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November 8, 2022

My travels in my beautiful Morbihan !!! Part III

I decided as crazy as I can be to eliminate all the my travels in the Morbihan posts from my blog. After coming up and looking at them , I realise they are simple small dots of places already visited and full post and pictures in the blog. So rather than have a double sites have deleted all 94 (XCIV) of them !!! I like to thank all those who have given likes or comments over the years in my blog on these posts. However , all is not lost.

Rather than loose all these memorable moments since 2012, I will condense all of them into several posts for my memories of always , the story of me and my blog. Hope you enjoy these memories as I. The word Morbihan means Mor for sea and bihan for small in the breton language so therefore small sea (coming from the famous gulf of Morbihan)  the local costumes is that in the South areas around Vannes, Breton is spoken by the elders ,taught in schools ,and all signs on the roads, etc are bilingual. On the extreme north by Loudéac par example ,Gallo, a gallo roman language is also spoken, and the road signs are shown in both gallo and French.

This is 2017 !!! We came up with ideas and purchases in another of our favorite stores for building materials Leroy Merlin in Theix-Noyalo near Vannes. There we had lunch in a burger joint that is been slowly replace by Burger King, the one in Vannes is already with the sign waiting the official opening as BK. However, in many and the one here in Théix is still a Quick chain with origins in Belgium. We came rushing to the Pépinière de Penhôet where my other half got her four plants to replace in our garden. This is a family business nursery with an extensive selection, good advise, and good prices all along the N165 in Ploeren on the village attach to it of Penhôet. Later, in the Atlantville business park in Vannes right next to the Cinéville or cinema parc lann. The Atlanville area restaurants where Skellig Irish pub is located, showing the  Real Madrid FC playing the other historical club  named Bayern Munich at Allianz arena in Munich. Well we ran over them won 1×2 but we could have score more goals!

It took me from my town on road D102 to the great religious town of Sainte Anne d’Auray and see that beautiful Basilique de Sante Anne again is always a pleasure ,just for starters. We rode down to the coast and beach town of Larmor Baden, on the road D101 ,then D316, this is best known for the boat ride to see the Cairn de Gavrinis a huge stone monument that they have not figure the date on it yet, and it sits right on an island of the same name off the town. we came back home. However, we thought of the always reliable Auray and the Saint Goustan harbor district full of restos and bars, and the river Auray and the castle ruins, and oh well  we stop at old reliable L’Armoric, the best ambiance bar in Auray right by the river and next to the old stone bridge Of course, you can always ride the little train or petit train at St Goustan.

At the business park or Zone Artisanale Porte Océane, Auray, the Ti Hanok Cinéma, a great modern movie theater with 5 movie showing houses. Another great site we go especially the boys is the Centre Aquatique Alre’O, this is an indoor pool and swimming balneo center with all the trimming of comfort and modernity .Our town is moving on and has plenty of activities our favorite chocolatier store! La Fondue de Chocolat . We went searching for an exotique grocery store of Caribbean/Asia/Africa goods that we were told had many of the plaintains, maniocs and drinks from my beloved Caribbean, and we found it!! This is Hibiscus 19 Rue Denis Papin off the D767 across from the Clinique Océane. Then , we check out the market on the last hour at Vannes place du poids public/place des Lices area which is always loaded with goodies, while checking the Halles aux Poissons or fish market is great as well and you get the best direct for what the main reason to be in France, food/wine combination !!! We left our car at the underground parking in place de la République. We did check into our wine store ,Nicolas in the Place du Poids Public just in the middle of the market, and load up on our favorite liquid white and red , even from Spain! We finish by doing our major groceries at E Leclerc hypermarket and it has totally been remodeled to be a very modern spacious store, products from all over and our favorite spot to shop for groceries here, together with the other one in Auray or the Carrefour hypermarket in Vannes.

We set out early for our shop in Vannes, Norauto ,been using them for years…never a problem with their advice or work . Going into the Centrakor store for any gadgets, none this time but always good to go and look, we use them a lot.  We stop at our furniture place Conforama, and of course here was on sales as much as 80% so we got a commode , ranging table at 60%! While at it we took a look at the Mustangs in our dealer Ford Mustiére in Vannes; all our cars are Ford, and for years….Had a Mustang in USA.  We end up at Carrefour to do some shopping, late minute stuff , actually we didn’t buy anything but my sons got their video games at Micromania store in the shopping center Centre Commercial Carrefour de Vannes. We stop by our old hunting ground of Brec’h and try to visit again La Chartreuse where the remains of the 795 Breton immigrants from  England who came to fight against the French revolution and all executed in 1795 laid to rest here; very important Breton monument.  The nearby retirement homes and monastic order of the Filles de la Sagesse ,and the front of Saint Michel is very nice, parking area. Nearby us in Brandivy, you have the artificial lake or étang de la fôret, a large lake with oars and pedal boats fishing allowed ,picnic tables and scale walls of 6-8 meters as well as playground for kiddies. We past by Grand Champ, one of the towns of my route to work and here the nice Church Saint Tugdual is very nice. We continue to Colpo , a nice town for cider producers that we buy from. This time a quick passing by the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption and my sons trying to get in but it was closed. Arriving for the first time Moustoir AC , where we took a look at the Church Saint Barbe or Santa Barbara in city center and one I always past by but had never stop in the village of Kerhéro part of Moustoir AC, the Chapelle Notre Dame des Sept Douleurs or Our Lady of the Seven Pains. Completely rebuilt in 1896 and renovated in 1943; there is a statue of Saint George inside dating from the 19C.  The Church of Santa Barbara goes back to the 15C but many times renovated last time in 1838. A retable altar from 1730 and the wooden grill chapel doors from the 18C.  To do a personal note, she is also the patron Saint of my native town!!! And ,finally coming home to Pluvigner, we stop behind us on a country road along farms! where we had yet to pass by!! of course. And we saw the Chapelle Saint Guénaêl. This chapel was in ruined in 1888 and in another spot ,a farmer sold his farm so the Chapel can be moved and rebuilt where it is today in the 19C. 

