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December 23, 2022

The odd couple of Madrid, Teatro Muñoz Seca, and Eslava !!

However, as this is usual by me ,we did a lot of walking to show my young men sons, the heritage of Madrid and Spain we did stop by in several places that show a bit more of the fabric of the city of Madrid! This is the case of the Teatro Muñoz Seca theater, and the Joy Eslava theater/discothéque.  it is a nice quant area of Madrid not far from the Puerta del Sol.

The Teatro Muñoz Seca theater or Pedro Muñoz Seca theater is an old theater hall, located in Plaza del Carmen, 1 that in 1930 took the name of that Spanish playwright. In the same lot there was a popular Chantecler Hall, which between 1922 and 1930 was called El Dorado Hall. The Chantecler Hall , was acquired in 1919 by Consuelo Portela aka “La Chelito”, at that time maximum diva of erotic. On December 15, 1922, a new neighborhood building with a theater on the ground floor chamfer was opened on the same site, with the name of El Dorado (namesake of the Eldorado summer theater that was next to the Paseo del Prado and was caught fire in 1903). Finally, in 1930 ,it took the name of playwright Pedro Muñoz Seca.


The official Teatro Muñoz Seca

The Madrid tourist office on the theater Muñoz Seca

This is Joy Eslava , a place of my youth in my beloved Madrid from another era. Even if old each time in the city passed by it as to remind myself of the good old days in Madrid.


When a young teen used to come here for theater presentations and community dances. We were eager to show off to the girls and dress to kill. Of course, there were a lot of guards then to keep an eye on us. Time has change!!! This is now a very hot discotheque of the rich and famous and then not.  However, the spot is nostalgic and makes you bring out the best in you or the young in you and now sharing stories with my young men sons! Joy Eslava or as old days Teatro Eslava is it in my dear Madrid !


Joy Eslava is the name of a nightclub located in the Calle del Arenal near Puerta del Sol. Here there was a theater from the 19C until 1981 when the nightclub was inaugurated on the night of February 24, 1981. The stage and the balconies have been transformed into a dancefloor to make it a mythical place in Madrid. The Joy Eslava would become one of the leisure places of reference in Madrid, for a specific public and incorporating a new type of premises, the macro-disco.  During the 1980s it was a place of concentration of characters from the so-called Madrid Movida and served as an occasional stage for the Spanish television musical program Aplauso, which led there stars of the moment such as Alaska and the Pegamoides, Mecano or Tino Casal. Joy Eslava has continued to host concerts, parties and various social events, with the participation of celebrities such as Roger Moore, Pedro Almodóvar, Stevie Wonder, Julio Iglesias or Ruth Lorenzo ,etc.


Nowdays,, it is re-opening in 2022 to offer leisure and entertainment, where live music can be enjoyed with artists from all styles, clubbing sessions featuring today’s top DJs and a flamenco-dinner show. A new era for Teatro Eslava (still Joy Eslava for me!).

The official Teatro Eslava

The Madrid tourist office on teatro Eslava

There you go folks, a dandy combination for all tastes in my dear Madrid not far from each other . You should be fine coming here and see a bit of the real Madrid not the tourist books. Hope you enjoy the post on these marvels and enjoy your stay as I do always.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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December 23, 2022

Wines news of France XXXX !!

Well, we are in winter with mild temps and rain !. Anyway, always good to bring the best of Wines news of France. First ,thanks to all my readers and/or followers! Oh yeah, the wines of France are just super simply awesome and a great tradition. Often imitated, some time equaled ,but never surpass! Let me give you some news shall we. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The Champagne Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin , She was left a widow in 1805 at the early age of 27, she was the first woman to take over the management of a house, acquiring prestigious plots of Verzenay, Verzy and Bouzy, all classified today grands crus and used in the composition of La Grande Dame. A woman of taste who will have had a hollow nose and a long arm, and whose astonishing intuition still contributes to making the house shine. In 2012, the Prestige cuvée, studded with peas by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, seduced us with its virile and musky nose, with aromas of apple tree bending under the fruits, heather and fresh hazelnut. Webpage :

