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July 24, 2022

This is Pontorson !!

Again, my road warrior instincts took me to the road. And what a nice ride it was, sunny clear skies and just wonderful trip with the boys and Dad tagged along. We have passed by this town many many times always on the run elsewhere, and never stop inside. This was the moment to do it and glad we did. Let me tell you a bit about Pontorson !!

The city of Pontorson is located in the Manche department 50 in the Normandy region, It is located 9 km from Mont-Saint-Michel, 22 km from Avranches, 45 km from Granville, 77 km from Rennes, 90 km from Saint-Lô and 363 km from Paris. There is a train station at Place de la Gare that is open from June 30 to September 4 2022 as for this year,never used and do not think will just for info. It is about 2h10 from my house!

Pontorson cv entr jul22

The city of Pontorson is crossed by the Couesnon, one of the three rivers in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel, and surrounded by more than 10 km of marshland to the south and by more than 4,800 hectares of polders.The territory of the current town is placed under the ephemeral domination of the kings of Brittany, undoubtedly with the Cotentin in the 9-10C by the Treaty of Compiègne. It lost this Breton status following the Normans’ penetration of the provisional border of the Sélune, which reestablished it on the Couesnon. On the other hand, the suburb located in addition to Couesnon retains its connection to Brittany. Some noticeable dates me think are on October 23, 1370, Bertrand Du Guesclin and Olivier de Clisson concluded a pact of brotherhood in arms at Pontorson. On November 18, 1793, the town was the site of the Battle of Pontorson, during the Virée de Galerne, during the Vendée wars (or wars of the west against the French revolution). Marcel Proust quotes Pontorson in the first volume of In Search of Lost Time, Swann’s Way, Part Three Country Names: the name, “Questembert, Pontorson, laughable and naive, white feathers and yellow beaks scattered over the route of these fluvial and poetic places”. There !

Located 5 km from Mont Saint-Michel, in Pontorson on the road D776, the Moidrey mill dating from 1806 has resumed service after more than a century of oblivion and a restoration that was completed in 2003. It is a mill-tower whose mechanism has been reconstructed identically. It is in operation and is open to visitors.

Pontorson Moulin Moidrey afar jul22

In 1870, the city of Pontorson proposed the construction of a first City/Town Hall. Which has an architecture similar to the current one. The one today is from 1902 and it was erected in the middle of the Halle (which was built around 1862). We therefore destroyed the center of the Halle, to subtly place the new City/Town Hall of Pontorson. This is a nice building as govt ones goes and right across from the Notre Dame Church.

Pontorson hotel de ville wide jul22

The Notre Dame Church took us by surprise for its size and magnificent even if could not get inside ; there was a wedding going on with all the bells !! Anyway we will be back only 2h10 from home ,and used to passed by here so many times, finally went in !!. Let me tell you a brief description on it ,as we will be back! The church is an ancient residence, dedicated to Notre-Dame ,located in Place de l’Eglise. It was built in execution of a wish of William the Conqueror. The building is made up of various styles: pure Romanesque, transitional Romanesque, Gothic from the 13C, and Gothic from the 15C. Briefly, the main construction events on their site tell us that between 1050 and 1120: the choir, the crosses and the bases of the tower were done, From 1120 to 1150: the nave with its half-columns engaged in the walls, its square bays and ribbed vaults to which are attached the western gables and the three portals, In 1220: the primitive altar located at the back of the choir dates from this period, From 1381 to 1418: concerns the Gothic part. The large window of the choir is drilled in order to obtain more light in the church, Around 1400: the Saint Jean Chapel was built, parallel to the choir, with which it communicates through a Gothic arcade, The magnificent altarpiece that adorns the background is carved in white stone, retraces in 22 compartments the “Passion of Christ and his Resurrection”. At the time of the wars of religion and during the French revolution, a systematic mutilation of all the heads of the characters took place. It was a splendor, judging by the remains that they remain as they are. The people of Pontorson called it the “Altarpiece of the Broken Saints”. In 1627: the Gothic belfry was built, a very Norman “saddle” bell tower, which was not completed until that year. Two ogival chapels flank the nave to the north and south. In 1853: at the entrance to the left transept is the lectern with the imperial eagle, in carved and gilded wood. Around 1700: an 18C wooden Virgin, venerated under the name of Notre Dame (Our Lady), located in the small north chapel, above the altar, also deserves to be noticed. She escaped mutilation for having been crowned with the Phrygian cap by an astute bourgeois of the city, who presented her to the “sans culottes” as Marianne, the venerated personification of the first Republic. The southern entrance door is decorated in its tympanum with a sculpture whose meaning remains to be discovered to this day. Some historians have seen the fable of Prometheus there? Pelican? We do not know ! The west facade, flanked by two Romanesque turrets with various sculptures, is unique in Europe, according to archaeologists.

Pontorson ch Notre Dame side town jul22

Pontorson ch Notre Dame main entr jul22

Pontorson ch Notre Dame belltower side jul22

The city of Pontorson on the Notre Dame Church

The city of Pontorson on its heritage

The Mont Saint Michel tourist office on Pontorson

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my belle France!  This is Pontorson, really the gateway to Mont Saint Michel, you will love it here, more calm and ambiance of a local town. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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July 24, 2022

Back to Mont Saint Michel and more !!

Sitting around at home with plenty of time to spare ,could not keep me long in the house. Having so much wonderful places around, will just not do justice. Therefore,off we went in our road warrior tours of my lovely Bretagne and else …. This time we did a tour of Mont Saint Michel and surrounding areas. Let me tell you and me again a bit on the tour. Hope you enjoy it as I.

As we got there a bit late and the tourist hordes have taken over too much, we did not go in this time just walk around its digues with splendid views of the mount of Saint Michael.