just going to our local favorite towns of Auray and Vannes . We started in our town of Pluvigner, and drove by the place St Michel , went to Auray with the Church of Saint Gildas and before the poissonnerie or fish market in town we do shop . We went into city center and the lovely Chapelle Saint Héléne or L’Hôpital. It was a hospital for the poor and sick and today a center of community events and the adjoining tourist office of the area.  There just before getting to the expressway N165 ,you see the marshes of the river Loc’h/Auray always wet. We continue onwards to Vannes There ,you see how we arrive at Le Port harbor area and all the traffic and crowds , we went by the old Chapelle des Ursulines now part of the lycée St Paul. St George (high school now). Then, we got into the marché or market day in Vannes . Absolutely the best in the region; where we do our fresh shopping from cherries to fish and mussels to mangoes! All wonderful , simply the best. A walk along the place du poids public, and place des lices coming in under the gate or porte Saint Vincent into rue Saint Vincent is magical for all to come in by there.

As of now ,we continue in our lives as usual and today we went to get my car a new windshield glass at Norauto ,and then over to Leclerc hypermarket for some groceries, lunch at Flunch cafeterias and visit the wine fair at the hypermarket in a big tent house outside. E Leclerc at ZC Parc Lann activity business center. This is a huge all inclusive grocery store with the opportunity to buy a lot more than groceries; well practically everything. We could not walk much with my wife so we had lunch right inside the E Leclerc center while waiting for my car to be done nearby. The chain Flunch (or anglo lingo Family Lunch) is nice at reasonable quality and good prices.  If with a large family, want to eat like any other French family this is your place.

Saturday morning we went to Auray, so close to us but it looked weird to be there as not been back in a while. We went in to the parking Keriolet, the closest to city center/downtown. We find one right away which is a lucky omen, and we walked past a nice convenience grocery store we go when in need call Spar supermarché.  We went on to get our Belgians/Germans beers at V&B in the parc Océane near the N165 in Auray. Here we practice the bottle deposit thingy for recycling purposes and you get new ones, so about 20 beers were load up for the house !We had to run to Vannes for the mussels I parked by the canal in Le Port harbor area is free and just about 200 meters walking so not bad at all. After parking we went straight for the covered fish market or the Halle aux Poissons at place de la Poissonnerie. There is a huge open market here by Place du poids Public and Place des Lices (Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8h to 13h30). and right on the last one you have the covered market Les halles des lices Taking advantage of getting our mussels in Hûitres Richard ,Route de Badel, of Séné. Facing out from the Porte Saint Vincent that behind it takes you into the old town and the markets mentioned above It was then time to come back home and prepare those mussels or  Moules de bouchot from the Pernef area just in our department 56 Morbihan, that we purchased just this morning in the fish market in Vannes.

Again, we went to Vannes ,is not only the capital city of the department but the main town in everything. In fact, sometimes I think it is the only town lol!!! Well mine is only 7K folks and laidback peacefulness great for family life. We do not complaint.  We went straight to the Marché or market day in the place du poids public. We arrive and parked by the underground parking  République at place de la République just crossing rue Thiers , and we are in the market; the whole day stay cost only 1,60€ !!! Here , we went not far into the place de Poissonnerie and the Halle aux Poissons or fish market open on Saturdays and great fish and seafood from nearby coasts all fresh and good ,delicious. We went to our local provider from penvins mussels bouchot the very best from our region for 4kg or about 9 lbs.  we need to find something to wash it down. Of course, our wine merchant is right there in the Place du poids public ,Nicolas. We load up with about 24 bottles of the liquid red and white to bring to our cellar. The service is always friendly and helpful as the staff already knows us all well. Stopping by the centre commercial Carrefour, we check into the micromania video games store to check on orders, then, the pharmacy there to put to date our health cards, and Carrefour hypermarket to buy some sauces that are needed lol!

