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May 1, 2023

The Funicular of Montmartre !!!

Ok ok ok so I found me another picture in my vault, I have written on it before briefly in my blog, but felled needed a post of its own, Therefore, this is my take on the Funicular of Montmartre located in the 18éme arrondissement or district of Paris, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

It has been an automatic inclined lift since 1991 comprising two cabins allowing you to climb to the top of the Montmartre hill and thus access the Sacré-Coeur Basilica without having to take the staircase of 222 steps ! . It officially opened in July 1900 ; until then, the Basilica was difficult to access, because there were few cars, and the steep slopes of the Montmartre hill made the ascent difficult in a horse-drawn carriage. But it was only in 1900 that it was inaugurated, even before the construction of the Paris metro network , It was completely renovated in 1935 and then transformed in 1991. It is 108 meters long, it climbs the 36 meters drop in less than 1,5 minutes ! Precisely , it is located between place Saint-Pierre and the place Suzanne-Valadon for the lower station, and rue du Cardinal-Dubois for the upper station, it runs along rue Foyatier which is in fact only made up of a staircase of 222 steps with landings.(done this too )


The construction of the Funiculaire de Montmartre was decided by the Paris city council in 1891, in order to serve the Sacré-Coeur Basilica, built at the top of the Montmartre hill and inaugurated on June 5, 1891. The commissioning of the funicular takes place on July 12 or 13, 1900 according to different sources, At the end of the concession, operation ceased on November 1, 1931 The water funicular system was replaced by two cabins running on electricity and operation resumed on February 2, 1935 after more than three years of interruption, In 1955 , the line is in service from 7h to 21h in winter and until 23h in summer, the ticket is collected at the entrance to the station by stamping a bus ticket.

The RATP therefore completely rebuilt it in 1990 and 1991 on the same model. Traffic completely ceased on October 1, 1990; it is temporarily replaced by a reinforcement of the minibus service, the Montmartrobus line provided since April 20, 2019 under No 40 between Place Pigalle ,, This was to cease in 1991 but the line has continue as above No 40. The funicular is considered part of the metro network, and therefore has similar pricing. The two stations, lower and upper, have gates equipped with magnetic ticket readers and Navigo cards. However, the funicular is considered a special line that does not correspond to the connecting fare rules of the t+ ticket; the traveler coming from the metro with a t+ ticket already validated must use another t+ ticket to take it. Similarly, a t+ ticket validated on the funicular cannot be reused in the metro. Nowdays, the Funicular de Montmartre operates between 06h and 00h45 (that is 6am to 12:45am), A direct correspondence is made with the bus line 40, the only one to circulate on the Montmartre hill, whose stop is located rue du Cardinal-Dubois and offers a correspondence in front of the upper station.
Two metro stations are also located within walking distance by public road from the lower station of the funicular: Anvers, (taken and use underground parking by it too ) on line 2, about 200 meters to the south and Abbesses, on line 12, approximately 350 meters to the west.

The Paris tourist office on the Funiculaire :

There you go folks, a dandy thing to do in Paris, another one ! This is quant we love it and have taken the funicular of Montmartre just for the heck of climbing and of course visiting the Basilica Sacré Coeur and Chuch Saint Pierre as well, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 1, 2023

The Stalingrad metro line 2 of Paris !!

I have taken the metro in Paris, surprise ? Not really, if you worked in Paris like me public transport is a must to get your transport discount as much as 50% off ! I found me an old picture of Stalingrad line 2 of the metro and even if written posts on each metro line, this one was special for meeting friends, I hope it helps you understand a bit more what Paris is in its metro or subway or tube underground. Therefore, here is my take on the Metro line 2 and specifically Stalingrad stop. Hope you enjoy the post as I

Generally and condense as much as possible not to repeat, the metro of Paris line 2; open december 13, 1900. It has four above ground stations, for more than 2 kms. These are Barbés-Rochechouart, La Chapelle,Stalingrad, and Jaurés. The Stalingrad metro stop openend in 1903. You have nice views over the canals and the cinemas MK2 at 14 quai de la Seine, or have a drink at Côte Canal, 5 quai de la Seine. My favorite as well as the Rotunda resto, Easy rides here as taken often from Charles de Gaulle-étoile and meet my collegues by Stalingrad going into the La Rotonde Stalingrad (see post) at  6-8 Pl. de la Bataille de Stalingrad for drinks and apéro, My boss at the time lived by Nation so we found a middle ground to meet and mingle.


