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August 23, 2022

The Dolphin Mall of Miami !!

Let me get back at you and update this memorable post of the good old days of my life in Florida USA or more specific going shopping in Miami at the Dolphin Mall !! I am bringing back this post because I recently spoked with a cousin who is just arriving to live in Miami (another cousin !) , and she went to the Dolphin with her kids and love it. One of the nice places me and my family did was going to the malls to shop and a drink or two, and the Dolphin Mall was one of my favorite hangouts when lived closed by in Silver Lakes, Miramar, Broward County but worked in Miami, Miami-Dade County. Last visited it when came back for a family visit in 2009 ! Now going back oh well …memories forever.


The Dolphin Mall (11401 N.W. 12 Street) is a shopping center actually today’s Sweetwater, Miami-Dade County,  west of the city of Miami. Bordering the now call Ronald Reagan Turnpike toll road on the west , and the junction with the Dolphin Expressway or State Road 836  that takes you all the way to the McArthur Causeway into Miami Beach at  5th Street and right into the Beach!! You really need to pinpoints the places there as there are about 7 different towns with the name Miami on it . This mall opened on March 2001, and just a couple years later we left for good….

Of course, I always drove a car there… 8,500 free parking spaces including a state of the art parking garage, featuring a convenient race track layout for easy-access shopping. The Dolphin Mall is located from Miami Airport (10.5 km) Coral Gables (13.5 km) Coconut Grove (15.1 km) ,and Little Havana (16.8 km).  And last check the hours are open 7 days a week. Opening hours may vary from week to week. In general, the shopping center opens at 10h or 11h and closes at 20h (8 pm). For public transports you need to verify but last I know ,the Dolphin Mall is accessible via bus line 7. If you go to the Dolphin Mall on weekends, take bus 238 from Miami Airport. It will take you directly and non-stop to the Dolphin Mall. 

Dolphin Mall has more than 250 stores and a wide selection of discounted brands making it one of the most popular and busiest malls in Miami area. It is the largest mall in city of Miami metro area , and the second-largest mall in Miami-Dade County. The Mall is separated into three major universes:

Ramblas: built in the form of a village square with restaurants and entertainment


Playa: designed to remind South Beach, there are stores for clothing, accessories and home decor.

Moda: which refers to Collins Avenue and Bal Harbor with its chic and refined atmosphere.

The Dolphin Mall brings together shops for clothes, video games, toys, cosmetics, etc., as well as restaurants, a 19-screen cinema, a children’s play center, an arcade and a bowling alley.  Experience life with an exciting mix of entertainment venues such as CineBistro, Dave and Buster’s and Bowlero Miami. Crave life with more than 30 diverse dining options in the Food Court, and 19 sit-down restaurants. 


My favorites there were the JC Penney store,( no longer there) , and Burlington, plus the cinema, the outdoor live music events under the Florida sky, just sublime. come to shop or come to party is all there. Gap, Banana Republic, the Borders Book store (no longer there 2009 picture), FYE Entertainment (no longer there 2009 picture) , Sbarro’s,  The Cheesecake Factory, and TGIFridays, for food eating, a great place for the whole family. Below my dear late wife Martine and my boys.



The official Dolphin Mall

The Miami and the Beaches area tourist office on the Dolphin Mall:

There you go folks, it is becoming a must to visit to all comers in the Miami metro area for some serious shopping in a grand location. Things have change a lot since I left it in 2003, and even more since 2009, but according to local family still a place to be. Hope you enjoy the shopping at the  Dolphin Mall Sweetwater...

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

August 23, 2022

The Daytona Beach flea market !!

And since I was in markets, why not take you over the pond or ocean the Atlantic for memories of old that never fade away!  As said we love the markets and this is not just a new found thing, we go way back as a family our first experience happened in Daytona Beach Florida USA !  This is a sentimental post for us but will tell you a bit about the flea market at Daytona Beach. And I am updating text and link from an older post in my blog.

Wow I had read that the Daytona Flea Market is ranked one of the top five markets in the USA and top 10 in the world! The market boasts hundreds of vendors, a top notch farmer’s market, specialty stores, antiques, and two indoor shopping malls!!! It has grown indeed over the years.  I have been coming here since living in nearby Ormond by the Sea and going to the University in Daytona Beach, the city I got married and my oldest son was born at Halifax Hospital, and baptized at St Brendan’s Catholic Church in Ormond by the Sea!  Memories galore of a wonderful place of fast speed and fast oh well everything in season. I have done some older post on these stories ,but not on the market.

My experiences here goes back to 1977!  And ended in 2003 when I left Florida for France! Already a French citizen since 2000 ! However, all my adult young history was base around here first alone, then with my parents, then with my wife and later my older boy and then visited with the twins before departing Florida. A one stop shopping and cultural experience recommended to all. Memories of always ! Yet hardly a photo left as I guess the old saying living and visiting are not the same thing holds true. The picture is with my visiting paternal grandfather Manolo! The one who raise me with grandma Candita since birth to 10 when left Cuba, and my parents to the left !


