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May 28, 2022

Some news from France, CCCLV

And its time as time flies to tell you my latest rants about some news from France. An eventful post in my blog that I have enjoyed together with you for the last 12 years now!! And for those non Roman CCCLV is no 355::) And I thank you. The weather is now more steady as summer wants to take over already in my belle France !! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

On the occasion of the Champions League final, fan zones, devices and festivities came to settle in , already ready to welcome Liverpool and Real Madrid fans. So a little advice to Parisians: leave the city quickly because it promises to be hectic !!! This Saturday, more than 10,000 English and Spanish supporters are expected in Paris to attend this major event planned at the Stade de France which will oppose Liverpool and Real Madrid , If 44,000 tickets have been reserved for supporters of both clubs, there should be even more of them staying in Paris for a weekend so get ready! In Paris, it is on the Parvis de lHôtel de Ville that you will have to go. On the program: a mini-football field, photo booths, shooting and dribbling activities as well as a freestyle football demonstration area. As for Saint-Denis, it is on Place Victor Hugo and Place Jean Jaurès that you will have to go from 10h until kick-off at 21h, Apart from a giant 12 meters high trophy, a precision ball shooting range and a giant foot-dart target will be made available. A ball tennis court, a 1v1 arena and photo animations are also planned , A specific security device will be deployed around the Stade de France where security officers will carry out the usual pat-downs on an extended perimeter, going up to one km around the gates of the stadium. There will also be a circulation perimeter subject to authorization which will be set up around the Stade de France with effective checkpoints from 12h and until the end of the match, The sale of alcohol will be authorized, until three hours before the start of the meeting, i.e. 18H, Due to strikes at the RATP will interfere in this Champions League final. After the RER B, the RATP unions have called for a strike on the RER A for the day on Saturday which risks disrupting journeys to and from the Stade de France on the RER B. It will be shown on French national TV channel TF1 21h,,,,!

A TGV that will connect Paris and Berlin in seven hours. SNCF and Deutsche Bahn intend to launch a direct TGV between Paris and Berlin at the end of 2023 , There should initially be one round trip per day via Frankfurt, operated in partnership between SNCF and Deutsche Bahn with ICEs , Since their launch, the TGV Paris-Milan or even Paris-Barcelona have been a huge success, so why not Paris-Berlin? In addition, a night train connection between the two capitals to be operated by Austrian Railways ÖBB, in cooperation with SNCF and Deutsche Bahn, also from the end of 2023. Europe is coming closer,,,

Paris-Deauville, the Autoroute de Normandie or A13 toll gates soon to be removed, no more traffic jams? I hope !! Sanef announces the withdrawal of tolls. But beware, it will not be free. From 2024, the toll barriers should disappear on the A13. Instead, gates will be installed, This is what the motorway company of Sanef (Company of the motorways of the North and East of France) promises on the A13, from 2024, with its motorway in “free flow” . Facilitated by the law on mobility, this project provides for the removal of all physical tolls between Paris and Caen. I will need to check it out indeed !

Canal de l’Ourcq: the port of Pantin scheduled to open in spring 2023 ! The port of 45 rings will be built here, along the old General Stores which goes from the Bassin de la Villette (19éme) to Meaux (Seine-et-Marne dept 77), The wishes to have a new marina, in addition to the two it already has in Paris, that of the Arsenal in the 12éme and the nautical stopover of La Villette in the 19éme.

The residents of the Canal Saint-Martin denounce a development of the quays “tinkered”, For two years, the quays of Jemmapes and Valmy have been pedestrianised. But the project launched by the City Town Hall of Paris has not been completed, according to local residents. They denounce a “lack of facilities and signs” for passers-by, as well as an “anarchy” in the circulation of bicycles. All yes less cars more of everything else, and no coordination, that is Paris today folks, Good luck !