The group Artémis Domaines ,majority owned by the Pinault family alongside the Henriot family, following the merger carried out last fall, takes total control of Champagne Jacquesson, It is a little gem of Champagne, whose name sounds like that of a pop star, who falls into the hands of Artémis Domaines. Maison Jacquesson is undoubtedly one of the stars of the world of beautiful bubbles. Regulars of good wine merchants are familiar with labels adorned with geographical maps or large red numbers, references to the vintage basis used for brut without a year. Artémis Domaines thus becomes the sole shareholder , The general management of Maison Jacquesson will continue to be provided by Jean Garandeau, a former Krug employee, appointed in September 2022. The vineyard has 38 hectares of supply, three quarters of which are owned by the house and the remaining quarter is provided by a few delivery families. Chardonnay represents between 50 and 55% of the whole, Pinot Noir corresponds to 35%. The rest is pinot meunier, The land is located in the villages of Aÿ, Avize, Oiry, Dizy, Hautvillers and Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, but also Chouilly, and Cumières, Created in 1798 by Claude Jacquesson, the house produced one of Napoleon I’s favorite champagnes, A house of inventors to whom we owe the wire muzzle that replaced the string used to hold the cork, as well as the plate metal placed at the top of said stopper to prevent the wire from sinking into the cork. These two innovations taken up over the years by all of Champagne are the work of Adolphe Jacquesson Artémis Domaines seems to be developing at high speed ,The group is already at the head of several wine-growing gems in France, such as Château Latour, a premier grand cru classé in Pauillac, Clos de Tart in Morey-Saint-Denis and Domaine d’Eugénie in Vosne-Romanée, Bouchard Père et Fils in Beaune, William Fèvre in Chablis, the Château Grillet vineyard in the Rhône Valley. The entity is also present in the United States, with the Eisele Vineyard estate located in California’s Napa Valley and Beaux Frères in Oregon, Artémis also has Champagne Henriot in Reims in its portfolio. Webpage:

Bernard Magrez blew out 770 candles at Château Pape Clément, Graves Grand Cru Classé wines have been celebrated since 1252, Few wineries can boast of such a past. He gathered at the Ledoyen pavilion to celebrate the 770th anniversary of Château Pape Clément, a Grave classified grand cru of which he is the owner. Formerly known as Vignoble de la Mothe, one of Bordeaux’s oldest grand crus had only a few acres of vines planted by the de Got family in the small village of Pessac in 1250. It was renamed in honor of Bertrand, the youngest son. An impetuous, better known as Pope Clement V. The historian Fabrice d’Almeida was requested by Bernard Magrez to trace the history of the bishop of Comminges and archbishop of Bordeaux enthroned pope in 1305 in Lyon under the name of Clément V, the professor of contemporary history brings the character and his enthronement to life with enthusiasm in the presence of the King Philippe IV known as Le Bel. King at the age of 17, Philippe Le Bel is considered the first modern sovereign of a centralized state. On Saint Clement’s Day, many celebrated the 770th anniversary of the property around a lunch signed Yannick Alléno. In the glasses, the beautiful length of a bouquet of white peach and orange blossom from the white Château Pape Clément 2017, the silky tannins of the red Château Pape Clément 2017 and the exquisite fruitiness of a Clos Haut Peyraguey 2017, wine from Sauternes and, one of the four grands crus owned by Bernard Magrez. Sublime !! webpage :

In the cellar of the famous Hospices d’Alsace, come and discover a unique wine heritage, including an exceptional wine dating from 1472. The cellar of the former Hospices de Strasbourg, built in 1395 by the order of the Hospitallers. It is in these places that is preciously stored what is presented as the oldest wine in the world, dating from 1472. In barrels, it rests, peaceful, in the magnificent vaulted room of the gallery of casks, where around fifty oak pieces still in use, including several gigantic casks from the 16C, 18C and 19C. The largest holds 26,080 liters; produced in 1881, it was presented at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1900. Tastings dated 1576, 1718 and November 1944, on the occasion of the liberation of the city by General Leclerc, earned the beverage comments laudatory on its amber color, its notes of vanilla, honey, wax and spices, and the maintenance of its acidity. Amazing !! webpage :

