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June 5, 2022

The Utopia park of Camors !

I have mentioned the park and pond in a previous general post on my beautiful Morbihan, but really needs a post of its own, With this in mind I set up today to see a bit more of it with my boys, my Dad, and our dog Rex, This is Pentecost holiday in France and families were out as well as many events all over, choices choices,,,We took the more peaceful one into nature, I like to tell you a bit more on Utopia Parc and the Etang du Petit Bois of Camors !!

Camors utopia parc map entr jun22

camors Rex by salle communal et etang du petit bois jun22

The town Camors is located about 8 km from my house! It is surrounded by the towns of Baud, Pluvigner and La Chapelle-Neuve. It is largely covered by two forest areas, the national forest of Camors and the forest of Floranges. Mysterious forests, they hide many strange stones, so-called magic trees, and are said to be populated by korrigans. The legend even says that the forest of Camors was the domain of “Bluebeard”.  Perhaps you will see them from the top of the trees of Utopia Parc? Only 30 minutes from the bigger cities of Vannes and Lorient.

There is a wonderful outdoor Utopia parc which we have entered it but did not any physical activity . It was the first tree climbing park to emerge in my lovely Bretagne! To date, Utopia Parc attracts locals and tourists alike thanks to its entertaining activities such as Laser-tag, An outdoor Laser-Game, with facilities for hiding, and various scenarios to make the games even more fun! Tree climbing: To explore the natural area seen from above by following several routes. A continuous lifeline allows you to enjoy the moment in complete safety. QuickFlight , an attraction for thrill seekers. They will be able to jump into the void from a 22 meters high platform. After 2 meters of free fall, a secure braking system restrains the descent. Adrenaline rush guaranteed, they said !

Camors utopia parc ent tour de sauts jun22

You can enjoy seven tree climbing courses from 2 to 18 meters high, for an amateur or more adventurous walk. Climb, jump, slide on a zip line… and fill up on sensations! Utopia Park also offers a laser tag, or outdoor laser game, with plenty of hiding places to deceive the enemy. The quick flight invites you to try free fall. Ready to jump off a 22 meters tower? Chills guaranteed! And for the less adventurous, an educational trail offers a nice walk in the forest to discover its fauna, its flora… and, who knows, its elves!

Camors ruisseau du moulin la Motte to utopia jun22

Utopia Ecoparc Aventure is the great idea out in Camors , a tree climbing accessible from 2 years old; and many other surprises. And since the effort is hollow, the Guinguette du Petit Bois offers dishes, tapas, cocktails but also concerts in the summer. The official Utopia parc

Right by the above you have the Etang du Petit Bois, or the little wood pond where fishing is allowed and has picnic tables kayak activities etc. I have not tried this yet. However, I have walked all over the site, The Petit Bois site with its 2 ponds has ideal characteristics for discovering fishing. The density of white fish as well as regular releases of rainbow trout (in the large pond) make it easy to catch the first fish. There is the small pond call Ruisseau du Moulin la Motte (windmill of sod stream) , and the bigger Etang du Petit Bois (little wood pond).

Camors etang du petit bois from road jun22

camors etang du petit bois side jun22

The fishing season and al can be found in the fishing federation of Morbihan on the pond

The Etang du Petit Bois is a pond where it is possible to fish, picnic areas, a sports course and a nearby tree climbing park. Also, there is the Camping park de Petit Bois ,(not stayed yet), a small campsite with less than 50 pitches on an area of just over one hectare. Located on the edge of the national forest of Camors, it is the ideal place for nature lovers.

Camors salle du petit bois fetes jun22

Right between the road that cuts the two ponds , Ruisseau du Moulin la Motte and the Etang du Petit Bois , there is a nice historical wash house or lavoir. As there are others including dolmens and menhirs in the forest of Camors.  The city of Camors on its heritage see lavoirs /washhouses

Camors lavoir petit bois by rue du petit bois jun22

The city of Camors on Utopia parc:

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on Utopia parc:

And there you go folks, another dandy so close to home. Camors is one town I passed almost every week and there are still things to see here. Hope you enjoy the post on Utopia parc and the washhouse or lavoir de petit bois as l.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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June 5, 2022

The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy of Rome!

And as usual lately, another gem taken from my vault of pictures not yet in my blog! This is eternal Roma and we were there! I like to bring this fabolous church sanctuary into my blog for the memories’s sake of our family visit to Rome. Therefore, here is my humble take on the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy:of Rome!

The Church of Santo Spirito in Sassia is a 12C basilica, built on the site of the schola Saxorum, founded by King Ine of Wessex in the 8C. Today it is a sanctuary of Divine Mercy located at Via dei Penitenzieri, 12, Rome,

The king of the Saxons Ina built around 726/728 in this place the schola Sacorum, an institute welcoming Saxon pilgrims to Rome. In the 12C, a new church was built. This took the name Sassia dalla Schola. In 1475, by order of Pope Sixtus IV, the church was connected to the Santo Spirito Hospital. Again, the church that was rebuilt from 1538-1545, Since 1991, the church has been the seat of the cardinal diakonia of Santo Spirito in Sassia.

roma monastery santo spirito in saxia aug13

The facade was made in the period 1585-1590 on the instruction of Pope Sixtus V. The facade is two-tiered with columns with Corinthian capitals dividing the lower tier into five and the upper into three. A large circular window opens to the upper level. Above is the crest of Pope Sixtus V. The fresco decoration dates back to the 16-17C. The success of the work was such that Michelangelo, in already advanced age, was invited to see the work ,The interior consists of a simple central bay surrounded by ten chapels.

