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February 3, 2023

The Church Saint Thuriau of Berric !

The town of Berric is located in my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan, in the lovely region of Bretagne, and in my belle France. The town of Berric,is on the road from Vannes to Questembert, is bounded to the north by Sulniac, to the west by Le Gorvello (Sulniac-Theix), to the south by Lauzach and Noyal-Muzillac, to the east by Questembert. The small town is almost central, 6 km from Questembert and 20 km from Vannes. It is 56 km from my house ! This is a dandy first stop in town !! I passed by it many times swear and never stop until today on my road warrior tour of my beautiful Morbihan ! Therefore, let me tell you about the Church Saint Thuriau of Berric ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Since the Templars in the 12C, the Church of Saint Thuriau has undergone many transformations, notably in the 17C and 18C. The bell tower was rebuilt in the 20C using stones from the Chapelle St Marc de Cohignac. St Thuriau was a monk who lived in the 7C. The parish church, dedicated to St Thuriau,it has a statue of Saint Thuriau, Bishop of Dol,who died on July 13 , 640, It  was once in the shape of a Latin cross, but the south transept, restored around 1660 and extended along the nave, now forms a low side. The square stone tower, with a slate pyramidal spire, rises above the inter-transept, as in many old churches. On the sandpit of the southern transept one reads the date of 1476 in Gothic letters; the choir was retouched in 1639 and paneled in 1645. The church was renovated at the end of the 19C and then in the 1960s and 1970s.

Berric ch Saint Thuriau entr side jan23

Berric ch Saint Thuriau front belltower jan23

The calvary from the old cemetery was moved in 1933 to the current location on rue du Thilleul next to the Church of Saint Thuriau. A staircase leads to the foot of the cross which stands on a base in the form of an altar, However, the Calvary will be moved due to the road works and development of rue du Tilleul , Indeed when we were there an escavator was working on it so we got the last picture maybe.

Berric calvaire by ch Saint Thuriau jan23

Other things to see me think are the Château de Trémohar, 16C. Stronghold of the de Berrics then in the hands of the Quifistre. The last Marquise de Quifistre de Bazlavan died in 1879 and the castle passed to her brother, the Comte de Gouvello. It was then sold to the Francès family who sold it in 1984 to Mr. Blériot, grandson of Louis Blériot, (aviator) who still owns it. The castle, destroyed during the wars of the League, retains some elements of the 14C such as the guard tower,and dovecote. The outbuildings date from the 17C and the castle was rebuilt around 1750. The attic has beautiful dormer windows to the north. The Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Secours Chapel dates from the 16C, it is located at a place called Les Vertus, in Berric, Built from 1485 to 1488, it was completed in 1681, with a sacristy and a fountain, located six hundred meters to the south.

The town of Berric on its heritage

The Rochefort en Terre tourist office on Berric

There you go folks , an interesting off the beaten path road warrior tour of my beautiful Morbihan; and is not over yet!! Again, hope you enjoy the quant Berric and its Church of Saint Thuriau as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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February 3, 2023

The Church Sainte Thèrése of Muzillac !

The town of Muzillac is located in my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in the lovely Bretagne region and in my belle France. It is located 30 km from Vannes, 90 km from Nantes, and 57 km from my house,I like to re visit these quant off the beaten path places. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more of the Church Sainte Thèrése of Muzillac ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Muzillac Ch Sainte Thérése back wall jan23

The former Saint-Pol Church which sat proudly on the heights of the city and was visible from the sea. But a clap of thunder at 02h30 on the night of November 23 to 24, 1929 slowly set the church ablaze, which could not be saved. The price of a restoration was such that it was decided a few months later by the municipal council to rebuild another, more in the center of the town, on land donated by Mademoiselle Mauduit. The new Church Sainte Thérèse was consecrated on April 4, 1934 , The stained glass windows were made during the 1950s , Finally, a small steeple was placed in the 1950s on the roof, instead of the tower planned at the entrance. It suffered a series of arsons first August 18, 1983, and then other fires and damage with relative consequences, but very sad, taking place in 1987, 2000, 2001 and 2015… But it is still just as welcoming. Indeed resilience is a virtue,

Muzillac Ch Sainte Thérése altar jan23

Built after the fire of part of the former church of Bourg Pol, its first stone was laid in 1930 to built the Church of Sainte Thérése. The new church imposes by its mass, its elevation and the regularity of its plan in form of Latin cross , It is of neo-Romanesque architecture. The crisis of the 1930s consumed the budget and the bell tower was not built. It houses crosses, chalices and patens from the 17C and 19C, The dating was easy to achieve thanks to three hallmarks (date, goldsmith and region) , Two paintings (17C), representing a regular canon, came to be restored., The sculptures of the Way of the Cross and holy water fonts were inspired by the “Seiz Breur” An artistic movement created by a group of Breton artists between the two world wars,

Muzillac Ch Sainte Thérése chapel virgin et child jan23

In addition to the high altar, there are two lateral altars: the altar located in the west houses the statues of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and of St. Anthony of Padua; the other altar located opposite houses the statues of Sainte Anne, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph.