The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships, a worldwide sparkling wine competition, named the Dom Ruinart Blanc de Blancs 2010 cuvée as the best champagne in the world , The competition took place last November 2022 in London, awarded the title of Supreme World Champion. A title that the famous Champagne house had already received in 2021 for the Dom Ruinart Rosé 2004. Webpage :

How to arrange your wine cellar properly ,here are some short and direct tips, Five tips to follow: . Evaluate your consumption ,Invest in a wine cabinet , Insulate your cellar or storage space (stable temperature between 10° and 15°), humidity of 60 to 80%. ) ,Order your bottles , and Think about turnkey solutions, Five mistakes to avoid: Breaking the golden rules of storage, Thinking small ,Storing in the wrong place, Forgetting accessibility,and confusing fridge and wine cellar. Any questions , let me know

Here is a glass that is really not suitable for tasting sparkling wines! The cylindrical shape of the Champagne flute compresses the flavors of the liquid, confining and constricting them. The Champagne glass is a historical object, since the first model would have been molded on the breast of Madame de Pompadour, mistress-in-title of King Louis XV. An undeniably aesthetic object, but here again not very suitable for tasting. This is the ideal glass for serving champagne: the still wine glass, that is to say the wine glass without bubbles. Choose universal glasses, or preferably white wine glasses which are a little smaller, more constricted and whose shape brings out the aromas of the Champagne well. The flute, or tulip glass, is most commonly used for serving sparkling wines. Its length highlights the bubble trains rising to the surface. The glass, round and flared, delivers the spectacle of a “pool of champagne” in the palm of his hand. As for the classic wine glass, it shines with its sobriety.

There you go folks, another wine episode of my belle France! Thewines of France that is, superbe, sublime, wonderful, gorgeous, enjoy without moderation but accompanying a meal, family table just perfect. Stay warm and see you in the vineyards of France

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

December 23, 2022

Some news from France , CCCLXXVIII

This is my latest from my belle France ; as we are already in Winter and it surprise more rain warmer temps ! Most said winter will be harsh and already has some low temps but harsh still is to be seen, However, is that time again to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12 years , And for those non Roman CCCLXXVIII is 378 ! ,with another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We will be tidy and drinking a nice glass of wine! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

New update as ranking goes good to know but the official is the UN WTO ok fyi. There Paris and France are firsts too ::) For the second consecutive year, Paris is at the top of the ranking of world tourist destinations carried out by the British market research company Euromonitor and relayed this week by CNN, ahead of Dubai and Amsterdam, which complete the podium. In total, 40 of the 100 most visited cities in the world this year were European, making Europe the world’s leading tourist destination. Madrid, Rome, London, Munich, Berlin and Barcelona are in the top 10, ahead of New York in 10th position. Italy, Spain and Greece are the three European countries with the most cities in the ranking, with six Italian cities, five Spanish and four Greek.

This Thursday, FIFA published its new ranking at the end of the 2022 World Cup. If Brazil remains in the lead, Argentina and France logically fall behind the Seleção. The ranking as of December 22, 2022 as follows : 1- Brazil 1,840.77 points, 2- Argentina 1,838.38, 3- France 1,823.39, 4- Belgium 1,781.30, 5- England 1,774.19, 6- Netherlands 1,740.92, 7- Croatia 1,727.62, 8- Italy 1,723.56, 9- Portugal 1,702.54, and 10- Spain 1,692.71 , Well we will be back in 2026 USA/Canada/Mexico World Cup !fifa webpage:

