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July 31, 2022

Le Halles du Faouët !!!

And on my road warrior trips on weekends in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Brittany I take you again to a wonderful town about an hour from me that I have other posts, but need to tell you about the market here; this is my best to showcase the Le Faouët !!! I will update this older post with new text and links to tell you about the covered market or Halles of Le Faouët. This is a wonderful place very old , and the center of life in the town even today. There are food market and flea markets held here regularly. It is an imposing building in city center.


The Halles of Faouët or market were built between the end of the 15C and the beginning of the 16C, north of the Place Plantée. They are 53 meters long and 19 meters wide, the halles cover an area of 940 m2 . Covered with a large roof resting on small granite columns, the building opens on each side by two imposing porticoes. The existence of the halles is attested from 1542, as these are mentioned in an admission of the Lord of Faouët where it is said that they belonged to him from time immemorial. There was market every Wednesday, as well as nine annual fairs, then fourteen from the 17C. They constituted a substantial income for the lord of the place who collected various taxes. The most profitable was the so-called Grand Verge levied on paper , followed by the place des estaulx (stables), the place de cuyr (leather) , the place de Laine (wool); and the mareschaulx (marshals) custom. The building will be purchased by the town in 1815 to the family of Argouges de Ranes while it is half in ruins and will be the subject of many subsequent restoration work. A clock chamber will be installed on the ridge, then replaced by a bell tower.


The Place des Halles were surrounded by pillar constructions allowing to go around without being wet which makes say to the Marquis De Robien in 1756 that the front of the houses supported by pillars surrounding the square form a porch pleasant to the view. The last pillared house of the halles, located rue du Château, were destroyed in the 1950s.



Today, the market is held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month or a 5th if the month has five wednesdays , but also do flea market or brocantes on special days. As said, the center of activities in the town of Le Faouët.

The city of Le Faouët on the market

The Pays du Roi Morvan local tourist office on the market

The Morbihan dept 56 tourist board on the market of Le Faouët

There you go folks, a wonderful outing, we have been there on flea market day and it is wonderful ambiance. Today was a quiet day but allow us to see up close the inside construction of the Halles of Faouët! Worth the detour I say. Hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

July 31, 2022

The Citadel of Port Louis !!

This is another wonderful spot of my beautiful Morbihan, not far from home and we love it. I  will update this older post for you and me. Let me tell you a bit about the Citadel of Port Louis. This is easily reach from my house on road D781 coming from Etel or on the national road N165 direction Hennebont, then Port Louis. You can come by train to the station in Lorient then bus to Port Louis, TGV service from Paris Montparnasse. You can make it by boat from Lorient,as well.  The parking is easy at the entrance to the Grande Rue or by the Pointe harbor area. There is also plenty of parking by the Citadel.


The Citadel is a marvel of Vauban fortifications, and the guard fortress to the city, famous for its trade with the Indies in America. The first company of trade was done here, and the museum inside the Citadel today tells you of this wonderful period. The  Citadelle de Port-Louis was built in the 16C by the Spanish and modified in the 17C by the French.


The Citadel is rebuilt between 1618 and 1621, when Louis XIII decided to give Port-Louis the status of royal city. The present appearance of the citadel dates from this period and despite appearances, Vauban  only did  the buildings built in the barnyard (arsenal and ball park) at a later date. The citadel will be used for the defense of the harbor, then it will be assigned to the surveillance of the maritime traffic. The last soldiers leave the premises in 2007.


Really ,the main urge to come here is the citadel and its museum of the Indies, which covers more of the compagnie des  indies épisodes to far régions such as Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The museum  of the Marine is a wonderful recollection of the seafaring French/Breton and its seafaring skills. It is an impressive fortress and must visit if in the area.

You can, also, see the Grand Poudriére (built 1750-1752) or big powder house, to keep that old ammunition all along the ramparts leading to the citadelle. See also, the fountain de Recollets.



A bit of history of Port Louis I like

The city which was formerly called Blavet and its citadel are renamed Port Louis in 1618 on a the Royal decision. Port-Louis, or Porzh Loeiz in Breton, recalls the name of the Kings of France and thus marks their suzerainty on this port which was long a Spanish fortress. The city is occupied by the Spaniards from 1590, the Duke of Mercœur, in a first time alliance with king Felipe II (Philip II) , having delivered them thereafter, Don Juan del Aguila defended it and built fortifications there. The name of the new stronghold is given to him as Fuerte del Aguila (Fort de L’Aigle or Fort of the Eagle). The Citadel was half dismantled at the beginning of the 17C, the Spaniards having evacuated the territory. The current name of Port-Louis, dating from 1618, is given in honor of King Louis XIII who wanted to make it a fortified city completed in 1642, the Citadel of Port-Louis is the key element of the defence of the harbour. Under the French revolution, the town provisionally carries the names of Port-de-l’Égalité and Port-Liberté.

