Europe,some of my perso photos

Well this must be photo nostalgia day but here it is. I have some photos in my hard drive so decided to post them here on some of my trips thru Europe. Of course, these are not all, but in the future will post more.

The sites are memorable and again its like my Europe photo album. Enjoy them like I do ::)

2 Comments to “Europe,some of my perso photos”

  1. Thank you Gwened, you answered my question on virtual tourist regarding what station to use at Montparnasse for Bordeaux. I would really like to make contact with you for some travel tips for our up and coming trip to France on 22nd August 2015.


    • thanks for posting, we cannot use blog as personal advertisement in VT, even if we are just travelers with no commercial use. The Platform there to Bordeaux are not necessarily 1_9 sometimes they can go to 18. where you are coming in to the station counts as if coming from the main entrance in place Raoul Dautry you go up and enter the maine area, if you are coming on metro you can go up the stairs to pasteur and the main hallway before call océane.Either way you will see the panel on the screen and will tell you the Platform the train is leaving. You have time as they open the wharfs until about 5 mins of train leaving. I go by there every month as my home office is in Paris ,when I live in Versailles I used both Montparnasse or Saint Lazare. Cheers


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