Notre Dame Cathedral update JUL2022

And time to come back to this wonderful epic work going on in my eternal Paris. I have follow thru on the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral since its unfortunate fire in April 2019. There are several posts on the work going on in my blog; and feels it needs another update. Therefore, without further words here is the Notre Dame Cathedral update for July 2022.

A big interview in Le Figaro last Friday July 22 2022 by General Jean-Louis Georgelin in charge of the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral , I am quoting and translating the way, The reopening of Notre-Dame in 2024 is a tense, rigorous and complicated objective. We will fight to win this battle, and to be able to open for worship, in 2024. On this date, Notre-Dame will be completely cleaned, to the point that visitors will have a visual shock when entering , In a construction site, there are always hazards and difficulties. But, until then, we always found ways to adapt, to move forward and to listen to the indicators when they turned orange, It seems to me the Gen is flicking time for a positive recharge,,, Since April 15, 2019, more than 846 million euros have been collected by 340,000 patrons and donors from 150 countries ! Until August 2021, a first phase of work consisted of consolidating and securing the building (i.e. 150 million euros in expenditure).We will need 550 million euros to complete the interior cleaning of the cathedral, including the great organ, to restore the masonry and the vaults damaged by the fire, to reconstruct the framework, the roofing and the spire, or even to renewing technical equipment ,This figure takes account of forecast inflation. Like the other works, we are currently experiencing some pressure on prices. After these works, there should therefore remain 146 million euros which should be allocated to the restoration of the exterior.

The fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral, whose causes have still not been established with certainty had caused the collapse of its frame, its spire, its clock and part of its vault, ravaged by the flames, A big mystery the causes not declared officially yet, something is going on, time will tell,,,,

In other news specialists in heritage restoration and based in Mauges (Maine-et-Loire 49), Ateliers Perrault were selected for the reconstruction of the framework of the choir and the nave of Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris. The historic Ateliers Perrault (262 years of existence), always settled in the Mauges, in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Plaine, between Cholet and Angers,

Further news from the city of Paris of course taken advantage of this unfortunate event to put some modernity and trees around which does not give any value to the cathedral, After a Belgian architectural firm winning the contest, they have together with the city, heritage council etc decided on a whole new look for the area.

The new forecourt is designed as a clearing, which highlights the eastern facade of Notre-Dame Cathedral in a green setting. The surrounding trees will provide seats in the shade, while a thin layer of water 5 millimeters high will trickle occasionally to refresh the square in times of great heat, creating ephemeral reflections. The space behind the cathedral, as large as the square in front, today divided by hedges and fences, will become a large continuous square between the chevet and the Seine around a generous lawn which opens onto the arches. flying buttresses and stained glass windows. The gardens to the south of the cathedral, as well as the existing trees, will be integrated into a large riverside park 400 meters long. A total of 131 new trees will be planted. The site of Notre-Dame (approximately 4 hectares) will gain in vegetation (+36% gain compared to the current surface), The old underground car park, located under the current forecourt, will be transformed into an interior promenade. This will house Notre-Dame reception areas over 3,000 m2 (luggage storage, toilets, rooms for groups, etc.) and will offer new experiences to visitors (which now need to use public transport already full) new access to the archaeological crypt and an opening onto the Seine. The new layout will also allow new views of the cathedral. Another novelty: rue du Cloître will be calmed and vegetated !

The Pelerin or Pilgrim on the advances of Notre Dame:

The official reconstruction of Notre Dame :

The newspaper Le Figaro on the Gen post: 

There you go folks, hope you enjoy the post as I. And we are all eagerly waiting for the moment even if events has been held and will be before full restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral of Paris. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I once lived in a village where the church roof was blown off by a tornado (yes, a tornado). the church filed an insurance claim bur the insurers declined it because the tornado was an act of God. You could not make it up!

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