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December 3, 2022

Historical Rohan !!

Again, back in my road warrior mode in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France, The possibilities are endless and I am just starting, really ! I went today to several towns never before been and the trip was awesome with me the boys and Rex, our dog, Cruising right along I came into the town of Rohan a planned stop ,and saw a wonderful church,and market good enough to included it in my blog, Therefore, here is the first on the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Encontre ,and Halles of Rohan ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The town of Rohan is located about 51 km from my house and on the old lordship of the Rohan dukes of Brittany. There is a nice small marina or Port de Plaisance de Rohan along the Nantes Brest canal! Here on the Oust river and alongside the road D125.  A tourist information point has been opened at the lock house, near the Chapelle Notre Dame de Bonne-Encontre.  Along this same canal, walkers and cyclists can walk to the abbey of Timadeuc (see post). On the canal, you can also go canoeing thanks to the CKC (Rohan canoe-kayak club).Nice nature we shall be back.

Rohan canal nantes brest port plaisance nov22

Rohan is the place of origin of the family of Rohan in the viscounty of Porhoët which was before the 11C a dependency of Rennes , The founding charter of the Priory of Rohan in 1127 constitutes the birth certificate of the city which then presents a tripartite configuration of castle, monastic village, and lordship village on a reduced and uneven living area of ​​around fifty hectares. During the War of the Succession of Brittany, the city was taken by the Earl of Northampton, looted and burned in 1342. John I of Rohan repaired the fortress and rebuilt the city In 1418, the city lost the title of seat of the Viscounty of Rohan for the benefit of Pontivy, Already in ruins when the French revolution occurred, the castle has now disappeared. In the middle of the 19C, its stones were given to the Trappists by the tenth Duke of Rohan to build the Abbey of Notre-Dame de Timadeuc in Bréhan (see post)

I came to see the Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Encontre (16C),( Our Lady of Goodwill)  is located in the village of Saint-Samson, part of the town of Rohan at a place called Le Point du Jour, Built by Jean II de Rohan to replace the old chapel of the first castle of 1104, it preserves an inscription of its foundation engraved on a stone of the south facade. The patron saint of the place is present here in the form of a Virgin and Child. We also note the coat of arms of the Rohans, composed of six half-parts of Rohan, and two ermines, half-parts of Brittany, recalling the union of Jean II de Rohan with Marie de Bretagne, daughter of François 1st Duke of Brittany.

Rohan chapelle Notre Dame de bonne encontre entr nov22

Rohan chapelle Notre Dame de bon retour front nov22

Rohan chapelle Notre Dame de bonne encontre side nov22

Another wonderful sight is the Halle aux grains or cereals covered market is from the end of the 17C. In the first half of the 20C, a real destructive wave led to the disappearance of almost all the wooden halls. The rescue of the grain market in Rohan will make it one of the last 5 witnesses of these “wooden nerfs”, magnificent works of carpentry. It is call the halle aux grains, built between 1682 and 1700. Open hall with two sections of a single nerf of 8 spans,and oak frame, with a length of 24 meters, width 8 meters, floor surface 194 m2, and height at the ridge 6.76 meters. The statue of its sponsor Jean II de Rohan 15me Viscount of Rohan is right next to the halle.

Rohan halles nov22

Rohan halles statue Jean II de Rohan duke brittany nov22

Other things to see with more time, and we will back are :

The Saint-Gobrien Church, fedicated to Saint-Gobrien, the parish church of Rohan dates from the end of the 19C. It is a modern building, in the Gothic style, built in 1897 to replace the old chapel of Saint-Gobrien which became the parish church in 1653, restored and enlarged many times and finally demolished. The present church was blessed and opened for worship on April 29, 1897. The Saint-Gouvry Church ,16C was rebuilt in the 17C, and restored in 1968 !, of the original church, only the bedside bay and its stained glass window remain. The stained glass window in the chancel window dates from the 16C. In the shape of a fleur-de-lys, it depicts the characters of the Crucifixion, and bears the coat of arms of Brittany, the Rohans and the Le Moyne de Talhouët, Bréhaut and Clisson families. A bronze bell dates from 1756. The communion table and the pulpit date from the 19C. Note also a reliquary head of Saint-Gouvry in painted wood and dated from the 17C. The Saint-Samson Church, was rebuilt in 1904 on the foundations of the old 15C parish church, the church retains octagonal baptismal fonts from this period. Made of cut stone, it is a very slender building which notably houses a polychrome wooden statue of Saint-Isidore, patron saint of farmers.