The decorations inside are mostly by Livio Agresti: Frescoes from the Cappella Gonzaga: the Crib, the Pietà, the Resurrection and the Biblical Scenes, completed in 1557. Frescoes in the Cappella della Trinità: Jesus Healing the Crippled, Jesus Healing the Blind in 1574. Frescoes and other biblical scenes in the vault ; Visitation, Annunciation, Coronation of Mary, Assumption, Altarpiece. Frescoes Nativity and Circumcision of Jesus and fresco of Pentecost,

The official Sanctuary of Divine Mercy

The Diocese of Rome on the church :

The Rome tourist office on the church

So nice to give credit when credit is due, another wonderful monument of eternal Rome! We enjoy our visit and always looking forward to be back, eventually. The Church Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit of Mercy is awesome! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!

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June 5, 2022

Our Nomentano!!!

And we came to Rome, by family acclammation to spent two weeks and it was memorable indeed. Soaking in the Roman beat was sublime and always fondly remembered. As we wanted to do our cooking in Italian dishes specials we rented an apartment. This was in splendid Nomentano district of Rome! 

I had this hidden in a previous post ,so decided to give it a post of its own, for memories’s sake. The apartment That’ s Amore was walking distance to the metro Bologna in Piazza Bologna! This was That’s Amore Holidays at Via Rodolfo Lanciani, 1. From here we took the glorious bus 62 (see post) , all the way to Castel San Angelo (see post) . The fortunate location of the apartments allows quick bus or metro trips to the old town and the famous monuments of the Eternal City.. The area is full of local, shops and typical restaurants ,like the Il Gelato di Procopio wonderful ice cream place (see post).

roma thats amore apt building 1fl aug13

As good things have it, the apartment has a new name maybe new owners cannot confirm, but still shows the same picture look;  its now call 3B Home .Their webpage:

roma thats amore apt ent rodolfo lanciani 1 aug13

We stayed in the Nomentano district and had buses 62, 310, 445, and 542 or metro B Bologna or St Agnese Annibalaino to handle all the trips.  Upon entering the apartment with the keys, the owner lady gave us tips about the surrounding area, etc. Then, the apt had two bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen, dishwasher and laundry machine, wifi internet connection, premium TV channels, AC, first floor and breakfast included brought to us every 3 days by staff, linens changes every wednesday weekly. All that was for 105€ per day. 

roma thats amore apt parking aug13

And we shop our groceries on the way to our apartment at Carrefour Market on Viale XXI Aprile, very near the via Rodolfo Lanciani. Friendly staff and all you need for a nice home cooking a la Italian!  webpage:

The apartment had elevator/lifts and on a nice residential area and a nice park like a Il Villaggio dei Galli (village of the Gauls) for children and walks down the same via Rodolfo Lanciani street, parking is easy in front on a tree shaded area. For fun times with the family, so many nice moments flashing on my mind…Sadly, my dear late wife Martine is not with us but she and I were so happy on this vacation. For info the park webpage:

A bit more on the Nomentano district of Rome ; it takes its name from the via Nomentana that crosses it. Nomentano was among the first 15 districts created in Rome in 1911 and officially recognized in 1921. Piazza Bologna is located in the center of the district.

The Nomentano district actually  dates back to the end of 19C and the beginning of the 20C; characteristic architecture of that period can be seen in the area surrounding the Policlinico Umberto I, itself completed in 1902.  Just Via Torlonia, Via de’Rossi and Via Tomassini  as well as the streets surrounding Villa Blanc belong to the original urban tissue of the early 20C.  The area among Via Nomentana, Viale del Policlinico and Via di Villa Massimo is the elegant portion of the district, with refined cottages and small buildings built between 19-20C.

Many parks and villas stretch all along via Nomentana. This consular street was the favorite street of the Roman nobles for the construction of their second homes located just outside the city walls: country villas obtained through the restructuring of rural houses.  A very residential area but some architecture and history can be seen at the Villa Torlonia,(see post) in Via Nomentana. Also, the Monument to the Guardia di Finanza fallen of WWI, done in 1930 by the street, Largo XXI Aprile. Also, the big post office building in Piazza Bologna done in 1933. There is the Nomentana bridge where tradition has it Pope Leo III and Charlemagna met. The Catacombs of Saint Agnese who is said to be buried there. Next to it is the Basilica of Saint Agnese (see post) built in 324! on behalf of Constance, daughter of Emperor Constantine. Also, the fountain of Marcia . And the other nices villas such as Paganini,(see post), Di Faonte, and Mirafiori.  Also, the nice renovated park of the villa Massimo.

The tourist office of Rome:

The cultural Rome on the district of Nomentano

There you go folks, all as said a Roman Holiday! Hope you enjoy it and do think about an apartment in Nomentano, next time in Rome. We love and sure would be back there eventually. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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