And did I say, we almost live in Vannes lol! We decided to get earlier to get to the market at Vannes and get the vegetables and fruits ,cheeses etc. The market was doable today not too crowded so easy to move about and easy parking at République. We went by our regular fromager or cheese merchant the Menager in the market or marché de Vannes. We pick up our usual goat fresh cheese, brie de Meaux, and ewes milk cheese from the Basque area of France. We move on to the fruit stand  Askil where we loaded on white grapes, figs, avocados, mangoes, clementines, oranges, raspberries, blackcurrants, strawberries, blueberries, and tomatoes. Next stand we got our Roscoffs onions, another we got our Batavia lettuce from Baden ,and yet another one we got our squash before heading to get our mussels and codfish in the Halle aux poissons , on way out we got our baguette breads and chorizo bread sticks at Bellanger right on same area in addition to the inside the Carrefour shopping center. We stopped next door in the place du poids public into the butchery Le Dru Pierre,  to get a roasted chicken from the local farm, always better, the real deal in France . The new stores open by our centre commercial Carrefour in Vannes too. Here ,it just opens the Damart chain my wife likes so much where she purchase some blouses, and continue next door to another new one the Du Bruit Dans La Cuisine , where we got our blueberries ginger cake , and orange chocolate bars !!! Then, we headed for La Halle aux Chaussures to get some day shoes for my boys which they pay !! and we stop to see the latest fashions at our favorite store Armand Thiery same shopping area.  Continuing on to Babou (now closed) to get some plastic containers and carpets. We came home to unload and relax !

At the great Cinéville cinema we go to in Vannes, This is at the cinema by the ramparts or cinéville Garenne. We went again to eat our local delicacies especially in our capital city of Vannes place du poids public the place of the market on Saturdays and great ambiance with great oysters of the island of Arz (gulf) local Breton andouilles and the Breizh tiramisu! This is Di’Vin at 15 bis rue Noé. One dear to me just celebrated my twins sons birthday there is la Crêperie du Château in the Château de Rimaision (closed) at Pluvigner. The L’Atlantique this is fish and seafood delights all fresh from the local waters and 140 wine labels to choose from! It has a terrace just facing the harbor a great people watching spot and the food is top quality and prices to boot One I go every time my local colleagues decides to eat lunch out is the Anna & Paul, 23 place du Général de Gaulle not far from the Church of St Patern.  This is nouvelle cuisine almost very refine and nicely serve. To stay with coffee and I am a great café lover I take you to Columbus Café & Co 11 rue du Mené, Vannes!

We head out to get our bakery or boulangerie order for Christmas, all kinds of goodies including a Bûche de Noël cake! this is at our natural bakery boulangerie Delumeau (closed) in our town. we continue to Vannes city center and got our wines,porto, madeira etc. This is at Nicolas in place du  poids public. Still time; so we headed to our cider provider at the distillerie du Gorvello in Sulniac  We stop by Auray to pick up some beers with the boys at V&B Océane, our regular hangout, On back to Vannes we stop at the fromagerie Kerouzine in place du poids public and got our three favorites cheeses from brie, blue cheese and goat. And we got some chocolates from Jeff de Bruges in our local shopping center Carrefour in Vannes.

This morning we got up later than usual in our routine here in the gorgeous Morbihan. We went straight to the Hibiscus Antillean store in Vannes to take in some Caribbean products of older days and cook up some real chow for the season , always in remembrance of our roots. We past again for apero at La Cervoiserie  in Vannes.  We had our lunch at a family favorite Le Scoop near all in Vannes. This is a pizzeria brasserie resto with always friendly fast courteous and good prices.  On the way back, we stop at Conforama for some pillows and cases with a coupon we had but as always something extra was purchase, a center table to swap with our sons and older one….. We lost!!!  We have been thinking of getting a dog,yes to the SPA de Vannes. This is the place where they keep dogs who have been stranded, abandon, abuse, etc. We stop at the store Animalis, animals supplies and puppies sale store chain we had known before. As I mentioned we are on hold to adopt a two years old dog, Golden Retriever from the local refuge or SPA de Vannes. If all goes well with them and the dog we should get it by early next year. We really gear up for that and can’t wait to have a dog again . Finally, and to prepare ourselves for family visit for the season to be merriest, we stop by our favorite local gifts and goodies store La Trinitaine. We go to the factory outlet production center in Saint Philibert just south of us on the road D28 passing Crac’h and before Saint Philibert town limits.

We went today Wednesday to the market in Vannes where we usually go on Saturdays while working. It was no difference, full of folks buying the wonderful farm stuff of France or what folks should come here for.  Then we went around to a new place call D’Ici De Là  le comptoir des 5 sens ( a French paraphrasing meaning from here and from there the counter of the five senses) great traiteur or caterer place with wonderful selection we got our goodies for the apéro or aperitifs of miniature wonders. Then, one of my sons ran down to Pierre Morel to get some gorgeous macaroons mix bag ;got 16 for 18 euros! more on the pastry shop in rue Saint Vincent. It is no longer there but at La Gacilly, This is from our usual wonderful merchants of Morocco, Algeria, and Albania in the market at Vannes! Aksil Azeddine that originates the business from Saint Sebastién sur Loire/Nantes. Then, we go next door on the same street to Fromagers Bruno Menager, a wonderful selection of cheeses from all over France. He passed away but his wife Isabelle. Also, got a glimpse on the renovation of the conservatory of music in le Port harbor area. The conservatoire de musique as well as théatre et arts plastiques . Founded the building the Carmelites in the 17C; after the French revolution it was unused and then change into a museum, then school of music , a middle school and finally since 1981 the conservatory. AT Séné right at the start of the marshes of the gulf of Morbihan. Here in the Quais de Séné we found several of our favorite stores such as GiFi and the animal store Maxi Zoo. ALso, we found to our surprise the restaurant brasserie Au Bureau which we had eaten in Brest which closed and now open in the area just less than 3 months! Of course we had lunch there. The Quais de Séné is a recent shopping center ; the store Maxi Zoo is loaded with animal accessories, no animals; and good prices, mostly of German origins (the store started in Germany many years ago and now with about 80 stores in France).  And now a branch in Vannes too!!  the store in Séné had a greater selection and sale going on !!! 50% off on the second pair of shoes purchase! So we did got one for my lady and one for me, and our sons paid lol!!! The store is Chaussea 

