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November 6, 2022

A revisit to Saint Armel in the Rhuys peninsula !!!

Again revisiting old hangouts in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne, I got my road warrior mode on and went over to the Presqu’Île de Rhuys peninsula to take another look at Saint Armel and its Church Saint Armel, I like to tell you a bit more as well of the marshes and the Île Tascon, Hope you enjoy this new post as I.

I have come many times to the Rhuys peninsula, and its many towns , with post spread all over my blog, However, small quant Saint Armel is well nice and worth the passing at least onward to the Tascon island. The Church of Saint-Armel is worth a look while en route to Tascon, even if only opens once a month and difficult to see inside.

The small town or rather village of Saint-Armel has a quant church and a nice story, Saint Armel was born in Ireland in 482. He became a monk and had to flee the pagans during invasions. He then settled as a hermit near Quimper (see posts) before founding the monastery of Plouarzel. Humanist and wise, he advised in Paris the king of the time, Childebert 1er. But the turpitudes of the court made him go to Morbihan where he died in 552. His reputation for justice and his qualities as a healer (headaches, rheumatism, fever or colic) gave him the title of patron saint of hospitals and chaplaincies.  The village of Saint Armel grew rich through taxes and became a stake between the Church and the parliament, especially in the middle of the 17C. The farm of Tascon (b 1740), the salt marshes of Lasné and the windmill of 1715 also brought good subsidies to the monks. But after the French revolution where everything was confiscated, there was nothing left of this wealth.

The council and region jointly decided on August 18, 1855,to redo and enlarge the chapel around the restored original tower and the work began 10 days later to stop in January 1856, for lack of funding. In July, the prefect imposes the continuation of the works which causes the resignation of the council. In November, the new mayor obtains from the prefect that St Armel becomes a town, sells some land and work resumes in 1857. These will be spread out in installments, according to municipal decisions, until September 20, 1865, date of the ‘inauguration. The Saint Armel Church is done in a classic style with a square tower of Romanesque inspiration, all in the shape of a Latin cross and without frills, given the difficulties of already finding the funds to erect the church. Relatively high, and with large openings without stained glass, the whole is very bright and welcoming. Note a large modern painting behind the regularly flowered altar and some beautiful statues of St Gildas, St Armel and St Isidore which recalls the rural past of the town. Finally, it is worth noting the presence of a statue of the Virgin and Child, delicately draped, in molded cardboard covered with gold dating from the construction.

St Armel ch st Armel front nov22

St Armel ch st Armel side left belltower nov22

St Armel ch st Armel side right belltower nov22

The Île Tascon is connected to the mainland by the rade of Tascon which is located on the coast of the town of Saint Armel. This submersible road connects the island of Tascon to the mainland parts of the town. The passage is only possible at low tide, about five hours per tidal cycle, for automobiles and pedestrians. The passage road is approximately 400 meters long.  We have taken the car to the parking before the passage and then walk over, couple times, It is a magical spot indeed,and we love it, After crossing the passage or concrete road , you can walk along the paths on the island, You can stop at the farm ferme de l’ile de Tascon ; there are products for direct sale, salt, jellies honey all done on site or around the area,Treat yourselves to a break at the very end of the island and admire the panorama. Then, on the way back, go to the beach and enjoy the iodized air and the surrounding landscapes. However, don’t forget the time because you come in via a submersible path and the water rises very quickly! If you want to extend the walk on the other side, take a walk around the salt marshes !

St Armel ile Tascon chemin low tide nov22

St Armel ile Tascon ile on bay nov22

St Armel marais or marshes nov22

The town of Saint Armel on heritage

The local Gulf of Morbihan on the Tascon island

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the sea salt marshes of Tascon island of St Armel :

There you go folks, another gem in my world and so close to me, will definitively check it out again ,worth the detour! This was a nice off the beaten path trip to Saint Armel and the Île Tascon, Hope you enjoy as I

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all !!!

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November 6, 2022

A revisit to the Notre-Dame-de-Joie Church of Merlevenez !

And again revisiting some of my wonderful monuments and off the beaten path towns near me in my beautiful Morbihan ,and my lovely Bretagne in my belle France ; I take you back to Merlevenez. This is another off the beaten path ways and worth a stop indeed, My road warrior mode took me back for a revisit to the Church Notre Dame de Joie ! Hope you enjoy the post as I, even if with a wedding going on could not get inside!

Not to repeat much of what already written on the town will just tell here that Merlevenez is located between Plouhinec and Nostang ,and about 19 km from my house, The Notre-Dame-de-Joie Church from the 12-15C  is one of the most beautiful monuments of Romanesque art in Bretagne.

