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February 2, 2023

Again sublime La Roche Bernard !!!

Now I am taking you to the extremity of my beautiful Morbihan towards the rock of Bernard! This is boating heavens in a deep harbor with lots of history and great city center/downtown area. I came back as is a must once in a while living less than an hour away. Therefore, new text, pictures and again sublime La Roche Bernard! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

la Roche Bernard rue Saint James entr town jan23

la Roche Bernard hotel de ville jan23

The Pont de la Roche-Bernard in 1960 is inaugurated the second bridge of La Roche-Bernard, a bridge suspended on the model of the bridge of Tancarville. The Pont du Morbihan in order to relieve congestion in the city, it was decided to construct a new bridge between the towns of Marzan and Nivillac just 1 km upstream of the previous one. It will be inaugurated in 1996. With a length of 600 meters, it is equipped with a pedestrian arch located just below the main apron.

la Roche Bernard Pont du Morbihan bridge over Vilaine jan23

la Roche Bernard port marina to bridge D765 jan23

The rock of the Roche of Bernard is located on Rue du Passage, this granitic promontory overlooks the Vilaine river and the harbor. There are also 2 cannons that belonged to the French warship Le Juste or righteous ,sunk during the battle of the Cardinals in 1759. A commemorative plaque indicates that it was in La Roche-Bernard that the warship the Couronne or crown ,was built in the 17C. These are the emblems of the city and always make sure to stop by here.

la Roche Bernard rocher jan23

la Roche Bernard port cannon jan23

This Notre Dame Chapel was the first place of worship built in La Roche-Bernard, in 1063. During the Reformation in the 16C, Baron François de Coligny transformed it into a Protestant place of worship. In 1561, he had the prior expelled and services celebrated by Pastor Jean Louveau, whom he brought from Paris. In this chapel is celebrated one of the first Protestant marriages of the country of Vilaine. The chapel, deemed too small, was quickly abandoned in favor of a larger temple, called the Hospital Dome. The Saint-Michel School was installed there from early 1900’s , and in 1933, a new building was built on the rue Haute Notre-Dame (see pic) side, facing the two primary classes. I have look over the building and it seems a developer is trying to build apartments on the side of Rue du Passage with parking entrance on the Rue Haute Notre Dame, The school will remain in the back building next to the ramp to the pont Neuf, The architecture is nice as it is,

la Roche Bernard former chapelle notre dame now school side rue haute notre dame jan23

la Roche Bernard rue haute Notre Dame jan23

We took a long walk along the cale on the river right underneath the bridge , and then a walk in city center to its wonderful history of Catholic and Protestant history, and the guillotine during the French Revolution in the main square place du Bouffay. Here you have the wonderful Auberge des Deux Magots , and the nice restaurant du Vieux Quartier,   There is also, the well known furniture and handymen store Guyodo Lehebel Deco .

la Roche Bernard port neuf over jan23

la Roche Bernard place du Bouffay jan23

la Roche Bernard place du Bouffay right jan23

The city of La Roche Bernard on port’s history :

The stopover passport on the port of La Roche Bernard :

The Damgan La Roche Bernard tourist office on La Roche Bernard :

There you go folks we are loaded with wonderful coastal town with a view of the sea, and La Roche Bernard is one good example of the joys of living and visiting here. Hope you can visit one day and will agree…See my other posts on the city ,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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February 2, 2023

More of the Church Saint Pierre of Baud !!!

I go by here often passing by and stop for its wonderful monuments, This is Baud up the alley from me on the road D768 about 14 km (less 9 mi)  from my house. I have written posts on it before, this is additional found pictures from my vault that believe should be in my blog, Therefore, here is a bit more as most was written on previous post on the Church Saint Pierre of Baud, Of course, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The Church of Saint Pierre (St Peter) , originally, the chapel that was adjacent to the parish church , destroyed in 1922. In 1927, the reconstruction project of the Church, decided, rather than rebuild it, to adapt a new nave to the northern façade of the nearby Chapel of Clarity or Chapelle de la Clarté, which then loses its initial function to serve as transept. Thus the Choir of the new Church is oriented to the south. It is to this complex history that the chapel owes its present composite aspect and its double tutelary as the Chapel of Our Lady of Clarity becomes Parish Church of St. Peter. The connection of the two buildings creates a breakthrough in the nave of the chapel. The Chapelle Notre Dame de la Clarté was from the 15C renovated in the 16C and 17C.   It now opens in the nave of the parish church since 1927 and houses the statue of Notre-Dame-de-la-Clarté.

baud ch st pierre ent Apr13

baud ch St Pierre side sep13

The Parish Church of Saint-Pierre is now as said parallel to the Notre-Dame de la Clarté Chapel, to the north, before its collapse and destruction in 1922. The choir of this old chapel, perhaps from the 16C was rebuilt in 1687. A century later, in 1793, the nave was enlarged and a new facade was built. Despite these renovations, the nave collapsed in 1922 and the building was razed. A new nave was rebuilt in 1927, connected to the north facade of the Notre-Dame de la Clarté Chapel. The alignment plan of 1784 clearly shows the central place occupied by the then intact church and the very close chapel.

