Florida USA,My Photo Gallery I

Florida is sunshine, and more sun, fun, paradise, beaches, laidback style, and great entertainement for all. It was my home for 18 years, some would say the best years of my life counted as a whole. I left for good in august 2003, but came back in August 2009 for a visit.

It will take more than distance and money to keep me away from it, its always in my travel list. I still have family throughtout the State of Florida so even more reason. These are some misc photos that gives you a bit further of Florida in addition to my posts already here. Enjoy it as much as I do seeing them again. Cheers.

2 Comments to “Florida USA,My Photo Gallery I”

  1. I live in South Florida still and probably always will because my entire family from my father’s side lives here, I have my mom’s family in Cuba.


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