Muzillac Ch Sainte Thérése chapel Ste Therese et treasury jan23

A bit of history I like tell us that the town of Muzillac is placed under the Ducal power in the 13C and regularly receives the Chamber of Accounts of Brittany, from the 13C to the 15C. In the 16C, an edict of Charles IX units the Royal Court of the borough at the siege of Vannes Some of the important dates are these :

Late 9C: the Normans land several times. They were defeated in 890 at Questembert. 1070: we find for the first time: Musillac, Mezuillac but the parish is called Bourg Paule or Bourg Pol. 1123: Lord Rioc de Musullac is mentioned in the cartulary of Redon; its coat of arms is “Gules a leopard lionned with ermine”. 1248: Alain de Musullac accompanies Saint Louis during the Seventh Crusade. 1288-1432: the Chamber of Accounts of Brittany is installed in Muzillac. 1419: Saint Vincent Ferrier preaches in front of the church of Bourg Pol. 1678: Ursulines arrive in Muzillac to create a convent there and educate young girls. 1790: Muzillac becomes a town and chief town of the canton, Bourg Paul remains the parish. 1792: The Ursulines are driven out and their possessions are auctioned off during the French revolution, June 10, 1815: The Battle of Pen Mur: Between the eponymous rig and Pénescluz, the Bonapartists and the small Chouannerie clashed. The latter awaits a landing of arms by the British. Alerted, the Imperials, numbering 570 and commanded by General Rousseau, came out of Vannes and attacked the Chouans at Muzillac where they had placed themselves under the command of General Louis de Sol de Grisolles. The confrontation turns to the advantage of the Chouans in this battle where they are led on the ground by Rohu and Joseph de Cadoudal and where the schoolchildren of the collége Saint-Yves of Vannes (see post) stand out with 400 in number and having joined the Catholic and Royal Army of Brittany) who thus repel the Imperial troops.

Other things to see here me think are the Le Vieux Couvent , In March 1678, the bishopric of Vannes granted the Ursulines of Ploërmel permission to found a convent in Muzillac. On October 1, 1792, the envoy of the French Republic, François Le Batteux, drove out the nuns who were sent to Vannes. The buildings will be sold as national assets. In 1982, it was bought by the town of Muzillac to make it a cultural center which was opened in 1990. Also, the ruins castle of Séréac (15C, 17C and 18C), Very damaged during the French revolution, there remains an 18C main building, attached to a round tower of the 15C.

The town of Muzillac on on its heritage

The Damgan-La Roche Bernard tourist office on Muzillac

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior tour of the quant off the beaten places ofmy beautiful Morbihan, This is a nice stop along the way worth the detour me think to see the Church Sainte Thèrése of Muzillac, Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all !!!

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February 3, 2023

A re visit to the Church Saint Michel of La Roche Bernard !!

 I have written several posts before but today will bring out a new text and pictures on the wonderful Church Saint Michael or Saint Michel of La Roche Bernard !! This is a wonderful town to visit and we are glad back for the memories of always and the good times. Hope you enjoy this post as I.

la Roche Bernard


la Roche Bernard Ch Saint Michel side right jan23

I always stop by the Church Saint Michael or St Michel.  In 1878, almost in ruins, the old church is replaced by a new one with more space. The church is of course in the square or Place Saint Michel.  The Church Saint-Michel was initially built in 1631 when the son of the famous Duke of Guise decided to build a Catholic church in La Roche-Bernard, which was essentially Protestant at the time. Hesitant between a church and a chapel, the building was reworked many times and, without structure, became fragile. Nothing remains of this 11C church. It was therefore decided in 1874 to build a new one. The church was consecrated on Sunday October 5, 1879. The bell tower was completed in 1882 and it was in 1883 that the three bells offered by wealthy people from La Rochelle were blessed on April 22 1883.

la Roche Bernard Ch Saint Michel back chevet jan23

la Roche Bernard Ch Saint Michel baptismal chapel jan23

The Church Saint Michel is built in the shape of a Latin cross, is remarkable only for its size and the impression of peace it gives off. However, its decorations are really worth the detour, in particular the stained glass windows and the numerous statues. It should also be point out about fifteen classified objects visible by appointment. But the most extraordinary is the large Christ on the cross in the center of the nave. Indeed, it was once in the old church when it was looted in 1791. Dragged down the street, it was thrown into the Vilaine river ,and was found a few kilometers away and hidden for a few years by a peasant who returned it. Finally, the last unexpected treasure is hidden in the bell tower, access to which is regulated by a very strict prefectural decree. It is an important colony of greater mouse-eared bats, a protected species of bats !

la Roche Bernard Ch Saint Michel altar jan23

la Roche Bernard Ch Saint Michel back wall jan23

The city of La Roche Bernard on the Church St Michel:

The Damgan La Roche Bernard tourist office on La Roche Bernard:

There you go folks, do come to this lovely port city on the Vilaine river between the new frontiers of Bretagne and Pays de la Loire regions. La Roche Bernard or the rock of Bernard is waiting for you. Again, hope you enjoy the re visit to the Church Saint Michel of La Roche Bernard as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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