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January 14, 2023

Re live the 17th Edition Saint Christophe old vehicles show at Bignan !!

The town of Bignan is a lot more than the domaine of Kerguéhennec (see posts) . The Sundays are usually calm and family time here. However, I am on my road warrior trail finding places to go and things to do without too much preparation as I am in no mood to do that. Therefore, I saw the 17th edition of Saint Christophe old Vehicles show at the Domaine de Kerguéhennec in Bignan and off we went. This is an updated post with new text and link, hope you enjoy it as I


The Domaine de Kerguéhennec is gorgeous and worthy of the title the Versailles of Brittany (smaller of course). It is now a center for contemporary arts spread all over the property as well and a great area for picnics and just family outings. This event is done every year and this time organize by the Avrbignan association. Its Sunday so what the heck get out of the house we did and glad we did it. The event was stopped for the covid virus and then back on so much fun we missed it but will be back, promise, We love cars and it shows!


We love cars so been to several of them here and elsewhere. Even in my town there are every year. The freedom of the road is unequal and never replace. Put your pedal to the metal and rock!!! Of course, always with moderation, we are even going down to 80 KPH (about 50 MPH) rules in France on one way lane department roads like the one today on the D767 ! Of course , if you drive in France like me you know speed is not it but bad signage, curvy roads , priority on the right, trafic circles with no lights etc are it, Then, its easier to give a ticket ,the government racks in more than 900M € in fines!!!

bignan cars lotus at kerguehennec aug18

bignan cars citroens at kerguehennec aug18

So let’s get to the old slow cars , and stop my rant lol !!  The 17 edition of the Saint Christophe was one of the zillions of events held at the domaine nowadays. It was an all day affairs even if we only stay for the antique old cars display show at 14h. The cars left from Baud to Bignan, there a Mass in the tent at Kerguehennec by 11h then lunch at 12h30 for 11€ including ham, cold cuts, fries ,cheese, fruit tarts and coffee. By 14h the exhibition of the vehicles were shown all parked behind the stables out to the left of the Castle. By 16h30 there were prizes given to the best show and at 19h another dinner 10€ without drinks but kir Breton offered for free, live music by Kelt ha Breizh, celtic Breton songs of course.

bignan cars Morgan at kerguehennec aug18

bignan cars lincoln at kerguehennec aug18

The one I missed was held August 21, 2022 , as the 21st Saint Christophe old vehicles show, Like previous editions, the day will begin with a safe ride of 45 km for one hundred and fifty vintage vehicles, all pampered by their collector owners. I read the parade of vehicles started at 10h15 from the multi-purpose hall of Plumelec, plunge into the ramp of Cadoudal then crossed the towns of Trédion, Plaudren, Saint-Jean-Brévelay, Colpo via Le Bézo to reach Bignan and come to a standstill on the site of experimental research at the Chamber of Agriculture (inside the domaine) of Kerguéhennec. There, the blessing of the vehicles will take place. All collectors, exhibitors and registrants will meet in the marquee for lunch together. Then in the afternoon, the public is invited to discover the two hundred vehicles on display, from retro vehicles to military vehicles and including tractors, and to celebrate the fifty years of the Renault 5 and the Peugeot 104. Around 16h30, the traditional prize giving highlighted the finest specimen of the exhibitors. Great !

The official association of vintage vehicules of Bignan:

The official Domaine of Kerguéhennec

There you go folks, a nice old fashion old car show nearby on the beautiful surroundings,of the Domaine de Kerguéhennec for a perfect Sunday. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And, remember, happy travels, good health, and  many cheers to all !!!

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January 14, 2023

Kerbihan and Kervillen beaches of La Trinité sur Mer !!!

This is a wonderful heaven and beaches are it ,about 33 Kms ( 20 miles) from my house. Weekends specially in good weather is glorious to have it as your backyard, even in winter . Not to mention the whole of the coastal department 56 of my beautiful Morbihan in my lovely Bretagne. I will tell you more about the other two beaches we like here Kervillen and Kerbihan ,and see my other post on Men Dù, I know is not the season but nevertheless better plan ahead as summers are full here. Hope you enjoy this post on La Trinité sur Mer beaches!!

