La Vuelta a España 2022 !! They are back !!

The exciting and gorgeous La Vuelta Spain is back and pretty as always to watch, Due to the fact in my wife’s family they were/are avid followers , and of course, I joined in with the family. As said before we usually used to go by Pau to catch the French Tour de France, and by Castilla La Mancha andCuenca for the Vuelta a España. We needed to watch on TV the last but now in full swing looking forward to 2023 for us, In the meantime, enjoy the beauty of it on TV, hope you can, its a blast.

The 77th edition of the tour of Spain or La Vuelta a España is back , and will be held from Friday, August 19 to Sunday, September 11. The start will be in the Netherlands (Utrecht) and the end will be in Madrid, which once again hosts the farewell to the race (in the previous edition it was in Santiago de Compostela) to complete a total of 3,280.5 km or about 2034 miles. In total, there will be six flat stages (two with a high finish), four medium-mountain stages, seven mountain stages, one team time trial, one individual and three rest days, instead of the usual two. This third rest day is for the transfer from The Netherlands) to Spain.

The stages will be as follows, and I have highlighted in black the ones that are best to me from a local and tourist point of view,

Stage 1, Friday 19 August: Utrecht-Utrecht, 23.3 km (counterclockwise by teams)
Stage 2, Saturday 20 August: Hertogenbosch-Utrecht, 175.1 km (flat)
Stage 3, Sunday, August 21: Breda-Breda, 193, 2 km (flat)
Monday 22 August (rest and transfer to Spain)
Stage 4, Tuesday, August 23: Vitoria-Laguardia, 153.5 km (half mountain)
Stage 5, Wednesday, August 24: Irún-Bilbao, 187 km (half mountain)
Stage 6, Thursday 25 August: Bilbao-Ascent to Jano Peak, San Miguel de Aguayo, 180 km (mountain)
Stage 7, Friday, August 26: Camargo-Cistierna, 190.1 km (half mountain)
Stage 8, Saturday, August 27: Pola de Laviana-Collado Fancuaya. Yernes y Tameza, 154.5 km (mountain)
Stage 9, Sunday, August 28: Villaviciosa-Les Praeres (Nava), 175.5 km (mountain)
Stage 10, Tuesday 30 August: Elche-Alicante 31.1 km (Individual Counterclockwise)
Stage 11, Wednesday, August 31: ElPozo Alimentacion-Cabo de Gata, 193 km (flat)
Stage 12, Thursday, September 1: Salobreña-Peña Blancas. Estepona, 195.5 km (flat with high end)
Stage 13, Friday, September 2: Ronda-Montilla, 171 km (flat)
Stage 14, Saturday, September 3: Montoro-Sierra de la Pandera, 160.3 km (mountain)
Stage 15, Sunday, September 4: Martos-Sierra Nevada, 148, 1 km (mountain)
Stage 16, Tuesday, September 6: Sanlúcar de Barrameda-Tomares, 188.9 km (flat)
Stage 17, Wednesday 7th September: Aracena-Tentudía Monastery, 160 km (flat with finish on high)
Stage 18, Thursday, September 8: Trujillo-Alto del Piornal, 191.7 km (Mountain)
Stage 19, Friday, September 9: Talavera de la Reina-Talavera de la Reina, 132.7 km (half mountain)
Stage 20, Saturday, September 10: Moralzarzal-Puerto de Navacerrada, 175.5 km (mountain)
Stage 21, Sunday, September 11: Las Rozas-Madrid, 100.5 km (flat)

The city of Madrid has been name as World Capital of Sport 2022 ! The final podium of The Vuelta in the iconic Plaza de Cibeles of Madrid !

The official La Vuelta a España:

The Cycling news journal on the La Vuelta:

There you go folks, another dandy sporting event in my dear Spain, One that I have followed for many years now and always enjoy seeing on site or TV, This one is back and just around the corner, be ready the La Vuelta is back. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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