The Horizon 2024; the development program for the future eco-station aims to facilitate access to buses, bicycles and passengers. Giant car park, secure traffic, the Gare du Nord is revealed in a new light. Initially, a bicycle hall, wooded, will be built to accommodate almost 1,200 places. It will become “the largest secure car park in France” for two-wheelers. 712 double-decker spaces with standard spacing for classic bicycles will be offered as well as 440 spaces with wide spacing . Particular attention will also be paid to cargo and recumbent bikes, in particular with a reception of around 30 places. Thanks to the Navigo Pass, rail holders will have free access to these seats. Wider sidewalks and a modification of the road system, which will include LED lighting, will see the light of day to ensure the safety of users. All these new features will be accompanied by information points to direct travellers. At the beginning of 2023, the opening of the construction site will be effective and will last one year. Info in French webpage:

The Navigo pass at 84.10€, it’s already here, The monthly Navigo pass will increase by 11.8% to a price of 84.10 euros, it was 75.20 euros, in force since 2017. Go ahead public transport in Paris is a mess and pricey !More info webpage:

This is what the 60 towns gathered within the SAVM (Syndicat Autolib’ and Vélib’ Métropole) have been waiting for since this summer. This past Wednesday December 21 2022 ;afternoon, it was announced the order of 15,000 additional bicycles by Smovengo, the operator of the self-service bicycle service. This order will make it possible to renew the existing fleet with new vehicles, but also to have 3,000 more, i.e. 20% more Vélib’. Enough to secure the service until the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, More info in French webpage:

The Grand Paris metro will not be completed in 2030. The lines are divided into several lots, each with a timetable. The full opening of the circular line, scheduled for 2030, will be at least a few months or even a year late. More specifically, the western part of line 15 between Pont de Sèvres in Boulogne (92) to Saint-Denis Pleyel (93), passing through Nanterre and La Défense (92) , as well as its eastern part, from Saint-Denis to Champigny, passing through Bobigny and Rosny, The SGP (Societé du Grand Paris) is in charge of building 200 km of automatic metro, with four new lines, numbered from 15 to 18, and the extensions of line 14. Articulating around a circular line, several branches must connect the airports of Orly and Roissy, the scientific center of Saclay and the sensitive districts of Seine-Saint-Denis. hinting at a goal of opening in 2031. The question of the Grand Paris Express station has long been a problem for La Défense, faced with the very great difficulty of building yet another additional basement in the current underground millefeuille. The line will also pass a little further, in the Rose de Cherbourg sector of the business district. La Defense went there for meetings public transport and by car all a mess,More info in French webpage:

The Cité du Vitrail (City of Stained Glass) has opened its doors in Troyes. This is a unique proposal to learn about the art of stained glass from the 7C to the present day. This stained glass window more than three meters high will be their playground for the duration of this interactive quiz. This monumental canopy, leaning against a window, is bathed in light. Designed for the Palais du Trocadéro, it represents the history of ceramics. more info in French webpage:

Walk by rue de Lévis, a “typical” village in the heart of the 17éme arrondissement of Paris, A stone’s throw from Parc Monceau, the rue de Lévis is famous for its food shops, its fruit and vegetable market and its ready-to-wear shops It’s hard to imagine thatat the end of the street stood a medieval castle and its prison. Its disappearance during the Second Empire (Napoléon III) ,and major urban planning and road development works undertaken at the end of the 19C led to the arrival of an increasingly large population and finished transforming this country lane into a a real shopping street with a friendly atmosphere.Great walking area and good shopping quality/price ratio.

Harry Potter: The Exhibition, the largest immersive exhibition on the wizarding world, arrives in spring 2023 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. From the spring of 2023, it is therefore the turn of the French to discover the backstage of the world of wizards. Films and stories from the world of J.K. Rowling are obviously given pride of place, in an immersive staging at the cutting edge of technology. The opportunity also to see the real accessories and costumes used on the various filming of the Harry Potter films or the Fantastic Beasts. In short, we’re going to be amazed and we can’t wait! webpage:

The very first Batman Gotham City Adventures immersive experience, inspired by the universe of the dark knight, will open its doors in Paris for the year 2023. The game will immerse fans around the world in the unique scenery and atmosphere of Gotham City. with 3 immersive escape game rooms in a 3000 m2 space in the heart of Paris. Actors of your own adventure, walk the dark alleys as a team, solve many puzzles and interact with the actors present throughout the game. Batman Gotham City Adventures, so far they have kept secret the location, Opening in 2023. webpage:

