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February 25, 2023

 Wines news of Spain VIII

We are fully in Winter 2023, its time to tell you once again on the wines of my dear Spain, As said, this goes back from my beginnings ,and I still go for them everywhere, Therefore, will try the monumental task of telling you about my favorites anecdotes and news of Spanish wines and hope to continue this series as my others with your blessing and likes. Here it is ,again coming back at you my wines news of Spain VIII !! Of course post No 8 for the non Romans, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Let me open up this post with some general news on the wines of Spain,

Spain has 945,565 hectares of vineyards,​ which makes it the country with the largest cultivated area of vines in the world with more than 15% of the world total, and is the third in terms of production, Spaniards drink only an average of 21 liters of wine per person per year, a much lower figure than in similar countries and which contrasts with the country’s wine production and tradition , It has more than 600 native varieties planted throughout the country, although approximately 80% of the wine produced nationwide is made with only about 20 varieties, among which stand out; Tempranillo, Albariño, Garnacha, Palomino, Airén, Macabeo, Parellada, Charelo, Cariñena and Monastrell. Some of the most internationally known wine regions are Rioja, Ribera del Duero, famous for its Tempranillo production; the Marco de Jerez, for its fortified wines; Rueda, for its white Verdejo wines; Panadés, for the production of cava; and Priory. According to European regulations, wines are classified into three categories according to their level of geographical protection and the degree of demand in their manufacturing process. In Spain, the first category is divided into several subcategories. Wines with a Protected Designation of Origin are wines whose quality and characteristics are essentially or exclusively due to their geographical origin, with their inherent human and cultural factors. Wines from Pagos (VP): they originate from a region, meaning the rural area or site with its own characteristics , Wines with a Qualified Designation of Origin (DOCa): this category is reserved for wines with Designation of Origin that have reached high levels of quality over a long period of time , Wines with Denomination of Origin (DO): they are prestigious wines that come from a delimited production area and with a production regulated by a Regulatory Council , Quality Wines with Geographical Indication (VC): it is the one produced and made in a specific region, region, town or place with grapes from them, European legislation classifies them as “Wines with Protected Geographical Indication” (IGP) and Spanish legislation as “Table wines with the right to the traditional mention Vino de la Tierra”. They are wines from and produced in a defined geographical area, taking into account certain environmental and cultivation conditions that may give the wines specific characteristics , Table Wines are those wines not included in any protected geographical area, Vinos de la Tierra or Wines of the Land (VdlT) and Wines with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) can make the following indications depending on their aging period Noble 18 months, Añejo 24 months, and Viejo or Old 36 months, In addition to the above indications, only still wines with Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) may also be classified as:Crianza 24 months ,Reserva 36 months , and Gran Reserva 60 months , Quality Sparkling Wines (including cavas) can use the following indications:Premium and Reserva at the discretion of the producer (for cava, minimum 15 months) ,and Gran Reserva, minimum aging period of 30 months from tirage to disgorging,

The OEMV gave the news this week, Spanish wine exports closed last year 2022 with a growth of +3.1% to reach 2,980.2 million euros in wine exports. This is the highest annual turnover in history ! In addition, this figure is reached with a drop of -9.2% in volume, up to 2,089.5 million liters, a figure that is considered positive in the objective of revaluing wine, that is, reduce the quantity sold and increase the quantity billed. The United States remains the number one customer for Spanish wine. The American giant allocated 405 million euros last year to purchase Spanish wine, 12.9% more than in 2021. Next, closely, is followed by Germany, which spends 386 million euros on Spanish wine, a slight increase of 1.7%. The third country would be the United Kingdom, with 315 million euros, despite having reduced its spending by -15.2%. Next would be France with 308€ million (+15.2%), the Netherlands with 154€ million (+3.9%), Switzerland with 148€ million (+10%) and Portugal with 130€ million (+10, 9%), Close the Top10 Canada with 128M€ (-1.2%), Belgium with 119M€ (+4.1%) and Japan with 115M€ (+12.9%).

A wonderful historical movie I saw as a boy and many times thereafter and link in a way to wine and Spanish traditions, Fitting to have in a wine post on Spain, Marcelino, pan y vino or Marcelino bread and wine ; is a classic and iconic film in the history of Spanish cinema. Based on the novel of the same name by José María Sánchez Silva, it was a great critical and box office success in 1954, the year of its premiere. Among other awards, he won the Silver Bear at the 1955 Berlinale and the child actor Pablito Calvo got a special mention at the Cannes Film Festival. It is also a recognized film in countries like Japan, Italy, Brazil or the United States, where it was dubbed into English. Marcelino, pan y vino has a cast led by the actor Pablito Calvo, who began the path of child prodigies with supporting cast of Fernando Rey , and Antonio Ferrandis ; completed by Rafael Rivelles, Juan Calvo, José Nieto, Antonio Vico, Joaquín Roa, Isabel de Pomés and Mariano Azaña, Food is one of the fundamental themes of Marcelino, bread and wine, since they articulate the relationship between the child and Jesus Christ. Throughout the film, Marcelino visits Christ in the attic and brings him the food that is within his reach, in this case bread and wine. These foods, fundamental in the Catholic liturgy, serve in this film as a symbol of communion, in the broader sense of the word. The relationship between the child and Christ is conveyed through this communion, this sharing of food that is the body (bread) and blood (wine) of Christ. The meaning of the wine is therefore crucial. It is an element that approaches spirituality, communication and the depth of the mystical relationship that develops throughout the plot. Marcelino, pan y vino is the story of an abandoned baby who is taken in by a community of friars. The friars will raise him in the convent as one more member. But Marcelino longs for his mother, whom he never got to know. Marcelino, pan y vino has a subtle explanation in the film. Marcelino’s miracle is that he has finally been reunited with his mother, who is in heaven thanks to the fact that Jesus Christ intercedes for him before God. Mother and son are reunited thanks to divine mercy. There is a play called La verdadera historia de Marcelino, pan y vino or The true story of Marcelino, bread and wine, which is an adaptation of the original story. Undoubtedly, the tenderness of this film has made it a universal classic and there are remakes, television series and even an animated series produced in Spain. Marcelino, pan y vino is a classic of Spanish cinema that has transcended our borders for dealing with universal themes such as maternal love, belonging to a community or the innocence of the child’s gaze. A wonderful all time film , see it online in several mediums,like Amazon webpage :

