Madrid, My Photo Gallery I

Upon arriving for the first time in 1970 this was the city of stories and dreams by grandparents.  Finally here for four years,and many visits afterward, it has caught up with me. No matter where I live ,there always will be Madrid in my heart. You too if you try to live it, embrace it, love it,yes you will ::)

Thank you Madrid.

4 Comments to “Madrid, My Photo Gallery I”

  1. You always make me homesick for Madrid! I agree a zillion % with “No matter where I live ,there always will be Madrid in my heart”. Wendy


    • hi thanks for the comments,; yes indeed its stays with you/ Even today I was touring a company branch in the center of France, and the lady there is from Salamanca, and we began to talk about that and Madrid and Plaza Mayor in both cities, and then the sales manager who is French came in and speaks Spanish, then the GM came in and he is French but speaks Spanish , and before you know it I was blasting away for Madrid ,and it was great. Just to show we live up a place anytime anywhere ::) Cheers


  2. I lived in Madrid for years…my favorite building is el Palacio del los Correos across from the fountain of Cibeles. Even six lanes of circling traffic couldn’t detract from the beauty of those two structures.


  3. Hi, thanks for commenting. Yes, I lived there too for many years, it was called the Palacio de Comunicaciones where it was the central post office of Spain.The actual name was much older as the Palacio de las Cibeles. Now its the mayor’s office of the city of Madrid.
    I used to lived not far from there and will be back mid September.


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