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February 21, 2023

Again, the Church of Saint Saturnin of Sarzeau !!

This is another example of previous posts but plenty of more pictures to show you, It brings back many memorable travel times with the family to Sarzeau. This one is an add on post on the nice Church Saint Saturnin of Sarzeau in the wonderful Rhuys peninsula, See more in my other post on it . Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Sarzeau ch st saturnin centre ville jul11

In the 10C Sarzeau became the seat of the parish of Rhuys and at the beginning of the following century a large Romanesque church began to emerge. Its name Saint-Saturnin pays homage to the first bishop of Toulouse, evangelizer of Gaul who died as a martyr in the year 250. In the 16C, the church began to decay and the faithful began to desert it, then the roof fell collapsed in 1648. In 1670, construction began on a vast neo-classical church with a square tower without a spire. In 1883, an interesting restructuring took place by adding two rows of columns which consolidated the building while offering a superb nave with two side aisles. It was at this time that the stained glass window representing Joan of Arc with her most faithful lieutenant, the Constable de Richemont, originally from the town and whose church square bears his name. Nevertheless, it took until October 30, 2018 to replace the steeple after a long restructuring of the frame.


The Church of Saint-Saturnin bell tower was originally built in 1698-1700. In 1883, it was renovated to bring out the nudity of its interiors by dividing the nave by a double row of columns and vaulting the Church on crossed warheads. There is a modern stained glass windows recalling the arrival of the monk Saint Gildas in Rhuys as well


The Church of Saint Saturnin had in 1937 the 7 official copies of the “Seven Sacraments” made by Nicolas Poussin between 1636 and 1642. One is in private hands and the others are in American and English museums. An “official copy” was validated by Nicolas Poussin in his school and retouched or signed by him…. In 1952 it was found that there were only three left. And nowadays there is only “The Eucharist” and “The Order”…The statue of Sainte Thérèse of Lisieux has been a recent addition blessed on the occasion of the 2022 Ascension Day. My oldest son is below pic..


The side altars are adorned with two beautiful stone altarpieces from the beginning of the 18C: one, signed Gravay, is dated 1707 and represents the intercession of the Virgin, the other depicts the Adoration of the Sacred Heart. The “Souls in Purgatory”, in bas-relief, work by Guillaume Gravay, dates from 1707. The painting representing the baptism of Christ by Saint John the Baptist, work by Xavier de Langlais, dates from 1936.


The city of Sarzeau on its history/heritage:

The parrish of Sarzeau on the Church Saint Saturnin :

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Sarzeau

There you go folks, another nice small gem in a nice quant pretty town of the Rhuys peninsula of my beautiful Morbihan. The Church of St Saturnin is small but worth the detour for the magic of its city center in Sarzeau. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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February 21, 2023

The Presqu’ile de Quiberon , a peninsula !!!

Let me tell you a bit more of my near local area.  Well this is by far the best area that I have seen in my area. The Quiberon is actually a peninsulapresqu’ile is almost island in French)  jetting out from mainland France into the Atlantic ocean in my beautiful department of Morbihan no 56 in my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France. I have several posts on its sights but this one will an update of an older post that was sort of an introduction to it, Sit back and hope you enjoy it as I.

You really know you are entering the peninsula after the isthmus of Plouharnel and you come into the Fort of Penthiévre , still a military post. This is at before entering the second important town in the peninsula, St Pierre de Quiberon .  You can visit the memorial to resistance fighters in the region who were shot by the nazis, now a wonderful cross stand and a great view of ocean and nearby beaches. There is, also, a museum to the wars of the west or Chouans. (see posts).

Once in the big town of Quiberon, which you entered on the main road by the train station before heading into city center and the beach areas or by the Côte Sauvage or wild coast along the cliffs and once see the castle of Turpault (see post but private) you are in town. Once in town you can move nicely with the Petit Train or litle train. Allows for a quick sightseeing and pick the best to come back in details later or walk as we do most often.

Of course, walking is best and this is gorgeous to do along the beaches. The beaches are wonderful if for a short time they remind me of the ones grew up with , the Grande Plage just next to Place Hoche , the city center of Quiberon is wonderful, just go in and out secure and with all amenities. You have a wonderful excuse to walk, along the Grande Plage or Big Beach to  Port Maria  , where the docks for the ferries are to visit the nearby islands, and the nice  Casino, the so call Promenade de la Plage ,and Boulevard Chanard are very nice, and all along city center you have the field of an old town but a beach town as well with numerous shops,restos, bars, etc to keep you busy for a while.  We do enjoy the Grande plage (see posts) or big beach, the center of it all here. It has kiddies areas, and grownups. Large beach with white sandy sands and wide enough to play games. The peninsula at its tip in Quiberon has many other beaches, such as Govino, Goulvars, and Conguel, this last one at the tip of the peninsula which has gorgeous views of the island of Belle Ilê ,here you find picnic areas, campings, white sandy sands horse backriding, and nearby airplane lessons.