The Plage de Kervillen or Kervillen beach (best me think) is a fine sandy beach facing South. A parking nearby with direct access to the beach makes it possible to get there by car with convenience. In July and August, a free mini-bus circulating on the town serves this beach. It is ideal for swimming at any time of the tide, and safely. In July and August, it has a rescue station (SNSM very good folks) open from 13h30 to 19h. A seahorse armchair for people with reduced mobility is available. It is equipped with a slipstream for small navigation gear (light sail). On site, public toilets. Family-run, it hosts a Beach Club in July and August. Pedalos (pedal boats) ,and kayaks rentals are also possible at this time. Dogs are not allowed. A restaurant and bar with direct access overlooks it and offers food and beverages at any time.

La trinite sur mer plage de kervillen grass aug12

La trinite sur mer plage de kervillen aug12

la trinite sur mer plage de kervillen mar21

The fav beach site plages tv on the Kervillen beach

The Plage de Kerbihan or Kerbihan beach is exposed to the east, along the coastal path, it offers a nice view of the channel with its incessant ballet of boats. Sheltered by a dune cordon, this pretty beach of fine sand is protected from the easterly winds by the Pointe de Kerbihan. You will find a water sports club there. The Kerbihan beach trail continues and passes through the famous Bois d’Amour, sheltered from the westerly winds. This is the domain of shellfish and shrimp fishermen. From this beach you can admire the comings and goings of sailboats entering and leaving the port, a magnificent spectacle that you never tire of.Pic by the Pointe de Kerbihan.

la trinite sur mer plage kerbihan mar21

The fav beach site plages tv on the Kerbihan beach

The City of La Trinité sur Mer on the things to see/beaches

There you go folks, another beach heaven in my heavenly Morbihan, with its Gulf name as one of the most beautiful bays in the world according to Conde Nast and World Bays publications, The beaches of Kervillen and Kerbihan are heaven on earth, Hope you enjoy this beach post of La Trinité sur Mer,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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January 14, 2023

Let’s visit again La Trinité sur Mer !!!

Yes, let’s visit again La Trinité sur Mer ,a beautiful harbor town in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne. This is boater’s heaven but will tell more, and more. Hope you enjoy the post as I. It is just south of me about 33 km easy ride into the coast of the Gulf of Morbihan

La Trinité-sur-Mer was created in 1864, the city stretches over 800 meters along the Crac’h River, where the large, well-sheltered estuary hosts the many oyster parks destined for the spat harvest. A small fishing port, a busy marina and shipyards bring a great animation to the seaside city which has beautiful beaches along the coast


Things to see ,are, me think.  The Kerisper Bridge joins Saint-Philibert by crossing the river Crac’h. Originally, it was a steel bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel and inaugurated in 1901. It was destroyed in 1944 by the Nazis and rebuilt between 1956 and 1958, in the form of an arc bridge of 203 meters long. Several Megalithic sites such as the alignment of Petit-Ménec; covered driveway of Er-Roh; Dolmen of Kermarker;Dolmen of Mané Rohr; Dolmens of Mané-Kervilor, and tumulus of Er-Velenc-Losquet. Also, Saint Joseph’s Church. The church was originally a Carnac chapel. The building became a church in 1865, when the town of La Trinité-sur-Mer was born. Two elements hold the attention: the bell tower and the altarpiece. In 1891, the bell tower was raised 10 meters to serve as a landmark for sailors. As for the altarpiece, it is the centerpiece of the church. it dates from 1682


Other than those mention in previous posts, there are several  smaller beaches or creeks open on the channel of the Crac’h, crossed by the numerous pleasure boats that join the port: They also allow the fishing on foot in the mudflat of the Vaneresse, discovered at low tide and stretching all the long the channel to the port, but also swimming at high tide in reserved spaces forbidden to navigation.


A bit of history I like : It was from the 13C that traces of the village and its port were found. Saline activity is very important for several centuries. The village developed around the maritime trade and the small community prospered. But in 1931, the government took a protectionist measure to promote the collieries of France. Maritime trade stopped in La Trinité-sur-Mer. The village then turned to fishing. The old auction, demolished in 1923, was rebuilt, and the schooners left the place for the fishing boats. Today, the fishing port has turned into a marina with the rise of nautical tourism. The oyster is also well-present at La Trinité-sur-Mer.

The City of La Trinité sur Mer on its heritage:

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on La Trinité sur Mer

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist office on La Trinité sur Mer

There you go folks, the sublime wonderful La Trinité sur Mer. A bit more, plenty of posts in my blog on it check them  out, all worth it me think. This is heaven on earth, and a must to see while in the area, remember, La Trinité sur Mer.  And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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