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February 19, 2023

Curiosities of Blois !!!

This is a very nice town which I have several posts in my blog, However, as lately found me some older new pictures not in the blog yet and they should, Therefore, let me tell you about my curiosities of Blois, You know Blois is in the department 41,  Loir et Cher of the Centre-Val de Loire region of my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Visiting Blois is above all like feeling the weight of numerous figures and events which have marked the French Kingdom. Between truth and legends, these great facts are a perfect summary of the troubled times of the Italian wars and Religious conflicts. Watch Catherine de Medici as she operates the hidden mechanism of her secret cabinet. Then follow the Duke of Guise, plotting against the king and walking across the apartments to his death. In front of the body of this murdered giant, you may use the same words as the King: “He looks even taller dead than alive”. When night falls, you marvel at the extraordinary Sound and Light of the castle, telling over a thousand years of History. Covered with the king’s colors, epic battle scenes or breathtaking plots, the castle will reveal itself under fireworks of colors and lights as the most incredible History book ever written.

You come to the Royal Castle of Blois. It is a must for any visitor to this region ,one of the grand castles of the Loire valley. The Château Royal de Blois It was the favorite residence of the kings of France in the Renaissance. Located in the heart of the city of Blois, on the right bank of the Loire river, the Royal Castle of Blois gathers around the same courtyard a panorama of the French architecture of the Middle Ages in the classical period which makes it a key building for the understanding of the evolution of the architecture over the centuries.

Blois chateau side 2 nov 07

The Jardin du Roy or Royal garden of Blois. Attached to the Parc des Lices, this magnificent elevated garden offers a very beautiful panorama of the castle and its surroundings , Around the Royal castle, the Royal gardens reflect the history of the place thanks to the atmosphere of the three eras that they evoke on the different facades: Medieval, Renaissance and Classic. Originally created by Louis XII, these gardens were entirely redeveloped in 1992 into contemporary architectured and flowered gardens. Its beds of lilies, iris and daylilies but also its aromatic, condiment and medicinal plants are to be discovered in addition to its splendid panorama. The Parc des Lices, are located behind the royal castle, in fact, they were once part of the castle walls. These are pretty gardens arranged over two levels and consist of many trees, hedges and plan, The jardin des lices, made up of more than one hectare, is currently made up of grass and rows of trees. This space is located in the heart of the city and near the train station and the castlets. They also house a monument representing the goddess Diana, with her arch. Also called Jardin du Roy, or Jardin des Lices, the Jardin de Simples et de Fleurs Royales or the Garden of Herbs and Royal Flowers occupies part of the former royal gardens, just opposite the facade of the Loges, of the François 1er wing of the Royal Castle. From jardin des lices side of Castle towards St Louis Cathedral !!

Blois jardin des lices to cat st louis dec15

The Jardins de l’Évêché are a public garden attached to the City/town hall of Blois. today’s garden closely resembles the original, as evidenced by a plan dating from 1793. Unique point of view on the typical landscapes of the Loire Valley, they are popular during the lunch break and by the children who come to enjoy the playgrounds. It includes a rose garden, located on the lower terrace, a garden of the five senses (or “garden of medicinal plants”) or a kiosk, for catering and refreshments during the summer season. The gardens of the Jardins de l’Evêché were redesigned in 1991 to accommodate a rose garden, a garden of the senses and an aromatic garden. The rose garden of the terraces of the Bishopric is located on the lower terrace: it offers bright colors and multiple scents from spring. The garden of the senses is a semi-enclosed place overlooking the old town and the Loire. It is located in the park, behind the current City/town hall at the impasse Saint Jean.

blois jardin de l ancien eveche to city et hotel de ville dec15

The City of Blois on the Bishop’s garden

The Offiical Chateau de Blois:

There you go folks ,a hugely nice town that must be seen Hope you enjoy the post on the curiosities of Blois as I.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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February 19, 2023

A Table restaurant of Levallois-Perret !!