Merlevenez ch Notre Dame de Joie front nov22

The Church Notre Dame de Joie is dedicated to Notre-Dame de Joie, whose feast day is celebrated on September 8. It became the parochial church at the end of the Middle Ages, If the origins of its construction remain unknown, the oldest parts of the church predate the time of the installation of the Templars in the region, around 1130.

Merlevenez ch Notre Dame de Joie side belltower nov22

Romanesque in style, the Notre Dame de Joie Church began in the 11C and continues in the 12C, most of the nave and its aisles, the two braces and the crossing forming the transept, and the heart with a flat apse. The nave was raised in the 14C. The bell tower was built on the square of the transept, at the end of the 14C. The framework of the choir was laid in 1410. The bell tower was restored in 1533, after being struck down by lightning. The sacristy was built in the 19C. The Romanesque lantern-tower supported by the piers of the crossing was rebuilt after its collapse in 1533. The large flamboyant style windows of the crosses are a contribution from the 15C.

Merlevenez ch Notre Dame de Joie back belltower nov22

Bombed in 1944, during WWII, the Notre Dame de Joei Church lost its roofs and all its furniture; the carved decoration was preserved. The church has been completely restored, with great care, identically.

The town of Merlevenez on the church

The Blavet Bellevue Océan agglomeration tourist office on the Merlevenez heritage :

There you go folks, one of those town in our off the beaten path ways and amazing architecture and history, This was our revisit to Merlevenez  and the Notre Dame de Joie Church, worth a pass over at least, as this is not a tourist town. It is historical for sure locally and has nice architecture which I like. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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November 6, 2022

A revisit to Brandivy church and al. !!!

And nostalgic me, came to realise some close nice towns have been long visited and its time to do so again, Therefore, got my road warrior mode on and went on to see again nearby Brandivy in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne, . It is great pleasure to tell you about this little known places that offer a nice half day tour of wonderful historical monuments and beautiful architecture. The town is less than 7 km from my house, Hope you enjoy my revisit to the Church Saint-Aubin of Brandivy !

Brandivy ch st Aubin side left nov22

Brandivy ch st Aubin side nov22

The Church Saint Aubin was built in the 19C on the same hill which hosts a Marian grotto discovered shortly after its construction, The story goes that before going to the future town of Pontivy ( see post) in the 7C, the young monk Ivy made a passage on one of the hills or Landes de Lanvaux to pray there. A chapel was erected on this place which became Brandivy or the hill of Ivy. It was enlarged in the 15C and came under the patronage of Saint-Laurent then Saint-Aubin, bishop of Angers au 6C, originally from Vannes.

Brandivy ch st Aubin altar nov22

Brandivy ch st Aubin altar side chapel nov22

This Saint Aubin Church burned down completely on July 4, 1728, but was rebuilt in four years and inaugurated in 1732. After the French revolution, it was given the bells and some furniture from the nearby former abbey of Lanvaux, dismantled after the expulsion of the monks during its sale. to a merchant in 1791. Shortly afterwards a new altar and an altarpiece were added.

Brandivy ch st Aubin back wall nov22

Brandivy ch st Aubin chapel resurrection nov22

The renovation work was done in the choir and the transept in 1884 and progressed quickly since the Bishop of Vannes came to bless the church on December 22, 1885. The furniture was completed in the following years while the spire remained to be erected. This was done in 1902. Of the old church, there remains an altar and two confessionals. The numerous statues from the end of the 19C are in plaster and beautifully crafted, let me point out Saint-Laurent and Saint Aubin as well as the Virgin trampling the serpent of evil under foot.

Brandivy ch st Aubin pulpit nov22

Brandivy is a town dominating the valley of the Loc’h. A beautiful nature area which is great for walks and to see other nice monuments such as the Notre Dame de Lourdes Chapel , (see post), Today was a tranquil day and they have mountain goats roaming freely which my dog Rex really enjoy trying to chase them lol !! Just to mention, there is a nice calvary of Christ by the above church as well. See further on the city hall.

Brandivy vallee du loch chevres big nov22

Brandivy vallee du loch chévres nov22

Brandivy calvaire by ch st aubin nov22

The town of Brandivy on its history and heritage

The local Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on Brandivy

There you go folks, another off the beaten path site in my beautiful Morbihan near me and always plenty to do and see around my neck of the woods. Hope you enjoy the heritage abound in nice Brandivy as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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