Reading the internet, talking with dog grooming places and veterinary center in my town, visiting the area refuge has been a task in the last few days; today it was the SPA de Lorient. The animal refuge of Lorient is actually in the town of Larmor Plage or beach and it is a former bunker area of WWII part of the Atlantic Wall !!! The place is very clean , nice dogs, and good hosts. We headed back to Vannes for our lunch ,and settle for our old reliable pizza chain Tablapizza in the Atlantique shopping area where everybody knows us already lol!! My local Ford Mustiére salesperson call me up and told me there were deals for end of year going on. We end up getting a Ford Focus brand new with 6 km on it!!! Actually done in Germany on Nov 16, shipped to the dealer here on Nov 29th and purchase by me on Dec 28th ::)

The duty of the day was not pleasant as needed to take my wife to the hospital in Vannes for her treatment. They made a huge addition to the existing hospital and practically all services have been move, some more left to go. The Hospital is name Prosper Chubert part of the Bretagne Atlantique group. We started out in the morning going to our local pharmacy (pharmacie de la Place)  for the new medicines for the wife, this is a nice place and friendly folks. They are at place du marché in our town (since moved). We needed to get more bio medicine in Santé Nature store in rue d’Auray, Baud, part of the La Vie Claire bio chaine. Very friendly folks and always a chat  (sadly store closed). Leaving Pluvigner  we left the market day on Saturdays behind and went on to do our last grocery shopping of the year at the E Leclerc of Auray in the parc of ZA Kerbois just across from the parc ZA Océane and very near the expressway N165 as well as the gateway to the beaches of Carnac and Quiberon etc. Coming home we tried the wonderful real on the spot Brie de Meaux  ,St Faron, we got after visiting the town birthplace of my wife , the cheese was superb as usual and we purchased a whole round wheel of it or 3,5 kg or 7.7 pounds. We included with our exotique Antilles grocery store Hibiscus in Vannes and delicious mangos and rose guava ; then moros  (moors) dark rice and sweet plantains like been in the Caribbean again !

There you go folks, many years of wonderful time and happier moments to remember forever. Thanks to all for following my blog all these years since November 26 2010, and yes some of you go that far back. My pleasure to partake the wonderful world of travel with you all. Hope my posts brings ideas and memorable moments to you too. Thanks

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 8, 2022

My travels in my beautiful Morbihan !!! Part II

I decided as crazy as I can be to eliminate all the my travels in the Morbihan posts from my blog. After coming up and looking at them , I realise they are simple small dots of places already visited and full post and pictures in the blog. So rather than have a double sites have deleted all 94 (XCIV) of them !!! I like to thank all those who have given likes or comments over the years in my blog on these posts. However , all is not lost.

Rather than loose all these memorable moments since 2012, I will condense all of them into one or several posts for my memories of always , the story of me and my blog. Hope you enjoy these memories as I. The word Morbihan means Mor for sea and bihan for small in the breton language so therefore small sea (coming from the famous gulf of Morbihan)  the local costumes is that in the South areas around Vannes, Breton is spoken by the elders ,taught in schools ,and all signs on the roads, etc are bilingual. On the extreme north by Loudéac par example ,Gallo, a gallo roman language is also spoken, and the road signs are shown in both gallo and French.

This is 2015 !!! My day started by going to Carnac and to our surprise winter had come and most was close. We then past by Plouharnel and past by the gorgeous abbey of Kergonan, before continuing to our favorite Quiberon. Some of the things we saw in Carnac was the casino Barriére .The abbey of Sainte Anne de Kergonan at Plouharnel ;it all started in 1897 adjacent there is the abbey benedictine of Saint Michel , at the end of WWI it was house by US troops .We arrive at Quiberon and quickly for food lol! the biscutierie de Quiberon is one nice small delightful store we had our hot coffee and lotto ticket at the Café Hoche, taken over from brasserie de 3 masts, And we finally got our apéro drinks and sausages here at the new and friendly L’Esplanade Café , where the owner had previously tried a stint as chef in Marco Island , Florida USA. We went in on a curious ride on the plage de les Sables Blancs on the road to Quiberon , the town of Plouharnel, great for the camping cars lovers, And ,finally coming home we had dinner in our town of Pluvigner at Le Scampi, the award winning pizza  maker of father and son 2014 first and second in the West of France competition.

