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December 15, 2022

The Angel and Diana, symbols of Mexico City !!!

I am back in my Americas and Mexico to update text and additional pictures of two symbols of Mexico City that is the Angel de la Independencia and Fuente de Diana Cazadora, In my walks in the city I was lucky to stayed near them and have great memories of it . Let me tell you a bit more on them, and hope you enjoy it as I.

 I have several blog posts on Mexico having visited the country in numerous occasions and with family now there in the Yucatàn peninsula area. The Mexico pretty and loved that I know. 

The fuente de la Diana Cazadora (eng. Huntress Diana Fountain) or originally La flechadora de las estrellas del norte (eng. the arrow of the stars of the North), is a monument located in the roundabout at Paseo de la Reforma and Calle Río Misisipí and Calle Sevilla, on the border of the neighborhoods of Colonia Cuauhtémoc and Colonia Juàrez, and was begun in 1938.


The sculpture of the Diana , was started to create when a program of beautification of the city that included the creation of several monumental fountains in roundabouts or representative corners was designed.  The model was then 16 years old, it was called Helvia Martínez Verdayes and worked in the evenings as secretary in the offices of Petroleos Mexicanos, (petroleum of Mexico or Pemex). It was there that it was proposed to her the model for the sculpture. The young woman accepted and the sculpture was elaborated from April to September of 1942, month in which finally the bronze smelting of the same one was made. During all that time, Helvia Martínez Verdayes posed naked for the sculptor without receiving another pay than the vanity of seeing her body immortalized in one of the most beautiful avenues of the city. The Fountain of the Arrow star of the North was inaugurated on October 10, 1942 and from that moment the affection of the people was won, who began to call it the Diana the huntress fountain.

Mex fuente de la diosa diana reforma dic11

The Angel de la Independencia or the Independance Angel is a column located on a roundabout in the end of the Paseo de la Reforma. The column has 36 meters high, and the statue, which weighs 7 tons,  and about 7 meters, for a total of 43 meters. Made with gold leaves.  El Ángel was built in 1910 to celebrate the centenary of the independence of Mexico (September 16 1810 Grito de Dolores) . In 1925, a mausoleum was made at its base containing the remains of the heroes of the Independence of Mexico. The statue of the winged Victory located at its summit is inspired and is a quasi-conforming copy of the statue of the Genius of Liberty located on the column of July, Place de la Bastille in Paris, France.


There are 200 stairs, and the climb is arduous. The first approximately 15 stairs, in the base, are wide and comfortable. The stairs in the column itself, approximately 185, are circular, metal, very narrow and without a landing or resting point until one reaches the top. Visitors who are not in good physical shape will find the climb exhausting, and those not comfortable with tight spaces should avoid the climb as there is insufficient room to allow others to bypass. Some areas of the staircase are very dark, and there are only a few slits to let in light. The top balcony, though narrow, offers a commanding view of the wide avenues that surround the column. The return trip down is by way of the same circular staircase.

Mex El angel de la independecia arriv oct12

Visitors are allowed to enter the monument, view the memorial plaques at the base level, and climb to the top of the tower. Entrance is free. To go up people must get a permit at the Cuauhtémoc borough (delegacion) where you must show ID. Groups of no more than 6 are then allowed into the monument for about 15 minutes. Need to check due to earthquake damage for its opening Cuauhtémoc govt webpage:

Mex el Angel statue reforma dic11

The Mexico city  visitor information on the Angel de la Independencia:

DEFE (DF saying in Spanish) private webpage on the Angel de la Independencia

The Mexico city visitor information on the Fuente de Diana :

The Chilango private webpage on the Fuente Diana Cazadora

There you go folks, two beautiful monuments of Mexico DF or city to see! Enjoy your walks to see the Angel and the Diana , and hope you have enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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December 15, 2022

Memories of Florida !!!

Ok so another of my nostalgic posts, so many memories and family good times, not to mention my single life…in the Sunshine State of Florida. I have several posts on the State, but found me some older pictures and decided as they bring so many wonderful moments in my life to bring them to life in my blog. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The St. Petersburg Pier, officially known as the St. Pete Pier, is a landmark pleasure pier extending into Tampa Bay from downtown/city center St. Petersburg. Over the years several different structures have been built at the same location. The most recent structure, the third owned by the city, was a five-story inverted pyramid-shaped building ; the Inverted Pyramid Pier opened to the public in late 1973. This is the one of many memorable moments and the seaquarium there with the family , nice for the kids. The Inverted Pyramid, with its unconventional, forward-thinking structure was built on top of the 1926 Pier. Over the years, it housed three restaurants, snack bars, miniature golf, novelty shops, an aquarium and breathtaking views of Tampa BayThe Inverted Pyramid Pier officially closed on May 31, 2013. There is a brand new one now, the new 26-acre Pier District opened on July 6, 2020.  The renovated St. Pete Pier features a variety of restaurants. Here an old pic for the memories of always.

