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May 21, 2023

The Church of Saint Maurice of Blandy les Tours !!

I continue with my road warrior trip into known terrain and visiting new places and repeat memories of always, after all ,this is Seine et Marne dept 77 the first land touch in France to chase a wonderful girl named Martine, my dear late wife, Always uplifting to come here and this was no exception, I rode into the town of Blandy les Tours located in the Seine-et-Marne department 77 in the Île-de-France region of my belle France, Here is my take on the Church Saint Maurice de Blandy les Tours !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Blandy les Tours

The Church of Saint-Maurice, which dates back to the early Middle Ages, stands very close to the northern rampart of the fortified castle (see post) . In the Merovingian period, the parish group was made up of two different buildings: the church and a chapel, the remains of which remain, delimited on the ground, in the inner courtyard of the castle. The Saint-Maurice Church is attached to the missionary center of Mormant, in the diocese of Meaux. The church is placed under the patronage of Saint Maurice.

Blandy les Tours ch Saint Maurice side may23

The Saint Maurice Church has been regularly transformed and extended. The four-sided bell tower, characteristic of Briard churches, and the Gothic-style nave, date from the 14C. The nave, with three bays, is flanked by a single aisle. Its choir includes an imposing altarpiece with four pillars as well as a sculpted high altar dating from the 18C. The chapels include a set of paintings and woodwork from the same period. Several tombstones from the 16C to 18C remain: they are mainly located at the entrance to the church or attached to the walls. Note also the pulpit dating from 1772, the finely carved baptismal font, and the confessional. The statue representing Saint Geneviève, dazzling under the light of the stained glass windows, challenges the visitor. The bells that punctuate village life date from 1790 and 1889. The sacristy, extending the church, is more recent.

Blandy les Tours ch Saint Maurice altar may23

Blandy les Tours ch Saint Maurice nave to altar may23

The Saint Maurice Church, which has been restored, is located north of the castle. It consists of a nave and a short aisle giving three bays; a large rectangular pillar from the transition 12C and four ramified pillars from the 15C with twin windows with rosettes in the choir and in the apse. The Louis XIV altarpiece, adorned with pillars of the composite order, bears the date of 1774. Note a copy of the Dutch School: “A music lesson”, gift made in 1848 by the Count of Choiseul-Praslin ; a painting with a sculpted frame: “Father Tobias blind, cured by the angel Raphael”. The angel, under the figure of a woman; places on his head the gall of the fish caught in the Euphrates, in the presence of his mother and son; the four Evangelists by Tintoretto, wall paintings ; a crowned statue of “the Virgin and Child”, in stone

Blandy les Tours ch Saint Maurice chapels left side may23.

In front of the choir is a wooden grille from 1810. Behind the high altar we discover four coats of arms, three-quarters erased, of the house of Savoy. Quarterly at 1 of a fleur-de-lys gold on a blue field; 4th, a blue lion on a golden field ; in the sinister part, a blue fleur-de-lys , a golden star in chief on a blue field and a silver lion in point on a golden field. That’s all we could decipher from these interesting coats of arms. The square bell tower is distinguished by the four gables of the Rhenish school. .The chapels and the choir feature a set of recently classified 18C oak paneling. A few stalls decorated with sculptures are also still visible, as well as a curious closed stall called “sheepfold”. A Healing of Blind Tobias, an Annunciation and a Music Lesson. Taken down during a restoration, they reveal frescoes from the 15-16C, very degraded, which they hid until restore, The works are financed by the Marquise Jacqueline de Rothelin, widow of François d’Orléans Longueville, Lord of Blandy.

Blandy les Tours ch Saint Maurice pulpit et chapels may23

A necropolis of 72 graves of young children was found around the apse of this church. The Saint Maurice Church is 44 meters long and 13 meters wide, is located in the area where many sarcophagi were found, this area was then occupied by a Merovingian cemetery.

Blandy les Tours ch Saint Maurice baptismal font may23

The Seine et Marne dept 77 tourist office on the Church Saint Maurice :

There you go folks, another dandy ride in my road warrior mode,again, It was my first visit, even I cannot believe it passing by it so many times ! Anyway, it was a great first time andn worth the detour for all wonderful in Blandy les Tours in my dear Seine et Marne, This is the Church Saint Maurice de Blandy les Tours, Again ,hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 21, 2023

The L’Usine of Melun !!!

The town of Melun is located in the Seine-et-Marne department 77 in the Île-de-France region of my belle France. It is about 41 km from Paris, and 66 km from my nostalgic Meaux, I happened to be by here again after many years and finally pictures ! Let me tell you about the L’Usine of Melun . Hope you enjoy it as I

Melun L'Usine bar pub resto front may23

Melun L'Usine bar pub resto arriv may23

So not usually do a post on a restaurant even if been to many ,mostly hidden in posts of things to see, However, I planned to see the castles nearby (see posts) and decided to visit Melun and eat there, A quick look at my favorite reviews sites of lately and the festy ambiance and Anglo Saxon look took me in, It was a find again hit it on the tap and find out other sites in my Seine et Marne so we will be back !! Let me use some of the sites information to tell you more about the L’Usine of Melun !!!

Melun L'Usine bar pub resto dining room 2 may23

Melun l'Usine pub bar resto counter may23

L’Usine Bar Pub Restaurant-located at 11 route de Nangis, Melun It has terrace , reservations ok, Sports events broadcasts and evenings themes parties.  The restaurant offers its customers a particularly friendly atmosphere and responsive staff. A very English pub decoration with its woodwork in warm colors and soft benches characterize the interior of the restaurant. You can follow football or rugby matches live on a giant screen in a joyful atmosphere. Many musical evenings are organized there for the greatest pleasure of all, salsa evenings, rock… In summer, the pub terrace is at your disposal. My boy Rex was here !!!

Melun l'Usine pub bar resto Rex may23

Whether you are a fan of French, Italian or American cuisine, you will be spoiled for choice. You will have to choose between an incalculable number of pizzas and pastas, fish fillets or beautiful cuts of meat, super original and rich mixed salads and vegetarians are not neglected. As an accompaniment? Delicious beers on tap but also cocktails with or without alcohol. The L’Usine of Melun has an authentic decor. The setting is pleasant, but not only. It’s cheerful, inspires a cheerful impression, and overall you might find it quite pleasant. Agree !!!

The L’Usine bar pub restaurant of Melun

The RestaurantGuru reviews on L’Usine of Melun

The local Melun Val de Seine tourist office on the L’Usine

There you go folks, another dandy ride in my road warrior mode,again, I believe not been back to Melun since coming visiting France in the 1990’s !! Always passing by but so much to see in my belle France until now, This is a find and will be back to the L’Usine bar pub restaurant of Melun. Again ,hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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