The British magazine Decanter (yes) points out in the report entitled “Expert’s choice: The Canary Islands” that the wines from the southernmost wine region in Europe ! Yes my dear Tenerife ! Some tasted are : Envínate, Taganan Blanco, Tenerife, 2021, Suertes del Marqués, Vidonia, Tenerife, 2019 , Suertes del Marqués, Trenzado , Tenerife, 2020, Bodegas Tajinaste, Listán Blanco, Tenerife, 2020 , Envínate, Táganan Parcela Margalagua, Tenerife, 2020 , Envínate, Benje Tinto, Tenerife, 2021 , Suertes del Marqués, Cruz Santa, Tenerife, 2019 , Suertes del Marqués, Bodegas Tajinaste, Listân Negro Tradicional , Tenerife, 2020, Enjoy them , worth the try me think,,,, Decanter webpage :

The Bodegas Familiares Matarromera is a finalist in the VI Edition of the National SME of the Year Award granted by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Banco Santander. The company was the winner of the Valladolid SME of the Year Award, in which the jury valued its multiple R+D+i projects, as well as its firm commitment to sustainability since its inception, and will compete for the National Award, The Matarromera Family Wineries its presence in 7 Denominations of Origin through its 11 wineries: Ribera del Duero (Bodega Matarromera, Bodega Emina Ribera and Bodega Renacimiento), Rioja (Bodega CM de Matarromera), Rueda (Bodega Emina Rueda), Cigales (Bodega Valdelosfrailes), Toro (Cyan Winery), Ribeiro (Casar de Vide and Sanclodio) and Rías Baixas (Viña Caeira Winery), with which it bears the name of Spain throughout the more than 75 countries where its products can be found. Webpage :

Although the entire planted area barely exceeds 9,000 hectares of vineyards, the D.O.P. Almansa (Castilla La Mancha region) is the producing area with the most Garnacha Tintorera in Spain (5,000 hectares). Another notable aspect of this variety is the fact that it is the result of a cross between varieties ,Petit Bouschet and Garnacha Tinta, carried out in France in 1855 by Henri Bouschet. The entire vineyard is located between 700 and 1,100 meters. This means that maturation is slow and all the aromatic and coloring components are fully synthesized, maintaining good levels of acidity. However, although Almansa is Garnacha Tintorera, it is also Monastrell. The second most planted variety in this Denomination (1,100 hectares).webpage :

The Finca Monastasia was born, a project that, among other things, honors the queen grape of the D.O.P. Jumilla: the Monastrell. a small town in Albacete, lives with the same calm, but with a breath of hope for the future of the town, and its own viticultural and rural development. And it is that, a few weeks before the end of the year, the first wines of the 2021 vintage from the new and brand new ambassador of that wine-growing territory protected by the D.O.P. Jumilla: Finca Monastasia, In the foothills of the Sierra del Madroño is the old building of the winery, in the process of being enlarged to give it both greater space and adequate technical requirements for the quality of the grapes they handle. In addition, it will have an attractive wine tourism space. Although they make a monovarietal Syrah and incorporate up to 25% between Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Merlot to one of their most special wines, Monastrell accounts for 75% of the total between the vineyard they own and the one they control. Thus, the most accessible range is made up of Syrah Nobel, with its incontestable fruity friendliness; the Rosé Nobel, a rosé creation of the freshest Monastrell but at the same time enveloping and without losing that attractive juiciness in the drink; and the Monastrell Nobel, a true example of varietal purity in which the wine is the canvas and its nuances the Jumillano landscape. A huge pleasure for the senses. Cerro Blanco is a local wine made up of 75% Monastrell accompanied by Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah from the vineyard that surrounds the winery, in the locality called Cañada del Cerro Blanco, the jewel in the crown: Finca Monastasia Pie Franco. It comes from a single plot of calcareous soil planted on bare foot, no less than 70 years old, in the town of Fuenteálamo. Fermentation takes place in concrete tanks, while both malolactic and aging, which last around 12 months, make it in 500 liter French oak barrels. There is concentration of black fruit, but the balsamic profile and the depth with which it is expressed excites. It is mineral, floral, fleshy and tasty, voluminous and above all fine. There are only 4,500 bottles of the 2021 vintage. Finca Monastasia ,Paraje del Cerro Blanco, s/n 02652 Ontur (Albacete) Webpage :

