Up close and personal in my eternal Paris !!!

I was home on a cold Sunday getting up at 3C and now 7C and became nostalgic of my working life in my eternal Paris, Looking back ,I had mentioned about the job but felled needed to tell a bit more on the streets that were part of my life for several years, Therefore, let me tell you about the Rue du Mont Thabor, and the Rue Rouget de l’Isle located in the Place-Vendôme quartier or neighborhood 4 of the 1éme arrondissement or district of Paris (today all under Paris Centre) Hope you enjoy the tales as I.

The Rue du Mont Thabor is a bit longer going from Rue d’Alger to the Rue de Mondovi that takes you to the rue de Rivoli and the Place de la Concorde , Interesting it crosses the Rue de Castiglione (where I worked) that takes you to the Jardin des Tuileries or the Place Vendôme, However, closer to the Rue Rouget de L’isle you come more to my neighborhood with the fine Hotel du Continent ,Le Cosy restaurant ,Le Mont Thabor restaurant, and the Le Soufflé restaurant, Also, parfums Frédéric Malle. I had at one time or another visit all of them on business and/or pleasure. Sublime Paris !!


This street was named in honor of General Bonaparte’s victory at Mont-Thabor during the Egyptian campaign on April 27, 1799 over the Turks. This street, is parallel to Rue Saint-Honoré, was partly opened in 1802 on the site of the Convent of the Assumption and the two gardens, the large and the small, of the Capuchin convent where it ends. forming a bend with rue de Mondovi.

Some of the interesting things to see here are at the corners of Rue du Mont-Thabor, Rue Cambon and Rue de Mondovi, the location of the hotel of the King’s bodyguards on foot. On the even side of rue du Mont-Thabor was a secondary entrance to the Cirque-Olympique, which was installed from 1807 to 1816 in the hippodrome (1801) on rue Saint-Honoré by the Franconi family of squires. At No 6: home and place of death of the poet Alfred de Musset. At No. 34: Arsène Lupine hides there under the alias name of Louis Valméras.And the newer Renaissance Paris Vendôme Hôtel at no 4.

The Rue Rouget-de-L’Isle is a short street between the Rue du Mont Thabor and the Rue de Rivoli, It bears the name of the soldier and composer Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle, author of La Marseillaise, because of the proximity of the Salle du Manège where the sessions of the National Convention were held during the French revolution.

The street, opened under the name Rue des Feuillants in 1878, on the site of the former Ministry of Finance which burned down during the Paris Commune of 1871, and it took the present name in 1879.

The street runs along the back of the 4-star Westin Paris Vendôme hotel (ex InterContinental hotel where I worked see posts) and leads to the Jardin des Tuileries gardens. The street also hosts another 4-star hotel by the name of Hotel Mayfair Paris at No. 3. Other interesting spots here are the Maison Chamberlain (shoes) at No 5 , exchange office at No 1, and the Café l’Imperiale Rivoli which has entrance on rue de Rivoli as main, and was my lunch central when needed to get air from work.


There you go folks, another memorable post in my blog, This was/is my eternal Paris that we enjoyed so much in with the family and many trips and even stays overnight, Paris is indeed a mouvable feast, and I am glad was a small part of it, Of course, working in Paris is a game, fully enjoyable if only the transport behaves, Again, hope you have enjoy the post on my two memorable streets above as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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