Curiosities of Meaux !!!

And on my ever lasting road warrior trips ,took the road again to come back to my dear Seine et Marne to see again my sentimental Meaux.  The city of Meaux is located in the Seine et Marne department 77 in the Île-de-France region of my belle France, This is a historical City full of wonderful architecture, and always worth the visit. I was visiting sites in the department, and of course needed to stop by and see family there, another excuse and great time by all, I will give you here some curiosities of Meaux !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Meaux is a wonderful town on the banks of the Marne river not far from Paris nor Disneyland.It really has many things to see, some historical sites of recent vintage of WWI and WWII and of course many more around in the area, Worth to be base here inexpensive and see all that is available including Disneyland Paris ! Let me give some sights in town already mentioned in several posts but always worth it, me think.

The Vieux Châpitre or Old Chapter has kept its authenticity. It was there that the canons meted out justice. It can only be entered by guided tour. The palace, the bishop’s residence, became a museum in 1908. You can access the lower rooms, the chapel, the bishop’s bedroom and the reception room. The 19C parquet floor shines and creaks under our feet, the windows offer a view of the Bossuet garden bordered by lime trees, it was designed by Le Nôtre.

Meaux vieux chapitre entr may23

Meaux vieux chapitre stairs may23

The Bossuet Museum dedicated to the end of Mannerism , There is the story of Bishop Bossuet, and that of the city of Meaux and the St Stephens’ Cathedral very nice and worth going in, The Musée Bossuet opened in 1908  in the episcopal palace; today we can see an  aquarelle by Delacroix , and a portrait by  Courbet, A room is dedicated to portraits representing Bossuet.  The museum is concentrated with paintings from the 17C to the 19C, and has on display between 1000 and 1500 works. There was a big event planned and renovations going on at the time I stopped by.

Meaux mus Bossuet renov event may23

The Rue du Faubourg Saint Nicolas extends to the east of the city, along the great eponymous artery, formerly known as the route d’Allemagne (road of Germany). It is circumscribed by the avenues of  Maréchal Foch, du Maréchal Joffre, de la République, du président Salvador Allende,and the streets of rue des Béguines and rue des Cordeliers , and of course rue Noëfort . My dear late wife Martine took to the bakery here and came thereafter, I still do each time in town to bring sweets and bread to the family still around the city. The bakery is Le Fournil du Faubourg  at 52 rue du Faubourg Saint Nicolas or the other closer as this time Boulangerie Saint-Nicolas, at 154 rue du Faubourg Saint Nicolas,who took over from the former Maison Aucuit,

Meaux boulangerie Saint Nicolas front may23

Of course, I had to passed by the house at 36 rue Noefort, the house where I met and later visit many times with my hugely nice dear late wife Martine. This is a must to stop in the city, as the patio house out back still is land passed on to the family now own by a sister, They had finished with the renovations ,and could see the out patio house where we first exchange her passion gardening,

Meaux 36 rue noefort MF home ours always may23

Meaux 36 rue noefort patio garden house may23

There you go folks, another dandy ride in my road warrior mode,again, And another visit to my first city of France, this is sentimental Meaux, always wonderful to be here, Always so much to see in my belle France.  This is my curiosities of Meaux !! Again ,hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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