The beginnings of Bodegas Campos Reales date back to 1950, when dozens of small farmers founded the winery in El Provencio, province of Cuenca, Castilla La Mancha region, The winery is located in the center of 3,500 hectares of their own vineyards, and although they grow 24 different varieties, their specialty, albeit just like in the days of their grandparents, is the Tempranillo. They are a social economy cooperative that was born in 1950 and that, from the rural environment, is a guarantee to generate income and wealth in the town for more than 400 families. Bodegas Campos Reales is located at the highest altitude of the Manchegan plain, providing ideal conditions : very cold winters and very hot summers. A climate that allows leveling the acidity and sugar to achieve a final product of excellent quality. Some of their better known bottles are : Canforrales Classic Tempranillo. Vino Joven or young wine, 100% Tempranillo : Canforrales Crianza, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon wine, aged for twelve months ; Canforrales Reserva, 100% Tempranillo red ; Gladium Viñas Viejas, 100% Tempranillo from old vines. A crianza made with grapes from the best vineyards over 50 years old owned by the Canforrales Cánfora winery, Special Reserve Red, 100% Tempranillo from free-standing vines over 60 years old, and Campos Reales Edición Especial, 100% Tempranillo with an aging for 8 months in barrels with an expressive character and quality. With this wine, the winery has joined La Mancha Excellent, a new concept of superior quality wines within the La Mancha Denomination of Origin, Webpage :

An exclusive wine cellar, with the highest ratio of wine references per square meter; located in the heart of the city and with a vending machine that collects the bottles of its cava at a unique height. This is what is new in Madrid, the Wine Bar of Galerías Canalejas, which incorporates the latest technology and innovation into the sale and consumption of wines. It is called The Wine Shop and it has just joined the twenty gastronomic spaces that are in the ‘Mad Gourmets‘ of the luxury shopping center of the city. It works both as a tasting place, with the attraction of having 200 references by the glass -with prices starting at 5.50 euros-, as well as a point of sale for bottles -it has wines for 20 euros and even authentic “treasures” that reach 8,000 euros ! Webpage :

Italy and Spain reject warnings on wine labels that would indicate that its consumption could cause harmful effects on health. And it is that the decision of Ireland, discussed last year, to adopt health warnings on the labels of alcoholic beverages continues to spark a debate throughout the European Union with the ministers of Spain and Italy giving their opinion on the measure, which could be adopted throughout the continent. The proposed Irish labeling is set to display three key messages, covering alcohol’s link to liver disease, alcohol’s link to cancer and a symbol depicting the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Non sense you should be adult enough to know , no need for more government control, Hurrah for Spain and Italy !! EUPwebpage :

There you go folks, another wonderful post on my dear Spanish wines, Hoping for a long lasting memories of my dear Spain and its wine news, An area already shining for several years, and getting better me think, Hope you enjoy the new series of wines news from Spain VIII as I

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

February 25, 2023

Wines news of France XLIIII !!

Well, we are fully in Winter, we are now 10C or about 50F clear skies in my neck of the woods. Anyway, always good to bring the best of Wines news of France. By the way for the non Romans XLIIII is no 44, First ,thanks to all my readers and/or followers since November 26 2010 of my blog! Oh yeah, the wines of France are just super simply awesome and a great tradition. Often imitated, some time equaled ,but never surpass! Let me give you some news shall we. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Humanity and wine is nothing but a great love story, represented since the earliest beginnings of arts and literature. a quick dive into our biblical archives reveals that it was not originally a fig leaf but a fig tree that Adam and Eve picked to cover their private parts. It was not until much later that it was traded for that of the vine, adopted as a leafy cache-sex for the best effect. At the theatre, and more particularly in The Marriage of Figaro by a certain Beaumarchais, we will remember a tasty line from old Antonio: « Drink without thirst and make love at all times, Madame, that’s the only thing that makes us distinguished from other beasts ». When the big night comes, wine plays a central role, starting with that of taming fear, taming a new presence, making conversation more fluid, observing the way the other goes through the wine list, ask questions, order, recommend… A harmless ritual, which also involves a share of risk, starting with that of making a fool of yourself in front of a connoisseur by claiming to adore Burgundian Saint-Amour (failed, it’s Beaujolais Lol !). From a purely physiological point of view, various studies have shown that alcohol acts on brain receptors whose function is to trigger the production of hormones related to pleasure, including dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. Some also lend red wine the ability to increase blood flow to erogenous zones, thus arousing desire within the couple. However, with quite a downside, since the slightest abuse will produce diametrically opposed effects. Thus, wine can indeed promote romantic understanding, a first glass shared can be just as founding as a first kiss. Indeed !!

Question of politeness (or etiquette), what is the behavior to adopt when a guest rings the doorbell with a bottle of wine? Indeed, the choice of bottle and the attitude to adopt say a lot about the relationship you have with your guest, but also about your ability to navigate troubled waters. Being recognized by your friends as a connoisseur can result in, at best, to impress them, and in the worst, to disempower them. They will therefore have an annoying tendency to want to appease you with a prestigious label, or on the contrary to play the “damn for damn” card, knowing very well in their heart of hearts that you will undoubtedly have plenty to water them all along throughout the evening, and that their bottle will undoubtedly end up in oblivion, If it’s an obviously tannic red wine recognizable by its dark color, its provenance and the number of degrees displayed on the meter look in awe, pronounce the vintage aloud with enthusiasm, then frown claiming that it would be a shame to open such a bottle so young, and that this vintage deserves at least a few more years of aging , Another alternative, bet on the relevance of the food-wine pairing, claiming that it would be a shame to start with such a powerful cuvée, at the risk of saturating the palate prematurely. In the case of a champagne or a white wine, however, the aforementioned argument may seem suspect, and another solution will have to be found: The temperature, too hot or too cold, it doesn’t matter. Place the bottle against your cheek, jump discreetly, and offer to put it aside while you cool it down or let it warm up. Be sure to choose a place where it will not be remembered by your guests during the evening, take out a few bottles in advance, and “forget it” until further notice. As a last resort, you will always have the very generous option of opening a sufficient number of bottles from your own cellar in advance, in order to be able to reasonably justify not opening that of your guest, for obvious reasons of moderation. Thus, to the question “Do you have to open the bottle of a guest?”, the answer is now no, since you hold in your hands some precious advice to avoid having to drink a bad wine out of pure politeness.Better tried it alone later indeed.

