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May 22, 2022

Sports and Erdeven !

I have come again to Erdeven, a beach resort with many nice monuments , you can see my posts on it, However, this time came for a unique event, Oh by the way , Erdeven is in my beautifuil dept 56 Morbihan just south of me on the coast, about 30 min drive. The name of Erdeven comes from the Breton “ar en tewen” or on the dune.

We went to the Complexe Sportif du Grand Large on rue de le stade along the D781 to see one of my sons play football with our town Pluvigner vs Erdeven, The fields are nice , big with lots of families there even picnics on the lawn and plays of football/soccer, tennis, and skate park !

Erdeven sports complex field may22

We lost the team is missing players this year and even thus my son is No 9 forward, he volunteer to play goalie for this game !! He is gentle and nice men ! Of course, sorry to not mention the score but they lost by wide margin as he has never played goalie before and the defense well was not there,

Erdeven sports complex Remi dressup for goalie duties may22

Erdeven sports complex Remi playing goalie may22

Erdeven sports complex Remi plays goalie on a corner may22Anyway, an opportunity to have this family moment on my blog as we came even with our dog Rex and my Dad on wheelchair !

Erdeven sports complex NF Rex et Pipo may22

The town of Erdeven on practical information

The Bay of Quiberon  tourist office on Erdeven

There you go folks, once in a while I put up posts of our daily life in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne of my belle France, I know the glitter but is all everyday simple family life with lots of benefits, like just south from us about 50 beaches, sports complexes, nature trails, marina harbors and just plain la vie est belle syndrome ! Again, hope you enjoy this facet of life in France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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May 22, 2022

American Naval Monument at Brest!

This is what I meant when I say Bretagne/Brittany in general ,it has a lot of off the beaten path sites not visited by most. Brest is a great city with plenty to see and heck one of the best Chrismas markets in Brittany and we are often here, see my posts. And lots of sights better known as monuments too. However, if you come by car like we do, upon entering the city by the wharfs you will see a huge tower on the hill. This is the American Naval Monument or Naval Monument of Brest. I like to update this post and tell you more about it; hope you enjoy it as I.

The American Naval Monument, more commonly called the Pink Tower, is an American Memorial erected at the Cours Dajot in Brest, dept 29 of the Finistére in my lovely Bretagne; to recall the action of the American Navy in Europe during WWI. Destroyed by the Nazis during the occupation, it was rebuilt identically in 1958.  The Pink Tower was designed from 1930 to 1932, and inaugurated in 1937. Located roughly in the middle of the Cours Dajot, resting on the side of the rampart dominating the port of Commerce, the Memorial consists of a square tower in pink granite of 44 meters high or 30.5 meters (100 feet) from the cours Dajot. In front there is an esplanade and a public garden. The whole is owned by the Government of the United States but does not benefit from extraterritoriality as commonly the case in American cemeteries in Europe ,due to the fact there is no one buried at it.

Brest mon americain aide wws nov12

At its base, on its north-west side (Esplanade side) and south-east side ( Avenue Salaun Penquer) is inscribed, “Erected by the United States of America to commemorate the achievements of the naval forces of the United States and France during WWI”.


Inside the Pink Tower, not open to the public, a staircase allows access to a small platform about 30 meters in height. The interior It is said of no particular interest except a letter from President Eisenhower, written while he was President of the United States at the time of the inauguration of its reconstruction, which was deposited there. The monument is owned by the American government and managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission and it is the American military cemetery of St. James (in the South of the Manche Dept 50) which is responsible for its maintenance.


The US Navy has been active in the conflict since the United States entered the war on 6 April 1917 and the creation of the American Expeditionary Force (AEF), the American Expeditionary Corps which it conveyed in Europe until the repatriation of the last American soldiers in 1919, several months after the Armistice.  The American Battle Monuments Commission therefore decided to erect a memorial to commemorate this action of the American Navy in European waters. Brest was chosen because the Breton port was the headquarters of the American naval forces in Europe during the war and the main place of landing and re boarding of the American troops. Of the 2 million members of the AEF, more than 700 000 arrived by Brest. It was also via Brest that the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, arrived in Europe in 1919.


The Pink Tower was destroyed by the Nazis during the occupation on July 4 1941 and they built a bunker at its location. The purpose of this destruction could be to deprive the British aviators who used the tower and the Portzic lighthouse as an alignment for their bombing. After the war, in 1958, the tower was rebuilt identically, on the bunker, slightly shifted in relation to its original location, and inaugurated on July 16, 1960.