Baud ch st Pierre side jan20


The city of Baud on its heritage/history:

There you go folks, a nice monument passing by often and visited couple times, Baud is a nice town small peaceful, the real France for me. Hope you enjoy this little town ride into the Church Saint Pierre of Baud as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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February 2, 2023

The former Chapelle Notre Dame des Orties of Pluvigner !!

My town ,my loving Pluvigner. Most write about far away lands we visit but seldom about the one we live in, I have lived in 5 countries and citizen of 4, having visited 81 so far and all have an impact on my life, Needless, to say the meaning of Pluvigner is big on my family, I like to tell you more of a monument just briefly mentioned in previous post and deserves a post of its own, me think, Let me tell you about the former Chapelle Notre Dame des Orties of my quant Pluvigner, Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The former Notre-Dame des Orties Chapel is in the town of Pluvigner in my beautiful Morbihan, and in my lovely Bretagne. In 1801 Pope Pius VII granted the chapel a jubilee which could be won on the first Sunday in July. The chapel was invoked against rheumatism. It stood next to the parish Church Saint Guigner ,(see posts), and even communicated with it, at the level of the sacristy. These are called double churches.

plu chapelle ND des Orties next to St Guigner apr21

The former Chapelle Notre Dame des Orties , there remains the crossing of the transept dating from the first quarter of the 15C; that is to say, a triple arcade on the nave side, three other simple ones which overlooked the choir and the wings in broken arch, with double roller. These arcades rest on columns with capitals which are engaged in piles. On the south side remains a base, supporting a column, where a sculpted mask and a bust figure appear. The walls of the choir contained the remains of an 11C Romanesque church. The chapel was demolished in the early 1960s, for lack of sufficient funds to restore it but also because of the significant risk of collapse. The chapel was in the shape of a Latin cross. It consisted of a nave, a transept and a flat apse. A sandpit bearing the date of 1426 was in the choir. We also know that four crests decorated the east gable. Previously, an ossuary took place between the chapel and the parish church. The chapel once contained a high altar and in the south transept, a curved wooden altar.


The old parts of the chapel date back to Romanesque times. The former Chapelle Notre Dame des Orties was enlarged twice, around the 14C and 15C. The chapel is made up of two distinct parts separated by a section of transverse wall pierced by three ogival openings. The choir and its surroundings are the oldest part. The square bedside opens with a flamboyant window. The nave belongs to the 15C. During the reconstruction of the 15C, the nave was separated from the square of the transept by three arcades in tiers-point, one large and two small, with double scroll, carried on cylindrical piles restored at the beginning of the 20C. Each transept was also separated from the square by a similar arch. The exterior decoration was quite simple, in the style of the 15C, and the slopes of the roof are decorated with animals. The chapel is covered with a framework with tie-beams with crocodile heads and roughly carved sand pits.

plu chapelle ND des Oties ruins next to st guigner apr22

According to tradition, a young mute pastourelle, who guarded her flock at a place called Les Orties, saw Our Lady appearing asking her for a lamb. Miraculously the little girl began to speak and replied that she could not give away her lamb without the authorization of her father who lived in the Casal de Sainte Marie. The young pastourelle ran to find her father who was surprised to hear his daughter speak. He told her to act according to the full will of the Lady and so the little girl returned to the place of the apparition to offer the lamb. Marie then asked him to build a chapel in this place. Learning this, the father came to the spot where he found, on a stone and in the middle of the nettles, a statue of Our Lady. He brought it back to the village, but the statue disappeared to return among the nettles. A chapel was built there. Nice.

The City of Pluvigner on the former Chapelle Notre Dame des Orties :

There you go folks , another nice monument in my current and probably last town in our world, Pluvigner, I have come here even if just ruins now, and it is worth it for those like me who enjoy the history and architecture of a place, Hope you enjoy the post on the former Chapelle Notre Dame des Orties of Pluvigner as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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