My travels in my beautiful Morbihan !!! Part V

I decided as crazy as I can be to eliminate all the my travels in the Morbihan posts from my blog. After coming up and looking at them , I realise they are simple small dots of places already visited and full post and pictures in the blog. So rather than have a double sites have deleted all 94 (XCIV) of them !!! I like to thank all those who have given likes or comments over the years in my blog on these posts. However , all is not lost.

Rather than loose all these memorable moments since 2012, I will condense all of them into several posts for my memories of always , the story of me and my blog. Hope you enjoy these memories as I. The word Morbihan means Mor for sea and bihan for small in the breton language so therefore small sea (coming from the famous gulf of Morbihan)  the local costumes is that in the South areas around Vannes, Breton is spoken by the elders ,taught in schools ,and all signs on the roads, etc are bilingual. On the extreme north by Loudéac par example ,Gallo, a gallo roman language is also spoken, and the road signs are shown in both gallo and French.

This is 2019 !!! The Salon Vins & Gastronomie de Vannes ! March 9-11 2019. The 27th edition and I will be there for the 8th time!!! Again!!! At the Chorus in the Parc du Golfe, loads of goodies from my belle France foods, accessories  wines you name the crème de la crème be here or be square It has been hard since losing my dear wife Martine ,but I am coming alone fine with closer trips and planning some long ones starting next May. For now our local routine, we needed some linen so set out for our favorite popular Conforama and got my sons some sheets, well they pay by now so its easy lol! Conforama of Vannes that is. We came and found Roadside Burgers at 28 rue Auguste Nayel very near the Place Aristide Briand, central for all that is good in Lorient. We went into the Centre Commercial Nayel as it brought memories but it is just a mall shopping center type, good parking underneath thus. Plenty of stores and restos inside too. We, also, visit our favorite techno entertainement store FNAC right at the square or place Aristide Briand

We went to get more goodies for Rex at our favorite animal store Maxi Zoo in the town of Séné ,next to Vannes. On our way back from Séné, we stop by our capital city of Vannes. Here we loaded up on after Chiristmas sales at our favorite clothing store Armand Thiery!! discounts up to 50%!  While in Vannes, we stop for coffee muffins cheesecakes and hot chocolates at the wonderful Columbus Café, rather nice always.  

We went into Auray, to drop off some clothing for the needy, we always do never throw anything away ,someone can use it. The Les Relais of Emmaus are very good for this. I took off with my twin boys to Leclerc shopping center in Auray for a coffee at L’Océa bar café inside and kill off some time perousing at the Espace Culturel there on what else travel books and maps!!! We were hungry nothing prepare at home with a bunch of guys so right across the bank is the friendly Domino’s pizza outlet 

Back to Maxi Zoo store as always since we have our boy Rex. He is a lovable mix breed of Border Collier and Labrador Retriever, but turn out more Border Collier after all. He is a good boy and we love him a lot. He will be 20 months old next week!! Of course, we got him new foodies and a nice big toy he loves to chew and throw around the yard. We went to EasyCash store for my son to sell his old guitar that actually was hardly ever use! and of course from there to their must stop Micromania for more video games all in Vannes. We parked at place de la République underground parking! 2.50€! We continue onwards to the market as this is the best market in the department on Saturday mornings at Vannes Place du Poids Public and Place des LIces areas. While in the market we went to visit the new Belle Iloise store ,and not having our fish soup available , the counter lady call her other store up the road at the place des Lices where they waited for us open to sale us the fish soup Breton style, simply awesome! On our way down, we stop at our friendly Nicolas store for some red porto and Bordeaux wines  which were on sale as this is winter sales days in France!

As we started out going to our Castorama store in Vannes as the handle of our lawnmower arrived, and they call us. So we went and they fix it on the spot! We got into downtown/city center Locmariaquer and saw it crowded too but we took a peek of their market always a wonderful place to be. We headed back to Vannes and feeling a bit hungry we decided to give a try at the ice creams of Flunch, Le Glacier in the centre commercial Leclerc.  We took the best combination of the Cinéville in Vannes with a local crêperie in nearby home Grand Champ. In Breton language of my region these are Gwened (Vannes) ,and Gregam (Grand Champ), respectively. The Cinéville is our favorite so have written before; we went to see Jumanji Next Level with the boys, well they drag me to it .On the way home I ask to stop to Kreizhy Crep’s Crêperie  in city center Grand Champ.

This is 2020 !!! It was a short day today, needed to do some inherance paperwork for the passing of my dear late wife Martine’s mom Yvette, the maternal grandmother of my boys will get some ,and the paperwork done by email and mairie was easy. I still do not understand folks claiming France admin is slow lol! Later, my oldest son got a quick (another quick action) rdv for the dentist , he call yesterday and told him to come in this morning , dentist saw him a bit inflammation some antibiotics and gone, got the Pharmacie de la Place and pick up the medicines , no costs! It was about 45 minutes visit and out we went. Finally, to compensate a day of errands and me been around the house for a change , took them to eat to an Asian resto they told me had gone with the mother. I am weak when told this, so I took to eat there in Chez Moi, Vannes. The place is very spacious, more like Oriental cuisine mixing Chinese, Japanese ,etc foods Ah the place is Chez Moi or at home in the Copernic commercial center next to the Cinéville cinema, back of E Leclerc hypermarché.

We started out by stopping at our local supermarket Super U to get some household items, not all available. So we continue to the hypermarket Carrefour in Vannes, and the rest. On the way back home, we stopped by V&B in Auray for our beers as soon will be Octoberfest, celebrated here not as big as USA or Germany for that matter but plenty to go around with Paulaners and Krombachers!!! We got about 40 bottles lol!!! More important and sad for us as it is my dear late wife Martine , birthday!!! Happy Bday my mamie blue we will never forget you!!! RIP

The Auray train station in way to be totally renovated only leaving the old main welcome passenger house. It will have a passarelle connecting Brec’h and Auray. I used to take a lot initially from here to Paris-Montparnasse.  After a while now, I have been using the Vannes train station, bigger, better and free parking in the back five minutes walk.

There you go folks, many years of wonderful time and happier moments to remember forever. Thanks to all for following my blog all these years since November 26 2010, and yes some of you go that far back. My pleasure to partake the wonderful world of travel with you all. Hope my posts brings ideas and memorable moments to you too. Thanks

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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