The Town of Rohan and its heritage :

The site go out in Brittany with info on the Halles

There you go folks, another dandy in my Morbihan, always amazing finds, I continue in my road warrior trips, the best way to see and know the country, any country, I hope you enjoy these posts and especially today on the Chapelle Notre Dame de Bonne Encontre , and Halles of Rohan !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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December 3, 2022

The Saint-Cosme-et-Saint-Damien Church of Naizin !

Again, back in my road warrior mode in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne and in my belle France, The possibilities are endless and I am just starting, really ! I went today to several towns never before been and the trip was awesome with me the boys and Rex, our dog, Cruising right along I came into the town of Naizin ,not a planned stop but saw a wonderful church, good enough to included it in my blog, Therefore, here is the first on the Saint Cosme and Saint Damien Church of Naizin ! Hope you enjoy it as I.

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien belltower side nov22

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien left side belltower nov22

The town of Naizin is a former town which on January 1, 2016, it took on the administrative status of new town under Évellys. The town is located 13 km from Locminé, 15 km from Pontivy, and 41 km from Vannes. It is 37 km from my house, Naizin forms a fairly large territory, limited by Kerfourn, Le Moustoir , Remungol, Moréac, Réguiny and Crédin.

The Saint-Cosme-et-Saint-Damien Church in neo-Romanesque style. Dedicated to the Holy Savior in the mystery of the transfiguration. But the parish and the parishioners have been claiming the patronage of Saint Cosimo and Saint Damien since the 9C. The new church was built in the same location and to the same size as the old one. The construction is very fast because the new sanctuary is blessed on September 22, 1857, In 1870 a lightning rod is installed on the tower. The tower clock was put in place in 1913, The church has been very regularly maintained during the 20C. Mainly to mention: the floor of the tower in 1938, paving of the central aisle in ceramics in 1945, modernization of the electrification in 1948, the roof in 1951, electrification of the bells and electric clock in 1958, new altar facing the assistance in 1970, heating in 1973, roofing and paving of the transepts in 1997, repair of the stained glass windows and replacement of the clock in 1998. The superb chandeliers dating from the second empire, were renovated and put back into operation for Christmas 2004, etc.etc etc.

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien altar closeup nov22

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien altar et chapels nov22

The altarpiece of the high altar, in stone and marble, dates from 1699: in the center is represented the Transfiguration and at the ends are the statues of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The altarpiece (17C), placed in the Saint-Côme and Saint-Damien Chapel, houses the statues of Saint Côme, Saint Damien, a Virgin and Child and Saint Anne teaching the Virgin. The altarpiece (18-19C), located on the left, is dedicated to the Virgin: it includes a painting representing the Apparition of LaSalette, as well as statues including those of the Virgin, Saint Joseph and Saint Cornély. The “Madonna and Child” statue, in polychrome wood, dates from the 15C.

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien chapel holy family nov22

Naizin ch St Cosme et St Damien chapel virgin nov22

The new town of Evellys on Naizin :

The local Central Morbihan tourist office on Naizin heritage

There you go folks, another dandy in my Morbihan, always amazing finds, I continue in my road warrior trips, the best way to see and know the country, any country, I hope you enjoy these posts and especially today on the Saint Cosme and Saint Damien Church of Naizin !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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December 3, 2022

Wines news of France XXXVIIII !!