Free-wheeling bicycles and scooters, feeling of insecurity… Pedestrianization in Paris is not won. The mayor of the 9éme arrondissement is calling for at least a new decree so that the cohabitation between passers-by and bicycle vehicles goes better. The other morning, a person going to the Pont Alexandre-III bridge from the Petit Palais, when two scooters ran into him as walking !. If the person hadn’t stopped, don’t know what would have happened to him, The person still can’t believe the speed at which the two mini-racing cars were arriving straight at him. Yeah, more dare devils on the sidewalks, streets and still no coordination by the mayor of Paris !! Good luck,,,,

By the frequented ,rue La Fayette has had enough of construction sites this street straddling the 9éme and 10éme arrondissements. At the intersection with rue Châteaudun, motorists, delivery trucks and other buses share a single lane on the roadway due to road works, Well less roads more congestions and if you add work, good luck in Paris.

The renovation of the planks of the Passerelle des Arts (6éme) should begin at the end of the year 2022. It will take 8 months of work to finish it, So bear in mind crossing the Seine river !

After a vast restoration project, the Richelieu site, the historic address of the National Library of France (BNF), only has a few weeks left to complete the removal of 20 million documents, books, photos, maps and works of art. It is impossible to count the number of books as there are so many. But they know that have to move 42 linear km of collections !. With the extra services, they hope that everything will be finished on June 24th 2022,,,. The Oval Room, 18 meters high under the ceiling, built in 1897, has had its mosaics restored and its glass roof redone as well.

Every year since 1982, this popular meeting retraces 2000 years of the history of Meaux and the Meldois (the local people celtic tribe). A human adventure and a technical challenge. “Folles Époques” will be played nine times from Saturday June 4, 2022 , It tells the story ranging from the Middle Ages to the end of the Industrial Revolution and the armistice of November 11, 1918 of events in Meaux, City of Meaux webpage:

The Château de Fontainebleau is embarking on catering… for its visitors! A restaurant and a café have opened their doors there and not only to visitors since they can be accessed without going through the ticket office. The restaurant which opened in the heart of the Maison des Siècles allows you to taste original verrines in front of the pond on which the kings and queens had fun in the boat. The best tables, placed between the Etang aux Carpes and the Lenôtre parterres of the Château de Fontainebleau, offer an enchanting setting for a meal in the heart of the Maison des Siècles. Les Petites Bouches de l’Empereur, offered by the Monument Café chain, Castle webpage :

Puy du Fou, Parc Astérix, Futuroscope… the amusement parks are full and smile again after the Covid, Since their reopening, for the most part in mid-April, the attendance figures are often higher than those of 2019, pre-Covid year, from 15 to 30% higher ! La Mer de sable d’Ermenonville (Oise 60) got off to a good start with an increase of +28% between April 8 and May 8. Yes all is coming back, and it feels like well summer !

Come and discover Bercy Beaucoup !, the new cultural garden which invests a wasteland of 8,000 square meters south of the 12éme arrondissement “Bercy Beaucoup” was inaugurated this past Saturday May 21, 2022 for an opening weekend which directly announced the color with many animations. We can then enjoy a multitude of emerging and creative activities around the workshops, offices and gardens of this green space. a rich and varied program, including concerts, conferences and shows. Bercy Beaucoup ,facing 20 boulevard Poniatowski 12éme of Paris.

Founded a thousand years ago, the Notre-Dame-du-Fort Church in Etampes saw the Virgin at its window , The Virgin is said to have briefly appeared to the sick in the past. This year, they celebrate the millennium of the foundation of the collegiate by King Robert the Pious, not its construction this date of 1022 finds its origin in the introduction of a collection of charters written in Latin at the end of the 19C, it is writes that in 1022, King Robert Le Pieux founded two churches in Étampes; King Robert Le Pieux went to Italy to find the bones of three persecuted little children, Cant, Cantien and Cantienne who had their heads cut off. Legend has it that at the place of their persecution, a fountain of milk appeared. We find this story on the painting which is exposed above the relics, inside Notre-Dame-du-Fort, where their clothes are transformed into milk, Worth the detour me think, City of Etampes webpage :

