Curiosities of France !! Part IV

Looking at my vault,again, found some older pictures on paper and took my digital camera to take picture of the pictures and use them in my blog. This allows me to show in my blog places not shown or pics with new angles of places shown in the blog. Nostalgia sets in and here I go on the curiosities of France !! Part IV.

These are pictures before my blogging effort and even before coming to live in France! Hope you enjoy these marvels of my belle France !!!

The Place de la Réunion is the central square of the old town of Mulhouse, located in the extension of rue du Sauvage. It opens onto rue Mercière, rue de la Lanterne, rue Henriette, on place Lambert, as well as on the passage de l’Hôtel de ville. The term “Reunion” refers to the historical episode of the attachment of the Republic of Mulhouse to the French Republic on March 15, 1798, The Place de la Réunion is bordered by several historic buildings in old Mulhouse such as the Saint-Étienne temple, the City/town hall, the Mieg house, the former tailors’ corporation or the Lys pharmacy. There is also a fountain surmounted by the statue of the halberdier.

Mulhouse pl de la Réunion fontaine du hallebardier et hotel de ville c2004

The City of Mulhouse and its heritage :

In Alsatian, dolder means “the highest point”. Built in 1291, the Dolder served as a belfry and watchtower for the inhabitants of Riquewihr for centuries. It is reached by a rather steep stone staircase which once led to the walkway. The Dolder Museum reveals the history and evolution of the fortified medieval city of Riquewihr from the 12C to the 17C, as well as its means of defence. From the 4th level of the tower, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the roofs of the city and the plain of Alsace.

Riquewihr la tour du Dolder c2004

The City of Riquewihr and its heritage :

The Ribeauville-Riquewihr tourist office on the museum

There you go folks, a walk of nostalgia from my very earlier trips to my belle France. The wonders of France, the most visited country in the world (UN WTO). I say that still rings a bell to my ears on each stretch of meter I take on this world. Hope you enjoy the post on Riquewihr and Mulhouse as I reviving these old pictures into the life of my blog

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. Mulhouse, I went there this year, especially for its fabulous automobile museum!

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  2. Too good dear friend🤗💕

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