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June 25, 2022

Curiosities of France !! Part I

Looking at my vault, found some older pictures on paper and took my digital camera to take picture of the pictures and use them in my blog. This allows me to show in my blog places not shown or pics with new angles of places shown in the blog. Nostalgia sets in and here I go on the curiosities of France !! Part I

These are pictures before my blogging effort and even before coming to live in France! Hope you enjoy these marvels of my belle France!!!

Meaux Marne river to old town and Cathedral as per picture.  Meaux is crossed by the Marne river. This waterway offer magnificent landscapes with a variety of fauna and lush flora. You can enjoy their calm during a walk or a guided tour. The Marne, the main tributary of the Seine, crosses through Meaux and gradually changed course in the Middle Ages. It now forms a loop and makes the city bucolic. Nothing is more relaxing than a moment of relaxation at the water’s edge… Electric boat rental with Marin d’eau douce is open from March until the end of November webpage:

Meaux marne river bridge to cathedral and old town

The pays de Meaux tourist office on the Marne river

Château Vaux le Vicomte, bassin de la couronne as per picture.  Out of 36 basins created by Le Nôtre at the request of Nicolas Fouquet, 20 basins still exist today. The crown was built in homage to King Louis XIV who stayed at Vaux le Vicomte on the occasion of a grand celebration given in his honor on August 17, 1661. The beauty of the park, its ponds and its fountains dazzled the king who later wanted to reproduce this decor at Versailles. The Parterre de la Couronne has a golden royal crown in the center of a basin, in homage to the King, whose ground floor bedroom is also on the left side of the park. These two parterres are asymmetrical with respect to the central axis of the garden.

Maincy Castle vaux le vicomte bassin de la couronne

The official Château Vaux-le-Vicomte on its gardens

Fontainebleau cour de la Fontaine, etang des carpes et old 17C buildings as per picture. At the Château de Fontainebleau to access the Cour de la Fontaine or courtyard of the Fountain, you have to cross the courtyard of the white horse and a passage leads to the courtyard of the fountain, In the center of this courtyard is the fountain dating from 1812, it is surmounted by a sculpture representing Ulysses that was put here in 1824, The courtyard name of the fountain recalls that here in 1541 had been placed a fountain (by Primatice) which was then surmounted by Hercules by Michelangelo. This fountain courtyard overlooks the étang aux carpes or carp pond. Sublime spot !

Fontainebleau castle cour de la fontaine etang des carpes back

The official Château de Fontainebleau on its courts and gardens

Versailles Grille d’Honneur to Royal Chapel and aile Gabriel as per picture.

The grille d’honneur of the Château de Versailles is a gate separating the Place d’Armes from the Cour d’Honneur. The gate is framed by two gatehouses surmounted by two groups sculpted in Saint-Leu stone: Victory over the Empire, north side, by Gaspard Marsy and Anselme Flamen (presumed) Victory over Spain, south side, by François Girardon , It is closed to the north and south by the Aile or wing of the Ministers, to the east by the main gate , and to the west by the royal gate , The Grille d’Honneur is the first you see when you arrive from the city, separating the Place d’Armes from the Cour d’Honneur. Built in 1682, it will be redone in the 19C. Today it is the main entrance to the Palace of Versailles. webpage:http://The official Château de Versailles on its Grille d’honneur or honor gate :

The Aile Gabriel wing was built under Louis XV by Ange-Jacques Gabriel. Located between the Cour d’Honneur and the Chapel, it serves as an entry point for groups of visitors. It houses a grand staircase designed by Gabriel, the construction of which began in 1772 but was not completed until 1985 due to insufficient funds !  The Royal Chapel is a palatial chapel , Five sanctuaries followed one another, according to the architectural transformations of the castle. The current Royal Chapel was blessed in 1710, after a project started in 1687. It is the part of the castle that has been the least modified by history.. It has been totally restored to its old magical self,wonderful !!! webpage:

Versailles castle grille d'honneur royal chapel right and aile gabriel left

Versailles salle du sacre or coronation room as per picture.  The Salle du Sacre or Coronation Room is a room dedicated to the glory of Napoleon I, and named after David’s painting : The Coronation of Napoleon. The Coronation Room is located on the first floor (2nd US) of the Palace of Versailles, it is adjacent to the Queen’s Guard Room. The room was built on the site of the second chapel of the castle, transferred in 1682 to the North wing, on the site of the current Salon d’Hercule. It was then planked and the ground floor became the apartment of the Dauphine while the first floor then became a guard room, intended to bring together the guards of the castle to assign them to their day of service. The room was used for a few significant events: Louis XV dismissed the parliament there on April 13, 1771 and the revolutionary rioters entered the Queen’s apartments through this room on October 6, 1789,

The ceiling is a painting by Antoine-François Callet titled Allegory of the Eighteenth Brumaire or La France Sauve, commissioned under the Consulate for the Tuileries and dated 1801. On the wall are three paintings: The Coronation of Napoleon, or Coronation of the ‘Empress Josephine, at Notre-Dame de Paris, December 2, 1804, by Jacques-Louis David, moved to the Louvre in 1889 and replaced by a second copy commissioned from David by a group of American businessmen in 1807, begun in 1808 and completed in 1822 during his exile in Brussels; this painting gives its name to the room, The Battle of Aboukir, commissioned from Antoine-Jean Gros by Joachim Murat, The Distribution of the Eagles, or Oath of the army made to the Emperor after the distribution of the eagles, December 5, 1804 , by Jacques-Louis David. Above each door, other paintings are visible. They are allegories of courage, genius, generosity and constancy commissioned by king Louis XVIII: Warrior Courage (represented in the guise of a Gallic fighter), Genius rising despite Envy, Clemency s leaning on Strength, Constance leaning on an anchor. Portraits of Napoleon and his wives are placed between the windows.

Versailles castle salle du sacre Napoleon I

The official Château de Versailles on the salle du Sacre

There you go folks, a walk of nostalgia from my very earlier trips to my belle France. The wonders of France, the most visited country in the world (UN WTO). I say that still rings a bell to my ears on each stretch of meter I take on this world. Hope you enjoy the post as I reviving these old pictures into the life of my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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June 25, 2022

The Chapelle St Avoye of Pluneret

A while back I came here as was told by collegues it is a historical nice chapel in the Morbihan. The readings at the time read “There are so many chapels around here it could fill up your year.  A wonderful architecture marvel from the 16C in the middle of country farms. Very nice indeed, took some shots, not open yet but will surely come back ” Well, was back this morning, but this time was closed temporary for renovations, oh well, I took pictures of the outside which is impressive too.

As written in two previous posts before will not indulge into the history/architecture of it so much than to show you the new pictures, Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Chapelle Sainte Avoye, 32, Route de Sainte Avoye , Pluneret. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Pluneret chapelle st avoye side arriving jun22

More precisely, the Chapelle de Sainte-Avoye is located in the village of Sainte-Avoye, in the town of Pluneret in my beautiful Morbihan. The chapel is located on the heights of the right bank of the Bono river.

Pluneret chapelle st avoye front near jun22

It has an emblematic bell tower and its Renaissance-style rood screen. It is a stately chapel built in the 16C by the Lestrelin family who lived in the Château de Kerisper,(see post) near the village.  The rood screen shows 12 saints on the nave side, and personalities characters on the choir side, entirely sculpted with characters, fantastic animals and decorations, It is an entirely sculpted polychrome Renaissance-style rood screen. In oak wood, it separates the choir from the nave and delimits the space reserved for the lords and the clergy at the choir from that reserved for the faithful on the nave.

Pluneret chapelle st avoye front truncated belltower jun22
After much digging, maybe the reason is closed for most of the time unless guided tour is because it is decaying even after a million euros restoration, It shows green soil, mold under the benches, deterioration of the paintings, the ambient humidity is wreaking havoc. As a result, dating from the 16C, Sainte Avoye currently visits are trickling out.

