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September 14, 2022

Again by the Church Saint Bertin of Guillac !

I had written a post on this town and church, but needed to come back on my road warrior mode and passed by with new pictures, time for a new post on Guillac in  my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne in my belle France. This is deep Morbihan inland away from the coasts. We road warrior all over but still lots to be seen here! Let me show you a bit more of quant Guillac and the Church of Saint Bertin !

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower sep22

The town of Guillac is located in the north of Morbihan between Josselin and Ploërmel, about 58 km from my house, easy riding on the N24 expressway road,get off at its exit taking the D169 right into City center/downtown.

The parish Church of Saint Bertin was built between 16-17C, rebuilt in 1860. The Church, as you see today is from the end of the 16C, and originally included only one nave flanked, on each side of the choir, a chapel opening on the sanctuary by a third-point arcade. In 1860, it was added a choir, which gave it the plan of a Latin cross.

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower front sep22

During the construction of the Choir, the large glass roof, made up of 16 panels representing the Holy Family, St Bertin and the 12 apostles, was completely redone. In the north chapel, the stained glass window (1888) represents St Sosthène and St Hermine, and that at the top of the nave (1873), right side, represents St Louis and St Yves. All the other stained glass windows date from 1999. They symbolize the evangelization of all men of all nations. Above the altar of the Blessed Virgin, the painting “The Donation of the Rosary” is an oil on canvas dating of the 17C. You will see to the right of the Virgin and Child , the women including Anne of Austria and Saint Catherine of Siena, and to the left are the men, including Louis XIII and Saint Dominic.

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower right sep22

Currently, the bell tower of the church houses three bells. The big bell, of 1845 and weighing 780 kg, is called Françoise. Two other smaller bells ring la and do , they weigh respectively 340 kg and 220 kg, are named Bertine and Augustine.

Guillac ch St Bertin front belltower left sep22

The town of Guillac on the Church Saint Bertin

The Morbihan tourist board on Guillac

There you go folks, again, another passing to these off the beaten path towns of my beautiful Morbihan always something to see and appreciate the architecture and history of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. Hope you enjoy the post on again the Church of Saint Bertin of Guillac !

And remembre, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 14, 2022

The Church St Pierre of Beignon !

I was on my road warrior mode in the off the beaten paths of my beautiful Morbihan, dept 56 in my lovely Bretagne. The quantity as well as quality still amazes me after 19 years living in France and 22 as French! Let me go ahead and get right to the story ,hope you enjoy it as I. I came back to Beignon, and a second look at the Church St Pierre

The parish of Beignon exists from the 8C. The lordship of Beignon was probably given to the Bishop of Saint-Malo by the sires of Gaël, ancestors of the Lords of Montfort, so that the prelate would establish his summer residence (more precisely in Saint-Malo-de-Beignon -see post)). Other historians bring back this donation to the year 866 where reined the King of Brittany Solomon.

Beignon Ch St Pierre belltower front sep22

The St. Peter’s Church (église Saint Pierre)  burned in 1483, and was rebuilt in the 15-16C. It was covered in 1539. Ransacked during the French revolution, it was rebuilt or restored in the early 19C, I have the history and description in my earlier post so this one will be short and pictures new ; hope you enjoy them as I.

Beignon Ch St Pierre altar closeup sep22

Beignon Ch St Pierre back sep22

You will be able to admire its magnificent listed stained glass windows dating from the 16C representing the Tree of Jesse and the Life of St-Pierre as well as its sculpted sandpits of the framework. Heavy work and decoration in the 2nd quarter of the 16C: sand pits in the nave bearing the date 1539, canopy in the choir bearing the date 1540; work in 1689, for north gate; north sacristy built in 1717, works in the late 19C or early 20C were the south sacristy, and spire.

Beignon Ch St Pierre chapel right sep22

Beignon Ch St Pierre chapel Virgin Mary left sep22

Beignon Ch St Pierre tresor sep22

The City of Beignon , the Southern Gate of Broceliande tourist office on the Church

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on the St Peter’s Church:

There you go folks, another wonderful ride thru the nice off the beaten paths little towns of my beautiful Morbihan. We love the rides and if you bear with me ,you too can have an unique visit to unique places on the off the beaten path trails of my beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and belle France. For now enjoy again the Church of St Pierre of Beignon !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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September 14, 2022

Curiosities of Saint Malo de Beignon !

I was on my road warrior mode in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne, and stop by on previous places felled needed more pictures and also some excuse to go out with all my family including our dog Rex ! Therefore, we went again to Saint Malo de Beignon !! I like to expand on my previous post and tell you new text and pictures on the things to see there This is my curiosities of Saint Malo de Beignon on the off the beaten path. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The small town of Saint Malo de Beignon,takes its name from Saint-Malo because under the Ancien Régime (monarchy) the bishop of Saint-Malo had their summer residence in town since 1062. Access by the RN 24 from Rennes, Vannes, Lorient. Take the Guer, Beignon exit then the D773 towards Beignon. Direction Saint Malo de Beignon, follow the Base de Loisirs signs.Enjoy it!

From 1396, Saint-Malo-de-Beignon is an ecclesiastical court of the Bishop of Saint-Malo, whose manor house was adjacent to the Church of Saint Malo. The church preserves vestiges of Romanesque construction: portal from the 13C, tall, narrow windows from the 11C, In the choir, tombstones of the bishops of Aleth (15-16-17C). The construction began in the 11C, and was restored in 1751.

St Malo de Beignon ch St Malo arriving sep22

The Church of Saint Malo as said retained Romanesque remains, including three windows, as well as the western portal. The Romanesque porch, which dates from the second half of the 12C, was completely redone in the 15C. The portal is made up of three warheads embedded one inside the other. The baptistery dates from the 12C. The so-called “bishops’ gallery” dates from the 18C. The altarpiece dates from the 17C.

St Malo de Beignon ch St Malo side entr sep22

The Morbihan dept 56 Tourist board on the Church Saint Malo

Another wonderful spot we found new, well you know me, road warrior will need to come back to places for more always !

This is the former garden of the summer residence of the bishops of Saint-Malo, The Jardin des Evêques is a nice spot to dwell on indeed. The harmony of the plant beds, the water games in the basins, the small stone walls that structure the spaces, the old greenhouse and the remains of the watermill will make you succumb to the charm of this calm and relaxing garden. Indeed very pretty and well kept, The garden was restored last in 1993 ,according to existing plans and writings, respecting the fauna and flora.

St Malo de Beignon jardin de l eveque long sep22
This is a French-style garden, over an area of 1 ha with cactus greenhouse, fountains, small bodies of water with swans, geese, ducks, and a few aviaries with peacocks, pheasants, pigeons, hens and other poultry. A garden not very big, but pleasant to discover with the family.

St Malo de Beignon jardin de l eveque fontaine sep22

The local tourist office Brocéliande Vacances on the bishop’s garden :

There you go folks, now I feel better to tell you about this wonderful little town in inland Morbihan, another gem of our region. Hope you enjoy the follow up on Saint Malo de Beignon.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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