The specific Stalingrad station on lines 2, 5 and 7 of the Paris metro, located on the border of the 10éme and 19éme arrondissements or districts of Paris. The station is located near the intersection of boulevard de la Villette with avenue de Flandre on the one hand and rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin on the other hand, the platforms being established: on line 2 (between La Chapelle and Jaurès stations), overhead above boulevard de la Villette at its junction with boulevard de la Chapelle, between rue de Tanger and the intersection with rue d’Aubervilliers and rue du Château-Landon, The station was opened on January 31, 1903 with the commissioning of the section of line 2 North between Antwerp and Bagnolet (now Alexandre Dumas), which would simply become line 2 on October 17, 1907 following the absorption of the line 2 South (which corresponds to a large part of the current line 6) by line 5 on October 14 of the same year. On February 10, 1946, the station took its current name of Stalingrad because of its proximity to the Place de Stalingrad (current Place de la Bataille-de-Stalingrad), newly created in reference to the Battle of Stalingrad, It has connections with line 5 and 7 of the metro of Paris. Like a third of the stations in the network between 1974 and 1984, the platforms of lines 2 and 5 were modernized in the “Andreu-Motte” style, according to a particular treatment for the aerial station of line 2 with a turquoise blue paint on the frames of the bay windows and the laying of flat white tiles on the spandrels ,The platforms of line 2 are equipped with awnings, like all the line’s aerial stations. The lighting is achieved through transparent tubes receiving the neon lights. The right pedestals consist of frosted stained glass surmounting spandrels covered with flat white ceramic tiles. The platforms, devoid of advertising, are equipped with white “Motte” style seats and the name of the station is inscribed in Parisine typeface on enamel plates.

A bit of history I like as usual by me

When the law of March 30, 1898 was promulgated declaring the first six metro lines of public utility, the City decided to urgently undertake the construction of the first line so that it would be open for the upcoming Universal Exhibition. In 1900 , The first section of line 2 was built during the same period as line 1 but taking a little delay and the 1,600 meters of track were opened on December 3, 1900, As such ,Line 2 is the second oldest on the network. It has 25 stations and its route has never been extended. The route of 12 km long, crosses the north of Paris from west to east from Porte Dauphine to Nation. The four aerial stations: Jaurès, Stalingrad, La Chapelle, Barbès-Rochechouart are worth taking indeed better views of beautiful Paris, The station stops along the line 2 are of architecture reminiscent of the style of Gustave Eiffel, combining glass with wrought iron as well as the shapes of arches. A special atmosphere emerges, with a return to the heyday of the industrial era of the late 19C and early 20C.

Like line 1, line 2 is mostly built on the ground, directly under the roadway. On the other hand, it innovates with a course of nearly two km in viaduct, or about 20% of its length. The stations, four of which are overhead, are also somewhat closer to each other than those on line 1. All underground stations are vaulted except Nation and Rome, which are built with a metallic roof, The viaducts have metal spans of lengths between about 19 meters and 27 meters, only the major passages having longer spans about 36 meters for crossing Boulevard Barbès, 43 meters for Rue d’ Aubervilliers and 75 meters to pass over the tracks of the railway companies, On January 31, 1903, the Antwerp – Rue de Bagnolet section is opened and, finally, the entire line to Nation, on April 2 1903, The line 2 begins at Porte Dauphine station, in the 16éme arrondissement of Paris. After a connection with lines 4 and 5 and the Gare du Nord USFRT station, the line, now located under Marguerite-de-Rochechouart boulevard, joins the Anvers station and begins its aerial route which ends before the Colonel Fabien station.

The Paris transport network RATP on metro line 2

The Paris tourist office on the La Rotonde Stalingrad:

There you go folks, this is another memorable spot in my eternal Paris! Aren’t they all ? Again, hope you enjoy the post as I, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

May 1, 2023

My personal memories of ,,,,,,,,my life !!!