The 2023 Spring Wine Fair in Carrefour Hypermarkets: from March 28 to April 10, 2023 E. Leclerc: from March 21 to April 1, 2023. Monoprix: from March 15 to 26, 2023. La Cave aux Galeries Lafayette: from March 17 to April 7, 2023. Nicolas: from March 1 to 26, 2023. The chain of wine merchants V and B: from April 19 to May 1, 2023, Be ready I will be early March in Vannes stay tune for the best in wines ! The wine fairs are all over France enjoy them and get plenty of good deals.

On March 23,2023 the Bonhams-Cornette de Saint-Cyr house will auction a set of more than 150 bottles from the prestigious La Romanée-Conti estate, including whole cases of vintages between 1989 and 2010. A perfection, indeed, for silk wines considered by many to be the best in the world. A myth, linked to the Old Regime (monarchy) around the figure of the Prince of Bourbon, also Prince of Conti, which has persisted for years. Each vintage of Pinot Noir enshrines this nectar in legend. It will be recalled that Louis XIV was already drinking it at Versailles, on the advice of his doctor, Fagon, to treat his stomach ailments. A few km from the village of Vosne-Romanée, with its 1.81 ha of vines, only 6,000 bottles (on average) come out of the estate each year. A size and a rarity therefore, which create covetousness and justify the price, since Romanée-Conti is the only wine that cannot be purchased at the property, whether individually or in cases of six or twelve bottles. Unless you are accredited or can benefit from the coveted allowances, a means nevertheless serves as a parade: the auction. Among them, two batches of 12 bottles in 2009 and 2005 from La Tâche, Richebourg, Romanée Saint-Vivant, Grands-Échézeaux and Échézeaux ,all grands crus adjoining or neighboring the queen as well as a Montrachet, the only grand cru in white of the estate, expected between 60,000 and 80,000 euros. Also noteworthy, and in addition to the bottles from the La Romanée-Conti estate, is a wide range of vintages signed Crystal by Louis Roederer, “Vins fin” March 23, 2023 La maison Bonhams-Cornette de Saint-Cyr 6, avenue Hoche 8éme,Paris Webpage :

I would love to, but not in Paris to take part in the next Figaro Vin lunch on Wednesday March 15, 2023 and taste the wines of the famous Burgundy house Louis Jadot (see post) in the Goncourt salon of the Drouant restaurant. If the story begins in 1826 with the acquisition in Beaune of the mythical Clos des Ursules. Maison Louis Jadot now has 200 ha of vines, including more than 100 ha in Côte-d’Or, with a large number of wines, and remarkable grand cru, premier cru and village appellation vineyards. This lunch will be a overview of their best plots on the Côte de Beaune. Thomas Seiter, president of Maison Louis Jadot, successor to Pierre-Henry Gagey, since January 2023, will share his vision and his passion for the profession during this oenological lunch, alongside Frédéric Durand-Bazin, deputy editorial director of Private individual and wine journalist at Le Figaro, as well as Stéphane Durand-Souffland, gastronomic columnist at Le Figaro, The lunch-tasting will take place in one of the private rooms of the prestigious restaurant Drouant, an address frequented by the editorial staff of Le Figaro, and which knows how to perfectly combine gastronomy , refinement and culture. The historic Salon Goncourt, which since 1914 has hosted the academicians of the eponymous literary prize, opens its doors to us for this exclusive oenological lunch (13 places). Date: at 12h15 on Wednesday March 15, 2023, Location: Drouant, 16-18, place Gaillon, 2éme, Price: 210€ (195€ for Figaro subscribers as I), Webpage :

The 6th edition of Champagne Tasting organized by Terre de Vins on Saturday May 13, 2023 at the Palais Brongniart (see post), ​Champagne Tasting, is the unmissable event for champagne enthusiasts. More than sixty houses and winegrowers of excellence will be present. The opportunity for visitors to update Champagne know-how and its legendary terroirs Champagne Tasting is taking place this year and for the first time in the prestigious Palais Brongniart, place de la Bourse in the 2éme arrondissement of Paris. A key monument, essential, sumptuous and steeped in history, the Palais Brongniart was erected at the request of Napoleon 1st and takes the name of the architect who drew up the plans: Alexandre Théodore Brongniart. A marvelous spot and great event again Paris is not in the cards for now, but if you are there enjoy it sure bet, Webpage :

