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January 20, 2023

Shopping in Vannes , always memorable !!!

We were hanging around our area and of course, we needed to come to Vannes, this is the capital city of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 in my lovely Bretagne,and in my belle France. This will always be a memorable trip for shopping in Vannes ; as we are sentimental and close family, Hope you enjoy the post as I

We could not come with my dear mom Gladys as she passed away in Versailles on December 27, 2007, We moved to the Morbihan , first at Brech (June 2011 )and then as now at Pluvigner in July 2013, Thereafter, we continue our shopping trips to Vannes and elsewhere even back to Versailles and Paris, My dear late wife Martine passed away at CHBA hospital of Vannes on April 30, 2018 and it was a very sad moment for us, our Frenchie mamie bleu was gone physically, Lately, I lost my dear Dad Elio on January 7 2023 at home and it was more soothing as he was 87 and lived a wonderful life with us, always taking him everywhere,

Now, is only me and my 3 young men that continue the route of life always together like Dumas’s three Muskeeteers , one for all and all for one !! We still enjoy going shopping in Vannes with memories flashing by. Today was 1C (34F) in the morning and now it is at 6C (43F). Winter is here to stay for a while.  This is one of the wonderful things we do here, going shopping in Vannes!!! We love the fact that we have such a great capital city not big not small just right, next to the Gulf of Morbihan and we live in a small quiet nice town just 27 km or  about 17 miles from it. Let me tell you of our latest escapades on shopping in Vannes!!! 

We went to the Carrefour shopping center and first hit the anchor store Carrefour for some papers , pillows ,etc This is the hypermarket Carrefour at Avenue de la Marne, There is a great underground parking here which is central to even go to outside stores.


Vannes Carrefour fruits jan23

Vannes Carrefour parking jan23

Of course, we visit our old by now friends staff at the Micromania video games store and said Hi ! My boys got their stuff as always and good to know all in the store know us well , Heck, the most popular customers in the store , even the store manager had lunch in our house ! Another favorite store of my dear late wife is Yves Rocher the famous French natural cosmetic firm base in La Gacilly (see post), The store is a fairly good size with all the trimming, We have come back just for the memories of always !

vannes micromania cc carrefour jul20

Vannes Carrefour stores yves rocher jan23

The whole shopping center or Centre Commercial Carrefour has many stores outside all around it including one of my wife’s favorite Damart, There is even construction of a new burger restaurant chain Holly’s going on.

Vannes Carrefour stores in front jan23

The Carrefour shopping center on its 67 stores :

There you go folks, many years of wonderful time and happier moments to remember forever. Thanks to all for following my blog all these years since November 26 2010, and yes some of you go that far back. My pleasure to partake the wonderful world of travel with you all. Hope my posts brings ideas and memorable moments to you too. Again, hope you enjoy the newest shopping in Vannes post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

January 20, 2023

The Church Saint André of Brech !!

This was mix in with other monuments and really should have a post of its own. This is the first town I lived when came to the beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of the lovely Bretagne in 2011. It is a town divided into many smaller villages or lieu-dit and the main town or bourg is where the church is, even thus I lived in Corn er Hoët (Breton, French would be Orée du Bois meaning edge of the woods). It really packs a lot of monuments with nice architecture and history for a small town, I was lucky to lived in it briefly. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Church Saint André of Brech. Hope you enjoy the post as I.


However, I like to tell you a bit on the Church Saint André as the history of the town is in my other posts on Brech. The text is new with older pictures.


The Church of Saint André, it curiously has 24 capitouls from the 12C, and many stones to built it taken from the chartreuse or Cartusien monastery nearby. It has been extensively renovated and looking great now as I passed by often still today.

The Church of Saint André has a single nave, 5 bays, with side aisles. The arcades rest on square piers, while engaged columns receive their second scroll. The rest of the decor is neoclassical . It has a nice Table of the Rosary and Saint Anne teaching the Virgin . The church has kept its old environment with its small ossuary, a stone cross with under its triangular canopy, on one side Christ between the Virgin and Saint John and on the other a Pieta. Outside, the Calvary cross is decorated with scenes in relief.


