear late mother Gladys made me come into it when a boy and it has always stay with me up to today.

We follow by car the A40 from Cuenca all the way to Aranjuez that is  just south of Madrid and closer to Toledo.

We came right into the the Church Chapel of San Antonio after passing the arches that hold the Church together on each side. This is right next to the Royal palace or Palacio Real. Here we took the chiquitren or litle train ride all over town for about 50 minutes; which we usually do not take but were in nostalgia land to take a quick trip around the city to start.


We did thereafter, our usual walking around town soaking in the local life after the litle train ride into Calle Principe where we found free parking, and Calle Postas right by the Mercado del Abasto or food covered market.

The Calle Postas takes you right into the Plaza de Toros on your left at corner with calle Mirasierra. Its not a major arena so we just walk around it. We headed back walking to see the garden or Jardin de Isabel II and a nice statue of the Queen.

The Palacio Real we did not go in as already seen lots of palaces including this one before, but for first timers is a must. We rather had some granizados crushed ice with flavored drinks for the heat and continue walking into the jardin del Principe and Parterre of the castle behind it. This is pristine beautiful natural area with lots of statues and fountains.


The highlight for us is the local food and off tourist trails we headed for one closer to the plaza de Toros, the De Cañas en Fedario, at Calle Postas ,68. This was great menu for 7,50€ included a first plate of Arroz con Tres Delicias, Gazpacho, ensaladilla Rusa, and then second plate of chicken breasts, roasted pig a la plancha, or hake fish rounds in spices, all with french fries, dessert we had arroz con leche and flan, beers of mahou very cold , a great deal indeed. I cannot confirm if they are still open so check.



While in town you notice a nice looking Church on end of calle Principe, this the Church of Alpajes (also known as the Señora de Angustias) and see the wonderful fountain of Apolo at Plaza de la Mariblanca right in front of the Palace.


It was a quick visit that we combine with our next town, and of course we were back eventually . In the meantime, enjoy Aranjuez and its concerto !

The city of Aranjuez on tourist info in Spanish:

This is a private initiative with tourist information and can be seen in several languages, I find it very good:

And there you go folks, a quick introduction to a nice princely city of Spain, Aranjuez. Hope you get the taste and see my other posts on it, worth the detour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Oh, will I ever see my beloved Spain again. De Cañas en Fedario looks like my kind of place.

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