Come stay and eat in Bourges !!

Coming was nice and indeed one of the better Cathedrals of France. However the ambiance tops it off amongs timber houses narrow cobblestones and hilly streets all very nice for our idea of our belle France! This is Bourges, on the Cher dept 18 of the Centre-Val de Loire region, and in my belle France.

I have written before on Bourges; let me give you some info missing and just realised got some period photos to go alone too (even if taking from my photo album). Therefore , here is the resto and hotel update on our many family memories of always in Bourges. 

First the hotel we find it as I do business runs here and use the Logis de France as company remburse me . Therefore, I book my personal trip with one of their hotels that I have used before on business trip but now with my family of 5 at the time. We stayed at a great logis de France property ,Le Christina, right next to the Halle au Ble (see post) and nearby free parking! Great comfort, good prices, and wonderful friendly service. It has been completely renovated recently, offering 64 rooms with three comfort categories, the Le Christina Hotel also has family rooms up to 5 people (we took it!). From the hotel you can easily walk to the Jacques Coeur Palace, Saint-Etienne Cathedral, museums (most are free) and also discover the pedestrian streets of Vieux Bourges with in particular the half-timbered houses . It is the ideal place to enjoy, on sunny days, the Bourges Nights and Lights Circuit.


The official Le Christina hotel:

The Bourges tourist office on Le Christina Hotel:

And as always we need to eat and find the very best from local recommendations. This time was Italian, ciao!  The winner was lunch at La Scala,(scaleta) 1 place Planchat. All with Italian music as the waiters sang listening to Eros Ramazzotti is tops, will need to go back one weekend. All richly decorated, great food, great service, great prices a must.  The regional chain La Scala has created a large restaurant with Baroque decor in a beautiful house in the city center of Bourges dating from the 15C. Venetian chandeliers stand alongside painted paintings and ceilings. Some will find it all a bit too much, others (like us) will appreciate the effort made to bring us back to the extravagance of Italian theater. If you book, choose a table upstairs to admire the original half-timbering, traditional in Bourges (as we did!) . In summer, prefer the large terrace, located on a very lively square, in the heart of the historic center , place Planchat. Like the surroundings, the cuisine smells of Italy. The pizzas are varied, typically Italian or more local, with French cheeses of the goat or Saint-Nectaire type. Bruschettas,   large sandwiches generously garnished   are also to try to change from pizzas. The dishes may be generous, we did not leave without an ice cream, among the most original too. Pleasant and relaxed service. A restaurant that is suitable for romantics as well as for families. Nice wine list from Italy or the Berry ,Loire regions.


The official La Scaleta resto

The Bourges tourist office on the restaurant :

There you go folks, These are a nice one two combination to visit Bourges any time, Again, hope you enjoy the posts as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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