An orca in difficulty in the Seine river between Rouen and Le Havre will be attracted to the sea using sound stimuli, announced this Friday the prefecture of Seine-Maritime which favors “a gentle method of intervention” , Preview for the first time on May 16 between Honfleur and Le Havre, near the Pont de Normandie, the killer whale very probably arrived already weakened towards the Seine estuary, as indicated by Gérard Mauger, vice-president of the GECC, an association based in Cherbourg commissioned by the French Office for Biodiversity (OFB) for the study and preservation of marine mammals in the Channel. To be watch,,,,

The prize for the best pizza in Europe remains in Paris. Coming first in the ranking of the transalpine guide 50 Top Pizza, the Neapolitan Guiseppe Cutraro once again won the prize for the best pizza in Europe, outside Italy. It is in the 20éme arrondissement, rue Saint-Blaise that the pizzeria Peppe is constantly a hit. In the ranking Peppe Pizzeria is followed by Fratelli Figurato in Madrid and 50 Kalò di Ciro Salvo in London. 3 other addresses located in Île-de-France region, also appear in the ranking, the new 400° Laboratorio in the 11éme, Guillaume Grasso in the 15éme, and IMperfetto in Puteaux (Hauts-de-Seine dept 92). Webpage:

The former boss of the Louvre museum, Jean-Luc Martinez, was indicted this past Wednesday May 25 2022 for money laundering and complicity in organized fraud and placed under judicial supervision in an investigation into antiquities trafficking , Two of his collaborators, the head of the Egyptian antiquities department, and an Egyptologist were taken into police custody on Monday by police officers from the Central Office for the Fight against Trafficking in Cultural Property (OCBC). The two specialists were released without prosecution at this stage, according to a judicial source. The three men are suspected of having taken part in the trafficking of works, among which is a stele of Tutankhamun. The case dates back to 2016. That year, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, a branch of the Parisian museum, acquired several Egyptian antiquities, for several tens of millions of euros, indicates Le Canard enchaîné newsjournal,

There you go folks, another dandy round of news of my belle France , of course, chosen by me; there are many others. We are marching on to Summer and eating out in our veranda porch every day now , grand! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

May 28, 2022

Some news from Spain CXXIIII

And back at you with my series of some news from Spain !!! thanks to you all. There is lots of things going on in my beloved Spain, and it seems we will have a wonderful summer season. I am eagerly looking forward to that!! Let me tell you the latest tidbits of news chosen by yours truly, Enjoy it as Spain is everything under the Sun!

And tonight is the Champions league final , in Stade de France, near Paris, My Real Madrid vs Liverpool, two great teams and a grand finale. If in Madrid, where to see it ,these new finds will do, Of course, you have to be a Real Madrid fan ! Real Madrid fans know this well, a team that Saturday May 28th will play its 17th Champions League final, Of them, it has lost three and won 13 ! See it at Bareto with its opening at the end of 2021, it was possible to recover the mythical Cervecería Correos (where the Generation of 27 was conceived) with a proposal of cañi tavern, bar, cold beer and tapas very Madrid. My memorable Calle de Alcalà, 55.webpage :

And why not with entertainment at ZIELOU Madrid, A cooking concept that adds spicy touches and mixes from around the world accompanied by live music and cocktails wrapped in red Nike Air. The party can also continue in the LAB room, also in the Chamartín penthouse facilities. Chamartín Station, s/n, Attic Floor. Webpage :