MSM monastery MSM afar jul22

MSM monastery MSM closer jul22

We did visit a new town which before was just cruising by it, this Beauvoir on the route de Saint Michel.  The town of Beauvoir is located in the Manche department no 50 and in the Normandy region , It is located on the Couesnon canal (one of the three rivers flowing into the bay of Mont Saint-Michel), about 2 km upstream from the mouth of the river. It borders Bretagne/Brittany. Fyi this is the Couesnon river of contention between Brittany and Normandy on the location of the Mont Saint Michel.

In our road warrior trip we saw take off the Héliberté helicopter for views over the Mont Saint MichelA Helicopter station for rides on the bay of Mont Saint Michel this is Héliberté at 39 route du Mont St Michel ,Beauvoir. The official Copter Héliberté :

Beauvoir helicopter rides afar MSM jul22

Beauvoir helicopter rides open jul22

Not ready for this we went in across the street to the Alligator Bay park but again we are experts on alligators lol !!Le parc animalier Alligator Bay at 62 rue du Mont Saint Michel ,Beauvoir with 700 reptiles and a turtle farm, This was called previously Reptilarium du Mont-Saint-Michel, and still a private animal park, It is mainly composed of three areas: The Turtle Farm , The Dragons’ Maze , and The Alligators’ House, which claims to features the largest group of alligators in Europe.  The Official Alligator Bay park

Beauvoir alligator bay park afar jul22

Beauvoir alligator Bay park jul22

The city of Beauvoir on its things to see :

However, these are wonderful activities for many, and should be included in the area visits. Already feeling hungry, it was about time to eat! I had pinpoint a local place away from the tourist hordes and made advance reservation as it was we almost made it before their closing at 14h ! First a bit about the town of Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne

We did not go for sights here in Saint Georges de Gréhaigne but will give you a run down on the town, Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne is a town in the department of Ille-et-Vilaine no 35 of the region of Bretagne/Brittany. It is located on the edge of the English Channel. 7 km from Mont Saint-Michel, 37 km from Saint-Malo, near road D797, a hill 29 meters above sea level is crowned by an old 15C church, the work of the monks. . With an highway interchange, Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne is easily accessible from the main urban centers of St Malo, Dinard, Cancale, and Avranches on the N176 road (the one we took most).

The town of Saint Georges de Gréhaigne on its heritage:

Looking for a typical restaurant away from the tourist hordes that today surround Mont Saint Michel, I took my gang to Saint-Georges-de-Gréhaigne , and the Le Rustique restaurant, at 4 Le Bas de Saint-Georges. It was a nice find, we had steaks, fries, and mussels in cream and with chorizos ! Mousse de chocolat with cherries and cream as well as a bottle of Domaine de Terrebrune rose from the Anjou, wonderful all for less than 20 euros per person ! We will be back ! The service was very friendly and attentive and the food very good as well as great price/quality ratio we seek. The official Le Rustique resto

The RestaurantGuru reviews are good of Le Rustique

St georges de de-Gréhaigne le rustique bar resto boys entr jul22

St georges de de Gréhaigne le rustique bar resto side ext jul22

St georges de de Gréhaigne le rustique bar resto inside jul22

For info, this is the Manche dept 50 tourist office on Mont Saint Michel: http://The Manche dept 50 tourist office on Mont Saint Michel

And again, for info, the official Mont Saint Michel tourist office on MSM

There you go folks, a nice outing indeed, no traffic, good for the soul, and sunny all the way!  We love it been only less than 2h30 from these wonderful places of my belle France! Hope you enjoy the post and do seek your road warrior thrill here.

And remember,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

July 24, 2022

Château de Keronic of Pluvigner !!

Oh yes we have castles here too, and very nice ones right in my little town of Pluvigner.  Although private ,you can see them in heritage days or garden days on some years. We have visited in these days and also going by just to take a peek.  This was on a gardens day visit , and glad we came. I am updating this older post for you and me. Therefore, let me tell you about the Château de Keronic of Pluvigner !!


From the grid at the end of a long beautiful road of trees, 2,5 km from city center Pluvigner, right on the road D 102 direction Languidic. This is the Château Keronic!! of course in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne . As said, we have gone there and even if private wandered around its park, and now was open again due to the gardens of Brittany event so we were there of course. And had a nice conversation with the owner who had their lunches in summer under the tulipier of Virginia tree as seen below!


It is an imposing mansion of the 15-17C, but largely renovated by the Harscouët family of Saint Georges around 1860. It is still the property of this family, currently represented by Viscount Christian de la Tullaye. Set amidst large woods, the castle has a large Chapel. In addition, another Chapel exists in the park along an alley, south of the Castle.


It is occupied successively by the families of Launay since 1426-1427 and until the 16C, Eudo de Kervilio , from 1536 to the end of the 17C, Carpenter of Lenvos in 1717, Harscouët de Saint-Georges from 1802, the estate was not fragmented during the 19C and thus retains all its spatial organization. The installations of the 17-19C, both in the gardens and in the castle, are well preserved and of great value. The Saint-Joseph Chapel with its altarpiece as well as the decorations of the Logis-salons of the 18C, staircase with baluster with its stained glass, library, oriental style wallpaper-also participate in the heritage interest of this domain.



The park of Keronic  was designed by Legendre in the 1880’s and is remarkable with its land plants such as heather,  rhododendrons, camellias and hydrangeas, as well as exotic trees such as sequioas, araucarias, etc.  It has a pond and French style garden.  All very nice indeed.


The city of Pluvigner on castles/mansion houses:

There you go folks, another off the beaten path gem in my neck of the woods just love it. And there are more! Do stop by the Chateau Keronic and say hi! in Pluvigner. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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