The 2023 Oscars: Brad Pitt , Champagne honored, Fleur de Miraval signed Brad PittThis is the second year in a row that Fleur de Miraval, a young brand of rosé champagne launched in 2020, will be served at the Oscars ceremony on Monday, March 12 at the Dolby Theatre, Hollywood. Resulting from a collaboration between actor Brad Pitt, owner of Château Miraval rosés, the Provençal family Perrin and Péters champagnes, it is also the only champagne house to only offer rosé champagne. Bordeaux will be favored by the stars. Promoted to Official Partners of the Oscars, Clarendelle and the Clarence Dillon Estate (combining Château Haut-Brion, La Mission Haut-Brion and Quintus) will water the cups at the Awards Ceremony, Governors Ball and After-Party. official Oscar party. The history of this group dates back to 1935, when the American financier Clarence Dillon bought the first grand cru classé in 1855, Château Haut-Brion. The wines of Clarendelle, a brand created by his great-grandson, Prince Robert of Luxembourg, will be served, as well as the cuvée Le Dragon de Quintus and the white wine La Clarté de Haut-Brion. Clarendelle and Haut-Brion are not their first collaboration with the world of cinema, since they have already burst the screen in Emily in Paris, Matrix Reloaded or the series The Crown. Webpage :

A safe bet of the northern Rhône, Saint-Joseph arrogates the preferences of connoisseurs concerned with good wines at the best price ,On the right bank of the Rhône, caught in the meanders of the river, the appellation slips its rows of vines and scatters between varied soils, climates and territories The extent of the appellation , 60 km from north to south, between Côte-Rôtie and Cornas, and the temperaments of the winegrowers who compose it forge all these differences. An AOP since 1956, around 1,400 hectares, Production: reds (86%), whites (14%), One of the best values always is the Cave de Tain, with this time the Esprit de Granit, Rouge 2019, A key player in the northern Rhône, this dynamic cooperative has proven its effectiveness. On this cuvée, it plays it safe, ensuring a plush juice, with assumed aging, not devoid of freshness and tension. It is perfectly executed, generous, served by a rich vintage ensuring the desired scope. Also, the mighty Maison Ogier, with the Les Marches de Granit, Rouge 2021, Based in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, this important player in the Rhône Valley is also trying to explore the northern terroirs and set foot in Saint-Joseph. Straightforward, this red recites a fresh juice, delicate, fine, punctuated with small, slightly catchy structuring tannins and a finish of fine bitterness. Webpage appellation :

The emerging Le Clos de Caille, the new domain of Provence, Admittedly, the name dates back a few centuries, but it is indeed a recent creation. The site, embedded in the heart of a forest of oaks and pines, stretches lengthwise over several plots and a few buildings. It is reached by a dirt road that winds through the heart of green Provence, about 30 km from the coast and Saint-Tropez. The Mariotti family have been planting vines, Syrah, Grenache, Rolle there for thirty years… a 7-hectare property, between Saint-Antonin-du-Var and Entrecasteaux, in the Var , Already two vintages, designed by oenologist-cellar master Hélène Sinaeve come from the vat nearing completion. The red is not yet in focus. Whites and rosés are serious. Le Clos de Caille blanc 2022, a 100% Rolle, with its citrus nose, its notes of white flowers, has the sweetness of a spring breeze. Light, elegant, this is the advanced sketch of a great white from Provence. For its part, the Clos de Caille rosé 2021, a wine dominated by notes of white fruits, from Grenache vines (50%) , cinsault (30%), cabernet sauvignon (10%) and syrah, has a very smooth texture. The woody touch reinforces its character. Note also the assertive personality of Clos de Caille Clarisse voted best rosé 2021 in the world by the British magazine Decanter. To stand out in a highly competitive rosé market, the Mariotti launched The One, a one-litre bottle. As a label, a celadon blue typography ! Indeed sublime ! Webpage :

The Cassis: pretty whites in an idyllic setting, twelve estates share the 210 hectares of this delightful vineyard where no less than 75% of the surface area is certified organic. White remains the spearhead of the appellation.Clos Sainte Magdeleine 2021, In an exuberant phase, not a great concentration of material, an uprightness and a certain depth emerge. It needs to settle down. Wait a year in the bottle before opening it, very nice,Webpage :

We fell in love with this white wine from the Sud-Ouest or South-West full of freshness, with aromas of mango: the Hegoxuri 2021 cuvée from Domaine Arretxea in AOC Irouléguy. The Hegoxuri 2021 brings together several plots of the estate vinified and aged in casks and demi-muids: the cooler vintage imposes itself on the exotic fruit; here, mango dominates, with this salinity that runs along the range The Hegoxuri cuvée is a blend of two terroirs, Schist and Sandstone. Three grape varieties, Gros Manseng 55%, Petit Manseng 25% and Petit Courbu 20%. It is a cool vintage with a lack of sunshine, a wine more about freshness than richness. On the nose, citrus fruits and white flowers. A fresh, mineral, tangy palate with lingering tension. Delicious indeed ! See in your area for now webpage :

