Havana, message to La Habana

Well this is where all started and need to have it of my beginnings it always help me. So there it goes my pictures of my childhood in a far away country that each day goes more and more different….but never forgotten.

Esta pagina es sobre mis raices ,donde todo comenzo hace muchos años y quiero compartir  con Ustedes. Aqui encontraran algunas de mis fotos de cuando chico en un pais bien lejano que cada dia se va mas diferente…pero nunca olvidado.

Ceci est où tout est commencé et le besoin de faire de la nostalgie m’aider toujours a me connaitre. Donc, voilà mon enfance dans un pays lointain que chaque jour va de plus en plus différent….mais  jamais oublié.

6 Comments to “Havana, message to La Habana”

  1. I enjoyed your childhood pictures.. my mother is from the next town after Bauta.. Caimito del Guayabal except that Fidel took out the Guayabal part. Thank you for sharing


  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, and memories. Take care and enjoy, dear.

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  3. wouw… nice. Your mom looks very pretty

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