My life in my belle France!

Well , my kind of town ,actually my entry into France, Versailles capital of the department of Yvelines, No 78, region of Ile de France, and another world. This is France. Big enough to be call a Capital of France when constitutional changes are needed per the French Constitution , and small enough to keep that French country flavor of old, things are not the same here as in Paris. Life is easier, slower, friendlier, and the nights ends earlier. It was the center of royal power for centuries, and it still keeps that royal outlook in life, Paris might be worth a republic, Versailles its worth a kingdom.

Les Mureaux

early on 2004 in Versailles visiting family

My humble hommage  to a glorious city, one that was worth saving from a war, one that is revered, and one that will be eternal, Paris Je t’aime mon amour eternelle. Paris te amo mi amor eterno. Paris I love you, my eternal love. For the senses, the sights, the romance. And I worked here for 9 years! Enjoy them as much as I.


Visiting the Eiffel in 1990

Special mention to the towns of Chambry and Meaux in Seine et Marne dept 77 ïle de France region where I first touch base with France and married a local girl, my dear mamie blue Martine, forever seeing you in heavens:Merci

The region of Bretagne/BrittanyBreizh is slowly becoming grand and the more I know the more I like it. And of course, the dept 56 Morbihan is my home now.  The towns of Brech, and now Pluvigner (already 9 yrs here! )will always be part of my life; not to leave my capital city where I worked (now retired!!), Vannes! Another way to share with you the beauty of a wonderful region that is now my home until God knows when lol!!


walking from bourg of Brech to apartment early on in the Morbihan c jul2011

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