The La Feria del Libro de Madrid ,81st edition, kicks off with the hope of sustaining the growth in sales of the Retiro Park booths, which will remain open until June 12, 2022. The 378 book sales booths will be acting up as usual, In addition to the stalls at the Cervantes y Compañía, Remo, Desnivel and Polifemo bookstores, one has been added at Graduados, a Parla book store that makes its debut at this edition of the fair. The tour around should include the different pavilions, the Portugal booth, which celebrates the centenary of José Saramago, and the meeting with the Greek writer Theodor Kallifatides, who dedicated his novel Timandra to him at the publishing house and bookstore Desnivel, which maintains the oldest book store in Madrid in Plaza de Matute, they had prepared Cuerdas rebels, a volume on women climbers, by Arantza López Marugán, and she also picked up Yoga and Climbing, by Elieen Jubes, The figures of the book sector in Spain they continue to rise in this 2022. According to data from the GFK consultancy, sales have risen 5.7% so far this year compared to the same period in 2021, with especially marked increases in comics, graphic novels and manga (22%) and children and youth (9%). While in the book fair to protect yourselves from the sun and take your time, and highlights the activities that, beyond the 3,223 signatures of authors scheduled will dot the calendar with tributes, talks and debates. Without a public address system or printed maps, a mobile application and orange-clad fair staff will offer information, but perhaps this is a good opportunity to get lost among the books and booths. Indeed, a wonderful event in my Retiro Park, webpage :

At 270 years old, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando is committed to the renovation of its spaces and a new museography of its impressive collections of more than 1,400 paintings, 1,300 sculptures, 22,000 architectural drawings and plans, 40,000 prints and around 9,000 engraving plates, which will be carried out progressively,and has allowed it to double the exhibition space dedicated to Goya, which now occupies the two main rooms on the first floor of the Academy museum. The first is articulated around the commissions received by Goya with official portraits such as those of Godoy, ‘Fernando VII on horseback’ and ‘La Tirana’. In addition, they hang his ‘Self-portrait at the easel’, which has a new frame; the ‘View of Calle de Alcalá’, by Antonio Joli, and a gallery of sculptural busts of characters portrayed by the artist. The second room brings together five splendid small-format panels, considered cabinet paintings (‘House of Fools’, ‘Bullfight’, ‘Inquisition Scene’, ‘Procession of Disciplinants’ and ‘The Burial of the Sardine’), portraits of his friends (Moratín, Juan de Villanueva and José Luis Munárriz), a bust self-portrait, as well as a copy of the portrait made by Vicente López, signed by Rosario Weiss. The room is completed with his mausoleum in Bordeaux, painted by Antonio de Brugada, and what, according to Federico de Madrazo, was the last palette of the painter from Fuendetodos. The world of Goya, in the house of Goya. This museographic renovation is included in the first phase of an ambitious restoration and conservation plan for the Academy’s collections, Webpage :

The Hotel Wellington ,the emblematic five-star Madrid hotel has 70 years of bullfighting vocation. Nobody knows better the liturgies, superstitions and moments of waiting for the matador before heading towards the square. 90% of the great figures of Las Ventas dress here !. In times of pandemic, some things have changed at No 8 Calle Velázquez. The former Gabana nightclub has been converted into a glamorous spa. The reception has been completely remodeled, the Bar Inglés or English bar is the only space that continues exactly as it was conceived in 1952. Some of the great names of bullfighters such as Curro Romero, who lived in the hotel in the 1950s as a promising novillero, is a good example. Along with him, bullfighting icons from before and now such as Paco Camino, Jaime Ostos, Rafael de Paula, El Niño de la Capea, Ortega Cano, El Cordobés, Manuel Caballero, Finito de Córdoba, Fran Rivera, Diego Urdiales, Sebastián Castella, and Alexander Talavant have stayed here. The renovations covers the Hall good for a ‘Photo call’ for tourists, liturgy for bullfighters, Bar Inglés, Wood, dark leather… the mythical bar has remained the same as when this hotel was opened, by the way, with the quality seal of Preferred Hotels & Resorts. The roofstop top floor hides the only urban vineyard in Madrid. The Spa Suites attached rooms feature a private terrace and pool access. The Art , well see ,Verónica the cow, bullfighting queen of Calle Velázquez, designed by Pilar Oñate, the XXL-sized sculpture at the hotel door attracts all eyes, Webpage :