The Daytona Flea Market is another that makes a proper event out of the market. At least once a month it offers either an arts and crafts fair or the Classic Car Cruise-In. Daytona Flea Market features stalls stretching over 3 miles and there is plenty of shopping to be had. It is worth getting to this market earlier on in the day, for ease of parking as well as sourcing the best items. The  Daytona Flea Market is not the place to hit for specific antiques, but instead is a haven for all things second-hand and curious. Sellers are there to clear their tables, so barter away for some awesome bargains! Located at 1425 Tomoka Farms Rd, Daytona Beach, FL and open Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 9 am to 5pm or 9h to 17h year round.

The official flea and market of Daytona Beach

The city of Daytona Beach on the flea market

The Florida tourist board on the flea market of Daytona Beach

There you go folks, a wonderful memory lane post . Hope you have enjoy the Daytona flea market as I , and have the opportunity to see it , or me eventually. Thanks for allowing me to share them in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

August 23, 2022

How about Damgan, one more time !!

Here I am again on my road warrior ways in my beautiful Morbihan, This is heaven with so many and long coast and pretty towns alongside, There are so many do not think will see them all in my lifetime !! Anyway, I keep on trying and besides some familiar ones, I dwell into new ones visited but this one is a repeat and expanded visit to Damgan.  I have written several posts on Damgan in my blog, this time was something extra as always, Let me give you my take on it ok ; it was my last stop coming back home. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The town of Damgan is located in my beautiful Morbihan department 56 and in my lovely region of Bretagne, Damgan is a peninsula located between the Rhuys peninsula and the Vilaine estuary. To the west, the Pénerf river marks the boundary of the town, the Atlantic Ocean to the south, the town of Ambon to the north and east. The town has nearly 8 km of beach with in particular the Grand Plage of Damgan, and the plage de Kervoyal.

In the 6C, the territory was associated with the Irish monk Sauveur, the same who founded the Abbey of Saint-Sauveur in Redon. Local tradition also associates Kervoyal with this monk. At that time, Damgan was an integral part of the parish of Ambon. The territory is mentioned for the first time through Pénerf in an act of the 13C during the reign of Jean Ier Le Roux. The first bathers were reported in 1860 and the first cabins appeared in 1877. These tourists, rare before the WWII, undertook the construction of villas (Kerhabert, Villa Sainte-Anne, Kerfleuret, etc.) and hotels were built to accommodate this clientele that came for the baths. Tourists arrive in large numbers in the second half of the 20C, allowing the town to resume a new economic boom with its development as a seaside resort. Even today, its economy is mainly oriented towards the tourist sector.

The Grande Plage (our favorite) bordered by a promenade on the seafront, this long beach of fine sand, facing south, guarantees permanent access to swimming, supervised in summer by lifeguards from the lifeguard station. The Plage de Landrezac beach is located between Damgan and Kervoyal, bordered by a dune cordon, this long wild beach is very accessible thanks to numerous parking spaces, The La Petit Plage de Kervoyal is located in Kervoyal, this small, family-friendly beach is protected from the westerly winds. You will discover the last bathing cabins erected facing the ocean.

Damgan grande plage de kervoyal right aug22

Damgan grande plage de kervoyal long aug22

Damgan grande plage de kervoyal left aug22

The Notre-Dame-de-Bonne-Nouvelle Church, located in Damgan, is a neo-Romanesque building built by the city in 1843 on the site of the old chapel, the condition of which was considered alarming. Significant work was carried out in 1954 to consolidate certain parts of the building which were in danger of collapsing.

Damgan ch Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle front aug22

Damgan ch Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle nave to altar aug22

Damgan ch Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle altar to back exvoto boat aug22

Other things to see here and most already written on are :

The Tour des Anglais or English tower located on the peninsula of Pénerf, it is the only fire tower preserved on the Atlantic coast, There are several 17C houses There are a few Breton cottages, notably in Kervoyal. 19-20C villas,such as Villa Ker-Fleuret: located in Kervoyal, it was built in 1896 by Lucien Mérignac, a famous fencer, hence the name Fleuret. The French writer Hervé Bazin stayed there for some time. Villa Sainte-Anne: located in Damgan, it is a villa in the classic style of beachfront villas with an elevated forecourt. It once belonged to the Sisters of Saint-Vincent-de-Paul de Redon who welcomed orphans there. Villa Toul-Menez: located in Kervoyal, Guillaume Apollinaire stayed in this villa during the summer of 1918. The Church of Saint-Pierre de Penerf, located in Pénerf, its construction dates back to the 17C and probably replaces an older construction. The place having already been inhabited for a long time and formed its own entity, Pénerf obtained parish status in 1843 in Damgan. It was enlarged by the addition of a chapel dedicated to the Virgin and a remodeled bell tower. The north and south wings were added in 1853 and 1848 and the church was restored in the 19C. The Notre-Dame de la Paix Chapel, located in Kervoyal, a first private chapel was built in 1924 but was destroyed during WWII in 1942. A new chapel was built on a new site between 1950 and 1956.

The town of Damgan on its beaches

The official Kervoyal-Damgan on history and heritage of it and the area :

The local Damgan-La Roche Bernard tourist office on Damgan

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior ride in my beautiful Morbihan ! It really is beautiful, Once again by Damgan and still think it merits more time, For now enjoy my latest post on it and we will be back !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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