Christmas in Locronan and Rochefort en Terre !!

As the best season is coming up for 2022, I try to bring nicer memories back into my life. Now that time has passed and the two great women of my life are out, (my mom Gladys and my wife Martine) this is the time where all comes back. I like to share these moment again with my readers. Thank you for reading me, and hope these posts brings joy to you and your families. These posts will be in my black and white series, no pictures.

I came back to these wonderful towns during Christmas market period. Lots of family memories that I like to update and package into one post, These were the first Christmas market we went back after the passing of a very dear person, my dear wife Martine in 2018. This was the Christmas of December 2019,

Locronan  is in the Finistére dept 29 and Rochefort en Terre is in the Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, very nice market , very traditional and respected by all here. The Christmas marketis small in Locronan as the town is with less than 1K inhabitants but the dimensions of its fame are huge. We have come here every year since we were in Brittany,this year December 2019.Christmas at Locronan it seems more real !!

We went as usual by car , about 1h30 from our house is Locronan. This is a famous town famous for its Grande Tromédie (second sunday of July) a religious and historical procession of 12 km (see post), And of course, we look at the Christmas chalets , they are nice quant but a bit smallish . More than 5 km of garlands and light curtains will illuminate the Little City of Character with the magic of Christmas. On the program: concert of sacred gypsy songs, street shows and Breton dances, fairground rides and Santa Claus on a pony! Christmas magic works every time in the wonderful little city of character, it’s magic and free! In all the streets and all the squares of the historic heart, the light decorations will compete in beauty in the purest and most traditional Christmas spirit! Spicy and gourmet scents will guide you throughout your journey, for a ride that promises to be enchanting. Traders and art craftsmen will welcome you on the Christmas market made up of 25 chalets and in their shop or workshop to find magnificent gifts. Also, the Church Notre Dame de Troncaye just superbe !

The fairy tale wonderful cosy gorgeous medieval Rochefort en Terre in my beautiful Morbihan. I live less than an hour from here! and love it!!! Each time coming here is an event of wonderful memories. My dear late wife Martine, absolutely love it!

First, the town is loaded with artists, painters, potters, jewerly makers, leather makers you name they are here spread all over the inner core of the old town a whimsical ride to the best of Bretagne and France. And what makes it special the spirit of Christmas , voted as the best many times in different scenarios and best village of France in 2016! 

And of course great local food recommended tried over the years here ,these are the Bar Restaurant Freine le Temps, Bar Restaurant Les Ardoisiéres, Créperie Glacier La Terrasse, Restaurant L’Ancolie, and especially our fav Créperie Le Café Breton ! You can, also, visit the Church of Notre Dame de la Tronchaye, NAIA museum, and the castle just awesome , recommended to all to stop by indeed. Enjoy it as we do.

There you go folks a dandy experience , always remember with fondness, this is the season to be merrier, we always try even if memories of the past will come flashing by rapidly. It is always a time to cheers and in the Morbihan is sublime.

And remember, happy travels good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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