Campo de Criptana , is the destination of the Tren de los Molinos, which connects Madrid with the town of La Mancha, in the middle of the land of the wine mills, The proposed new tourist train will ride the next few days June 11 and 18, September 10 and 24 and 8 and October 22, 2022. An hour and a half journey enlivened by a group of actors who will give life, among others, to Miguel de Cervantes himself, who will explain to travelers the magic of the destination that inspired him to write chapter VIII of his universal novel. Castilla-La Mancha is home to the largest area of ​​vineyards in the world. For this reason, at mid-morning, a stop is made at the Castiblanque winery for a wine tasting accompanied by bites of traditional La Mancha cuisine. From there it is possible to see the Pozo de Nieve, an example of popular architecture from the 18C that was used to store and preserve ice for distribution and sale. Up to 190 tons of ice and frost, obtained from the snow that fell on this plateau, were housed in this construction in order to better preserve food. The Sanctuary of the Christ of Villajos, patron saint of Campo de Criptana, La Sierra de los Molinos is the third stage of the trip plan. It is the image that puts this La Mancha town on the world map, because this is where the ingenious hidalgo fought against the giants. The Interpretation Center of the Manchego Mill, where the traveler can learn about its history, the different types that exist, the machinery used to grind the grain, its elements, the importance they had for the economy of La Mancha and its link with Don Quixote, The town of Campo de Criptana on the train :

Spain leads the world ranking in number of sandbanks with the blue flag in the world with 621, six more than last year and 18 that premiere the seal. We must add the 103 marinas in which the Blue Flag will also wave this summer (seven more than 2021) and five in the case of tourist boats (three more than last year). The Valencian Community is the region that has the most blue flags: 139, two more than last year , follow by Andalucia reaching 122, seven more than in 2021 ,Blue flags in Spain webpage :

In Spain there are nearly 10 million people who have a dog in the family and more than a thousand hotels that allow pets. The three Basque capitals ,Bilbao, San Sebastián and Vitoria-Gazteiz are among the most dog-friendly Spanish cities. In San Sebastián, for example, there are up to three urban beaches (La Concha, Ondarreta and Zurriola) open to canine pets from October 1 to May 31. Stately manor houses, leafy gardens with camellias, beaches like those of O Grove (Pontevedra), charming stone towns and cities, small villages full of charm… the Rías Baixas are another destination where you can enjoy a lot. Walking through its towns and natural landscapes with the dog is free, but there are places like the Cíes Islands where it is not allowed to go with pets. On the other hand, you can navigate the estuary and enjoy the landscape on the boats between Vigo and Moaña, as long as the animals are tied up and calm. Malaga is one of the best destinations in Andalucia to travel with dogs: there are cafes, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions that accept pets. At Gijón (Asturias) was one of the first Spanish cities to welcome tourists with dogs with open arms . Many bars, cider houses, cafes and shops allow well-behaved pets to enter. In Oviedo, on the other hand, the possibilities are more limited, both on beaches and in establishments. Barcelona is one of the Spanish cities that has many of its parks , do not allow access (or tethering) to animals, and others prohibit them from running loose. In compensation, there are tourist places that do allow them, such as Poble Espanyol, Casa Batlló or the Fran Daurel Foundation. Dogs can travel on the metro or tram with a short leash and muzzle, and even in Rodalies (Cercanías de Catalunya) but respecting certain rules. In Spain there are 110 dog beaches, a fairly small percentage ! Of the 16 Spanish national parks, only nine can be visited with dogs (on a leash) such as Picos de Europa (in Asturias, León and Cantabria), Teide (Tenerife), Garajonay (La Gomera), Sierra Nevada (Granada and Almería) , Cabañeros (Ciudad Real and Toledo), Monfragüe (Cáceres), Sierra de Guadarrama (Segovia and Community of Madrid), and Ordesa and Monte Perdido (Huesca). I will just have the Madrid tourist office on dog friendly places :