Some of the work by the Heritage Mission of Stéphane Bern on saving wonderful heritage of France :

Very good news for these monuments! The Saint-Blaise-des-Simples Chapel in Milly-la-Forêt (Essonne 91) dating from the 12C , the final residence of Jean Cocteau, The Stéphane Bern heritage mission will allocate aid of 102,000 euros which will contribute to the work aimed at renovating this discreet monument, decorated with frescoes by Jean Cocteau, and where the poet rests for eternity. The House of the Sisters of Châteaufort wins a renovation, The grant of 129,000 euros will contribute to the restoration project. Built at the beginning of the 19C in the Yvelines (78), this dwelling in the Domaine d’Ors housed the nuns of the chapel. Also, 300,000 euros to urgently save the Abbey of Chiry-Ourscamp, the maximum possible sum will be devoted to the emergency work of the choir of the 13C monument. Construction started this week. Stéphane Bern webpage:

The Parc Floral de Paris lights up for us to enjoy a unique and magical show for the end of year celebrations. At sunset, a 2 km route takes shape with a total of 22 visual and sound installations. Show on the water, crossing in a huge luminous cathedral, and many other spectacular works will transport us directly into the magic of Christmas , The Christmas light trails, Parc Floral de Paris Route de la Pyramide 12éme Up to January 2, 2023, from 17h30 to 21h Info webpage :

The Paris Zoological Park has some totally magical days in store for us. Christmas bingo, gourmet breaks, making small gifts for the animals… And this Sunday,Dec 25 2022, they extend the experience by participating in the countdown of the lighting of the tree and attend a light show proposed by the Zizanie company, Lighting jugglers. Christmas at the Zoo, Paris Zoological Park, Avenue Daumesnil 12éme, info webpage :

After 70 years of neglect, the mythical building of the Meudon (92) aeronautical site is being transformed. Make way for Hangar Y. This place of art and culture resolutely focused on digital, space, travel, discovery and innovation will officially open its doors in the spring of 2023. Hangar Y Avenue de Trivaux, Meudon (Hauts de Seine 92), Opening in March 2023, more info in French webpage:

The Maison de Gainsbourg’s house 5 bis, rue de Verneuil, 7éme , Its facade is well known to the inhabitants, but few are those who have had the chance to enter it. But now it will be transformed into a museum for the greatest pleasure of nostalgics and other curious people… To believe that your silent prayers have been heard! The place will be accompanied by a bookstore-boutique, a piano bar at night and a café called “Gainsbarre” in tribute to the alter-ego of the artist. I have told you this and after announcing its opening for 2021, then 2022, now finally 2023 would finally seem to be the right year. webpage:

Giselle playing at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées 8éme, Choreography Marius Petipa, composed by Adolphe Adam, by the Ballet of the National Opera of Ukraine. Alternating with Natalia Matsak, Kateryna Alaieva, Sergii Kryvokon, Oleksii Potomkin, Kseniia Ivanenko, Iryna Borysova, Kostiantyn Pozharnytskyi, Kseniia Novikova, Sergii Lytvynenko. Up to January 5, 2023 , Originally choreographed in 1841 by Jean Coralli and Jules Perrot, to a score by Adolphe Adam and a libretto by Théophile Gautier, webpage:

Art Deco, City of Architecture and Heritage, 16éme, At the end of 1935, Jacques Carlu’s project for the Trocadero Palace was adopted. A new building is erected. The architect articulates his project around the creation of an esplanade and the breakthrough of a grandiose perspective on the city and the Eiffel Tower. He frames it with two monumental pavilions, extended by symmetrical wings whose sober lines preserve the balance of the masses. The inaugurated Palais de Chaillot has “Washingtonnian” dimensions and represents the last flame of artistic exchanges between France and North America ,around the Art Deco style. Exhibit Shows How the French Art Deco Style Influenced the Architecture, Decor, Lifestyle, and Taste of North Americans , Up to March 6, 2023 info webpage :

