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February 18, 2023

Big time at Étrépilly !!!

I again, cruising in my vault of pictures found some not in a full post yet and they should as it brings many nice family memories. This is a small town but with a big heart. Without further ado let me tell you a bit about the big time at Étrépilly !!! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The town of Étrépilly is located in the department 77 of Seine-et-Marne in the region of Île-de-France. The town is located 11 km from Meaux, This is a very small family village which we have visited of course, Nice memories and found me two pictures of an unique visit that I like to have in my blog.

We ,again, came to my dear late wife Martine, sister at Étrépilly. Their small city hall is or  Mairie is at 4 Place Christian de Bartillat as the town has less than 1K folks ! In the evening we came back after having lunch in the sister in law house in a village nearby, There is a Finnish sauna with a central barbecue which was awesome to do it with the family there. And we did had several cuts of meat with nice red wines, the main point the sharing of family time that because of the distances to us are less then optimum.

Etrepilly sauna finlandaise myriam house dec18

Etrepilly sauna finlandaise inside myriam house dec18

This area is full of WWI memories and very memorable indeed, During the Great War or WWI, during the Battle of Ourcq, the village was the subject of fierce fighting. On September 7, 1914, the 350th infantry regiment could not remove Étrépilly where the Germans were solidly fortified. The next day the 2nd bis regiment of zouaves perseveres and ends up taking the village with the bayonet. There is a big necropolis almost as big as the village, this is a National necropolis, bringing together the bodies of 534 French soldiers (including 133 in individual graves and 534 in ossuaries), who died during the fight for Étrépilly in 1914. During the battle of Ourcq, on September 7, 1914, the 2nd regiment of Zouaves was in front of Étrépilly. They were stopped in front of the cemetery where the Germans had entrenched themselves. During the assault, half of the workforce succumbed with its commander, Lieutenant-Colonel Dubujadoux. A Memorial monument erected in 1915, located in front of the cemetery. On the pediment of the monument, we can read these lines by Victor Hugo: “Glory to our eternal France, glory to those who died for her”. RIP You can see the St John the Baptist Church or Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

The small town of Étrépilly :

There you go folks , a bit more of me and my family in my belle France. For the memories, for eternity ,for the blog, and to share with the world. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I. And, again, thank you for reading me since November 2010 !!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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February 18, 2023

The Pizzeria Villa Roma of Meaux !!!

Now, Meaux is very sentimental as it is the native town of my dear late wife Martine and know the city as my own. Many memories but a must to stop when in the area. In one of our visits to France from Florida way back, my wife took me for lunch at a pizzeria, a simple restaurant near the administrative buildings of the city. It was nice, pleasant, good value, I enjoy it, this was back in around 1991-92 ! When we moved to France in 2003, of course we visit Meaux and had lunch with our boys and parents at the same pizzeria, and the owners recognised us ! Now each time in town, we make sure we have lunch once here and even after she passed away, when I am back in town with the boys, we come to eat here too; the new family still the same since 2002, amazing! Last ate there in July 2022. I like to give them a post of its own for memories’ sake for me. Therefore, here is my brief take on the Pizzeria Villa Roma of Meaux !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.


Here had my lunches trying different pizzas and calzones each time and memory fading but know the last time I had the Oriental pizza of merquez etc and a Corona beer with expresso coffee all for 16€ . All still very friendly serve and good, with the owner talking with me as always ! Needless, to say if in the area or passing visiting Disneyland Paris only 30 minutes away by car, I have to recommend a stop here at  29 Avenue du Président Salvador Allende intersection with the Rue de la Coulommiére diagonally facing the administrative city government buildings.


I feel better to know this small spot in my heart is also in my blog. Thank you for reading me since November 26 2010. It is appreciated. Memorable picture


The official Pizzeria Villa Roma :

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Pizzeria Villa Roma:

The city of Meaux tourist office on its history:

The local Meaux Marne Ourcq tourist office on the heritage of Meaux:

There you go folks, a brief post but huge in meaning to our family. Simple family trips and good eating in a historical architecturally stunning old city of the Meldois or Meaux. Memories forever !! Always looking forward to visit again my sentimental Meaux !!!, Again , hope you enjoy the brief post on the Pizzeria Villa Roma of Meaux as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

February 18, 2023

Again, the Cathédrale Saint Etienne de Meaux !!!

Oh this is wonderful unique Gothic in France. I am thrill to tell you it is in my beloved city of Meaux and a place never missed when in town, and we have been there so many times as it is the native town of my dear late wife Martine. I have written a post before but this is new text and new older pictures on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne de Meaux!!!


Therefore, this is again another rendition to a great cathedral of France, the St Stephens’ Cathedral of Meaux, This is in Seine et Marne dept 77 of the region of  Île de France !!! My other post was long on the history and construction so will be briefer this time with some additional tidbits. These are pictures that even if older were not in my blog and they should me think, All for the memories of Meaux !! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The current Cathédrale Saint Etienne was built on the site of an old Romanesque cathedral. It is now impossible to date precisely the beginnings of the reconstruction of the cathedral, following the destruction of the archives of the bishopric in 1793-94 (during the French revolution). However, it can estimate that it began around 1175.

Meaux cat st etienne memorial wwI jun10

meaux cat st etienne garden side left dec18

In the first half of the 13C, the first chancel, the transept and part of the nave were completed. Faced with the subsidence of the ground, restoration work was dispatched from 1253, less than a hundred years after the start of construction. The choir was rebuilt in the radiant Gothic style, to be completed in 1275. At the beginning of the 16C, the facades of the transepts were erected. At this time, radiant chapels were also added. The nave was not really completed at the beginning of the 15C. The portals of the western facade were made between the second half of the 14C and the beginning of the 16C. The “black tower”, to the south, received a temporary wooden covering in 1460, which would become permanent. The north tower was completed in 1540.


The south tower, also nicknamed the Tour Noire or black tower, is intriguing. The 60-meter-high north tower is the last completed architectural element. A second tower should have been erected on the south side. Pending the work, a tower made of wood had been installed to temporarily install the bells. The appearance of a large Protestant center in Meaux and then the religious wars which hit the region hard undoubtedly formed an unfavorable context for the continuation of the site. Five centuries later, the one nicknamed the black tower is still in place and has become definitive.


The Saint Stephens Cathedral has dimensions of 85 meters on the interior. The height of the North tower: 60 meters, (against 69 for Paris). The height under the vault of the nave: 31 meters.

The city of Meaux on the Cathedral:

The Meaux Marne Ourcq tourist office on the Cathedral St Stephens:

The Diocese of Meaux on the Cathédrale Saint Etienne (St Stephens)

There you go folks, again,more of the wonderful Cathedral Saint Etienne of Meaux ; the beautiful cathedral is a marvel of France and a must visit. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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