Some beautiful gardens near the sea, some I like are : The Ciudad de Flores or city of flowers Jardines de la Marquesa and municipal park, Arucas (Gran Canaria), Here you have 8 hectares owned by the descendants of the Marquisate of Arucas. Anyone who walks at the foot of the mountain of the same name will have the retina crowded with 500 species of palm trees; botany from Southeast Asia, with the extremely rare breadfruit tree; black bamboos; Araucarias that double the height of the 1880 mansion, erected in the characteristic blue stone from Araucanía. The meandering impression, with a romantic flavor, comes off passing through the bougainvillea tunnel and photographing peacocks. Webpage :

Jardín Botánico-Histórico de La Concepción or Botanical-Historical Garden of La Concepción, Málaga (Andalusia), Tropicalist and luxuriant, with plant tradition and historical experience. This is how this forest from 170 years ago manifests itself, the fruit of the botanical desires of the Marquises of Casa Loring. It is a miracle that this 19C English romantic landscape garden has been preserved intact. And its easy access next to the A-45 highway/motorway is appreciated. From the historic garden, wisterias are preserved, which, not content with upholstering the iron gazebo (from 1860), climb through the trees to reach 25 meters in height. Nearby is the Museo Loringiano, an imposing Doric temple that served as an archaeological museum for its owners and that today houses copies of the Lex Flavia Malacitana and the mosaic of Hercules. The historic garden is embraced by the botanist, in which hyperbole prevails ; the tunnel of giant bamboos, corpulent palm trees, the largest aquatic plant in the world ,the Victoria cruziana amazónica, when not the tallest tree in the province from Malaga, a 48 meter high monkey puzzle tree. Webpage :

My beautiful natural Spain and nice seen in Cantabria, The most beautiful view that can be obtained from the promenade of Santander, the Pier, on the horizon you can clearly see the snow-capped Picos de Europa, even as far as the western massifs of Asturias, and, in the opposite direction, the seven km of beach that range from El Puntal to Somo and Loredo. from the peninsula of La Magdalena, or circumnavigate it in a boat, to find the impressive succession of beaches of El Camello, the great sandbank formed by the three beaches of Sardinero or the hidden one of Mataleñas, under a cliff, On the coastline of the Jardines de Pereda to enjoy the beautiful views of El Puntal, the Bay of Santander and the foothills of the Cantabrian Mountains. At the Los Reginas pier, you can choose from a good number of short excursions to different points in the bay, sailing between 20 minutes and two hours. the excursion that borders the Magdalena and reaches Mataleñas, beyond the Sardinero. Other options available all year round lead to El Puntal, the town of Somo or Pedreña. Santander, in the heart of the city, is home to one of the best collections of Upper Palaeolithic remains in the world at the Museum of Prehistory and Archeology of Cantabria ,Calle Hernán Cortés, 4, next to the Mercado del Este, The Santander tourist office :

