Curiosities of France !! Part II

Looking at my vault, found some older pictures on paper and took my electronic camera to take picture of the pictures and use them in my blog. This allows me to show in my blog places not shown or pics with new angles of places shown in the blog. Nostalgia sets in and here I go on the curiosities of France !! Part II

These are pictures before my blogging effort and even before coming to live in France! Hope you enjoy these marvels of my belle France!!!

The Place du Parlement is located in the city center of Bordeaux, Saint Pierre district, close to Place de la Bourse. It is surrounded by the rue des Lauriers; the rue du Parlement Saint-Catherine; rue Fernand-Philippart, and rue du Pas-Saint-Georges. The Place du Parlement was created in 1760 as Place du Marché Royal and then renamed Place de la Liberté during the French revolution. Its current name keeps the memory of the Parliament of Bordeaux established in 1451 and suppressed in 1790. The buildings that border it date from the first half of the 18C. The Parliament fountain dates from the Second Empire. It was installed in 1865, a beautiful illustration of the English neogothic style.

Bordeaux pl du parliament

The Bordeaux tourist office on the old town neighborhood

The place du marché or market place of Castelnau-de-Montmiral, commonly called the place des arcades as I know it , is also a marvel of medieval architecture. This is one of the treasures that Castelnau-de-Montmiral has in store. Bordered on 4 sides by houses on arcades. 

Castelnau de Montmiral pl des arcades

The Toscane Occitane local tourist office on Castelnau de Montmiral arcades

The square was first named Place du marché à la paille, then Place Louis-Philippe (named after the reigning monarch who reviewed the National Guard troops on this site in 1831) and finally Place de la République in 1881.  In Epernay ,this large, circular square was redeveloped from 1840 onwards to connect the old centre to Faubourg de la Folie, now Avenue de Champagne. Some beautiful Neo-Classical houses enhance its appearance by creating a sense of architectural unity. It features a streetlight with multiple gas lamps. Water sprayed out of its base, on all four sides . You can see the monument to the fallen and the belltower of the Notre Dame Church in the picture.

Epernay pl de la Republique mon fallen et ch Notre Dame belltower

The city of Epernay on its heritage

The City/Town Hall of Niort is at 1 Pl. Martin Bastard in the City center neighborhood, The city hall was built on the site of the old chapel and part of the House of the former College of the Oratory. On April 27, 1897, the first stone of the city hall was laid. The construction lasted 4 years from 1897 to 1901, The inauguration took place from May 25 to 28, 1901.

Niort hotel de ville front

The city of Niort on the Centre neighborhood of its Hôtel de Ville

The City/Town Hall of Valenciennes is located at Place d’Armes, In 1611, the provost of the city decided to rebuild the house of aldermen. The work lasted three years, replacing the previous building with a new building of Gothic architecture typical of the Spanish Netherlands and northern France. In 1825, the chapel of Saint-Pierre was demolished, which made it possible to enlarge the facade. In 1838, the facade will be restored mainly for its sculptures. In 1846, a campanile with a dial and a bell indicating the hours will be placed to replace the disappeared belfry. The major bombings of 1940 left only the facade on the Place d’Armes, work began in 1953. The facade became an element of the urban decor and deliberately contrasted with the brutality of the other facades, lateral and rear, made up of blocks of stone arranged staggered, forming in this way a game of checkers.

Valencienne hotel de ville front

The city of Valenciennes and its heritage

From Place de la Nation nice parking we walked to see the Porte Chaussée ! The Porte Chaussée gate, or Tour Chaussée tower, is a city gate in Verdun, in the dept 55 of the Meuse in the Grand Est region Built in 1380 along the Meuse river redesigned in 1690, it served as a state military prison from 1755 in 1860 before being bought by the city in 1889. The monument is composed of two circular twin towers crowned with battlements 20 meters high, their outer walls are almost 2 meters thick. They are connected by a portico comprising a semicircular portal surmounted by a Tuscan pediment. The monument is Gothic in style, decorated with gargoyles and trefoil carvings.

Verdun pl de la nation et porte chaussée

The Tour Chaussée takes its name from the road that was established in the 12C from the right bank of the Meuse river, towards the East. The tower has three floors above the cellar and ends in a terrace bearing a crowning with battlements . In 1690, following a subsidence of the ground, it was necessary to completely destroy the southern part which was rebuilt identically with the old stones. Only the entrance was modified with the construction of a pediment and a semicircular arcade in place of the ogival arcade.

The Verdun tourist office on the porte Chaussée

The castle of La Roche-Guyon in ruins, dominated by its keep, at the top of the hillside received important additions in the 18C at the foot of the hillside, The Saint-Samson Church construction began in 1404, when King Charles VI granted permission to build a parish church outside the perimeter of the castle. the finishes are in the style of the Renaissance.

La Roche Guyon communs et ch st samson

The city of Lar Roche Guyon on its heritage

The Plage Centrale or central beach in Lacanau-Océan is the best known and most frequented. In season, it’s hard to find a spot of sand to put down your towel! Especially at high tide, the beach is considerably reduced and you have to go as close as possible to the rocks to settle down. This beach continues to attract the greatest number of people with its easy access and proximity to shops and takeaway sandwiches, Ice cream vendors roam the beach , This is unquestionably the liveliest part of the beach in the resort. This long sandy beach stretches between the Sud/south and Nord/north beaches (our favorite was the nord ,gorgeous!). To access this beach, no need to cross high dunes, you arrive directly from the top where there are several car parks (paying in season) and stairs allowing you to go directly to the beach. This beach is also emblematic in the culture of surfing in Nouvelle Aquitaine region! Indeed, every year in August, it hosts a sporting event: the Caraïbos Lacanau Pro, which is one of the oldest stages of a world-renowned surfing championship!

Lacanau ocean plage centrale

The city of Lacanau-Océan on the central beach or plage centrale :

There you go folks, a walk of nostalgia from my very earlier trips to my belle France. The wonders of France, the most visited country in the world (UN WTO). I say that still rings a bell to my ears on each stretch of meter I take on this world. Hope you enjoy the post as I reviving these old pictures into the life of my blog

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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