The Nancy Museum of Fine Arts brings together 150 works showing the fruitful interactions between art and architecture. this formidable exhibition which shows how, from the Renaissance onwards, art offered architecture a territory in which to unfold without constraint, sheltered from the laws of gravity, perspective or economy from all this rationality which padlocks its exercise in the real sphere. Until Mars 2023 more info dossier in French webpage :

In Pau, the Pyrenees fall steeply. Recently taken over by a couple passionate about art and design, the Hotel Bristol is a charming bubble in the heart of the city. Room 405, like all those on the fourth floor, offers a magnificent panorama of the mountains. A hotel establishment since 1903, a charming bubble in the heart of the city. Historical research on the building (which was the residence of the chaplain of the Fathers of Betharram in the 19C) went hand in hand with renovation work.webpage:

The place de l’Estrapade invaded by fans of the series, A few steps from the Pantheon , La Boulangerie moderne or the Modern Bakery in the 5éme arrondissement, which appears in “Emily in Paris”, has become an obligatory stop for a selfie accompanied by a pastry, It is in a very chic cozy Place de l’Estrapade. This space camouflaged by small streets a few steps from the Pantheon is the epicenter of the Netflix series whose 3rd season arrives this past Wednesday, December 21 2022. Great place indeed! Facebook page:

Villa Gypsy offers us a spot where to drink good coffee, eat well, with a selection of products from around the world. In this former abandoned hammam of more than 250 m2, in the heart of Batignolles, we stroll between stands for children, delicatessen stands, furniture, decoration, crafts, art – like masks brought back from Panama or ranges of original products stamped Villa Gypsy ranging from leather goods to soaps. Villa Gypsy, 126, rue Legendre 17éme Open from Tuesday to Saturday from 8h30 to 19h, Webpage:

It is a brand new concept that is about to open its doors in Paris, combining catering and entertainment. Deployed over 25,000 m2, Boom Boom Villette (former Vill’Up) is the largest Food & Leisure Market in France, dedicated to all those who love immersive experiences, street food and art urban. A one-of-a-kind spot. On the food side, a huge 4,000 m2 food market will bring together several restaurants and corners from around the world to satisfy all taste buds, with big names in street food and renowned chefs. And on the events side, the prog’ is entrusted to Live Nation France for DJ sets, concerts, happenings, lives, performances Boom Boom Villette, La Villette 19éme, Opening in the summer of 2023. webpage:

There you go folks, another round of my some news from France coming to you freely by the road warrior travel guy . Hope you enjoy this post and do take care of winter already here but still not feld, and the white one well stay away better ,me think,,, And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

December 23, 2022

How about Reims, a lot more than Champagne !!

This time will update this older post to bring you back to another wonderful city of my belle France: Reims. It is abroad probably best known for the Champagne, while here is a mix of bubbly and traditions of yesteryear still strong ;this is where most of the kings of France were crowned! I have other posts on Reims so this will be like my introduction to the city of Champagne and the kings. This post of course will be in my black and white series, no pictures. Reims, first of all is a wonderful city, and one my favorites and earliest visit in France. My family on wife’s side used to come here to picked grapes in harvest time so they can get some job experience while studying so they know how to press the grapes lol!

We can say that Reims should be the regional capital but never asked ; instead the capital is Châlons-en-Champagne. Therefore, Reims is the biggest sub capital  of France and the biggest town not been capital of a region in France. It rather likes to be known as the city of sacred or city of kings , as it was here at Notre Dame Cathedral where Clovis king of the Franks was baptized by Saint Remi and most of the kings of France from 816 to 1825 were crowned. The city is name to the Art and History list of cities in France and has three places in the Unesco world heritage list. For the anecdote, my sons are name after the foundation of France! ….