And to put more personal things in my blog which as said is my life’s history here I come again, I have been told and finally realised my life has been very rich not just in travel but life’s accomplishements, and was given amongst other things recognition pins by many organisations which I have kept in a jewerly box, Therefore , here is a bit extra on me from my personal memories of,,,,,my life !!!,That is covering the France and U S A !!!  Hope you enjoy this bit of personal trivia as I.

As have several posts on them just let me tell you briefly my living working life, Looong ago as a child left Punta Brava, Havana, Cuba, It was a journey to freedom with an intermediate stop in Madrid, Spain before arriving in total freedom in Perth Amboy New Jersey, From there went to Univ studies and eventually moved to live in Daytona Beach/Ormond by the Sea Florida, The world tour ho ho ho,continue to North Miami, and then Hialeah while working in Miami Florida, To follow went up to Miramar, Silver Lakes division, Broward county, Finally , made the move back to Europe married to a loving Frenchie and settle in wonderful amazing, beautiful Versailles, Yvelines 78 Île de France region of my belle France which after several years’s visits came to live permanently as a French citizen to boot, The road did not stop there as continue to Brec’h in the Morbihan breton dept 56 of Bretagne/Brittany region and finally purchase a house again in current Pluvigner where I am on my way to 10 years living ! Breaking my record of 5,5 years per residence time !!!

Now let me tell you about the main reason of this post when looking at my personal items found me some pins that tells a bit more about me and the trajectory in life, These are

While in Daytona Beach went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University yes you know it the «Harvard of the skies » and was recognised with several pins, as well as meeting Pierre Henri Gagey the then president of Maison Jadot Burgundy wines of excellence, Got me more involved in wines and did visit his house in Beaune later on on a special personal tour of the property by his then Sales Manager for Europe Marc Dupin, Memories forever !!

Daytona Beach school pins et jadot

I was heavily involved in politics then and was very active winning some recognition by the presidential task force with Ronald Reagan, nationally and later Jeb Bush in Florida as well as Tom Kean in New Jersey, You know these names, I was so high and so inside that left it disappointed never to return to any, However, the experiences and memorable moments of meeting these people will always be there, It made me a better person.

Miami govt USA pins

I could not leave out my football/soccer Real Madrid where I played as young boy in Madrid for the football (old Ciudad Deportiva) and baseball team (Elipa), Its my team for life and lucky to be part of the greatest team of all times by number of titles and recognition by FIFA and IFHHS organisms, I am ,also, honorable member of five supporters’ groups or Peñas in Spain from Galicia to Malaga ! They keep me busy nowdays with the discussions lol !!!

Madrid Real Madrid pins

My job experiences have been terrific and allow me even more opportunities to see the world, many places otherwise would not have known and thanks to these jobs have visited 81 countries of our world in management positions, The pins here are from Pan Am Federal Credit Union, Blue Lagoon drive, Miami, Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company, Omaha, Nebraska where because of my sales output was able to tour many cities such as Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Omaha, The extraordinary wonderful Intercontinental Hotels Group where I was in charge accounting wise of all owned properties in Paris, Disneyland Paris, and Cannes base at the L’Inter as we call it now other hotel chain there, We kept the Le Grand, resto café de la Paix and another new property in Monceau, Finally, I was a proud member of the ICTF or International Credit and Trade Finance association with collegues from all over the world, and eventually move up to Advisory Council and then Board of Directors, Memories forever and at least we still have Linkedin as I am now retired!

Miami Paris work pins

The Madrid city tourist office

The Central New Jersey tourist board ;

The Visit Florida tourist board on Central East Florida:

The Visit Florida tourist board on South East Florida:

The Île de France region tourist office:

The Bretagne/Brittany region tourist office:

There you go folks, a lot more about me and my personal memories of ,,,,,my life !!! It has been a rollercoaster ride up as the sky is the limit. Sadly I am not one of those that claim retirement is great, actually is boring and missed my job, Time and my boys will help me get thru it and of course, and my blog thanks to you all, Again, hope you have enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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