Pluneret chapelle st avoye back side jun22

The city of Pluneret on the Chapelle Sainte Avoye:

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on the Chapelle Sainte Avoye :

There you go folks, a beautiful jewel in nearby Pluneret , only 18 km from my house ! Enough to make me come back again shortly. The Chapelle Sainte Avoye is well known and very inspiring for the Bretons, you will do well to try and see it. Worth the detour me think.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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June 25, 2022

The Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul of Pluneret !

And continue my tour of traditional beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and my belle France. I am on my road warrior trips, and just passed by here again, anyway one of my routine ways in my region. I have written posts before but now new text and new pictures of today with inside look!  Therefore, let me tell you some more on the Church Saint Peter and Saint Paul of Pluneret. The town is very central and we passed by it several times as it comes very near Auray.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul belltower side right jun22

I came to see again the Church Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul from the 19C, built on the site of a former 11C church  in Gothic style, completed in 1885 by the construction of a square bell tower in the same style crowned with a beautiful spire, and also, modern stained glass windows. The exact location is aRue des Tilleuls, Pluneret.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul front belltower jun22

The Church St Pierre et St Paul is built in the ogival style in the shape of a Latin cross, The spire of the tower was only built in 1885, and is 75 meters high in pink granite. Then in 1909, the clock was installed,

Finally, able to come inside and tell you about it. The high altar is in white marble, the foot is decorated with statues representing: Virgin with the child crowned, St Joachim, St Jean, Jesus, and Ste Anne. It was consecrated “Privileged Altar” in 1879; this practice linked to indulgences has now fallen into disuse. It is dominated by the statues of the holy apostles Peter and Paul, patron saints of the parish and, on the side of the epistle, a statue of St Isidore, protector of farmers. There are 2 reliquaries with a piece of the True Cross. The three windows of the sanctuary represents St Peter and St Paul, the middle one the Holy Family and the right one Ste Anne and St Joachim. There are 2 altars at the entrance to the choir dedicated to the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Virgin. An ambo, place of speech, reading of holy books and the homily , which thus replaces the use of the pulpit.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul altar jun22

In the left transept, an altar dedicated to St Joseph. St Joseph is surrounded by St Joachim and St Anne, the parents of Mary, and the altar is dominated by the Virgin Mary carrying the Child Jesus.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul chapel st Joseph jun22

In the right transept dedicated to the Virgin Mary and dominating the altar, a huge fresco sculpted in stone dated 1880 which represents the coronation of the Virgin; at the foot of the altar a bas-relief representing the visitation. A painting depicting the Virgin Mary entrusting the rosary to St Dominic. The stained glass windows of the transept represent the Virgin Mary surrounded by the 2 archangels Michael and Gabriel. St Michael slaying the dragon , symbol of original sin from which Mary was spared , and St Gabriel, messenger of the Annunciation. The statues of St Cornely, protector of livestock, and St Thérèse of the Child Jesus.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul chapel virgin et child near jun22

The pulpit is carved in oak. 8 sculptures around the platform with the 4 evangelists Matthew, Luke, Mark and John, the 3 theological virtues Charity, Hope, Faith and a Trinitarian St Anne. The immense canopy, also in sculpted oak with 7 statues including the cardinal virtues and, crowning it all.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul pulpit jun22

The woodwork of the choir and the transepts, very nicely worked, are due to local cabinetmakers. They form, with the 14 paintings of the 14 Stations of the Cross and the 6 bronze chandeliers, a particularly homogeneous whole.

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul nave to altar jun22

Pluneret ch st pierre et st paul back wall jun22

The city of Pluneret on its churches:

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on Pluneret

There you go folks, now i feel better to fully showcase this pretty Church St Peter and St Paul of Pluneret. The town which is full of history and pleasant city center enough for a rest stop and see the church.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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