The mythical soul of the Camino of Santiago de Compostela. The marking history is recent, since it was devised in 1984 by a priest from O Cebreiro, Elías Valiña, who marked the entire Camino Francés or French Way with it from Roncesvalles to Santiago. And its popularity is maximum: the yellow arrow is today one of the most international symbols of the Camino de Santiago. We cannot forget that welcoming pilgrims is one of the founding characteristics of the Camino de Santiago and also a reflection of the spirit of solidarity that has traditionally prevailed in Galicia. Such great hospitality takes shape, today, in 70 centers and more than 3,000 public places that make up the 22h Public Hostel Network. And you must leave them before 8h the next day and leave the space clean and tidy. Of course, to access the hostels you will need your pilgrim credential. You must not forget your pilgrim credential, which has its origin in the document that, during the Middle Ages, was given to pilgrims as a safe-conduct. You can get it at the International Pilgrim Reception Center, the headquarters of pilgrims’ brotherhoods, shelters and parishes. It is a kind of passport that must be stamped at each stage of the route, at least twice a day in the last 100 km (for pilgrims on foot or on horseback), in the last 200 km (for cycling pilgrims) or for 100 nautical miles sailed, completing the last kilometers of the Way on foot from O Monte do Gozo. Only then can you request, at the end of your pilgrimage, the Compostela. Where? At the Pilgrim’s Office, located in the International Pilgrim Reception Center, at no 33 Calle Carretas , a few meters from Praza do Obradoiro. To get it, you do not need to have walked the Camino continuously over time, but you do need to have done it geographically. In other words, you can plan your route, for example, on weekends, but you should always return to the place where you left off, since skipping a section of the Camino would invalidate the achievement of the Camino de Santiago certificate , In Galicia. they open at 13h and close at 22h are the Jacobean routes that reach the cathedral of Santiago: coastal or inland, longer or shorter, and with different entrances to Galicia from the Peninsula. The Camino Francés or French Way enters Galicia through the Bierzo region and begins in Ocebreiro, a village of pre-Roman origin that belongs to the City Council of Pedrafita do Cebreiro and to the province of Lugo. The Camino of Fisterra and Muxia ; this Jacobean route has its origin in the city of Santiago and its goal in Cape Fisterra and the Sanctuary of the Virxe da Barca de Muxía. If you comefrom Andalusia and Extremadura, enters Galicia through the Portelas do Padornelo and A Canda ,where it begins, and passes through the northern sector of the Monterrei valley and A Limia until it reaches Ourense. This is the Camino or Via de la Plata. Very little known, this Jacobean route was followed by Icelanders and Scandinavians who made a pilgrimage to Santiago. The Camino Inglés or English Way has two alternatives in Galicia: the itinerary from A Coruña is shorter (73 km) than the one starting from Ferrol (112.5 km), The Camino Primitivo or Primitive Way, links Oviedo with Santiago de Compostela and runs largely along Roman roads. It is 166.9 km through San Xoán de Padrón and 168.1 km through A Proba de Burón ; and is UNESCO, World Heritage Site. The Camino del Norte or the Northern Way , runs along the Asturian coast and, after Castropol , the last town in Asturias ,enters Galicia by crossing the Cantabrian Sea through the beautiful Ribadeo estuary. That is why its starting point in Galician lands is Ribadeo, in the province of Lugo, Also, Unesco, World Heritage Site. The Pilgrims webpage :

There you go folks, another dandy tour of my beloved Spain ! Summer is practically even if officially is June 21st. Time to enjoy sunny Spain once again, and we are gear up for it! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

May 28, 2022

My Silver Lakes home!!!!!

I am on a nostalgic run and will tell you of my last home in the U S A ! This of course was in the Sunshine State of  Florida, of which I have several posts but not on my house per se. Hope you enjoy the post and house pictures as I in this post, and thanks again for reading me since November 2010!! Let me tell you about my dear community of Silver Lakes homeowners association subdivision of Sapphire Bay of Miramar in Broward county, Florida!!!!


My last town was Miramar, Broward county, before leaping forward to France . After, all after convincing my girlfriend  to live with me in Florida for 13 years,  My then wife convince me in 2003 to come to France where we are already 19+ years. I came already as French ,since 2000.

Miramar was name after the city of Miramar in Havana, Cuba (also near where I was born). The city has adjacent towns such as Pembroke Pines,(for shopping) ;Hollywood (for the beach), West Park ,and  Miami Gardens. To the extreme west you find the Everglades! The division of Silver Lakes includes part of the towns of Miramar, and Pembroke PinesWe lived at Silver Lakes division or HOA,  west of I-75 interstate road on Sapphire Bay sub division.


The Silver Lakes Community Association was established in 1990. From the opening of Brittany Bay sub division in 1991 to the opening of Pelican Isle sub division in 1998, SilverLakes has been one of the premier communities in Broward County.  My sons went to school here at Silver Lakes Elementary School,  2300 SW 173rd Ave, Miramar, memorable last school in the USA and they fondly remember it as well as their teachers! As well as briefly my oldest at Silver Trail Middle School 18300 Sheridan St, Pembroke Pines. 