Well, we are right in conditional winter already with temps dipping below freezing celsius , and December 21st is the so call start of winter so much for dates. Anyway, always good to bring the best of Wines news of France. First ,thanks to all my readers and/or followers! Oh yeah, the wines of France are just super simply awesome and a great tradition. Often imitated, some time equaled ,but never surpass! Let me give you some news shall we. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Bordeaux Tasting 2022 From December 10 to 11 from 10h to 18h30, Palais de la Bourse de Bordeaux, For this 11th and new edition, Bordeaux Tasting is renewing itself by offering unique tasting areas, open to different wine worlds: Wines from Bordeaux and elsewhere at the Palais de la Bourse; Champagnes at Bordeaux World Heritage; Spirits such as Cognac, Armagnac, gin, rum and whiskey at the Customs Museum Info webpage :

The history of La Conseillante, one of the most famous Pomerol wines , begins in the 18C. Catherine Conseillan, a metal merchant in Libourne, built a 12-hectare vineyard between 1735 and 1776 and had the castle we know today built. She gave her name to the estate in 1754. After several changes of owners, the estate was acquired in 1871 by the merchant brothers Louis and Nicolas Nicolas, who gave it a new lease of life. It remains in the Nicolas family to this day. Since 2003, the fifth generation, embodied by Jean-Valmy and his cousins ​​Bertrand and Henri Nicolas, has managed the family property. The management has been provided since 2015 by Marielle Cazaux, oenologist, who benefits from the wise advice of Michel Rolland. The 12 ha vineyard is planted with merlot (80%) and cabernet franc (20%), on clay-gravelly soil and a subsoil of iron filth. The average age of the vines is 35 years , with a structure of the vineyard unchanged since 1871, La Conseillante has been able to maintain a great consistency of quality over the centuries. At harvest time, the grapes are harvested manually and are selected on four tables for sorting! The circular vat room, built in 2012, has 22 small concrete vats, adapted to the different terroirs of the property, and thus allowing parcel vinification (for 16 micro-parcels). The aging lasts 18 months. Since 2007, La Conseillante has been producing a second wine called Duo de Conseillante. energy, freshness and a great, distinguished Pomerol. A safe bet indeed, Webpage :

The artist Peter Doig’s ode to Château Mouton Rothschild, Unveiled yesterday Thursday December 1,2022 for the label of the 2020 vintage of Pauillac’s premier grand cru is signed by the British painter of Scottish origin, a major figure in contemporary art. Webpage :

In The Virtues of Wine. Dédiabolisons une consommation modérée et bénéfique pour la santé or Let’s de-demonize moderate and beneficial consumption for health , published by Favre,on the work research of Dr. Jean-Pierre Rifler, who has been working on the subject for 30 years, is very clear: consumed in moderation, wine is good for health and longevity. He recommends a hemin of wine per day per monk, this corresponds to three glasses These polyphenols, powerful antioxidants, are soluble in alcohol. This is why half a glass of red wine is equal to four liters of tea in antioxidant power. Polyphenols are our healthy life extenders. For the Alzheimer’s disease free radicals destroy nerve cells and their connections, Polyphenols, which slow down cellular aging, protect us from this. The positive effect of wine on neurodegeneration has been confirmed by numerous studies. wine protects the arteries. Alcohol increases the size of blood vessels and therefore lowers blood pressure. There’s no better antidepressant than a glass of wine. It’s better than Valium! I know this for years but good many works have come out since the Pandora effect to prove this again, drink wine in moderation but drink it! The Virtues of Wine, a story by Jean-Pierre Rifler, Available online at the editor Favre webpage :

Former basketball player and NBA star, playmaker for the San Antonio Spurs,Tony Parker recently announced his purchase of Château Noël Saint-Laurent near Avignon. Like singers, directors, athletes or comedians such as Kylie Minogue, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Jon Bon Jovi, Ridley Scott, George Lucas or more recently Patrick Bruel, the former basketball player knows how to handle the art of rebound After teaming up with Michel Reybier ,including owner of Château Cos d’Estournel in Saint-Estèphe , who offered the ex-basketball player to join him in his adventures within the Domaine de la Mascaronnein Provence and in the Jeeper champagnes, the quadruple NBA champion is once again attacking the vineyards of the south of France.This in Morières-les-Avignon, near Avignon in the Vaucluse dept 84 , in order to produce his own Côtes-du-Rhône at Château Noël Saint-Laurent. The building was built in the 13C and belonged since the 1950s to Noël, a family of winemakers. Tony Parker will be in charge of a 40 ha vineyard, made up of various grape varieties such as syrah, grenache, cinsault, viognier and roussanne, whose first harvests were carried out last summer. Journal La Provence info webpage :