The main shops area in city center/downtown are Place Drouet-d’Erlon with the shopping center Espace d’Erlon ,rue de Vesle, main shopping street ,  place Royale. place Myron T. Herrick where there is the Opéra de Reims  and nearby the Comédie. Other important arteries for shopping/eating etc are the rue de l’Étape, rue du Cadran-Saint-Pierre,rue des Élus, rue Condorcet, rue de Talleyrand,avenue Jean-Jaurès ,and avenue de Laon.

It is easy to come here from Paris at only 130 km or about 81 miles, and very close to the second city of Champagne, Epernay at only 25 km. The TGV from Gare de l’Est as well as local TER trains are in constancy contact with Paris as well in just 1h30 . The city is link with a canal  since 1866 call the canal de l’Aisne à la Marne allowing Reims to have direct access to the Marne river with three levies in Reims and a nautical link at boulevard Paul-Doumer. You have several roads passing by here such as the A26, also known as the motorway of the  English  as many of them, go around Paris using this road ; the famous A4 or motorway of the East linking Paris to  Strasbourg passing by Metz ; the A34,or motorway Ardennaise, that can go into Belgium along the old nationale or N51; the A344 also known as the expressway  Jean Taittinger that replace the old  A4  and link with the  A4, A26, and A34 passing by city center/Downtown. Here going into city center/Downtown you can lookup the panels in the A344 for Reims-Centre, Reims Cathédrale, Reims-Saint-Rémi and on the A4 exit/sortie 22 Reims Centre  or sortie/exit 23 Reims Sud; on the A26 you can take the sortie/exit 16.1 to Reims centre. There are four train stations here: gare de Reims, gare de Reims-Maison-Blanche, Gare de Reims-Franchet d’Esperey , and gare de Champagne-Ardenne TGV.There is no airport but the TGV from the station Champagne-Ardenne TGV,can put you here in 30 minutes from Paris CDG airport. For bus/tramway of Reims the site is Citura webpage:

As always by me, a bit of history I like. The territory of Reims stayed allied to the Romans and was part of their empire. They had many invaders since such as in 357 and 366, by Germanic tribes, in 406 by the Vandals, and in 451 by the Huns.  Saint Remi was the main follower of Christ in the area and help spread Christianity here; as bishop of Reims he made king Clovis of the Franks submit to the new religion at the current site of the Church of  Saint-Nicaise, avenue de la Marne , this was around the year 496, where he was baptized in the Cathedral. The other legend is that as Clovis was married to Clothilde a Visigoth queen already Christianized, and he had a big battle against another king of the  Alemannic (Lothar of Germans) to do over the Rhine river he promise his wife that if he prays to her God and wins he will convert to the religion and declare the religion of his kingdom. The actions were done and he won the battle, the rest is more history…During the French revolution the religious buildings were put up for sale and the Cathedral made into a stockade depot; the Holy Ampulla was destroyed and the relics of Saint Remi burned in the public square. There were massacres in 1792 by the Republican volunteers that came back to joined the army that was in campaign against the Prussians; the guillotine worked four times during this period! From the end of the 19C the city host several military installations and housing for them such as the caserne Colbert (boulevard de la Paix), caserne Jeanne-d’Arc (boulevard Pommery),  and caserne Neufchâtel  and caserne Maistre (rue de Neufchâtel). Only the caserne Colbert has been preserved today and change to commercial and lodging quarters.

During WWI the city was destroyed for the most part including the Notre Dame Cathedral that was bombed ; the Germans entered the city and occupied it for several days. At the end of the war, the city was destroyed for about 60% , and as the Notre Dame Cathedral of Reims the city became a martyr city and a symbol for France.  Again on WWII June 11 1940 the Nazis entered Reims and later began the thefts of property, acquisitions, rationing , arresting folks ,deportations and executions. On August 30 1944, the allies entered Reims and General Eisenhower  takes his HQ after the liberation of the city ; the rendition of the Nazi regime is done in the technical school ,currently the high school or lycée Roosevelt on May 7 1945 ending the war in Europe. Next day May 8 1945 upon the request of the Soviets a second signature is done at Berlin , and it is this date that is taken as the capitulation without conditions of the Nazi regime and the end of the war in Europe.