The Silver Lakes Community Park is a private park for Silver Lakes residents only. The community pool is only for the use of property owners, tenants, and their guests. The Pavilion at the SilverLakes Community Park can be reserved by SilverLakes residents for outdoor parties. This is at 925 NW 178 Avenue, Pembroke Pines.  Boater’s Parks are private and for SilverLakes residents only, they are in Pembroke Pine city limits. North Boater’s Park ,1001 NW 182 Way Amenities: Boat Ramp, Large Picnic Area. West Boater’s Park SW 182 Ave Amenities: Playground, 2 Small Picnic Pavilions, Exercise Equipment. South Boater’s Park 1401 SW 178 Avenue ​ Amenities: 3 Small Picnic Pavilions, Barbeque Station, Basketball Court, Volleyball Area.  West Broward Lodge no 253 is a privately owned facility located at the south end of the SilverLakes Community Park. Webpage :


There are several parks and facilities all over the Silver Lakes division, some of our memorable favorites were:

These are in Pembroke Pines city limits : SilverLakes North Park 2300 NW 172nd Avenue. SilverLakes South Park 17601 SW 2nd Street and SilverLakes Tennis Center 3302 SW 176th Terrace (close to home).

These are in Miramar city limits : SilverLakes Sports Complex 17540 SW 23rd Street (I played softball here ! )​. Island Park  2925 SW 178th Avenue (very close to my home!) ​. Miramar Regional Park 16801 Miramar Parkway. Silver Lakes Tennis Complex, 3202 SW 176 Terrace,(close to home we taught my boys to play soccer and baseball here!!). 

Other memorable parks in Miramar were:  Forzano Field ,2001 Douglas Road. (where I played beach volleyball), and SoccerZone Indoor, 12216 Miramar Pkwy (where I played indoor soccer).  

Elsewhere in the area we enjoyed going to C.B. Smith Park  900 N. Flamingo Rd., Pembroke Pines, and Hollywood North Beach Park at 3601 N. Ocean Dr., Hollywood by the beachfront. 


Some of the businesses we enjoyed and still there are:

We did our groceries exclusively at Publix Supermarket in the Shoppes of Silver Lakes, 18341 Pines Boulevard Pembroke Pines, and our bank was Bank of America in same shopping plaza at 18291 Pines Blvd. Well sometimes we did shop at Walmart Supercenter 151 SW 184th Ave, Pembroke Pines. Also, we love the bakery of Vicky Bakery ,15955 Pines Blvd. The good chicken of Pollo Tropical ,17539 Pines Blvd, the sandwiches of Quiznos Sub,18257 Pines Blvd. And more of Subway ,17724 Pines Blvd. We really like the human size shopping center of Pembroke Lakes Mall , 11401 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines. Dillard’s was my late dear Mom Gladys favorite store and all my gifts were purchase there ! The Home Depot ,for home supplies,11001 Pines Blvd, Best Buy for electronics/music etc at 11450 Pines Blvd, and our favorite book store, Barnes & Noble at 11820 Pines Blvd. Of course, there you once at home no pictures will need to visit to remind me to take some lol!


The official Silver Lakes HOA

The city of Miramar on parks and recreation (search silver lakes):

The city of Pembroke Pines on parks and recreation (search silver lakes)

The Greater Ft Lauderdale tourist office on Miramar

The Greater Ft Lauderdale tourist office on Pembroke Pines

We made a decision to move to France and we do not regretted as it has been a roller coaster of fun and memories. Now ,the French reason (my dear late wife Martine) is gone, but we still very much attach to France thanks to her courage and determination. Never to be forgotten. Silver Lakes, Sapphire Bay, Miramar, Broward county ,and Florida will always be in our hearts. There you go folks, a dandy on memory lane. Wonderful times never to be forgotten, Florida is big for us! After all our boys were born there ! The memories of these places will remain in our hearts forever. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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