I was looking at my vault of pictures cd and external hard drive, and found me some memorable pictures did not had in my blog and they should, Afterall, my blog is my life’s history and need to have it for posterity and sons, I had a great time in my business dealings in Paris, good company ,great places, and wonderful food, This particular restaurant is now closed, but will have it for the memories of always or as we said to remember is to live again, Hope you enjoy the post as I

And I came to Levallois-Perret in the Hauts de Seine dept 92 of the Île de France region of my belle France, We came a couple times for business lunch at A Table restaurant, 43 Rue Baudin, It was good business, good friendship that over the years have proven good, still in touch, The history of the City was given to you in a previous post so will spare you my historical rant as usual,

levallois Perre A Table resto arriv feb16

The A Table restaurant was well located in one of the main business districts of the city, in place of La Villa, the A Table restaurant offered traditional French cuisine adapted to the tastes of the day. It was very close to Place Georges Pompidou,the happening place in town,

levallois perret A Table resto ardoise menu feb16

You could had chosen to take a seat in the chocolate-colored room or in the space furnished in orange and green. The walls were nicely decorated with black and white photos. Very elegant, It had a wonderful shaded terrace with 100 seats where we usually sat, There is a Picard frozen products grocery store there now, sadly,

levallois perret A Table resto entr feb16

Levallois-Perret occupies the right bank of the Seine river, the town is bordered   by Asnières-sur-Seine, Clichy, the 17éme arrondissement of Paris,   Neuilly-sur-Seine, and the Seine river, facing Courbevoie. The metro station that have taken each time there was the line 3 Pont Levallois-Bécon.

Levallois Perret rue anatole france by metro pont levallois becon jun18

The city of Levallois-Perret on its history :

The Hauts de Seine dept 92 tourist office for info

There you go folks, another dandy trip memory lane in my eternal Paris and nearby towns.Levallois-Perret you are still close to Paris but more private quiet simple metro life at its best, Hope you enjoy this brief memory lane to A Table restaurant as I

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 19, 2023

Again, nostalgic Chambry !!!

I am looking at my vault these last few days and encountering many pictures not yet on my blog, do not know why… This town is very small but always will be on my mind ,and  I am becoming sentimental again. I like to tell you a bit more on the village of Chambry in Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Ïle de France region in my belle France.

 When I first met the women that later would be my wife, her mother lived here. It was my first home in France! I used to joke (tried) with my in-laws saying ” Did you saw Jules Ceasar passed by here?” joking that there was nothing here but wheat fields ! After many years it became my second home and of course ,we visited often enough to know every street in the village. My dear late wife Martine has passed away and now her mother Yvette passed away too. I still have the 3 sisters and youngest brother living in other villages nearby,  but the trips have become less. Nevertheless, it is a sentimental big spot for me, Chambry will always be in my heart !!! Below the house, my bedroom and my dog Rex walking in balcony.



chambry Rex in veranda house dec18

Chambry is a village located 7 km north of Meaux. It has less than 1000 inhabitants. Theater of violent engagements during the Battle of the Ourcq (WWI September 1914). The Battle of the Ourcq marks the beginning of the first Battle of the Marne. It engages the 6th French army, part of the British army and the 1st German army.

Still has a nice small Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, 15C, damaged in 1940, and restored after 1944 The church, originally called Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption, was renamed Saint-Pierre-et-Saint Paul. (St Peter and St Paul). I have the pictures on a family service. However for the remembrance and history oriented folks (like me) you need to come here for the memorials and cemeteries of WWI.

chambry ch st pierre et st paul fron jul21

chambry ch st pierre et st paul nave funeral jul21

The Pays de Meaux tourist office on Chambry

There you go folks, there you can go thru the Roman  towns lol!  in a remote area of my nostalgic Chambry. After all,  Chambry according to local tradition would have been an area given by Julius Caesar to one of his legionnaires in the 1C BC.  Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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