First we went to our capital city of Vannes or Gwened in breton language. Here we got some decoration and velux windows for the house at the friendly local Castorama store, We went over to Lorient, ; here we went to the Place Alsace Lorraine for blue disk parking for free. We arrive by 14H so we headed to the restaurant for lunch  right across the square of Alsace Lorraine, Brasserie Le Vauban .Here we went around to the local Damart store, my spouse favorite and an old French traditional store going back to the grandmother… 7 rue Vauban . Back to Auray, we had to ordered eyeglasses at our favorite of many years Optic 2000  Rue Barre, right in old town close to the Hotel de Ville, load up on our breads and sweets and of course the baguette at another favorite in many parts La Mie Câline. 12 Place de la République.

We got on the D22 towards Belz , we came up to a beautiful memorial to the fallen (erected in 1925)  right next to the Church Saint Saturnin in city center. The church was name in honor of the bishop of Toulouse ,and is replacing a roman church from the 15C. It has a marvelous Mairie or city hall or city govt office dating from 1832, renovated in 1912, and rebuilt in 1984 , as well as again enlarged in 2005. We followed the coastal road to St Cado, we have been here before, so did not go to the end where the roman Chapel Saint Cado  is. We passed the nice bridge of Pont Lorois into Plouhinec. We saw a wonderful Church St Pierre et St Paul. We stop at Bar Ty ma’lor at Corn er Houet, 1 rue du moustoir, Ploemel. We had to stop we know the owners and had our cold beers just to get going on a sort of hot day. Then, on the way back we stop at American’s  Snacks  , this is the same owners as the bakery next door at the foot of pont Lorois,by the before Passage-Neuf.

We are in 2016 !!! We set out on the country roads of the D16 direction Locminé but cut off at the D115 direction Colpo first. Then took the D157 to Locminé and there took the D1 to Bignan and onwards to the Domaine de Kerguéhennec on the D123 a wonderful castle; then link with the D778 to  Billio, then ,Guéhenno and its wonderful calvary, coming down on the D126 to Plumelec where we had lunch. Continue on the D778 to Saint Jean Brévelay ! We have little Colpo a town practically rebuilt and finance by Napoléon III . Bignan Church St Pierre et St Paul  ;and the previously visited and worth seeing the Domaine of Kerguéhennec . The Church of Notre Dame at Billio. As well as that of Church of Notre Dame at Colpo. The Church of Saint Maurice at Plumelec. As well as the Church of St Jean de Beverly in Saint Jean Brévelay. Back in Guéhenno we visited the Chapelle St Michel and the windmill or Moulin du Vent as well as the Church of St Pierre et St John Baptiste ,wonderful with its Calvary next to it one of the 7 wonders of Monumental Calvaries in Brittany! Chapelle Notre Dame du Plasker at Locminé as well as the Church Saint Sauveur et Saint Colomband , right on the old remains a new modern Church was built in same Locminé.

We visited the oyster breeding grounds of Belz, we went to Grand Champ, and Locmaria-Grand Champ; and around our town of Pluvigner on areas not yet visited! such as Bieuzy Lanvaux. We went further over to Séné city center and see the construction on the tunnel under the Gulf of Morbihan to replace the still bridge there, and finally passed by the small airport of Vannes in the village of Monterblanc. At Belz ,we went to get our local oysters and mussels right on the ria of pont Lorois, parc de Navihan. At Grand Champ, a town I passed everyday to work, and went to see the new renovated area behind the church and the nicely done Chapelle Notre Dame de Perpétuel Secours ( Our Lady of Perpetual Help). Built in 1898 right in city center. The village of Locmaria-Grand Champ, with modern city center around the Church Sainte Marie (Saint Mary) , and the great Halles or market in just across, done very modern. Back nearer me at Bieuzy Lanvaux ,there is chapel and now retirement home of Notre Dame de Fatima; nicely managed by the father and sisters of the congregation coopératives of Christ the King, under the teachings of St Ignatius of  Loyola. We criss cross to Séné, very well known for its ethnological park but a quaint city center as well; and the opportunity to ride the bridge of Kérino over the Gulf of Morbihan before the tunnel comes in . Once in city center Séné, we went for some breads and sodas at the Boulangerie Tardif right across from the church in 22, place de l’église; very nice service and yummy for the go.  The Church Saint Patern was just across. The church was built between  1878 and 1886. I got my itch to visit the small airport of Vannes!!! actually in the village of Monterblanc. The first flight was done here in 1920 and the airport officially open in 1926.  You can have flight classes here and skydiving on the aeroclub. charter flights and general aviation.

At my nearby holy place of Sainte Anne d’Auray, See the pardon on the Sainte Anne;  July 25-26. The area cider is famous as a traditional drink of Brittany since Celtic times. Some of the best are La Maison du Cidre at Le Hézo where we buy ours. From our area we buy oysters and mussels at La Perle de Quehan at Saint-Philibert; which is ,also, a restaurant next door , and Les parcs de Navihan ,at Belz,  where we buy too. Get your biscuits of all shapes and tastes since 1958 at Biscuiterie de Kerlann, locations in Vannes, Auray  and al. The Fêtes Historiques this year the emperor Napoléon III at Vannes July 13-14 free. The Interceltique Festival of Lorient, August 5-14 2016, this is the 46th edition of Breton Celtic traditions. Invited country this year is Australia.

