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October 1, 2022

My personal life in Perth Amboy NJ !!!

As usually the case exchanging with a fellow blogger Valenciartist came upon the idea of telling you a bit more than just travel and anecdotes in my blog. After all, my life has been very rich and why not have some in my blog which is after all my life’s stories. Therefore , here is a bit extra on me from my life in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, and New Jersey !!! Of course, I have other posts in my blog. Hope you enjoy this bit of personal trivia as I.

I lived for 13 years of my early life in Perth Amboy, Middlesex County, New Jersey. This is not counting the 4 years spent in univ in Fla. Our county seat was/is New Brunswick , where I became a US Citizen in 1980! My first contact with the American scene. My English is from here, my last years of middle elementary school, all of high school, my first driving license, sports, worked in parents small businesses as well as industry to save for University studies in Florida. Wonderful early life ,always fondly remember; Perth Amboy forever !!!

My schools! The William C. McGinnis Middle School for grades 5–8; and Perth Amboy High School for grades 9–12.  All from the 7th grade onwards , memories never forgotten and fondly remembered. The card below 1985 was just my student number ok,the year was 1977 !  I had an inclination for aviation to be a pilot but because of eyesight restrictiong end up in Aviation Management. Before university studies took a home course from the California Aircraft Institute of Los Angeles Calif in Spanish in April 1978.  Then, after graduating from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ of Daytona Beach, Florida (see post) came back for my working experience outside the family at  EWR  Newark International Airport, Newark, with an outfit called Butler Aviation an FBO doing ticketing for charter flights from England and Greece as well as the UPS second day air delivery contract. This only lasted for about a year, as I realised I missed Florida, and went back to live there by 1985.

Perth Amboy middle school Mcginnis diploma PF 19june1973

Perth Amboy HS diploma of PF 20june1977

Perth Amboy HS student card c1977

Perth Amboy Calif Aircraft Inst diploma PF 3April1978

However, while in Perth Amboy, I took my training to be an income tax preparer for individuals and small businesses from H&R Block, the leading firm in the field at the time.  I was able to do the income tax for many families and small businesses such as ice cream parlors, misc vendors, and grocery store owners.

Perth Amboy H&R tax training accomp certificate 5dec1983Perth Amboy H&R tax training certificate PF 12May1983

My other function if you will is that I became a Notary Public and did several documents to individuals such as marriage affidavits and small business such as gathering of licenses. I became a member of the American Society of Notaries.

Perth Amboy Notary Public id card PF 8Nov1982

Perth Amboy Americans society of notaries member PF 6Dec1982

I , also , dwell into Real Estate and became an real estate salesperson with the ERA Clausen & Munson of Metuchen with the branch in Perth Amboy. I became license in real estate and was member of the Middlesex County Realtors Assoc and the NJ State Realtors assoc as well. My best year was a Million Dollar Club member selling 28 houses in one year. Unfortunately was hook up with casino gambling as it was opening up in Atlantic City and not much benefit from all this money. The gambling has long ago stop.

Perth Amboy State New Jersey real estate license PF 1983

Perth Amboy Realtor Certificate PF feb84

Perth Amboy Clausen and Munson Real Estate office members PF c1985

Perth Amboy Clausen Real Estate office sales force newspaper ad with PF c1985

And yes, well, lol! I was ,also ,an insurance salesmen with health and life licenses selling all king of products including IRA retirement and mutual funds with the Mutual of Omaha Ins Co out of Omaha, Nebraska with my office in Piscataway, NJ in the William Morgan division , not far from home. Here , I also, excel reaching builders’ Club status and was ranked 6th in the nation amongst first year producer/salespersons, and 2nd in the North East region of the USA! Group pic below I am first row 3rd from the right!

Perth Amboy Mutual of Omaha recognition Builders club 1984

Perth Amboy Mutual of Omaha ins sales recon PF c1985

Perth Amboy State New Jersey insurance license Mut Omaha code 1 life 4april1983

Perth Amboy State New Jersey life insurance license Mut Omaha code 2 health 4april1983


In other things, I was chosen to serve as an official challenger in the US elections by my then party Republican. I am now independant, no need to be in any, they are all the same….

Perth Amboy middlesex county official challenger PF c1986

However, before I realised the above, was very much involved in all local ,state ,and national political levels with the Republican party. I have achieved many distinctions from those years even meeting Presidents Ronald Reagan,and George Bush Sr, as well as NJ governor Tom Kean.

Perth Amboy Nat Rep Congress Comm recog PF jul86

Perth Amboy RNC recog PF 1983

In this run, I was elected as Second Vice Chairman of the Republican party at the local level on December 6 ,1984. And the awards and recognition follow like raindrops if only folks know of the games of a two party system! Enough said.

Perth Amboy The News TRibune newspaper news of VC Rep party PF jun84

As I am having lots of personal items here and my name, let me remind you all these are personal private properties and are not to be use in any way or manner falling under the US DMCA copyright rules which I have posted in my blog here:

The city of Perth Amboy

The official Middlesex County on its history:

The Central New Jersey tourist board on things to see includes Perth Amboy:

The New Jersey tourist board on Perth Amboy:|7||p_Perth%20Amboy|||||||one-time||

There you go folks, a lot more about me and my life in Perth Amboy New Jersey where my dreams began in freedom after passing by dictatorships of left and right in Cuba and Spain. My PA NJ will always be remembered !!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

October 1, 2022

My moment in Pittsburg PA !!