The nave is one of the rarest 12C Romanesque naves in Morbihan. It is separated from the aisles by large semi-circular arch and arches with a double roller, which rest on columns set in heavy square pillars. The 24 capitals 12C are decorated in particular with animals and rough human figures. The large bay with a flamboyant network of the choir with a flat apse has been walled up.


In 1740, the side walls were rebuilt, the original transept and the bell tower demolished. In 1835, the new transept and the choir were dressed with the stalls and paneling 17C of the Chartreuse of Auray. The central painting of the large altarpiece in the choir shows a “Descent from the Cross” between the statues of Saint Andrew and Saint Peter. Above, a Holy Trinity in stucco.


The side altars are reduced to their wooden altarpiece decorated with paintings and statues. The paintings represent “Saint Anne teaching to read to Mary” and “The gift of the rosary to Saint Dominic and to Saint Catherine of Siena”. The bell tower was added in 1896 and is reminiscent of that of the Saint-Gildas d’Auray Church (see post). The semi-cylinder vault with visible frame of the nave was redone in 1988. The stained glass windows with medallions are dated from 1896.


The city of Brech on the Church Saint André:

There you go folks, another dandy in my beautiful Morbihan and sentimental Brech The locals write it Brec’h. Nowedays we passed by it every day , and the memories continue. Again, hope you enjoy the post on the Church Saint André of Brech,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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January 20, 2023

A personal touch of Santa Barbara !!!

I have said the blog is my personal life , all of it since birth; just search around and you will know me. It is my past time and have fun telling you of many places on earth, sharing my experiences with the world, and learning some more. In my family we are not and never will be extremists but we are a conservative traditional family and we believe in God, just that. There are many who claim to be but really do not, we are simple followers of good and do good and like to see good for all. I like to tell you a personal touch of Santa Barbara !!! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Plu house 3D carte postale Santa Barbara de mima jan23

The legend of Saint Barbara tells that in the 3C in Asia Minor, a very pretty young girl named Barbara lived, according to the will of her father, recluse in a tower to protect her from her suitors. But one day, while his father was away, Christ appeared to her. Barbara decided to convert to Christianity, and had a third window cut into her tower, symbolizing the Trinity. This decision made the father of the young woman mad with rage. Brought before a judge, Barbara refused to renounce the Christian religion, and was condemned to be tortured. Despite all the abuse she endured, she felt no pain, thanks to the intervention of God. Her father decided to end it and beheaded her. He was then immediately struck by lightning and reduced to dust.

When the Christians come to ask for the body of the young martyr, not wanting to use her pagan first name nor reveal themselves using her Christian baptismal name, they can only refer to her as “the young barbarian woman”, hence the name of Barbara given to her. The Byzantine emperors particularly venerated his relics, which they had transferred in the 6C to Constantinople. A part was taken to Italy by the Venetians, and another in the 11C by the daughter of Alexius Comnenus to Kyev, where they are still in St. Vladimir’s Cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. Since then, Saint Barbara has become the patron saint of trades facing the dangers of fire and explosions: firefighters, pyrotechnicians and miners celebrate her every year on December 4. A day off for miners, this day was more than a religious event during which a statue of Saint Barbara was blessed and then lowered into the galleries to grant her protection. to workers. On the surface, the party becomes popular and shared by all, all religions combined.