St Petersburg bay pier c1998

St Petersburg pier closeup c1999

The official new St Pete pier:

The Clearwater-St Pete tourist office on the new pier

The Best Western All Suites hotel near Busch Gardens Tampa, this is where we stayed the couple times visiting Busch Gardens, and apparently is gone or taking over, can’t find it pity, All I remember is that it was north of Busch Gardens very near, They still show rides we enjoyed back before 2003 such as Kumba ride ,Congo river, Serengeti, and of course the animals.  What I do not see and probably discontinued was that at the time the park was owned by Anheuser Busch beer company and you could have free tasting of a glass of beer, which of course I got back for a few until thrown out of the line recognising me the staff lol !!! In the hotel pool my boys and then my dear late wife Martine and the boys at the park

Tampa best western hotel temple terrace c1998

Tampa best western hotel temple terrace pool c2008

Tampa busch gardens kids et MF c1998

The official Busch Gardens

The Walt Disney World Resort is located about 30 km from Orlando, actually by the Lake Buena Vista city area but commonly call Orlando.  I remember the monorail a great ride see it all from high ground and a rest lol !! Once I counted came 20 times over to Walt Disney Orlando (see post) as for many years lived only 1H30 from it, and also came to concerts, I remember one with KC and the Sunshine Band that was awesome going with my then girlfriend from Daytona Beach. The park is very dear to my boys and now we go already 4 times to the one in Seine et Marne, commonly call Disneyland Paris.(see posts)

Orlando Walt Disney monorail c1998

The official Walt Disney on the monorail ride

There you go folks, another memorable if simple post. The pictures as the visits are old, but they remain very much part of my family and the trails we have burned. As said, Florida will always be remembered as the U S A. I am glad was able to do posts like this still today. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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December 15, 2022

How about Mettlach, Germany !

In my personal trips to Germany , I finally took the family on a whirlwind tour of the western parts of the country, and base south of Trier (see posts) and by car traveled gracefully.  I am updating this older post that brings lots of nice memories to me. The town of Mettlach caught the attention of my dear late wife Martine from brochures,and she saw an opportunity for shopping, so off I needed to go lol !. Going all the way on the road B51 from my base south of Trier to Mettlach was easy, passing many interesting towns and enjoying the car ride.

I like the town for its quant architecture, on the banks of the Sarre river, and the quant restaurants around the main square on a hilly terrain down to the river. Of course, if you are into shopping of the good names at reduce prices then this is it for you!! My Martine love it!!!  Mettlach is a town in the district of Merzig-Wadern in Saarland,  approximately 7 km (4.3 mi) from Merzig, and 30 km (19 mi) from Trier. Here we took again the B51 south from Konz-Trier. Very nice picturesque road takes you right along the Sarre river entering town over the bridge on Von Boch Liebig Strabe(street).


However, for me, not my wife, the best was the simple nice lunch we had at Eis Cafe La Taormina at Freiherr-vom-Stein-Straße 32 (street). We had a snack there at Eis cafe La Taormina, Sicilian folks and great beers with gelato, Italian ice cream just wonderful like been there,and on the main street just down from the Church on the main street to the river boat terminals and five minutes from the Villeroy & Boch abbey/outlet stores.  The official Eis Cafe La Taormina webpage in German :



The RestaurantGuru reviews on Eis Cafe La Taormina :

For those in the footing, there is a nice castle ruins outside of town. The Castle of Montclair is in ruins.  At the Convention of  1778, it was recalled that, in accordance with what had already been stipulated in 1661, between France and the Elector of Trier(local govt at the time), the fort and Château de MontClair could never be relieved or reinstated. The way the tourist office has it, you go from the parking place at the Pfaffkirche in Mettlach, following “Tafeltour ” signs you will reach this picturesque small castle after about 3.5 km of walking. The Trail is quite steep, but it leads through beautiful woods with several viewing spots with benches where you can relax, if needed, so it is still enjoyable.

There is an opportunity for river cruising very popular here even if we had no time or no willingness to do so.  The Church of  Liutwinious (see post) name after the first abbot who founded it here is very quaint nice on a hilly plateau overlooking the city below, worth the climb.

Like I said, we came here for the shopping and the whole town seems to be gear for the factory outlet stores especially that of fame Villeroy & Boch! Here we took small plates and cups and went on to the others to get some more goodies always temptation abount here, the prices are right for the quality product, the places is picturesques and quaint old world ,and just dandy places to eat. A nice find indeed. (See post)

For info the Mettlach tourist office on factory outlet:

A bit of history I like . Mettlach, formerly Mettloch, was a village and abbey in the Duchy of Lorraine, attached to the Diocese of Trier.The Abbey of Mettlach was founded in the 7C by Lutvin, who was the first abbot.

The Mettlach tourist City office:

The Sarre region tourist office on Mettlachhtps://

There you go folks, a nice spot indeed to spend a day of glorious shopping ,good food, and nice picturesques scenes on the Sarre river. A memorable summer vacation for the whole family, and i will look forward to be back, and did…. Hope you enjoy the post on Mettlach!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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