Wine connoisseurs are familiar with the flagship grape variety of Burgundy red wines: Pinot Noir. They know that within this same family are listed more than 200 different personalities. As in any society, some adapt better than others to change. In Vosne-Romanée, the plots of Romanée Saint-Vivant formerly owned by the monks of Bergy – adjoin those of Romanée-Conti. On one side, there are the Richebourgs. On the other, we find the Gaudichots, the Grande Rue, the Tâche. The borders between these different districts here, are called “climats” which each have their own history, are made up of winding alleys that only sales and complicated agreements between winemakers can explain. Maison Louis Latour which has 0.76 hectares of the plot of Romanée Saint-Vivant Les Quatre Journaux a name that refers (since 1898) to an old measure corresponding to the area plowed by a winemaker in one day. At Louis Latour, the grapes are harvested very ripe. They are happy to be the last to harvest. The grands crus of Burgundy are not the most generous in volume. This produces 3,600 bottles in good years. In 2020, they had to settle for 1,000. The prices are high. It takes several hundred euros for a bottle of Romanée-Saint-Vivant. Which remains affordable compared to the prices of Romanée-Conti, just next door. Webpage :

What are my best champagnes with little or no dosage to serve for the Holidays? Let me tell you,,, Leclerc Briant Grand Blanc 2014 Brut Nature, the nose evokes Champagne cellars, with its smells of chalk and mushroom, supported by notes of yellow fruits and honey. The wine is creamy, subtly floral, saline and straightforward, sharp and complex. Telmont Sans Sulfur 2013 Extra Brut the nose is like a walk in the forest in the fall, with its notes of undergrowth and honey. The palate is fruity and greedy, exhaling touches of quince jelly and apricot tart. Devaux Ultra D Extra Brut the nose is both fresh and precise, mineral and floral. The wine is beautifully straight, sharp and iodized like a wave bursting on the sea coast. A great gastronomic wine, Tarlant Zéro Brut Nature with its fresh and delicate, floral and spicy notes, this champagne is bewitching like a moonlight walk in a garden scented with jasmine. It is frank, authentic, subtly saline and lemony. Philipponnat Royale Réserve non-dosed , the nose is both floral and fruity (ripe yellow fruit, plum, small touches of red fruit). The wine is ripe, chiseled like lace, with a beautiful harmony. Roederer Brut Nature 2015 ,this cuvée imagined in collaboration with Philippe Starck offers the scents of a basket of freshly picked yellow fruits, with exotic touches. The wine is creamy, greedy with mineral and saline touches that bring it pep, Pommery Cuvée Louise 2006, Brut Nature despite its age, the champagne offers a very fresh, floral and delicate nose, mixed with notes of ripe yellow fruit and honey candy. The palate is particularly complex, with hints of mushroom, chalk and fresh walnut; A great gastronomic wine. Enjoy them all I say !

I have tried lately this Champagne and was well worth it,(see above). For more than 10 years, the J. de Telmont house has been offering an original journey into the sparkling world of Champagne through its thematic workshops, exclusive and privileged moments open to all. On a 33-hectare estate, one-third of which is biodynamically cultivated, Maison J. de Telmont produces Champagnes particularly suitable for the table, appreciated for their vinosity, their elegance and the finesse of their bubbles. Cultivation, vinification, tasting…Henri Lhopital, founder of the house with a parcel-based cuvée vinified in tuns and traditional riddling on desks, Follows now by Bertrand Lhopital, 4th generation of a family of winegrowers in the vineyards of Damery, Webpage :