We took a ride again to the simple village town of Theix near Vannes along the road N165. Upon entering the town the first thing we head out was the Chapelle Notre Dame la Blanche, built in 1239 and rebuilt in 1536 Next , we walked over the Church Sainte Cécile ; dating from the gothic period and gone over many rénovations in the 17C and 18C ; rebuilt between 1852-55 . We continue our journey on the road D7 along nice country into the picturesque village of Le Gorvello ,part of Sulniac, and a re visit to the Café owns by Americans from Chicago who is also a chambre d’hôte rental hotel.(now closed)  Here, we first went to take a look at the Church St Jean Baptiste or St John the Baptist. It was time for lunch so we went to visit the Americans at Le Gorvello Café. Our journey took us to briefly visit the Château Le Plessis-Josso just up the road D7, and then D183.  This is a well preserved castle and still partially inhabited by the descendants.  It tells the history of Brittany in the middle ages and thereafter. Built in the 15C by the Josso family attach to the house of the Dukes of Brittany. The family Rosmadec comes into it in the 17C and enlarged it giving it the current look. Still a private castle.

As you know by reading my blog, Vannes is the capital of the department of the Morbihan dept 56 and the city I worked. You come to the wonderful Place des Lices where the great Saturday morning market is held today. the Cathedral of St Pierre by the rue de la Monnaie and on the south (harbor area) by the rue Saint-Vincent and Porte Saint-Vincent. It links to the Place du Poids Public and the ramparts of the old now gone castle the Hôtel de Francheville, and further new finds as it is now under renovation have found it was called before the Hôtel Mynier!16C with foundation even going further back,  and on the right you have the old Halles or today covered market. On the further right you see the Hôtel de Marboeuf named after one of the protectors of Napoléon I that someone mentioned could have been his father! as his mother Laétizia followed the Count of Brittany in 1769 and the emperor could have been born out of this adulterous relationship in Sainte-Séve near St-Pol-de-Léon (from his name napo-leon) and not at Ajaccio as originally thought by many. The rue Thiers on which lies the Hôtel de Ville (city hall). Facing this street lies the rue du Mené and avenue Victor Hugo that takes you directly to the train station or Gare de Vannes. you see the department store Monoprix there, where we shop! Looking towards the right from the store you see the Hôtel du Commerce and Hôtel de l’Epée that now houses a big garage for 20 cars . Our favorite parking by car and entry by public bus to the city today is the Place de la Libération.  It was an old slaughterhouse here early in the century call Champ de foire. There are the wonderful laundries or lavoirs built by 1817 to 1821.  The wonderful harbor or le Port, the most visited area in Vannes and for good reason, simply awesome. You have the harbormaster, carrousel and tourist office there. Also, a cultural kiosk and a nice esplanade for family gathering . And another of my favorite shopping areas is the before mentioned Place du Poids Public.  It was called before Place du Poids Ducal ,then, Place du Poids Royal, and place de la Revolution (French revolution time) ;It had lots of shops here and you pay the taxes to bring merchandise into the city here. The sea even reach here in times passed and you can see wooden houses from the 15C and 16C.  The Saturday and Wednesday markets are held here, and they are superb! 

In our routine, the day started by going to our friendly store for building materials Castorama and get some more stuff This store is at Vannes. Then , we stop by another emblematic store of ours Norauto for car maintenance shop but this time to check on their scooters as one of my son’s is looking to buy one.  On the way back home we had lunch in one of our favorite home restaurant here at the town of Plescop , Les Trois Soleils, We came on the D779 so stop by Grand Champ to get some last minute groceries and gas/petrol. The reliable Carrefour Market that is even open on Sunday mornings is a good choice. We took a visit to Lanester, this is really a shopper’s town. It has a huge area where stores are clustered like ants.   One shopping center , call, La Galerie,with big hypermarket Geant Casino. Which for a quick trip will do all in shopping  However, before heading home we had our meal of the day. This was at the cafeteria A la Bonne Heure of Casino supermarkets.

Today got my rental car at the Auray (gare) train station ,an Avis agency and got me a FIAT 500 BL lol! When very young teen got my blazing hormones on the beach at Daytona Beach Florida driving a FIAT 131 that once in a while left me on the road for electrical cabling problems and needed to push hard to get the manual transmission going again. I went to have lunch at a resto outside of Vannes in the country , the town of Saint Nolff, very old church and nice traditional French restaurant. The L’Onde Verte , 12, rue des Lavandières. The church has been mentioned by me before, it is the Church Saint-Mayeul , current Church dates from the 15C , Saint Mayeul was an abbot of Cluny. 

We came again to Lorient to do some shopping with my other half Frenchie who loves a particular store here call Damart, going back to grandma habits lol! so she finally got her shoes. Always nice to walk around the square Place Alsace-Lorraine even with construction going on around it and see the big branch of Galeries Lafayette as well as the modern Church of Notre Dame de la Victoire built in 1955 after WWII had destroyed the one there from 1810.

