Curiosities of Josselin and Loudéac !!

Going just north of me ,I like to update this older post on pretty Loudéac in pretty Côtes d’Armor dept 22, and awesome Josselin in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56, both in my lovely Bretagne.  We have been to Josselin before that we enjoyed very much; we had time so we ,also,visited Loudéac! I l will post on the tales of two wonderful towns of my lovely Bretagne!

Josselin  has a thousand years of history and home of the noble family of the Rohan.  It is just about 45 km from my house and easy to get there on the road D768.  We headed for Josselin, and found easy parking at the Place d’Alzey right by the Hôtel de Ville or mayor’s office and behind the great Basilica. We did visited the usual wonderful buildings of the City with posts in my blog, such as the Basilica Notre Dame du Roncier, and the Castle of the Rohan, (see posts) as well as the new look at the Chapelle de la Congrégation as it is more popular known today. 

We did had time of course to eat and shop here always lovely. We re visit the Le Guethenoc restaurant ,11 Place Notre Dame, just facing the side of the Basilica Notre Dame du Roncier. It is our central place for eating here, and we had  pizza guethenoc, omelette jambon fromage, tagliatelles bolognaise, hamburger Rital ,omelette italienne, drinks for Leffe beers and expresso coffees all for less than 16€ per person, nice in a wooden house, very good nice service, and good local food (my sons going in on pic). The official Le Guethenoc:


We, also, did some shopping as usual across from the restaurant and in front of the Basilica at the Le Feu d’Or souvenir store. Loaded with Breton motifs in celtic décor and this time my sons went for the rings with Celtic dragons motifs. 20€ silver. You will find almost…everything here to take home too! City of Josselin on Le Feu d’Or


As we finished too early to get back home, I decided to show my family one of my old business haunts in my Brittany, and we headed for Loudéac, along the D778, this is Gallo language territory not Breton. We came back for more later on and have several posts on it; for now was just an introduction.

The main rue de Notre Dame is a nice artery with plenty of shops and restos, as well as a rather nice Hôtel de Ville or city/town hall with a bell on top. This is Loudéac, my business trips took me here and stayed at the very nice Hôtel des Voyageurs ,part of the local Brit chain of very good local classic hotels. This one is recommended and the restaurant is nice too as well as underground parking! It gives you a good central location to see inland Brittany very nicely.




The city of Josselin on its heritage:

The Broceliande local tourist office on Josselin:

The city of Loudéac on its heritage/history

The Côtes d’Armor dept 22 tourist office on Loudéac:

There you go folks, a nice road warrior trip with the family. And we came home zipping along the D700 then the D768 ,to our home and comfy with goodies to eat and drink and thinking where to go next lol! Hope you enjoy the post and the combination of Josselin and Loudéac, as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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