Memories of Florida !!!

Ok so another of my nostalgic posts, so many memories and family good times, not to mention my single life…in the Sunshine State of Florida. I have several posts on the State, but found me some older pictures and decided as they bring so many wonderful moments in my life to bring them to life in my blog. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The St. Petersburg Pier, officially known as the St. Pete Pier, is a landmark pleasure pier extending into Tampa Bay from downtown/city center St. Petersburg. Over the years several different structures have been built at the same location. The most recent structure, the third owned by the city, was a five-story inverted pyramid-shaped building ; the Inverted Pyramid Pier opened to the public in late 1973. This is the one of many memorable moments and the seaquarium there with the family , nice for the kids. The Inverted Pyramid, with its unconventional, forward-thinking structure was built on top of the 1926 Pier. Over the years, it housed three restaurants, snack bars, miniature golf, novelty shops, an aquarium and breathtaking views of Tampa BayThe Inverted Pyramid Pier officially closed on May 31, 2013. There is a brand new one now, the new 26-acre Pier District opened on July 6, 2020.  The renovated St. Pete Pier features a variety of restaurants. Here an old pic for the memories of always.

St Petersburg bay pier c1998

St Petersburg pier closeup c1999

The official new St Pete pier:

The Clearwater-St Pete tourist office on the new pier

The Best Western All Suites hotel near Busch Gardens Tampa, this is where we stayed the couple times visiting Busch Gardens, and apparently is gone or taking over, can’t find it pity, All I remember is that it was north of Busch Gardens very near, They still show rides we enjoyed back before 2003 such as Kumba ride ,Congo river, Serengeti, and of course the animals.  What I do not see and probably discontinued was that at the time the park was owned by Anheuser Busch beer company and you could have free tasting of a glass of beer, which of course I got back for a few until thrown out of the line recognising me the staff lol !!! In the hotel pool my boys and then my dear late wife Martine and the boys at the park

Tampa best western hotel temple terrace c1998

Tampa best western hotel temple terrace pool c2008

Tampa busch gardens kids et MF c1998

The official Busch Gardens

The Walt Disney World Resort is located about 30 km from Orlando, actually by the Lake Buena Vista city area but commonly call Orlando.  I remember the monorail a great ride see it all from high ground and a rest lol !! Once I counted came 20 times over to Walt Disney Orlando (see post) as for many years lived only 1H30 from it, and also came to concerts, I remember one with KC and the Sunshine Band that was awesome going with my then girlfriend from Daytona Beach. The park is very dear to my boys and now we go already 4 times to the one in Seine et Marne, commonly call Disneyland Paris.(see posts)

Orlando Walt Disney monorail c1998

The official Walt Disney on the monorail ride

There you go folks, another memorable if simple post. The pictures as the visits are old, but they remain very much part of my family and the trails we have burned. As said, Florida will always be remembered as the U S A. I am glad was able to do posts like this still today. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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