Good wine houses and good friends over the years

The Domaine de l’Ancienne Cure has been a family business for 5 generations (since the 19C) and one of the flagship properties of Bergerac, which Christian Roche inherited in 1984. Very committed to the environment, the estate is certified organic since 2012 (started organic conversion in 2009). Located 10 km from Bergerac, in Colombier, the property currently covers 50 hectares of vines with a predominance of white vines (33 hectares), 17 hectares being dedicated to the production of reds and rosés. A wide range of wines is produced in different appellations: Pécharmant, Monbazillac, Bergerac red, dry and rosé, Côtes de Bergerac. Pécharmant L’Abbaye 2019 – Red; Bergerac Sec Fruit Day 2021 – White; Monbazillac L’Abbaye 2015 – White; Bergerac Dry Fruit Day 2021 – White, webpage :

The Maison Labastide is a winemaker founded in 1949, anchored in the heart of Occitanie region . The oldest cooperative winery in the Tarn dept 81, Labastide has established itself over the years as a major player in its native land: the Gaillacois vineyard.(Gaillac), Since its creation, the cooperative winegrowers have defended the production of quality wines, with a strong winegrower identity with local grape varieties from the 4 terroirs of the Gaillac appellation. The bubble belonging to the Tarnaise winegrower culture, Maison Labastide has been producing it since its creation, like its emblematic wine, the Gaillac perlé. Maison Labastide relies on a strong and complementary approach: the know-how resulting from the heritage of its winegrowers and the innovation brought by the technical tools and by the team of oenologists to develop wines in phase with the expectations of today’s consumer. Good wines are Esprit de Labastide 2017 – White, Château Bournet 2016 – Red, Esprit de Labastide 2017 – Rosé, webpage :

Located between Albi, Toulouse and Montauban, Château Lastours is an old family property, in the heart of the Gaillac Appellation. In particular, there are archives dating from 1579 attesting to the presence of the Faramond family within the estate. It is in this pretty vineyard near the Tarn River that they cultivate our 60 hectares of vines. You will be able to follow and discover the contribution of the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint Michel de Gaillac as well as the Counts of Toulouse to the accomplishment of what our vineyard is today. Our terroir, both gravelly and siliceous, brings balance and finesse to wines of elegant complexity. Today, we are surrounded by a young and dynamic team, with recognized know-how. We try to welcome you in the simplest and warmest way possible. Our welcome is above all marked by conviviality and the desire to reconcile modernity and tradition in this place rich in history. You will discover the majestic alley of plane trees leading to the Château and its French garden…Good wines are Blanc Sec Les Graviers 2021 – White, Method Ancestral Mauzac 2021 – White, Method Ancestral Rosé 2021 – Rosé, Red Selection 2019 – Red, Cuvée du Pigeonnier 2019 – Red, Webpage :

From the vine to the bottling, Terra Vitis guarantees good traceability, good organization and good environmental management of the vineyard in sustainable agriculture. This French certification is gaining more and more followers, in particular because it takes into account the new standards of social responsibility. Born in Beaujolais more than two decades ago, Terra Vitis was a pioneer in sustainable development in the vineyard. In France, 5% of French wine-growing areas are certified Terra Vitis out of 220 AOP and IGP, which represents 45,000 hectares. among the members of the big names in French viticulture such as Château de Santenay, one of the most famous domains of the Côte de Beaune in Burgundy, Château Pape Clément Grand Cru Classé of Pessac-Léognan or Château Montlabert, Grand Cru of Saint-Émilion , Terra Vitis is deployed in seven wine regions, has 1,876 members and asserts itself as a certification dedicated to the wine industry, Another group basically to share costs as bio is more expensive, Webpage :

The first paper bottle of wine will be marketed in France from 2023. An important step which marks the will of the actors of the wine sector to break with tradition to favor ecology. The impact on wine quality? None, provided it is drunk within 12 months for the white and rosé, or 18 months for the red. The objective of this initiative is to reduce the carbon impact of the sector. A featherweight 83 g, five times less than a glass bottle, a carbon footprint up to six times lower and a 100% recyclable device, compared to 70% for glass. This is the promise of Frugal, the world’s first paper wine bottle. At the origin of this revolution, the British company Frugalpac created by Malcom Waugh, Today, Frugalpac sells its bottles to 45 different customers across 19 countries including Italy, but also Spain, the United States, Canada, Japan, Scandinavia, Australia and South Africa. France is not to be outdone Under the brand La Bouteille will offer consumers a range of red, white and rosé wines below 10 euros, with the idea being to offer a quality French wine, organic or HVE certified with an additional ecological promise linked to its packaging, Yeah another ecolo cheap way to tell you wine taste the same lol !! Webpage :