And finally, as usual , a bit on the culinary greatness of my belle France pair with the best wines in the world, generally speaking, In France, the beef bourguignon is a classic for family dinners. This is a beef stew recipe from Burgundy (genuine but can be replace by other regions). Beef, mushrooms and bacon are cooked with red Burgundy wine (this is a must). If cooked successfully, the beef offers a tender and mellow texture in the mouth. serve a red wine with heady notes and rich in alcohol, from a rather young vintage. If you want to do without this color, opt for a dry rosé wine produced in Marsannay (Burgundy), which offers aromas of vine peach. Other regions I have tried over the years and just as good are in Bordeaux, choose red wines with round tannins, produced in particular in Saint-Émilion and Haut-Médoc. In the Sud-Ouest or South-West, pick Gaillac and Cahors, two appellations that deliver powerful red wines rich in tannins. In the Loire Valley, still look for structured wines, with body, especially in Saumur-Champigny., Traditional recipe calls for about 5 hours of cooking but easy to do and not expensive, 4 onions, 4 carrots, 100 grams butter, salt and pepper to taste, 600 grams of beef , a good bottle of red burgundy wine, and garnish bouquet, First , cut the meat into 3 cm cubes, remove large pieces of fat, Cut the onion into pieces. Brown it in a pan with butter. Once transparent, pour it into a cast iron casserole dish. Do the same with the meat but several times, until all the pieces are cooked. Gradually add them to the pot. Don’t be afraid to add butter between each batch. When all the meat is in the pot, deglaze the pan with water or wine and boil, scraping up the juice. Salt, pepper, add to the rest. Cover everything with some of the wine and simmer for a few hours with the bouquet garni and the sliced carrots. The next day, simmer for at least 2 hours in batches, adding wine or water if necessary. The secret is to brown the meat well over high heat so that it is very golden or even almost black. The more the dish will have simmered very gently with resting phases, the better it will be (3 days is even better),

There you go folks, another wine episode of my belle France! The wines news from France that is, superbe, sublime, wonderful, gorgeous, enjoy without moderation but accompanying a meal, family table just perfect. Stay warm and see you in the vineyards of France

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 25, 2023

Some news from France , CCCLXXXII

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we are imoving right along in Winter and the sun is out ! We can have 6 more weeks of winter due to the marmotte so they say, However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12+ years , And for those non Roman CCCLXXXII is 382 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We will be tidy and drinking a nice glass of wine ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Thierry Hermès in Pont-Audemer, a little-known story that the city wants to resurrect, The founder of the eponymous brand spent a few years in the city, renowned for its leather work in the 19X, Over the two or three years spent by Thierry Hermès from 1921 in Pont-Audemer, the town still knows little. Born in 1801 in Germany where he trained in the leather trades, the future founder of the French luxury brand lived in the Normandy town to train there as an apprentice in the trade of saddler harness, that is that is to say to the manufacture of articles of saddlery. He will also then open a saddlery business in Paris, hence the famous horse-drawn carriage on the Hermès logo. At Pont-Audemer. the circuit dedicated to Thierry Hermès actually concerns above all the town and its leather work, the great specialty of Pont-Audemer since the Middle Ages. The town had its tanneries quarters, as evidenced by the few skin dryers still visible, with up to 80 tanneries in the 19C. Another story of little town fame in big town,,,, City webpage:

Opened in 2018, the AMI of Malesherbes, (printing museum) a town in the north of Loiret (45), which has, among other things, a collection of 1,000 printing machines, including 200 on display, obtained the Museum of France label on December 26, 2022. Today the museum includes 3000m² of permanent exhibition hall, a 500m² room for temporary exhibitions, a 500m² auditorium, with its collection of 80,000 art books and catalogs, and 2,000m² of reserve. Of the 1,000 printing machines the museum has, 200 are on display, from different eras. Visitors can also learn about the printing process using the old machines and tools, through hands-on workshops offered by the museum. Webpage :

On métro line 13, this coming Sunday 26 February 2023 going towards or from Asnières (Hauts-de-Seine 92), you will have to change trains and platforms at La Fourche station, in Paris (17éme) if you wish to continue your journey , Between 14h and 21h, all trains on line 13, without exception, will be in the direction of Saint-Denis University from Châtillon-Montrouge and vice versa, instead of every other train. With an average frequency of 2-3 minutes. If you want to continue your journey towards the Asnières-Gennevilliers branch, you will have to get off at La Fourche and change metro. The objective is to test on very limited slots a specific operating configuration by temporarily separating the Asnières Gennevilliers – Les Courtilles branch from the rest of the line. Users of the Asnières branch can always fall back on the automatic metro line 14, connecting to the Porte-de-Clichy station. Paris en marche lol !!

The Place Pigalle is getting a makeover for the 2024 Olympic Games. The goal? Make the fountain out of service attractive again, green the square and promote pedestrian access. If, fortunately, our favorite fountain will not disappear, it is a farewell to Place Pigalle as we have always known it. Another of my eternal Paris that will be gone thanks to local bad government, It will ideally be ready in March 2024. Webpage:

JM Video. In this video club in the 11éme arrondissement, one of the last in Île-de-France you can still come to share, compare points of view, feelings. Only here can you experience that. There were 8,000 of them in France at the beginning of the 2000s, before almost completely disappearing from the landscape. In the era of streaming platforms, a handful of video clubs survive thanks to a loyal and passionate clientele. For moviegoers, it was like a ritual. Slip the DVD into the player or a VHS tape into the VCR for the older ones sit down on your couch and watch a good movie in front of the TV screen, commercial-free. The Internet was still in its infancy and video-on-demand services had not been born. I still remember those good old days ! They are warriors !!!Webpage :