Her worship was confirmed by Pope Saint Pius V in 1568 and she became one of the fourteen holy helpers of the Saints. At the time of the Napoleonic wars, the sacred relics were taken to the temple of Saint Martin on the island of Burano, where they are still kept. until today. The remains are in a chapel dedicated exclusively to Santa Bárbara In the Church of San Juan del Hospital, Valencia, is the column where she was martyred, in a chapel dedicated to the saint. This relic was brought to the city of Valencia by the Empress Constanza Augusta of Greece. In the Church of San Jaime de Moncada ,also, in Valencia, there is a one-finger phalanx of the Saint brought from Rome to Moncada. Saint Barbara is often associated with three other saints who have taken a vow of chastity: Sainte Catherine of Alexandria, Sainte Marguerite of Antioch and Sainte Genevieve of Paris. This is the case for the altar of the Virgins of the Notre-Dame de Croaz Batz Church in Roscoff (Finistère 29 ) presenting a statue of Saint Barbara accompanied by those of Sainte Catherine and Sainte Geneviève.

Santa Barbara is usually represented young, either with the palm of martyrdom, or with peacock feathers, since this animal is a symbol of resurrection or immortality, and it already appears in the oldest known representation, dating from the 8C. It also usually appears with her attribute, a tower with three windows, sometimes enclosed in it and other times the tower appears at her side or in miniature on one of her hands. The meaning of this tower with three windows is the refuge of faith in the Holy Trinity. And she usually wears a crown, which admits of variations: in some it is that of a princess and in others it is a complete crown made up of several towers. The image of Saint Barbara is also sometimes associated with the sword with which she was beheaded, which has contributed to her being associated with war, but said sword represents a symbol of unwavering faith. With a chalice, which signifies her conversion to Catholicism.

The Santa Barbara is the patron saint of coal miners in Asturias,Spain.  She is, also, the patron saint of my native town of Punta Brava in Cuba, and venerated by all my family anywhere in the world.  The National Sanctuary of Santa Barbara can be found in the town of Arroyo Naranjo just 22 km south of Havana. The building has an eclectic style and was built in just a year with the local community’s help and funded by the Archbishop of Havana, Manuel Arteaga Betancourt and first lady Martha Fernandez (Fulgencio Batista’s wife), and it was inaugurated on the day that commemorates her,December 4, 1953. 

Plu house statue Santa Barbara de mima jan23

A bit of Rome for Santa Barbara Her first depiction is perhaps in Rome, in a fresco in Santa Maria Antiqua, and both the oratory attached to the Church of San Gregorio al Celio and the Church of Santa Barbara dei Librai also have remote origins.  In 16C Rome devotees of Saint Barbara were inevitably the forerunners of the modern artillerymen, that is, the bombardiers in charge of the defense of Castel Sant’Angelo. At their own expense, they restructured one of the chapels in the Church of Santa Maria in Traspontina, dedicating it to their patroness and decorating its walls with astonishing stucco  thrusters,  mortars,  cannons,  howitzers,  balls,  bullets and barrels of gunpowder. Organized into a confraternity since 1594, the papal bombardiers enjoyed a number of privileges and exemptions, including the possibility of releasing a condemned prisoner twice a year, on 29 September, for the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, and precisely on 4 December for Santa Barbara.

A great prayer known to my family is as follows:  «Saint Barbara, blessed virgin, great with immense power, God be with you and you with me on the path of good. With your winning sword deliver me from evil, injustice, envy and evil eyes. With the power of lightning protect me from my enemies, glorify the muzzle of my cannon and allow me to be victorious. With the chalice of your cup and the wine, keep the strength of my body and spirit for the hard struggle and combat. Receive my apples and daisies as an offering that I always have you present in my thoughts and in my home, and I beg you to never abandon me and come to me every time I claim you to defend my faith, my land, my family and my fights; and that in the end you always take me to glory like you. Amen.”

An unofficial site on the life of Santa Barbara :

The St Peter’s Basilica of Rome on Santa Barbara:

There you go folks, a wonderful story of faith and peservering in our difficult times then and even more today, In my days of sorrows, I had the comfort of my family and Santa Barbara with statues kept by my dear late mom Gladys at home which I am showing here for the record, for the history, for my blog ,me and the world, Again, hope you enjoy this personal post on a personal saint, Santa Barbara as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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