I found me a souvenir paper table setting of a memorable place in my life and even if not a picture, worth putting it in my blog. After all, as said, my blog is my life’s history and you search enough you will find me! Sadly, in those earlier days pictures were not my forte ; I was a post card collector which got to be over 4K and 76 countries. It was later on once on the travel forums that my inclination for pictures took off and eventually my blog since November 26, 2010. Well you get the picture, any heads up on the places is appreciated for my memories of the good old days.

I am kind of becoming nostalgic and try to remember places I have been in the USA but not lived. Well , if read my blog ,you know I lived in New Jersey and Florida for a total of 31 years…. Yes. Now let me tell you a bit more on Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA !

Oh not the historical part, but the fact that was there stayed at the Hilton by the water point across from Three Rivers stadium (now gone) as 3 rivers do meet at the point (Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio). I was with a group of friends and went up to Liberty avenue and had a good time indeed…The hotel was tops first time staying in a fancy hotel it was an experience. There was the Three Rivers Park and then the Point Park with lush looks over the rivers. I believe the hotel name has been change from 1984, now is the Joinery Hotel a Hilton brand, correct me if wrong please.  webpage:

Pittburgh Hilton hotel three point c1983

The find is that we went to another landmark now gone, here for the memories of always. The former Josephine’s Eating and Drinking Emporium Restaurant inside former Horne’s Department Store. It was a very nice place with a western saloon deco, broken up into several rooms and levels. And I notice wrote the street name below wrong!

Pittsburgh josephine resto bar 1984

A bit of old Pittsburgh story. The Joseph Horne Company, often referred to simply as Horne’s, was an iconic, regional department store chain based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The store was one of the oldest in the country being founded on February 22, 1849, but was often overlooked as it maintained only a regional presence. In 1879, he constructed a new central location at Penn Avenue and Stanwix Street in downtown/city center, a seven-story landmark which was the first department store in the city’s downtown. The chain ceased operations in 1994 and by 2006 the remaining was then under the Macy’s banner.

There you go folks a bit of Americana for you and me. Fond memories of my trip to Pittsburgh PA USA. Hope you enjoy the post as I.  I had a great time writing it for you and me.  Thanks for reading me in my blog !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

October 1, 2022

The Church Saint Bily of Plaudren !

Again, my thrill of road warrior trips in my beautiful Morbihan took me to another new town ! Actually was on my round visiting towns and passed by these, that were unique.  Let me introduce you to Plaudren and its Saint Bily’s Church. Hope you enjoy the find as I.

The town of Plaudren is located in the canton of Grand-Champ and the department 56 of my beautiful Morbihan, in the my lovely region of Bretagne. The town is 18 km from our capital City of Vannes ,and 30 km from my house. The one monument that made me stop here was the Church Saint Bily, and here is my take on it.

Plaudren ch St Bily front sep22

The town of Plaudren is crossed by three rivers: the Arz, which has its source south of the town, which is a tributary of the Oust, therefore a sub-tributary of the Vilaine; the Loc’h (or river of Auray) , which rises to the east of the town; and the Claie, which is also a tributary of the Oust, therefore a sub-tributary of the Vilaine.

The Saint Bily’s Church is an imposing building located in the town center, this neo-Romanesque church was completed in 1896. It is dedicated to the patron saint of the parish, Saint Bily. A buried semi-spherical lech is visible in front of the southern sacristy. Plaudren has always strongly affirmed its Breton character as opposed to neighboring towns speaking Gallo. The parish church benefited from a major restoration program (exterior and interior) during the years 1998,1999 and 2000.

Plaudren ch St Bily side front sep22

Ancient parish, Plaudren had for centuries a church located at the exact location of the current one and surrounded by its cemetery where hemispherical stones attest to the antiquity of the site. The old church was of poor taste and without style and character, according to some. Already battered by events, since the tower collapsed in 1731, the church had to suffer a lot during the French revolution. At the beginning of the 19C, there were calls for repairs ,and it was in 1886 that we really worried about its reconstruction. As early as 1890, work was only done in the choir,,and an audacious plan for a new church was done. The new church nevertheless presents a monumental aspect. It imposes itself by the importance of its elevation, the size of its nave, the golden color of its stones. In neo-Romanesque style, these reminiscences of this style are found everywhere: in the Latin cross plan with its semi-circular apse and the apsidioles on the wings of the transept, in the semicircular openings twinned with the gables, tripled on the chamber of bells, with a drip edge to accentuate their curvature. Built in the work, the bell tower is preceded by a forepart which acts as a porch and whose arcade is supported on granite columns, inside a triangular gable. the buttresses rise up to the bell chamber, framed by corner columns.

Plaudren ch St Bily chevet sep22

Other things to see here me think is the Cross of Saint-Bily erected at the entrance to the town of Plaudren on the site where a bishop is said to have been assassinated. Saint Bily was Bishop of Vannes at the turn of the 9C and 10C. He would have been born near Redon around 840, is attested as bishop of Vannes from 892, and would have died assassinated at Saint-Bily between 913 and 919. He was beheaded by the lord of Kervasy,or even some said vikings ! at the site of the Calvary and would have been buried at the site of the chapel.

The town of Plaudren on its heritage

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on Plaudren

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior ride and another nice find in Plaudren! These are the off the beaten paths town we love to go by,and look forward to more ,and more of Plaudren. Again hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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