The Galeries Lafayette, Jeu-de-Paume: with the crisis of the Ohayon empire, Beauvais fears “a catastrophe”, While the group of businessman Michel Ohayon trembles, concern reigns, in Beauvais, about its local properties. The placement in safeguard procedure of the company belonging to Michel Ohayon makes employees fear the worst, This is in bankruptcy protection but only the propertiers under this man not the famous ones in Paris, In Versailles, the future of the Trianon Palace hangs on that of the businessman Michel Ohayon, The company that owns the establishment is in receivership, As for the famous 5 stars of Versailles, it could experience turbulent weeks. The splendid 200-room building has belonged since 2014 to the “Financière immobilière bordelaise”, 2 Cours de l’Intendance, Bordeaux, the businessman’s holding company, which was also placed in receivership on February 15, 2023, The group also holds the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux, and the Sheraton de Roissy-CDG, The hotels continues as usual pending further events, to be continue,.Beware of crowd funding ,,,,

On April 2, 2023 nearly 50,000 runners will cross the streets of Paris over a distance of 42.195 km. Like every year, the route of the Paris marathon changes. A colorful and magnificent start on the most beautiful avenue in the world and a finish just a stone’s throw away, on Avenue Foch, (lol my street to enter Paris most of the time and the Arc!) the descent of the Champs-Elysées and a passage on the Concorde, direction the Opéra Garnier. A little further on, another opera awaits the peloton: the Opéra de la Bastille after a detour via rue de Rivoli, the Hôtel de ville and the Louvre museum. After the first 10 km of effort, the riders see the trees of the Bois de Vincennes which accompanied them for a while. when we see the Opéra Bastille and the square for the second time. Already 25 km in the legs but the hardest part is yet to come. First there is the Voie Georges-Pompidou route. Said ,hello from afar at Notre-Dame, at the Musée d’Orsay when the monument awaited and dreaded at the same time stands: the Eiffel Tower. It marks the passage of the 30th km, you have to cross it to reach the Bois de Boulogne, Roland-Garros and the Auteuil racecourse. Up to it everything is classic. It is from now that it changes the 2023 marathon leaves the Bois de Boulogne from the 38 km. It returns to the 16éme arrondissement faster than usual via La Muette and Trocadéro (gorgeous). On the banks of the Seine, they only have a few hundred meters to go to find them a little later, at the level of the 40th km, In front of the Trocadero, the hardest part is done. it is then a question of going up towards the place Victor-Hugo, the Porte Dauphine then the avenue Foch to get your medal of “finisher”, savor, have a massage and enjoy. With pride. Great on TV lol !! Webpage :

The furniture from the Château de Grignon sold off at auction: the Court of Auditors opens an investigation, As part of a contentious investigation formalized this past Wednesday morning,February 22 2023, this administrative court will shed light on the conditions under which the furniture of this Yvelines (78) castle was sold. The news was welcomed by the Sites et monuments association, which had revealed this “scandal”. In June 2022, during a sale organized on the site, the furniture of Grignon, French agronomy since Charles X (1826), has been literally sold off. This “monumental blunder” was revealed by Julien Lacaze, president of the Sites and Monuments association. He evoked pell-mell, this wooden console from 1780 priced at 40 euros, sold online at 2,250 euros and resold four months later at Drouot… for 13,000 euros. A set of twenty Louis XVI seats separated into four lots, put up for sale for 170 euros, sold for 6,240 euros when it was worth between 300,000 and 500,000 assoc webpage :

The Joan Mitchell Foundation forces LVMH to stop an advertising campaign, Louis Vuitton illegally uses three works by the American painter. The rights holders have put the luxury brand on notice, castigating its “contempt” for the rights of artists. The foundation webpage:

Yes ,rightfully so, all property is private and you need written permission to take it including pictures in my blog! See my blog pages on DMCA or webpage :

To wait until the reopening of the monument scheduled for December 2024, come and relive the construction of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, thanks to virtual reality, just under its forecourt. A 45-minute audio and visual stroll through the 800 years of history of this unique place, which will even allow you to discover places normally inaccessible! An experience not to be missed this winter. Eternelle Notre-Dame, 1, Parvis de Notre-Dame – Place Jean-Paul II 4éme, Until May 28, 2023 Webpage :

Get ready to travel through the years and eras at the City of History. Located under the Arche de La Défense, this new place dedicated to history has just opened its doors. On the program: a life-size immersive journey that sends back 1500 years, a giant chronological frieze to (re)discover the greatest moments in history and finally a sound and light show on Victor Hugo, in the heart of an ellipse in 360°. The Cité de l’Histoire, Under the Grande Arche de La Défense, 1, parvis de la Défense , Puteaux, Open Tuesday to Sunday Webpage :

Picasso and Prehistory at the Musée de l’Homme, As part of its Arts and Prehistory season, which traces the evolution of artistic and human creation since prehistory, the Musée de l’Homme has created Picasso and Prehistory. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Picasso’s death, the exhibition focuses on the relationship between the works of the Spanish artist and prehistoric art , Picasso and Prehistory Musée de l’Homme 17, place du Trocadéro 16éme to June 12, 2023 Webpage :

The 5 most beautiful castles of Auvergne, in my opinion, my father-in-law is from the region…….