The American Battle Monuments Commission on the Naval monument of Brest

The Brest tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, a nice memorable monument overlooking the great port of Brest. Just across from the castle museum which is a great one two combination to visit. Enjoy Brest , the off the beaten path city of Brittany.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

May 22, 2022

Cathedral of Saint Vincent of Saint Malo, part I

I did a wonderful post on the Cathedral Saint Vincent of Saint Malo as part II. However, part I was lacking me think, therefore, I am updating it with new text using same previous pictures.  Saint Malo is a popular place ,and one that even written before in my blog does not cover all of its things to see well. I feel the Cathedral is a must to visit in a city full of things to see! I like to bring you up to Saint Malo, in Ille et Vilaine dept 35 of my lovely Bretagne, and see ,visit, the Saint Vincent of Zaragoza Cathedral!

The Saint Vincent de Zaragoza Cathedral has a mix architecture of Romanesque and Gothic styles.  It has been the seat of the former bishopric of Saint-Malo since 1146. The latter was abolished by the Concordat of 1801 (agreement after the French revolution) , and its territory divided between the dioceses of Rennes, Saint-Brieuc and Vannes. The bishopric of Saint-Malo was created in 1146, when Jean de Châtillon, Bishop of Aleth since 1144, transferred his bishopric to Saint-Malo, a city in continuous growth at the time, which also constituted a much safer site. It was not until 1146 and the approval of Pope Eugene III that the transfer could be carried out. The monastery of Saint-Malo, founded in 1108, became the residence of the Bishop and his monastic church became a cathedral, replacing the Cathedral of Saint-Peter’s D’Aleth. The Church of Saint Vincent became the Cathedral of Saint Vincent until the abolition of the Episcopal seat in 1790 during the French revolution.

St Malo cat st Vincent main ent aug12

However, the history goes way back, I like to condense a bit more of the history of the Cathedral Saint Vincent as I like

From this 12C Romanesque building begun on the site of an older edifice itself raised in 816, the nave, the cross of the transept and a span of the north and south crosses, as well as part of the cloister, subsist. The choir was rebuilt in the 13C. The Tower started in the 12C was completed in 1422. The south collateral dates from the 15C. Between 1583 and 1607, the north collateral was rebuilt while the north transept was enlarged and the Bell tower’s turret was built. The south transept was only partly initiated between 1623 and 1631. In 1676, the ground of the sanctuary, the ambulatory and the choir were elevated to the same level as the nave. In the 18C, the south chapel was built in 1718, and the Bell Tower was elevated and topped with a slate dome. The façade was rebuilt shortly after, in neoclassical style in 1772-1773.

St Malo cat st vincent main altar aug12

In the 19C, Napoleon III was persuaded by Abbé Huchet to make the Bell Tower of a large arrow open work in Breton Caen stone style in 1858, which was surrounded by four open work pinnacles. This arrow replaced a small slate dome. The crowning cross, at the top of the arrow, is laid in 1860. In 1851 a new Renaissance-style door was created to the right of the main gate. In WWII, the Cathedral of Saint Vincent was damaged during the fighting in the summer of 1944. A major restoration work that began in 1944 and ended only in 1972. Indeed the reconstruction of the nave absorbed the budget foreseen for the arrow. The Spire of the Cathedral was finally rebuilt, although identical in height to the original. It houses four bells. The coronation Cross destroyed during the bombing of 1944 was rebuilt in 1987.

st malo cat st vincent rear aug12

A bit on the construction/architecture of the Cathedral of Saint Vincent from an amateur’s eye and brief:

The layout of the Cathedral of Saint Vincent is in the Latin Cross. The nave is made up of three naves. The naves retains interesting Romanesque capitals. In the ground, a mosaic commemorates the kneeling of Jacques Cartier before he left for Canada on May 16, 1535. The choir belongs to the ogive style in lance. It consists of four spans, three of which are in front of the altar and one in the back. The chapels dug into the wall that closes the apse of the altar are very original. In the chapel added to the north in the 16C, you can see the graves of Jacques Cartier buried in 1557 as well as that of the Corsair René Duguay-Trouin whose remains were brought back from Paris in 1973.


A new large rosette in 1968, replaced the three bays of the bedside and restores the face of the Cathedral of Saint Vincent as it was before the English destructions of 1695. In the north collateral, at the level of the third span, a stained glass window depicts Paul Aurélien, Tugdual, Corentin, Malo, Guillaume, Samson and Patern with nine pilgrims at their feet dated from 1970. The baptismal font dates from the 18C as well as three white marble statues. The large organs built in 1977 and inaugurated in 1980. This organ replaces the one built in 1893 in Romanesque style which was destroyed in 1944. The Pulpit is from the 18C. It was put back in its place in the nave. The Sanctuary’s furnishings include a high altar, a pulpit seat and a bronze baptistery. All very nice indeed.

ST Malo cat st vincent right architecture aug12

The official Cathedral of Saint Vincent

The Saint Malo tourist office on the cathedral

There you go folks, another jewel of my lovely Bretagne and my belle France. Of course, Saint Malo is awesome. Need to give it time when visiting the city from the ramparts and old town, this is a must indeed (see posts) see /visit the Saint Vincent of Zaragoza Cathedral its full name. Hope you enjoy as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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