The new discovery , a glass tank to preserve the purity and freshness of the grapes, an innovative alternative to the traditional wooden barrel. This last come on the market, marketed by the company Michael Paetzold for only two years under the Wineglobe brand, It builds in its headquarters in Cadaujac, south of Bordeaux in Gironde dept 33, They have an oven that can produce four models of tanks, including larger ones of 440 litres, a new trend in cooperage. has already conquered some 500 winegrowers in the world in search of excellence. As far as Bordeaux, where aging is traditionally done in oak barrels. During this test phase, the wine aged in eight of these 220-litre Pyrex vats , the equivalent of a barrel , revealing its golden brown color , could integrate the one aged in barrels during the final assembly. The ideal container for the white, the Wineglobe provides length, persistent freshness in the mouth and 50% more aromas, For the red, whose aging requires oxygen through the pores of the wood, its use is more complementary when assemblie, Other advantages reported: its perfect hygiene and the reduction in the use of sulfur dioxide, used for its antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Another ecolo techno gimmick but you know wood is it, Webpage :

There you go folks, another wine episode of my belle France! The wines of France that is, superbe, sublime, wonderful, gorgeous, enjoy without moderation but accompanying a meal, family table just perfect. Stay warm and see you in the vineyards of France

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

December 3, 2022

Back to the Gare de Lyon of Paris !!

A memorable train station for its restaurant and our trip to the east of Europe as well as my boys school trips to skiing sites.  In France as in most of Europe , public transport is a must many times, usually forced by work. This is a bit different as we have used it for travel leisure time too. Let me tell you a bit more about the Gare de Lyon of Paris.  Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Paris gare de lyon parking feb09

The Gare de Lyon is a train station of Paris.  I have taken it for business trips to Geneva, Basel and Zurich.  It is part of the RER A and D lines and offers a correspondence with lines 1 and 14 of the Metro. This station is distinguished by its belfry, a square tower of 67 meters and comprising 4 dials 6 meters in diameter built in the academic style of 1900.

Paris gare de lyon metro RER station feb09

Paris gare de lyon belltower feb09

In my business trips, I was either very late or needed a train very early in the morning next day so, used the Mercure hotel at the Gare de Lyon overnight several times. Very nice Accor chain hotel indeed and the location and service is tops, Webpage:

Paris gare de lyon mercure hotel feb09

I have written an exhaustive post on the history and connections at the Gare de Lyon ,therefore ,will be brief on that in this post, just for info. The current Gare de Lyon was built in 1899, for the Universal Exhibition of 1900, The large glass roof of the Gare de Lyon, commuter trains and TGVs is impressive indeed, And another thing the Buffet de la Gare de Lyon built for the Universal Exhibition of 1900 of Paris, later took the name of the Le Train Bleu restaurant in 1963, in homage to the mythical Train Bleu “Paris-Ventimiglia”, is the place where remains the most intact, the most striking testimony of the end of the Second Empire style (Napoléon III). A masterpiece of 1900s art (see post), The Hall 1 was under heavey renovations but it is supposed to have finish on October 10 2022.

Paris gare de lyon TGV arriving mar10

Paris gare de lyon board mar10

If the Gare de Lyon is mainly a place of passage to arrive and leave Paris, it remains one of the monuments of Paris to see during a stay in the city for sure.

The Paris tourist office on the Gare de Lyon :

The SNCF gare and connections on the Gare de Lyon

The RATP Parist transports on connections at Gare de Lyon

A good unofficial private webpage on the Gare de Lyon in French:  

There you go folks, a wonderful train station in my eternal Paris, The Gare de Lyon is a memorable one, and always looking forward to be back, eventually, It is another nice architectural monument of Paris as well. Again ,hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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