There you go folks, many years of wonderful time and happier moments to remember forever. Thanks to all for following my blog all these years since November 26 2010, and yes some of you go that far back. My pleasure to partake the wonderful world of travel with you all. Hope my posts brings ideas and memorable moments to you too. Thanks

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 8, 2022

My travels in my beautiful Morbihan !!! Part I

I decided as crazy as I can be to eliminate all the my travels in the Morbihan posts from my blog. After coming up and looking at them , I realise they are simple small dots of places already visited and full post and pictures in the blog. So rather than have a double sites have deleted all 94 (XCIV) of them !!! I like to thank all those who have given likes or comments over the years in my blog on these posts. However , all is not lost.

Rather than lose all these memorable moments since 2012, I will condense all of them into several posts for my memories of always , the story of me and my blog. Hope you enjoy these memories as I. The word Morbihan means Mor for sea and bihan for small in the breton language so therefore small sea or in French petite mer (coming from the famous gulf of Morbihan)  the local costumes is that in the South areas around Vannes (Gwened) Breton is spoken by the elders ,taught in schools ,and all signs on the roads, etc are bilingual. On the extreme north by Loudéac par example ,Gallo, a gallo roman language is also spoken, and the road signs are shown in both gallo and French. Brittany or Bretagne is Breizh!

This series started in 2012! Today I am relaxing home while the boys are at the movies seeing John Carter at Cineville,Vannes. I love the various port,harbor or beach areas around here, its a seaman paradise, and wanted to check out Lamor Plage and Lamor-Baden. Great views over to Port Louis across the bay, just gorgeous. One beautiful place to visit here is the Church Notre Dame de la Clarté, from the 6C with a tower from 1666. On way back, we stop by Vannes, where we had a nice Mexican’s meal by the hotel de ville in Vannes, The place is name Mexican’s tex-mex (now closed).

I set out today into deep country past Pluvigner into something call Bieuzy-Lanvaux! yes way deep country. We continue our ride to Sainte-Anne d’Auray, nearer me. This is a shrine to the patron saint of Brittany ,and according to the book the grandmother of Jesus , mother of Mary. We had lunch at the Créperie Les Ajoncs, right across from the basilica. We came back to walk the city center Pluvigner, It has a nice Church Saint Guigner; founder of the town. We went over to Saint Avé which is near Vannes on our way to our shopping at Carrefour and the kids video games at Micromania   I took them to Saint Nolffs and my chateau (yes I work in a castle! château de Talhouët) In city center I finally took pictures of the town church complex. The Church Saint Mayeul, is from the 16C and the Chapel of Sainte Anne next to the church and built in 1493.

Let’s go to 2013 ! This time in our search for a house we went back to a town I almost live in. This is Saint Avé .The town has a walkpath on the camp de César as records have it the great Cesar of Rome had a camp here The Church Saint Gervais et Saint Protais suffered a lot on humidity problems, was destroyed in the 19C and rebuilt between 1830 and 1834 where the building of today is from. The other more known and kept is the Chapel of Notre Dame du Loc built from 1475 to 1494 is still an example of the Breton religious art.

We went far out to near Lorient to check on building material prices,and the boys to check some video games the shopping center K2 for Keryado Returning passed by nicetown of Grand Champ . The best here is the Church Saint Tugdual, dates from its renovation in August 10 1817  as this was chouans territory ,the local opposition to the French revolution, and visited by the rebels call chouans many times.  On our way back , we stop by the chocolaterie Henri le Roux at Landevant, the main store and factory of the famous Breton chocolats caramels with stores already in Paris, We ,then, got in thru the small village of Landaul, where we went by city center to admire the Church Sainte Marie Magdaleine the old chapel of Notre Dame de Bon Secours.

We set out by car as usual from home exit/sortie 42, heading towards Plouay, we saw this wonderful little town,in the middle of the race Rallye de Bretagne auto race right on the streets !! There you see the nice Church Saint Ouen, the church was built at the end of the 14C, We continue to the old town of Le Faouêt, picturesque town with a nice museum of  traditions and folklore of the region, Musée du Faouêt.   The major attraction here is the covered market hall, Les Halles, old halls of 1542 .We continue our journey towards Kernaclésden, home of a wonderful 15C church that I have heard of; it was close but the exteriors are impressive for a second visit inside. The Church of Notre Dame has an interesting house of bats next door We end up our trip in the famous breton sausage town of  Guémené sur Scorff in real Breton territory,deep in, deep traditions. We saw the wonderful small Church Notre Dame de la Fosse, 19C, rebuilt around 1820. You can move on to the ruins of the castle of the Rohan , a wonderful historical property, long illustrious story from the source: the castle of Rohan (14C), modified in the 15C.  It has a nice mairie or hotel de ville of Guémené sur Scorff in the shape of a mansion or manoir.

We did last minutes shopping while celebrating my father’s 78th birthday eating out at our local steakhouse; La Boucherie. We visit on shopping Bricomarché in Auray, We took an eye at a new store to visit Electro Depot in Vannes. We went by E Leclerc hypermarket to get our luggage bags for the boys nd finally ,we went to Mr. Bricolage near Pluvigner, to get our order for window shades. On way back we passed by inland  Grand Champ, not far from my new home . The Church Saint Tugdual, the church dated from the early on but totally destroyed during the revolution. It was rebuilt in 1817. and the Chapelle Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours from 1898,right at rue saint yves. We had lunch at Restaurant Roi Stevan,(closed).