I give some places to eat all around the beach at Grande Plage, wonderful places ,they are our hangouts so if in town let me know ok. You will once again have your first glass of wine or beer at the Café Hoche resto in city center by the Place Hoche. And of course, another great favorite, the Café Esplanade Hoche at Pl Hoche across from the one above. The Café Hoche, and the more on the beach , the Restaurant Le Colibri  is a great spot, people watching par excellence and the prices right and food good, can’t ask for more lol! at 1 boulevard Chanard, and even you can have your breakfast here ! right at the tip of the beach entrance. There is a resto bistro right on the sand call Fisher’s Club, we had our beers, and tapas of red peppers with goat cheese, calamar in its sauce, ham and cheese rolls, codfish fritters, with a great look at the beach, grandiose!!!  Very nice cool place , to relax by the sea, sublime, and even kids space to boot. classic on the Big beach of Quiberon.  For dessert, we went over across to the Quai des Glaces or Ice wharf  parlor to have our 3  ,4 and even 5 scoops of ice creams like marc de bourgogne, pruneaux d’armagnac, strawberries for me with churros or chichis as call here. At the place du Hoche just going down to the beach at Grande Plage. Wonderful friendly service always , great ices and good prices. We used to go to La Cabana, (sadly closed 2020) for us right at Pl Hoche, at the entrance to the Big beach. The replacement eatery is not as good. See separate posts on them, and pics not elsewhere in my blog ,me think lol!





The biggest market day is Saturday morning at the Place du Varquez; very popular with all the products fresh even the fish lol!! I am in heavens!! but also clothings, artisanal, etc.We come at the end for best prices and cheap parking. Overall the town and area is wonderful ,highly recommended, and the season really starts by July 14 to August 30 or so, weather permitting, come early in the morning to avoid the only road that reaches this heaven in paradise, you wont be disappointed once you are here. It has become my hangout spot for the next stage in my life.

As told, you are best to get to Quiberon by car from Paris A13 towards Rouen, then Caen, then there take the A84 towards Rennes, then the N24 direction Lorient or get off from the N24 to the N166 direction Vannes then N165 direction Lorient. You can do it from Paris on the A11 direction Le Mans but higher tolls. No tolls you can do it with about 2 hrs extra time on the A13 to the A12 direction Dreux to the N12 all the way to Fougéres and then the A84 to Rennes, and the N24 to Lorient and the N166 dir Vannes to N165 dir Lorient to exit 33 to Quiberon, both follow signs to Port Haliguen, The trains get you to Vannes or Auray, from Roissy CDG or Montparnasse in Paris, and one ride to Quiberon during july and August, call the Tire Bouchon from Auray train station. There is ,also, bus line 1 from Auray train station.. As always , I come here by car, is only about 40 minutes by car from my house, and find easy parking by the side of the church , parking Pl du Varquez, and near the tourist office, in front of the gare or train station, just 5 minutes walking to the tourist office and city center. Best , come early like we do just park at parking Varquez after the morning market on Saturdays !!


The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Quiberon :

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on Quiberon

My fav plages tv on the beaches of Quiberon :

The city of Quiberon on its heritage

There you go folks, this is a paradise especially in Summer months, compare to any and believe me I was born on a Caribbean beach and travel to many around the world. Hope you enjoy the post on the Quiberon peninsula as I

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 21, 2023

Port Haliguen, part II !!

Let me take you back to this wonderful area of my beautiful Morbihan, We come here often and again found some pictures not in my blog that should be, me think, What I am talking about the Port Haliguen of Quiberon. This is ,therefore, new text and older pics new to the blog ; hope you enjoy it as I.

quiberon port haliguen arriving jul17

There is a nice lighthouse done in 1856 and the marina was done from 1968; with work still ongoing to enlarge it, The lighthouses are always a pretty sight, and the bigger one from 1856 or phare de Port Haliguen can be seen for 10 miles with a height of 12 meters and no more in operation. Two smaller red phares or lighthouses are on the causeway out to see; the one on the left has 11 miles vision at 8 meters high; the one on the right has 8 miles vision of a high of 7 meters. On the north dam, there is another lighthouse,this one green with a vision of 6 miles and  9 meters high.

Quiberon port haliguen and phare jun12

quiberon port haliguen harbor lighthouse jul11

quiberon port Haliguen lighthouse to ocean jul11

A very busy stopover because it is ideally located at the entrance to the bay of Quiberon, Port-Haliguen is only 5 km from La Teignouse, 19 km from Belle-Ile, 15 km from Crouesty, and 11 km from La Trinité sur Mer. On foot, the center of Quiberon and all its shops are a ten-minute walk away. Today the two new basins reclaimed from the sea, make Port Haliguen a major stopover for yachting in Morbihan.  The work ongoing includes the following : entrance to the West basin will be enlarged to make it easier to enter the marina and boat berths will be made larger. Access to the marina and its activities will be resized and parking spaces optimized so that there will be additional parking. The shops and services closest to the old harbour will be given a real architectural identity. The approach to Port Haliguen and the square will be redeveloped to make the site more convivial. There will be a pleasant walk along the quays. The quayside areas will be extended and walkers will enjoy a dedicated open space where they can look out to sea and watch boats.

You find all kinds of boats here from cruisers to dingy zodiac types, from motor to sails, combine, and catamarans. It is really a gorgeous spot to be in. We parked behind the Port Haliguen hotel right facing the harbor on a side street for free! Plenty of this type of parking if you come early. The hotel not stayed obviously but has very good reputation, I leave you with its webpage :


The official Quiberon Port Haliguen port marina

The City of Quiberon on port Haliguen

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Port Haliguen

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my beautiful Morbihan, and the wonderful Quiberon peninsulaPort Haliguen is kind of secluded nice and great for the whole family. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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