New Jersey memories

I just realised have not written a page on my entry point to the USA, this was New Jersey back in the middle 70’s and my first encounter with Middle School and High School in America.

Also, my first job, my driving license and my citizenship were done there. My first trip by car to NYC ! Yankee Stadium yeah! and my many trips of joy to the Jersey Shore!

Over time pictures have been lost but will post some still with me. Enjoy them, and see my many posts on New Jersey USA!

New Brunswick

New Brunswick Municipal courthouse , Middlesex County: becoming US citizen Dec 1980

perth amboy

Our first apartment in America , Perth Amboh Oak Street

Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy helping out in my Mom’s grocery store

Perth Amboy

Perth Amboy our first own home!! State Street in Waterfront neighborhood

Perth Amboy

taken later my MIddle School McGinnis in Perth Amboy, first school in USA

Perth Amboy

my High School Perth Amboy

perth amboy

Perth Amboy High School soccer action me in the middle sliding tackle!

pa monte carlo pedro visiting from college

In Perth Amboy my car Monte Carlo chevy visiting from univ in Florida!


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