Paris at night and Christmas 2011

Well this is another year, my start blogging was about nov 2010 so now one year and many good things , Paris still there magical, sublime eternal ,yes Hemingway was quoted as saying a “movable feast” wrote a book about it posthumously and I say he the great one fell short; because has no words to describe it, over the years folks keep coming to it even if already visited many parts of the city, others come for the glow and beauty and curiosities, and many others including me come to live here, to enjoy it fully.

There has been millions of write ups on it, blogs galores, newsletters into the thousands, books,movies, music, but still not enough of it, I tell you the city has a magnet, a virus, something magical attach to it. Once bitten you will carry its glow for the rest of your life,and your life will be better for it.

I am in the process of moving for job reasons, the house is for sale, but every opportunity I get will have my Paris, at least the home office is there by porte maillot ::)

Here are some photos of my latest foray in this holiday season, Christmas 2011 some may find it harder, but the cheers and joys of Christmas will overcome everything, hope it glows on you into 2012, and remember, we will always,always have PARIS.

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