The local Lorient south Brittany tourist office on the Citadel:

The town of Port Louis on its museums in the Citadel

The city of Lorient on the Indies museum in the citadel

The National Naval museum in the citadel

There you go folks, another dandy for sure and a beautiful beach just behind the citadel to see in my other posts on Port Louis. Hope you enjoy the post on the Citadel of Port Louis !! 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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July 31, 2022

WordPress ,you and me 2021 !!!

So taking a small time to thank you all for your loyal following during these last 12 years. It has been a wonderful trip which I have enjoyed very much, hoping you too.

I started on WordPress after advice from an American  friend living in Madrid for over 25 years who told me it was easy to work for the non technical guy in me and it has been so. It was November 26th 2010 so holy cow already almost 12 years !!!!!

And ,I have decided to look at my numbers with the help of wandering a bit into WordPress. Even with humble numbers compare to some of you, it has been a wonderful ride and fully satisfy. Again thank you so much. Merci beaucoup, muchas gracias, muito obrigado.

After already not counting this one, 3 824 posts in my blog, come to realize my best viewing day is Sunday…. and the best time is 9h or 9am!! The best day viewed was December 10, 2012! with 972 views!!! A record hard to beat !

My best view pages or posts for 2021 have been: A look back of history, a Palace in the Tuileries!, Some streets of Versailles !!! , and My college days in Florida-ERAU !!! The most view post all time has been Versailles and it’s historical Churches with 172!!!! ,Which since, I have split into individual posts ! Again , a record hard to beat !!

I have 974 other blogs following mine an honor! ,thank you all. I have cut down a lot as do not like folks just hanging on, need to have exchanges, views ,comments stories, suggestions that is part of traveling folks ! Anyway, never in my wildest dreams would I thought to have these many reading my blog wow! There are about 15 steady commentators and the top 10 are well known you know who you are , and my wish is to have more comments, constructive comments that is.

The countries that have most folks viewing my blog are in order: USA, France, UK, India, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, and Australia! Thanks!!! In actuality, it covers the world with many many countries in fact for 2021 counted 148 !!

The year of great activity with most views was 2012 with 120 701, and the one with the most visitors was 2013 with 27 140, the most likes , and comments was 2021 !! In 2021 , I had 48 635 views , 23 487 visitors, 26 977 likes, and 832 comments. . Another good year me think, Thank you!!!

There are a total of 7 pages on front page, 15 categories of posts and 15 tags with 7 favorite outside links in the blogroll . There are over 50 000 photos already here wow!!! 49,3% of memory space taken !

I am sure WordPress will have better numbers to tell in 2022. In the meantime, thanks for reading mine and sharing yours, always a pleasure to read. Enjoy your Summer as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

July 31, 2022

The port of Vannes and al. !!!

And of course, cannot be too far from my beautiful capital city of Vannes only 27 km from my house!  We were there again today, a ride with my Dad and our dog Rex, wonderful views of the Gulf of Morbihan and the port of Vannes! Let me tell you briefly of this latest road warrior escapade and new pictures! See the draught going on with lack of water all over. Hope you enjoy it as I.

 We went by car up the right bank of the canal marina along the famous Promenade de la Rabine with its long avenue of trees that borders the water to the Pont de Kerino bridge. We went up the Butte de Kerino hill with great views and a wonderful Calvary of Christ overlooking the Port of Vannes and the Gulf of Morbihan.

Vannes pont kerino et boats jul22

Vannes pont kerino low tide jul22

Vannes kerino calvary Christ jul22

While in the hill of Kerino we did a lot of walking even pulling the Dad’s wheelchair on lawn! Of course, my boys help and it was a nice family outing indeed.

Vannes kerino to gare maritime jul22

We came down to Le Port area , the most lively in Vannes. It covers an area of 1.5 km². It has many corners of greenery such as the Butte de Kérino. The place Gambetta, of hemispherical plan, marks the end of the port of Vannes and puts it in contact with the historic center by the Porte Saint-Vincent.

Vannes le port canal marina pl Gambetta jul22

The port of Vannes is a commercial port, a passenger port and a Marina located north of the Gulf of Morbihan along a 1 200 meters channel that leads the boats from the commercial port of Pont-Vert to the afloat basin marina. The port of Vannes is a floating basin, maintained at a minimum depth of 2.10 meters by a lock gate, whose opening times follow the tide times. In addition, access to the port is also constrained by crossing the pont de Kérino bridge built on the channel, downstream from the lock gate. The Marina has a capacity to host 280 boats on pontoons. It can accommodate 34 boats on dead body. The port of Vannes has a visitor area for your stopovers with 60 places available.

Vannes Kerino to port commercial jul22

Vannes canal marina to city jul22

Vannes Le port canal marina to city jul22

Vannes ecluse canal out to gulf jul22

The city of Vannes on the pont de Kerino and port:

The city of Vannes on its heritage

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on Vannes

There you go folks, a dandy in my Vannes. The Le Port area all along the Promenade de la Rabine into the Butte de Kerino overlooking the passenger and commercial terminal into the Gulf of Morbihan is a sublime walk. A must really to do while in town; hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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