There are several religious places in Reims due to its importance in history ,in fact too numerous to mention here. The principal ones in my opinion are the Notre Dame Cathedral (b. 1211) at place du Parvis; and the Basilica of Saint Remi at place du Chanoine-Ladame. The second oldest Church in Reims after the Basilica is the Church of Saint James or Saint Jacques at rue Marx-Dormoy. One special is the Basilica Church Sainte Clotilde at Place Sainte Clothilde, built in 1896 to commemorate the 1400 anniversary of the baptism of Clovis ,done in a neo byzantine style in the form of a Greek Cross to honor the wife of Clovis, that helped in his conversion to Christianity. The Basilica Church Sainte Clotilde was to have a relic of all the saints of France that have marked its history. These relics were placed in the crypt and they are more than 120 reliquaries and 2000 relics.

Other things to see in Reims of note in my opinion are the Hôtel de Ville, Hôtel de Brimont,at 34 du boulevard Lundy ; Hôtel Werlé, aka Roederer, style Louis XVI built in 1867 at 23 du boulevard Lundy. Hôtel Mignot at 17 boulevard Lundy built in 1911 there is a plaque on the facade written « Dwight D. Eisenhower généralissime des armées alliées a résidé dans cette maison du 20 février 1945 au 25 mai 1945. La Ville de Reims a son illustre citoyen d’honneur. 8 mai 1955 ».simply in honor of Gen Eisenhower who lived here in 1945. Hôtel Lüling at 14 boulevard Lundy built in 1863 associated to the Champagne Maison Heidsieck & Cie.  There are other nice mansions along the boulevard de la Paix, rue Piper ,and the rue des Moissons.

There are several museums which I have not been to all, but the main ones visited are the Palais du Tau, former episcopal palace built under king Louis XIV and rebuilt after the fire of 1914; it is next to the Cathedral and retraces the history of the monument and its district, you will see the most important funeral stone collection in France, the royal treasury of the Cathedral and several objects used during the coronation of king Charles X, the last king of France. The museum of fine arts or musée des beaux-arts at the rue Chanzy; founded in 1794 from works taken(stolen) in the French revolution and put in the old abbey of Saint Denis in 1908; it has the works of the principal artistic movement from the 14C to the 20C. Other museums are the musée-hôtel Le Vergeur where you have the old Reims museum or musée du Vieux-Reims located at place du Forum, showing work dating from antiquity to the 20C including about 50 engravings from Albert Dürer, furniture,and Asian works from the 19C. the museum or musée Saint-Remi, locate in rue Simon in the old Benedictine abbey showing the history and archeology of Reims. And one would like to visit myself is the musée automobile Reims Champagne considered the 5th most imporant automobile museum in France with a collection that goes back to 1908 to our days. For the nature or walker lovers you have nice parks in Reims, our favorites are the Jardin des buttes Saint-Nicaise at  boulevard Diancourt), the parc de Champagne (previous parc  Pommery) at avenue du Général-Giraud, and the prettiest one the parc de la Patte d’oie at boulevard du Général Leclerc between the Vesle river and the train station of Reims city; with a congress palace  and the Circus.

Some of the delicacies you can buy here other than Champagne ok ok, are the biscuit rose or rose cookies created in 1691 when a baker had the idea of cook the paste two times and add aroma of Vanilla with the carmin that gives the rose color to hide the vanilla sticks ; the tradition is to dip in a cup of what else Champagne. The spicy bread or pain d’épices that here goes back to the 16C. Also, the mustard produce at Reims from vinegar and spices  since the 19C it had great reputation already ;today only the maison Charbonneaux-Brabant produces it under the name Clovis as well as the vinegar done from the marc thrown out from the Champagne after a second fermentation  so from wine of Champagne. The ham of Reims is werel sought after too one of the best in France , taken a shoulder of pork without bones cook in hot water than marbled and mix with breadcrumb; the pieces are then, put in a parsley jelly. Yummy!!!

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There you go folks, enjoy Reims, it is more than Champagne . I told you so !! We look forward to be back, eventually! So much to see in my belle France! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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