We took rides lately on towns surrounding ours such as Locminé, and Grand Champ, then we took a ride into Camors and Baud plus a nice tour of Pluvigner.  You have the Church of Saint Pierre in Baud, and the Church Saint Sané at Camors The wonderful municipal pool  or piscine at Baud the museum of post cards or Cartopole (now call Le Carton Voyageur ). We went over the colorful marché by the place du poids public , Vannes, and all along the adjacent Streets, halle aux poissons and up to the pl de la République.   We had lunch at the brasserie, pizzeria, bar Les Trois Soleils,  right off road D779 in the business park ZA de Tréhuines, Plescop, just outside city limits of Vannes.

And we reach 2014 !!! We went to the beautiful Le Bono area, just on the road D101, towards the Gulf of Morbihan. Passing by the Les Jardins de Mémoire overlooking the river Bono Next on the road was the Tumulus de Kérnours, a ceremonial stone burial This one at Le Bono is great because its in a forest area that once you past by it you descend a steep hill into the bay of the river Bono with spectacular views . We past by the town of Baden, taking a quick look again at its Church St Pierre, rebuilt in the 19C, and the museum or Musée des passions et des ailes, right next to the church at an angle. this small museum tells you about the boating history of the area and especially the aviators that came from here like Joseph Le Brix, amongst others. At Larmor-Baden ,you come first into the Church of Notre Dame  that is a replacement of an older done in 1857. The one you see now was done in 1880. At the end, we follow to Port Blanc, facing the île aux Moines, with the boat passenger terminal, ready to take you to the islands. We came back to the business park call Atlanville and plenty of eateries here and shops, and hypermarket and cinémas ,and hôtels all around you just outside Vannes off the D779 road we had to go to a pizza place,for lunch; the kids know, Tablapizza.

The town of Guillac is very old and some foundations are there even before the Romans time. The Church Saint Bertin is an integral part of the history,  built in the first half of the 16C, We continue on to Quily on the road D174 , pure country and wonderful ride; where the main item is the Church Saint Nicodéme. The Church was originally built as the Church Notre Dame des Neiges (our lady of snow) but since 1802 it is that of Saint Nicodéme. We went on with our ride to the town of Le Roc Saint-André (now Val d’Oust). This is right passing of the great expanse of the river Oust and a nice section of the Canal Nantes-Brest on a wonderful Pont or bridge with great views  You ,also, will find a nice Church Saint André, done in 1901-1903. We had a drink at the bar Tabac La Chaumiére right in town, at 6 rue Nationale . We continue on the road D766A towards La Chapelle-Caro,  it takes  its name  from the  family  of the Chapelle ,the Church Notre Dame, built in 1868  to replace  a former  treviale  Church  and parish from the 17C, reworked in 1711.

We set out on the N165 towards Nantes, and stop by the D20 at Muzillac, also the D153 will work a wonderful shopping place for potteries, flowers,plants, home decoration just marvelous of the family Bloino. Ets Bloino  (closed). We went past the Chapelle Saint Antoine de Penesclus just before hitting city center, We had the opportunity to visit the market or marché day in Muzillac; we found this artisan bakery, boulangerie/pâtisserie/chocolatier of Gaël Artisan at 57 Rue Armorique, we had our lunch. We moved on to the town of Ambon, right along on the road D20 , Church Saint-Cyr-Sainte-Julitte; it is a very old religious site maybe going back to the 3-4C! Took road D140 to Damgan, here we drove along narrow streets and we stop to see the Church Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle.   It was during the  first half of the 16C.  We hit the beach area of Penerf; and port of it. You have the Church Saint Pierre, right across from the harbor .  Its construction dates back to the 17C , first mentioned in 1580,  and probably  replaces an older church go to take a closer look at the Tour des Anglais or English tower.

Today , we went to La Trinitaine store in St Philibert on road D28 off the N165 ,this is outlet store huge with all the deco ,drinks and souvenirs of Brittany, as the factory is right behind it . From here we went down to La Trinité-sur-Mer a gorgeous harbor with plenty of sailing , motor boats and restos all along the harbor. There is nice shopping, wooden boat builder and museum and nice old Church Saint Joseph as the first chapel was built in 1682. The gracious fishing market or halle aux poissons off the harbor fresh catch of the day, open 7/7 . We ,then took a quick tour of Locmariaquer to see the monoliths and the museum. We arrive at Sainte Anne d’Auray by the old C2 communal road that comes right  facing the Basilica of Sainte Anne, imposing as well.

My house is doing well, finally the outdoor front terrace is done, the cellar is done, the canalisation of rainwater is done, the garden is completely cut, and ready for the décorations, the lawn is growing in the back. The major works is done Yesss!  We headed first for the Château de Kerambar’h in Landaul. Then ,we went to the Château de Beauregard at the town of Saint Avé,. We could not stop going to l’Igloo an ice cream parlor in Auray and also, at Carnac plage which we enjoy both. The Saint Goustan area of Auray is the harbor going out into the Gulf of Morbihan.

There you go folks, many years of wonderful time and happier moments to remember forever. Thanks to all for following my blog all these years since November 26 2010, and yes some of you go that far back. My pleasure to partake the wonderful world of travel with you all. Hope my posts brings ideas and memorable moments to you too. Thanks

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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