Château d’Anjony (Cantal 15), the imposing beauty of 4 medieval towers, this military fortress has dominated the steep-sided valley of the Dora in Cantal since 1430. Its 35-meters keep is made up of 4 circular corner towers topped with pepper pot. It was built by Louis d’Anjony, companion of Joan of Arc, to whom King Charles VII had entrusted the mission of representing the royal authority. Located in the village of Tournemire, 25 km south of Salers, it can be visited from February to mid-November, webpage :

Château La Palice (Allier 03), architecture over the centuries Imagine a fortress, belonging for almost 600 years to the same family at the top of a small hill which dominates the Besbre valley. With feudal towers and curtain walls, Gothic chapel, Renaissance dwelling in pink bricks, outbuildings in the Bourbonnaise style. The interior contains treasures: tapestries, carved ceiling work of Italian craftsmen of the Renaissance, composed of compartments or “boxes” in the shape of diamonds with pendants enhanced with gold and colors. The park is freely accessible. Guided tours of the castle from Wednesday to Monday, from April 1 to November 1. The village of Lapalisse is easily accessible via the famous N 7 road. Webpage :

Château de Lespinasse (Haute Loire 43), the wisdom of a millennium pulley of the drawbridge, battlements, foundations of the old round tower of the 12C are still observable, as are the pipes of the Gallo-Roman villa Spinatia (the thorns) erected in 924. Most of the current building dates from the 15C, with the two circular surrounding towers joined by the main building. The ceremonial rooms can be visited, the furniture having also survived the ages, expanded over the generations by the various owners. The panorama opens onto the mountains of Cantal and Livradois.Webpage :

Château de Bourbon (Allier 03), the birth of a dynasty, On its rock which dominates the town of Bourbon-l’Archambault, the Château de Bourbon stretches its remains, including three towers and curtain walls. It is not so much the building itself that arouses interest, but the history of this stronghold. It saw the birth of the Capetian House of Bourbon which gave France mythical kings, including Henry IV and Louis XIV. This medieval stronghold symbolizes the power of a provincial lordship family which rose to the highest positions in France.Webpage :

Château d’Auzers (Cantal 15), A single family own it for 659 years ! Built between 1470 and 1510, Château d’Auzers consists of a large main building with three towers, walkways and watchtowers. Revamped in the 16C, it has passed through the centuries peacefully, remaining the property of the same family. In this living, inhabited, family residence, there remains a small marquetry table donated by Marie Antoinette, souvenirs from the Count of Chambord, an Empire bedroom gift from Napoleon, a superb oratory, paintings and a collection of toy soldiers. Open between Easter and All Saints. Webpage :

Every year for Saint Patrick’s Day, it’s the same refrain: where do we party? BAPBAP, its artisanal microbrewery, will have a meeting place on March 18 2023 in the heart of the 11éme arrondissement of Paris to party and wiggle in the middle of the vats of this atypical place of 1800 m2. The party will begin at 15h on Saturday at the foot of the vats and barrels on rue Saint-Maur, sheltered by a metal structure from the beginning of the 20C in an industrial decor. On the program, BAPBAP takes care of providing us with its delicious beers, each crazier than the other, against a backdrop of frenzied house DJ sets signed Cœur Fou, Mira Ló and Baz. Brasserie BAPBAP 79, rue Saint-Maur – 11éme, Meet on Saturday March 18, from 15h to 22h Webpage :

For this event get tickets webpage :

The Rooftop and tour Eiffel always go hand in hand when you want to impress someone. So if you’re out of ideas, we’ll give you a little help: it’s the 10éme Ciel (or Heaven) that you’ll have to go to on March 3rd 2023. The ephemeral rooftop with the most spectacular view of Paris 10ème Ciel , 22, rue Jean-Rey 15éme up to March 3, 2023 , Open daily from 18h to 01h (except Tuesdays), Webpage :

My 4 best restaurants where you can eat as much as you want in Paris, All you can eat !!!

Le P’tit Breton , Lovers of good wholemeal galettes and crêpes suzettes: Le P’tit Breton will delight you with a no limit formula. For 29.90€, you can stuff yourself with wholemeal pancakes and sugar crêpes until you’re no longer hungry, all accompanied by as many bowls of cider as you want. Le P’tit Breton 12, rue de Port-Mahon 2éme Webpage :

L’Atelier Saisonnier,Head for the two cherished addresses of the Atelier Saisonnier, which offer us their 100% homemade brunch all week long at all you can eat. Here you can put everything on fresh, seasonal products and small home-made dishes. L’Atelier Saisonnier 58, rue La Fayette 9éme and 15, rue de Charonne 11éme Webpage :

B.O.U.L.O.M. Wondering what B.O.U.L.O.M means? Boulangerie où l’on mange, or Bakery where you eat, quite simply. Born with the aim of cooking gourmet and generous dishes in a bread oven, B.O.U.L.O.M. invites us on a culinary journey in 3 stages. The entrance is through a bakery, where you can find a whole range of pastries, and breads made with a population of old organic wheat. And at the end of the corridor, the centerpiece of B.O.U.L.O.M, the restaurant, the all-you-can-eat buffet concept is revisited. B.O.U.L.O.M. 181, rue Ordener 18éme, Open daily from 8h to 23h Webpage :

Polichinelle, Christophe Michalak and Steve Burggrag join forces to open a restaurant where vegetables are king and seasonal cuisine, all offered as a buffet. This table promises us to be gourmet, local and vegetable! Large tables inside and a large terrace with a view of the Eiffel Tower. No meat, no fish, a 100% vegetarian restaurant,These two food lovers have teamed up with Jennifer Le Néchet, 2016 world cocktail champion, who will prepare cocktails based on French alcohol, fresh vegetables and herbs picked from the roof of the largest urban vegetable garden in France, Polichinelle 51/53, quai de Grenelle 15éme, Open every day Webpage :

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take care of winter but still not feld as much, and the white one, well has stay away from me , great,,, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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